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Uh oh, it’s that high gas capacity assault stove!


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  1. 1000 btu’s a second from a 30 round bullet that’ll roast your lungs to a nice crispy finish. Don’t forget to put the thingy up.

        • When do they come after smokers, charcoal, and outdoor grills/kitchens? Next legislative session, perhaps? No wait–it won’t be actually debated…just issued by unknown bureaucrats via executive fiat. Awesome!

  2. Yessir. Economy is in the dumper. Chinese are sending party balloons over and then bitching when they get deflated.

    And what is tops on bidens agenda? Stoves. You cannot make this shit up.

    • You could make it up if you asked “what would it look like if Rome fell in the 21st century?”. This would be the answer.

      • Yeah, I’ll be keeping my ” light it with matches when the power goes out ” gas stove.
        It’s literally the only thing that they can’t turn off with a keystroke.
        Oh, and the standing pilot light fireplace insert… I’ll be keeping that too.
        …. and the battery backup garage door opener.
        Those and the rest of the shit will be protected by the contents of a large gun safe.
        And a mean dog.
        And a crabby spouse.

        • California now mandates battery backups for garage door openers. I really don’t know why. Are people so stupid they do not know how to disconnect the traveler from the rail by pulling on the red handle and cord? The battery adds a lot to the cost–which I found out when I had to replace the door opener on the house I was selling. Not happy.

        • Love my automatic, but I keep a backup long reach thing that goes up (under the 🔥 burner) in case the power gets zapped.

        • Electric switches….the WHY behind electric cars, electric stoves. Batteries aren’t as good as gas cans for being independent.

        • Mark N, where I live the power goes out every other big winter storm, enough that I’ll probably install a backup whole house generator. So when it IS out, the battery backup door operator I also have is the ONLY way in from outside of the garage….it has nothing to do with being lazy or stupid.

      • Hush,
        It’s those center grill thingy’s that really set the dim’s off! Nobody needs those but you need a $65,000 ‘lectric car you can’t plug into a standard wall socket!…Socket2’emJoey

      • For a bunch of posters that boast of giving Uncle Sam the finger, y’all are sure ready to jump in someone’s shit and tell THEM what to do… and about their choice in fucking garage door openers, no less !!


  4. There’s an interesting story breaking about NASCAR driver Kyle Busch getting busted with a gun in Mexico, and somehow avoided a Mexican prison sentence :

    “Busch, a two-time Cup Series champion, was detained at an airport in Quintana Roo, Mexico, for possessing a firearm in his baggage while returning home from a vacation in Cancun with wife Samantha on Jan. 27. The official report from Mexico stated that a “caliber pistol-type firearm was detected inside .38 with magazine stocked with six useful hollow point cartridges.”

    I wonder how expensive that experience was…

    • “six useful hollow point cartridges”

      its like its a surprise…like they expected six not-useful hollow point cartridges.

    • Hey, Just like Ven-y-swella, Mexico has de shame chit!

      “Trust takes years to develop…. show a picture of an open hand….
      …But only seconds to purchase”

      they must have learned that from the American Skell politicians ASP’s

  5. Extreme governmental over reach as usual but you cant have combustion without oxygen and you cant have combustion without carbon monoxide. Crack a window folks. Been doing it all my life.

  6. Why not force people to induction stove tops? That, at least, is the future. Less fires, scalding burns, etc. Electric coils are passe anyway!

    • Why “force” people to make decisions like this? How about, “We recommend purchasing this in the future and/or including in future builds.” Taking away choices…not really a preferred method in my opinion.

    • “I’d like ” one of the top 100 stupidest things FJB has said this week” for $1000 Alex“

      Joe Biden has never said we should ban gas stoves.

      Actual science:

      Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States
      by Talor Gruenwald 1,†, Brady A. Seals 1,*ORCID, Luke D. Knibbs 2,3 and H. Dean Hosgood III

      “We found that 12.7% (95% CI = 6.3–19.3%) of current childhood asthma in the US is attributable to gas stove use (Figure 1). At the state level, the proportion of childhood asthma that could be theoretically prevented if gas stove use was not present (e.g., state-specific PAFs) varied. Illinois experiences the highest burden (21.1%), followed by California (20.1%), New York (18.8%), Massachusetts (15.4%), and Pennsylvania (13.5%). Texas, Colorado, and Ohio all experience burdens around 10%. Florida experiences the lowest burden (3%). The state-level PAFs differ due to varying exposure to gas stoves among children. In Illinois, for example, approximately 79.1% of households with children cook with gas, whereas in Florida, the figure is only 9.1%. States with a higher percentage of children living in households with gas stoves have higher proportions of current childhood asthma attributable to gas stove usage.“

      • minor you fucking idiot it was a joke.
        it doesn’t matter if he actually said it
        it does sound like something he would say
        do the world a favor and stick your head in a meat grinder

        • “it doesn’t matter if he actually said it“

          Oh yeah, right, I forgot I was dealing with conservative Republicans who just make up shit as they go.

      • So, MinorLiar, you aren’t QUITE lying through your teeth (yet), on this one.

