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Honestly this doesn’t seem healthy…there are no shotguns!


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  1. No man is an island. We need family and friends. Without either we end up like dacian.

    Howling at the moon and eating sh*t.

    • Would eating C rations left over from WWII count as eating S**t? We got plenty of those back in SE Asia.
      Still might bark at the moon sometimes. Got to do something to get the coyotes close enough for the thermal scope to pick up.
      Always kept my circle of friends fairly small and have been growing my collection of firearms for the last 5 plus decades. A few good friends to either bail me out or occupy the cell with me was more important than numbers of friends.

        • C rats. It’s all in the preparation. First, unless you got tuna, a personal favorite, heat it if you can. No heat tabs? Burn the box. I liked to heat the ham and eggs over a few hard wood twigs. Gave them a smokey flavor. We kept Tobasco sauce in our rucks before those cute little bottles showed up. Creamer, sugar and a little water in the canteen cup? Ranger pudding. Instant coffee used as snuff. Caffeine jolt while on watch in the patrol base. C rats. Everything was consumed.

      • Hey O.M.A., back on my cousin’s farm we staked his wife’s yappy little rat on a rope about 200 yards out, just this side of the top of a hill at dusk. That stupid thing was the best decoy/call we ever set up… well, at least until his wife came home early and busted us.

      • Remember the “green” eggs. biological poison weapon that one. The ham slices and spaghetti were good. The pound cake was great. Never had any MRE’s till long after I was out. I still miss the nostalgia of the C rats though.

        • Still carry a P38 can opener (one original and the rest newer reproductions) on each of my key rings, original is still sharp and will open any can, the newer ones are of a lesser quality but work. I was denied entry at the County Courthouse checkpoint once for the old P38, had to go back and lock it up before I could go in…

  2. C rations left over from WWII count as eating S**t?

    MMMMM… nothing like 30 year old ham and eggs, pound cake and pineapple, and Marlboros… But that canned bacon??

    • First they had us carrying the rations in the metal cans shaped like a Spam can, the rice and cereal bars were great. They had a potato and cheese bar, it was crumbly bright orange sawdust but the chocolate bar was unbelievably good if a little grainy tasting.

      Then we got the LRP rations, freeze dried in the foil bag. They were lighter and the spaghetti wasn’t too bad.

      I don’t eat eggs out of a can.

  3. Yep, wrong again. C rats developed in 1938. The worst of all was the fruit cake. Had a guy in our squad that loved it. Always had 4 or 5 cans in his pack.

  4. Hey, good choice on the giant schnauzer.
    Very loyal. Intelligent. Good worker when trained.

    Hmmm, sounds like me.

  5. OK, got it…. we ate alot of crappy meals w/ a shelf life longer than my life expectancy… Canned (you couldn’t open sometimes, although ka-Bar solved most of those issues)….bags made w/ and of petroleum “enhanced” products that you shook and it warmed up the “phood” inside (scary) Ka-bar also saved the day but being my age now (62) I won’t eat or drink crap anymore. If you are “aloud” to munch @ the range which from what I understand 80% of ranges “No food, No drink”…I get some of the BEST Bacon and Coffee money can buy. Black Rifle coffee has even made Wally-World clear out some garbage products to make way for them to make many more ba-zillions of dollars. You open up a pack of Gunm bacon and it’s like a horde of wolves in the middle of nowhere sense it from across the showroom floor..I’ m just lucky to be armed when these people sense an easy kill! ;c)
    What is it w/ that? You shoot a couple of hundred rounds, you deal w/ some really dumb people on the left and right of you, sometimes sweat a bunch, police your brass then go out and sit on a couch open up a coke and a pack of bacon (or Oreo’s whatever) and I am the happiest camper within a hundred miles? But after ALL THAT, before I dine, I HAVE TO wash my hands and use a Klean wipe on my face and arms ????? Am I the only person who finds that fabulous? Like clean sheets on a hotel room bed, just discard the disgusting comforter to the far corner of the room first! I’d rather be covered in Lead and cordite than lay on that cum-forter!
    Yuck. 😎

    Truth be told, My Gunms out number my friends these days and my Sheperds won’t wear hearing protection, but I am ok w/ that too.

    • “open up a coke and a pack of bacon (or Oreo’s whatever) and I am the happiest camper within a hundred miles“

      The best meals I’ve ever had was that can of Vienna sausages and saltine crackers sitting at the picnic table in Beech Fork state park in the early morning light after coon hunting all night with Sheriff Plybun in Wayne County.

