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Okay so today’s meme isn’t a meme at all, but I figured it would be fun. Choose three and then I’ll explain why all three should be the ZIP 22.

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  1. In order: Zip 22, Life Card, S&W 500. 1) doesn’t work 2) a stupid gimmick 3) a dangerous gimmick.

    • I have an S&W 500. How is it dangerous? I carry it as a back up when hunting in bear country, and when I don’t want to carry a rifle and may have to deal with feral hogs.
      Sorry, but the .50 cal weapon may be big and scarry looking, but no more dangerous than any other large bore handgun.

      • First time I shot one I hit my target. Loud as Hell and back then ammo was expensive! I’d hate to have to buy a case today!

      • My only issue with the S&W 500 is the same as with the 460 – it will always be a Roger Rabbit gun.

        Just as a Taurus Judge with the long barrel will be a Yosemite Sam gun.

      • I only chose the .500 because of a good chunk of the people who buy them. The ones who think it’s funny to hand it to an inexperienced shooter. Until it becomes not so funny and someone winds up injured or dead. I have absolutely nothing against anybody who carries one for legitimate purposes, but to me, it seems more abused than well used.

  2. It doesn’t say it has to be from the pictured, so whatever the FBI issues, whatever the ATF issues, and whatever the CCP’s police issue.

    • the TEC-9 is another intimidator by its sheer appearance…Schumer loved to wave this one around…

  3. Zip 22 and Life Card are easy for 1 and 2. I guess the Judge for number three? But where’s the Taurus Curve, I demand to know?

  4. stinger, lifecard, zip. give me a s&w 500 all day. my edc is a ruger super redhawk 44mag. 🙂

  5. Springfield because it’s liberal and never atoned for their sins, unlike most of the other gun companies who’ve messed up. Tech 9 simply because it’s trash. And zip 22.

    Thought about the life card, and although mostly useless, I could see it having certain merit in limited circumstances.

  6. Can I choose Springfield Armory 3 times? They are still despicable for what they did in Illinois! While some of the others are useless at least they didn’t work with gun grabbers!

  7. My choice is the zip 22, life card & calico or the Tec 9. My question is why isn’t the full conceal glock 19 included in the list of junk guns?

  8. Who in their right mind would choose the GLOCK 40? Maybe not for everyone, but a 10mm longslide with readily availible 40sw, 9mm and 357sig conversions is awesome.

    One of these things is not like the others.

  9. And all this time you all said you weren’t gun hating liberals progressives. Now you all are all in on wishing guns don’t exist because reasons.

  10. Surprised no one picked that crap Rhino, guess I’ll throw it as another entry in my toss-up for number three…

    • The rhinos are quite peasant to shoot. The aesthetics may be an acquired or quirky taste but they’re a solid gun in my experience. The recoil really is felt differently with that lower bore axis.

      • That’s why they build so many different pieces, something for everyone… I can’t get past that grip and yes, the lower bore axis looks like a pain to get used too.

        • Have you ever actually held or shot one? It isn’t difficult to get used to. I agree some of the models (rainbow looking finish) are odd but it’s a functional fun that it easy to shoot, quickly get on target, and manages recoil well

  11. Zip: it’s garbage
    Stinger: 1865 called, it wants its derringers back
    Life card: same as Stinger except needlessly complicated.

    That being said, I would absolutely want to try any of them if I ran into someone at the range who owned one *as a novelty item*.

  12. I have no desire to own a couple of the guns on the list. And I do own a couple of the guns on the list. To each their own. So long as a weapon is made well enough to not be more dangerous to the person behind it as whatever the target in front of it may be, use what you have and can afford to buy/maintain/feed.
    As I said, there are a couple of the handguns shown I would not purchase. Simply because I already have something similar/better, or I have no need/desire to own whatever handgun, or it may be a simple matter of preference. I like something else better/dislike something.
    I have an MP5. and an UZI pistol. No need or desire for the Tech-9 or Calico-9. I do have a 2 shot derringer in .45LC. Never liked the little .22LR pocket pistols. Too small for my hands.

