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It takes less time to make a new human being from scratch than it takes the ATF to approve a Form 4. Great meme from The American Suppressor Association.


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  1. The Force is strong in this one…any meme with Yoda is a good meme!

    Four months in on my latest acquisition which is currently residing in BATFe Limbo…thinkin’ maybe September or October. 🤞

    • But the summer intern is having to work through their whole lunch break to process the applications.

    • “Meanwhile, in CA…”

      Yeah, you’re fvcked in that department, unfortunately.

      Anybody know what the current wait time is on an 04? My 07 FFL is getting my new can in a week, and I wonder if it’s gonna be over 9 months for the wait…

      • Talked to my FFL earlier today and he said that he is receiving completed Form 4’s on paperwork submitted in Nov / Dec 2020.

        Rimfire or centerfire can?

        • This one is a ‘specialty’ rimfire ‘wipe’ can for when I’m out riding and a dog decides I’m lunch.

          Someone finally solved the single wipe refresh problem by including an extension tube that holds 2 spare wipes. That makes sending it out a bit less painful…

        • @Geoff

          Never shot a “Wipe” design can. Some feedback after you receive and try it out would be interesting to read.

        • In 6 months or so, I’m planning on a review here in TTAG…

      • I run an FFL/SOT and keep records, as this is a very popular question.
        From signing the Form 4 until stamp arrives:
        7/2019 to 1/2020, 251 days, 23 cans. (Skewed by one guy who waited 455 for one and 412 for the other and low numbers of my first quarter dealin’)
        1/2020 to 4/2020, 174 days, 35 cans.
        4/2020 to 10/2020, 176 days, 51 cans.
        10/2020 to 4/2021, 181 days, 80 cans.
        Currently receiving stamps from purchases in the Aug-Nov 2020 timeframe. 90% of my Forms 4 are individual or one-person trusts. 9% are two-person trusts.
        If you were filing with me today, I’d tell you that the ATF Bell Curve of Unconstitutional Oppression peaks around 185 days. You’ve got about a 50/50 shot of getting it by Christmas, and you should have bought it 6 months ago. Ha!

        • “…and you should have bought it 6 months ago. Ha!”

          Well, the windfall wasn’t here 6 months ago, and now it is.

          For my .300 BLK SBR build, I’ve decided on the GSC Hyperion .30 cal, the gas design intrigues me, and by all reports so far, it’s un-holy quiet, nice for a subsonic home defense rifle… 🙂

        • Geoff:
          I’ve got a CGS Hyperion (full size, not K) waiting on stamp and have met the customer at an outdoor range for trials. It is impressively good at sound suppression; seems to spread over a longer period of time as compared to competitors. It’s silly long at almost 10” and partially stuck into 5/8×24 direct thread (gotta use their proprietary semi-QD mount for anything else), but markedly light for the size.
          20” barreled 308 bolt action was comfortably under 140 dB at the ear. Prob coulda shot that setup all day. We noticed a bit more gas blowback on 8.5” 300BLK SBR than a DA Nomad or Rex MG10, but not uncomfortably so. Was noticeably quieter than either of those cans tho.

        • I’m seriously considering a piston design instead of a usual gas-impinge for the 300 BLK, that will make adding a folder a bit easier, as well…

    • Sweet!

      What route are you taking? A Chi-Com ‘Fuel Filter’ conversion?

      • Something is wrong. Check the status on the efile website or call them up. The examiners and such are actually quite helpful on the phone. efile F1s have taken only 3 to 6 weeks for nearly two years at this point, so something is going on here.

  2. OK…favorite Yoda quotes.

    “If no mistake you have made, losing you are. A different game you should play.”

    Anyone find a Yoda quote about guns?

    • If you have to ask that question then the book with all the pictures isn’t going to help…

      /sarc tag

        • Uh-huh, *something, Kama, something, Sutra, something*

          As Artie Johnson used to say on Laugh In…”Verrry Interesting”.

        • A quote from Artie Johnson.
          Now I have a good idea of your age.
          I used to sneak watching Arnie or his writers.
          Funny stuff!

        • I was in the first class of sex education that our public school district ever had.

          Only the public school system could make sex boring to a 13yo male.

    • That depends on how well you have gotten to know the person you have financially supported for the last 20 years.

    • The baby making is the fun part, the teenage years part can make the ATF look like…

      Aw, hell, you’ve been there, jwm.

      The reason I don’t have kids is because I remember all too well what I was like at that age… 🙂

      • The old saying –

        “The screwing you get for the screwing you got… ;)”

  3. Just wait until there’s a giant flood of SBR applications from arm brace equipped guns. I’m predicting an effective multiple year delay on NFA transfers, but I hope I’m wrong.

      • I question the non compliance.
        The fine for not wearing a seat belt is to much punishment .

    • Nope. Not going to be any applications from me. They could pay me, and it would still be registration. No way, Jose.

      • I accepted the registration for my SBR and can years ago, as I consider both to be toys. I imagine when/if uncle sugar comes for them, I’ll let them go, albeit with much wailing due to my recent loss of all my firearms to a tragic boating accident. No one will have probable cause for a warrant to search my house, nor will anyone be allowed to do so while I am breathing.

        • Larry: Come On, Man

          Probable cause…for a warrant…to search for EVIL BLACK GUNZ?

          The Fourth and Fifth Amendments are already gutted and you think that Gov’t Gun Grabbers, Inc (Triple GI = a sub-division of the BATFE clown show) will be concerned with the finer elements of the Constitution in re your Second Amendment rights?

          At that point in their policy implementation, your breathing, or lack thereof, becomes immaterial to their cause.

  4. I’d love to have a few suppressors, but I just can’t bring myself to pay $200 (each time) for the “privilege” of exercising a right, much less having to register the thing with the ATF.

    The NFA is seriously wack.

  5. So that’s the reason Methuselah lived so long, if it hadn’t been for the stress of waiting though he might have made it to 1000.

  6. FYI according to Star Wars Canon, Yoda died at more than 900 years of age. Baby Yoda is only about 50.

    Which only makes the meme better.

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