  6. Amen!

    I’ve learned the hard way that most humans are vermin.

    Unfortunately; imbeciles continue to insist that regulating guns is an effective substitute for regulating vermin.

      • 2014-15 would probably be my start panel. Found out which friends are easily influenced by propaganda early enough to not have them coming around asking for toilet paper or reporting me for God knows what later on.

        • 9/11 for me…the (un)Patriot Act and exponentially higher/peak awareness in Dec 2012* going forward as far as ban talks, restrictions proposed, etc. Before that? A little blissfully ignorant. To include being vaguely aware that I had to be ‘careful’ with what I’d brought into CA when initially stationed there. Eyes were WIDE open when I went back in 2013-2016.

          *That’s also around the timeframe that I stumbled upon TTAG.

        • 9/11 is where I stopped trusting the government at most levels and the patriot Act is where I assumed everything electronic was tracked and compiled against my favor. Social circles were mostly fine if superficial for years but damn did people lose their composure over a center left republican and start acting like the stasi for everything the current thing became.

  7. Having a small arsenal and a dog beats having ten thousand Facebook friends and no one to talk to.

    You can talk to the dog, in a pinch.

  8. No firearm ever asked “Will you still respect me in the morning?” No firearm ever wanted to borrow $50 until payday. No firearm ever drank my last cup of coffee, then pretended it didn’t know how to make a fresh pot. No firearm ever drank my last beer. No firearm ever expected flowers after a night out. No firearm ever pilfered my wallet, or looked at my contacts list. No firearm ever complained that it was too hot, or too cold. No firearm ever gave me the cold shoulder because I looked at another firearm. Nor, can I remember any firearm ever asking me for my truck keys.

  9. Korean Vintage. Pork Slices W/Juices and Lucky Strikes or Pall Malls with the black mold spots. I was a Mars Station REMF in Long Binh for my first 2 1/2 months, then went out and provided comm whenever and wherever we were asked to.
    Did NOT ever go outside the wire on foot with a pack, rifle and canteens.
    My everlasting gratitude and respect to those of you that did.

  10. 😂

    Govs wrongly doled out $191B in COVID unemployment money >

    “State and federal governments likely paid out at least $191 billion to ineligible unemployment claimants during the pandemic — around $28 billion more than previously estimated, officials acknowledged Wednesday.

    According to Turner, at least one out of every five unemployment benefit dollars paid out since early 2020 were either improperly given to the same people in multiple states, dead people, prisoners or those with suspicious email accounts.

    Criminals were able to game the system because many states were not prepared for the “extraordinary volume” of new claims and governments prioritized getting cash quickly to newly unemployed applicants over making sure safeguards to protect against fraud were in place, he told lawmakers.

    ‘Improperly-paid unemployment payments cost Illinois taxpayers $28 billion’

    An Albany audit last November found that scam artists had stolen $11 billion worth of benefits in New York alone …

    In one egregious case, officials found that a claim filed from a 3-bedroom house shared the same physical address as 90 other claims and the same email address as 145 additional applications. The fraudsters behind that scam netted $1.5 million in stolen benefits, the IG said.


    Its almost like government’s are unaware that when they give out free money criminals want some of that too.

    Typical government mismanagement has cost tax payers (at least) ~$191,000,000,000,000.00.

    • “In one egregious case, officials found… “

      Good, the system is working and we need to stay on our elected representatives to make sure they continue the efforts to roll up the fraudsters.

      • “Good, the system is working and we need to stay on our elected representatives to make sure they continue the efforts to roll up the fraudsters.”

        You have absolutely no sense of reality or context.

        No, its not working. The tax payers pay millions/billions of $$$ for programs and government to make sure this doesn’t happen by implementing systems to make sure it doesn’t happen. If the system was working the tax payers would not have paid fraudsters and criminals ~$191 Billion, and, to add as extension maybe not specifically because of this but is contributory, the economy would not be in the crapper further victimizing tax payers.

        • “If the system was working the tax payers would not have paid fraudsters and criminals… “

          No system designed by humans is perfect, that’s why we need to make sure there are significant criminal consequences for those who unlawfully perpetrate financial frauds. But the good news is that both federal and state courts are holding fraudster Donald Trump and his criminal Trump organization accountable for their intentional fraudulent misrepresentation.

          And more good news, the economy is recovering from Donald Trump’s pandemic mishandling and record National debt increase.

