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Sounds like the premise for Nikole Hannah Jones’ upcoming Pulitzer prize-worthy 10,000 BC Project.


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  1. quit smoking the stuff that you just smoked and go to a shelter for homeless dopers.

  2. Colorized because, at least according to Calvin’s Dad, the entire world was only in black and white back then.

  3. According to Gary Larsen, the dinosaurs became extinct because they smoked cigarettes.

      • Ummm…right now CBS 60.Mininuts is doing a hit piece on the beloved AR 15. JUST a heads-up. Meme be damned.

        • My wife mentioned it, meaning to check out what lies they were going to tell. Was it a rerun of that the episode with the retired general who didn’t know jack about them, and felt they were “inappropriate” for civilian ownership? I assumed that they had to air something after Judge Benitez’s decision a week ago.

  4. And certainly the AR shooter was a white male driving a BIG, gas-guzzling SUV. Cigs also played a part.

  5. Just more proof that no one needs a 30 round clipazine. 1 round was all it took.

    In other news: The T-Rex had lips.

    • The all I ever needed to know about dinosaurs I learned from “Jurassic Park” edition.
      Where is the butthole? A great YouTube comment/question.
      If Sue is going to choke down the Hadrosaur then doesn’t she have to poop it out?
      At least she had small enough arms to hold an AR.
      Jurassic Park would have so much better if the T-Rexes had ARs.

      • The Terrible Thunder Lizards cartoons on the Eeek! The Cat cartoon show showed how life, Dinos and Humans co-existed when Dinos were the dominant lifeforms…as I remember it, most of the episodes were stupid funny.

  6. They lied on that picture.

    It really was my Marlin 1895 GBL shooting a 405 grain Buffalo Bore 45-70 Magnum round. Not a wimpy 22 round out of the AR15.

    I ought to know, I was there…..felt bad about what I did, too. 🙁

    OK, now back to the Wild Turkey.

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