        It wasn’t Senile Joe, it was his APPOINTEE to the CPSC, union thug Trumka’s idiot kid. Then he tucked tail and backpedaled, and OTHER idiots from the Senile Joe “administration” (EPA, CDC, and others) quietly floated various versions of “well, ACKSHUALLY, the Science (TM) says” bullshit.

        The study you referenced has been picked apart ten ways from Sunday (do a quick Google, you lazy arse), and is slightly less stupid than most of the shite that spills from Fauxi’s mouth.

        But thanks for playing, you lying, uneducated, Leftist/fascist propagandist.

        Eff off and expire, MinorLiar. You’re the type of lying Leftist/fascist that would have been RIGHT THERE helping ole Joseph Goebbels sell his “Big Lie” you authoritarian punk.

        • “The study you referenced has been picked apart ten ways from Sunday“

          So that is your claim, but you post no evidence to support your assertion.

          “That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence”

        • Whatever, MinorLIar, but I anticipated your BULLSHIT response (did you miss the “do a quick Google, you lazy arse” reference??? Is that the extent of your reading comprehension???). You KNOW it’s true, but you’re being a lying propagandist AND a tendentious tw** (as per normal, with you). Take your water-carrying, Leftist/fascist, propagandist @$$ back to your daily circle jerk, if that’s the best you got. Oh, and don’t throw your back out, carrying all that water for your Leftist/fascist buddies, like Senile Joe.

        • “you’re being a lying propagandist AND a tendentious tw**“

          Wow, such a reasoned, insightful response!

          Just more insults and word salad, no meaningful response, got it.

        • here’s a meaningful response for you
          minor fukwit. FOAD YOU SORRY LYING SACH OF SHIT.
          How’s that?
          Do you get the meaning?

      • Speakin’ of GAS Bags…Hey Min0r, did they change the (1) hour time out of your fuckin’ cell again? …and you choose to spend it w/ us….. aren’t we friggin’ blessed.

  7. Maybe the masses will start to understand if I state it this way:

    Wife abusers are evil scumbags who get-off on humiliating their wives. The greater the humiliation, the greater the “thrill”. Now, if the abuser can flat-out threaten great harm to his wife and gain her “willing” participation in the humiliation, that is fantastic as far as the scumbag husband is concerned. Next best is cajoling and “persuading” his wife into “willing” participation in the humiliation. In this last category, the wife knows full well that her husband is deceiving her, and yet “plays along” in order to win her husband’s approval.

    Many of our nation’s Ruling Class are doing the same thing. They get off on humiliating the populace.

    In some cases the Ruling Class uses clear threats of great harm to “gain” compliance. (e.g. felony conviction for an otherwise law-abiding person for carrying a firearm “illegally”.) It is hard to think of a greater humiliation than making people go about their lives defenseless and suffer all manner of violent crime as a result.

    In other cases the Ruling Class uses manipulation and “persuasion” to gain compliance and humiliate the masses that way. This is where “climate change” is the gift that keeps on giving. Under the guise of impending climate catastrophe, the Ruling Class is trying to manipulate the populace into giving up convenient inexpensive travel (via gasoline powered automobiles) in lieu of very expensive and limited travel (via electric vehicles). Of course we have to give up real meat and eat lab-grown “meat” instead–until that becomes too much of a problem and we have to give up lab-grown “meat” and eat “insect-based” protein instead. Also on the chopping block is reliable and inexpensive (natural gas) cooking and heat.

    Thus, the Ruling Class is trying to reduce us to driving expensive and limited-travel electric cars, while living in cold homes without heat and cooked food, and eating insects. And all while being forcibly unarmed and defenseless and therefore easy pickings for violent assaults, armed robbery, rape, and murder. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is utter humiliation for nothing more than providing sick “thrills” for the Ruling Class.

    • uncommon,

      I hesitate to grab the broad brush and start painting whole categories of people. Many, perhaps even most, “domestic abusers” fit your description. Does that apply equally to female domestic abusers (many studies suggest that female domestic abusers are nearly as numerous, but their crimes are less reported because . . . most guys are reluctant to admit they were abused by a woman. Are their (women abusers) motivations as ‘transparent’ as you find male abusers? What about the guy who gets attacked by his abusive spouse, defends himself, and finds himself in the slam after SHE accuses HIM of abuse . . . for defending himself? I was a percipient witness in just such a case, so I KNOW, for a fact, that this occurs. And the justice system (*snort, giggle*) tends to assume, and take the woman’s side.

      Spousal abuse, or any kind of abuse (domestic or otherwise) EXCEPT in legitimate self-defense, is pretty heinous. Making assumptions about guilt, motivation, mindset, etc. is pretty fraught, unless you actually witness the event (and maybe even then).

      That’s what ‘due process’ and an ACTUAL JUSTICE system is all about. Let the accused, and the accuser, have their day in court, and decide based on the evidence, and take appropriate corrective action. Because we all know what happens when you ‘assume’.

  8. Why the heck not? That’s where I keep my gunms.

    Oh, wait … I might have misread that.

    Doesn’t it say “Not Even Your Stove is a Safe?”


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