          “Biden Heads for the Midterms with Ten Million New Jobs
          Inflation is still a cause for concern, but no other President has had this pace of job growth in their first two years in office. By John Cassidy
          October 7, 2022“

          “JUL 22, 2022
          Continued Job Growth in July Points To Persistent Strength in Economic Recovery
          Over the past two years, the U.S. economy under President Joe Biden has experienced a rapid recovery from the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the latest jobs report shows that the United States has recovered all net private sector jobs lost due to the pandemic—far earlier than initial projections estimated. And while inflation has imposed significant costs on families, there are signals that the worst price increases are behind us as the cost of many key raw materials trends downward.“

          “Biden sets first-year record with 6.6 million jobs added
          By Chris Isidore, CNN Business
          Updated 1:15 PM EST, Fri February 4, 2022“

          “Jobs blowout: What the employment report means for Biden and Powell
          President Joe Biden and the White House can celebrate the report as evidence the economy is continuing to hum along.
          By BEN WHITE
          02/03/2023 09:26 AM EST
          Updated: 02/03/2023 11:08 AM EST
          The U.S. economy generated 517,000 jobs in January, a surprisingly strong number that underscores the remarkable resilience of the labor market but could stiffen the Federal Reserve’s determination to squeeze the economy to fight 40-year-high inflation.
          The unemployment rate fell to 3.4 percent, the lowest in more than a half-century, the Labor Department reported Friday.“

        • Hey Miner, you should be happy with this offer –
          Give me half of your money, no questions asked.
          Then, in a year, I’ll give you 15 % of it back. As you stand there looking slackjawed, I’ll pat you on the back and tell you that you’ve recieved the largest return on investment in 53 years… everyone’s a winner.

        • Did we ever get back to prepandemic total employment numbers under Trump? Low unemployment is great if a significant portion of it didn’t fall off the counting due to duration.

        • Yeah, I remember these same complaints from the conservatives in 2009-10, after President Dick Cheney, VP George Bush and the Conservatives wrecked our economy in the worst recession since the great depression, DJI down to 10,000, gas $4/gal.

          But of course, once the conservatives had put the truck into the ditch, all they did was stand around with their hands in their pockets complaining the Democrats weren’t getting the truck out of the ditch fast enough.

          It’s the same with the Republican wars, President Cheney got us into Iraq, left a mess for Obama to clean up. Trump wouldn’t clean up Cheney/Halliburton’s Afghanistan mess, left it for Biden to handle.

        • @Miner49er

          “No system designed by humans is perfect”

          Oh I see now, that old double standard ya got going on. Trump and religion you complained about wasn’t/isn’t perfect but when it comes to outright crime victimizing millions of tax payers committed under Bidens watch suddenly its “No system designed by humans is perfect”.

          Here’s a few example of you having absolutely no sense of reality or context:

          “Biden sets first-year record with 6.6 million jobs added”

          Jobs as a result of the CARES act signed into law by Trump that was not suppose to have the effect until 2021. Little known fact, new term presidents don’t create jobs in their first year – they capitalize on the effects of the previous administrations policy’s for jobs. Ya know like Joe claimed the COLA increase to social security was his work and got caught in that lie because it was going to happen anyway due to a bill signed into law by Richard Nixon.

          Yet, under Biden’s watch last week over 190,000 filed for unemployment and that’s up ~13,000 from the week before increase, and enrollment of people for ‘public assistance’ programs increased more than 33% since Biden took office.

          Between January 21, 2021, Biden’s first official day in office, and the price of gas on the February 28, 2022, the day Russia invades Ukraine – a 14 month period, there was a slow steady increase in the price of a gallon of gas at the pumps, overall an increase of between $1.15 and $1.20 per gallon (varied a few cents over time). If the price of gas went up $0.75 when Putin invaded Ukraine who was responsible for the $1.15 and $1.20 increase in the period between Biden’s first official day in office and the invasion under Biden’s watch and after 18 months of Biden in office gas pump prices had doubled?

          Biden’s administration in 14 months after he took office “printed” (not literally on paper money, spending) $13 trillion dollars: $5.2 trillion for COVID, $4.5 trillion for “quantitative easing” (what ever the government means by that), and $3 trillion for infrastructure.

          “And more good news, the economy is recovering from Donald Trump’s pandemic mishandling and record National debt increase.”

          And more bad news, the economy is not recovering from Joe Biden or his mishandling of ~$191 Billion of tax payer money or ‘printing’ money.

        • “Trump and religion you complained about wasn’t/isn’t perfect… “

          But both Trump and religion claim to be perfect.

