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One more Olympics meme as we head into the weekend. And…GO!


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  1. Chicago wasn’t thought corrupt enough the last time the IOC was through town, how that’s the case I don’t know. Is this like the Cubs where 2028 is Chicago’s year?

    • “Blue cities. They just ain’t civilized.”

      By design.

      It’s a beautiful self-reinforcing feedback ‘loop’ they’ve crafted, and the driver is *fear*.

      Take a crime problem, and do nothing about it. That generates fear of being preyed on. Liberal scum promise to do something about, and tell the population only they have the answer, that only they care about them. Continuing to do nothing substantial (like incarceration) and the criminal element grows bolder yet. Fear and anxiety mount. Promise to ‘solve’ the problem, and do nothing substantial about it.

      Lather, rinse, repeat. Keep them depending on you, and only you.

      A self-reinforcing feedback loop…

  2. Reminds me of something that happened at one of the facilities of a former employer. They had just finished a company meal for all the employees. Around 500 employees. The business that catered the meal sent a large white van to pick up the food service equipment. A rumor got started that it was Immigration doing a worker ID check. Well it looked like the All Mexican Olympics. They were running out of every door wearing white frock coats or white Umpalumpa suits, hair nets and white rubber boots. They were jumping fences and gates in every direction. One of the funniest things Ive ever seen. Needless to say the workforce the next day was significantly smaller.

    • Unless the Chinese Virus is still around and IT Will Be. Viruses don’t Die and can’t be Killed. They find a New Host or Mutate and Revisit an Old One.. That’s why they’ve been around for Millions of Years and will be around for Millions more after Humans become Extinct. Leaving Mother Earth unfazed by our former presents.


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