          “a 14 month period, there was a slow steady increase in the price of a gallon of gas at the pumps“

          Of course the demand/price of gasoline went up, as Biden rebuilt the economy.

          And your claims about Biden’s administration ‘printed’ $13 trillion are hilarious:

          “In an email, Kolvet pointed to news reports from June 2021, which said the Federal Reserve’s assets had topped $8 trillion. “Printing” is a common term for when the Federal Reserve injects non-paper money into the financial system.

          That was indeed a sharp increase from past practice, as the assets had hovered around $4 trillion from 2014 to 2020. The asset balance is currently about $9 trillion.

          But the post’s use of the Biden picture implies a connection between that figure and his administration. But Federal Reserve assets have only grown by about $1.6 trillion since he took office in January 2021.

          The only way the post’s claim about “printing” $8 trillion in this fashion adds up is if one tallies the money injected by the Federal Reserve over the last decade and a half. The post contains no language referencing such an extended timespan.“

          But what about Donald Trump’s spending?

          “Donald Trump Built a National Debt So Big (Even Before the Pandemic) That It’ll Weigh Down the Economy for Years
          The “King of Debt” promised to reduce the national debt — then his tax cuts made it surge. Add in the pandemic, and he oversaw the third-biggest deficit increase of any president.
          by Allan Sloan, ProPublica, and Cezary Podkul for ProPublica Jan. 14, 2021

          The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. That’s nearly twice as much as what Americans owe on student loans, car loans, credit cards and every other type of debt other than mortgages, combined, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It amounts to about $23,500 in new federal debt for every person in the country.

          Never miss the most important reporting from ProPublica’s newsroom. Subscribe to the Big Story newsletter.
          The growth in the annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third-biggest increase, relative to the size of the economy, of any U.S. presidential administration, according to a calculation by a leading Washington budget maven, Eugene Steuerle, co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. And unlike George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln, who oversaw the larger relative increases in deficits, Trump did not launch two foreign conflicts or have to pay for a civil war.”

        • , as Biden rebuilt the economy.

          If this is a “rebuilt economy” I’ll take the old version, $5.00 gas (yeah I don’t drive eco-boxes) $6.00 for a dozen eggs, insane interest rates, another 13 trillion in debt. yeah he’s rebuilding the economy, right into the Weimar Republic model circa 1923… Enjoy… And don’t start with that job numbers BS, it’s basically back to Trumps pre-wuflu numbers, now start adding jobs, Braindead is the most prolific liar to EVER sit in the Oval Office and if you’ve bought in to his BS…. Well, of course YOU have, never mind…

        • “The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office.”

          Roughly half of that occurred in 2020. As crazy as that is (and it IS crazy), never forget the dems were asking for even more Covid spending. If Obama or the senile puppet and a dem congress (they would have approved of even more spending) did that, you would be saying that’s how we made it through the pandemic.

          Since I’m not a shallow partisan, I call it like I see it. I’ve been more critical about federal spending in 2020 than anyone in the comment section on this site. Go back and check. I said it was stupid from the beginning. I also said it was stupid to shut down the economy from day one. I said we’re going to have inflation. A few people even replied to me that they didn’t believe it. Everyone was distracted (paid off) with their Covid bucks while the greatest transfer of wealth, in the history of this country, was taking place.

        • “And unlike George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln, who oversaw the larger relative increases in deficits, Trump did not launch two foreign conflicts or have to pay for a civil war.”

          Context needed: (Disclaimer – I don’t approve of the spending, so don’t take this as an apologist)

          W. and Abe didn’t have Covid. Let’s keep it real here. Plus, the Puppet has already beaten Trump’s one year spending record. Never forget they lied to us about imminent inflation, so they could pass completely unnecessary spending. He even tried for more spending and failed, thanks to two dems pulling him back from the ledge.

        • “it’s basically back to Trumps pre-wuflu numbers”

          And it was accomplished by finally allowing people to go back to work. The Puppet slowed the economic recovery while spending us into oblivion. The Puppet economy propaganda is a sick joke. How many people are actually gullible enough to believe that BS?

    • you would know about that. your mom is your only friend and she doesn’t really like you.
      well there is your butt buddy Lil d

  11. If you only started buying guns in 2020 you’d better have been born in 2002. Also, no one has that many real friends. Those are acquaintances.

    • Average IQ in theory is 100. The way a bell curve works is approximately half would be above and the other half below that average. Half the country is below average intelligence and typically a bit slower with learning and pattern recognition. At least many of them are figuring it out now. Down end we will probably have to hear more about stopping power or similar silly stuff more going forward.


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