    • If you need something that goes bang on a budget, Hi Points are perfectly functional. Just don’t expect them to last longer than 2000 rounds, give or take.

      • Only ever saw the 45acp version have any troubles but also haven’t seen the 40sw version in real life and the 9 I have seen jam but never break over years of use. With that said never looked into them past what friends have told me/I have seen at the range over the years.

  13. Springfield and rock river arms tied for 1st for trying to sell gun owners down the river for their own benefit in IL. Zip 22 just because.

  14. What’s wrong with the S&W 500?

    About a year ago that gun was the difference between my cousin still being alive and being turned into grizzly shit.

  15. Jeremy displaying his only talent, stirring shit amoung gun owners over brand loyalty. Just another click-bait whore.

    • The two ad blockers and one tracker blocker I have running show 25 ads blocked and 6 trackers and 10 third-party’s blocked (some of those are the mysterious ‘analytics’ things including known abusers of data collected) on this ‘meme of the day’ page alone. Also, I don’t see why its necessary for a link to ‘analytics’ to be established.

      But all in all pretty much normal for the internet.

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        • note: ‘cdn’ = ‘Content Delivery Service’ – a CDN service purpose is primarily for faster delivery of web page content and faster eCommerce by using a geographically distributed group of servers (CDN servers are sometimes referred to as ‘edge servers’) working together. Pretty much over 50% of the internet uses CDN’s.

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      • note: if you block third party on TTAG you don’t get images and posting comments may not work and you may not see other content.

  16. The Zip Gun seemed like a neat gun on it’s face, but they were all just so terribly made. :/

  17. Grand Jury Declines To Indict ATM Robbery Victim Who Accidentally Shot And Killed Child >

    Mr Earls’ (the robbery victim) attorneys Myrecia Donaldson and Brennen Dunn stated that the jury’s decision was proper as Earls was the victim of a robbery attempt.

    It was accidental, not intentional.

    Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg stated that, while not held criminally accountable, Mr Earl is not considered innocent.

    This underscores that sometimes mistakes are made and it is not something to take lightly or with a sense of bravado because you can. But mistakes are made, like with anything else that can be dangerous – car accidents for example where (collectively) annually over 2,000,000 are seriously injured or killed with around 90,000 of them children under the age of 12.

    Be careful, more than careful, hyper-careful-cautions-aware-safe and ensure you know for a fact and have no other choice and don’t employ ‘I think’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘possibly’ and don;t let the situation tunnel vision you into not realizing others may be around, before you even consider using a firearm. Don’t be the one to make that mistake.

    • It should be noted that such mistakes are extremely rare for a ordinary armed law abiding citizen. Les than .002%, police are .1%.

      • Correction:

        “police are .1%.”

        Should be

        Law enforcement is 1.1%

        Forgot to include federal law enforcement which statistically makes the greatest number of such ‘mistakes’ with firearms.

    • Law enforcement is 550 times more likely than the ordinary armed citizen to make such a mistake. But anti-gun claims law enforcement is more responsible than an ordinary armed citizen. Ordinary armed citizens encounter necessary no other choice DGU situations thousands of times daily nationwide, yet less than 5% actually pull the trigger because when they brandished to present the bad guy ran away.

    • Note: % based upon estimated average number of armed law enforcement and estimated average number of ordinary armed citizen carriers which it turns out are roughly equal in numbers on average nationwide.

  18. Why no love for the Hi-Point 40?

    It’s scary black like an “Assault Weapon”, it’s at nearly every urban shooting so it has a fan base and its reliable enough to get the job done.

    • “Why no love for the Hi-Point 40?”

      Plus, its bulk would likely cause a bigger dent in Superman when you run out of bullets and then throw the gun at him, whereupon he ducks after deflecting a full mag…

  19. Man, I dunno what’s wrong with you (or with me) but three of my favorite handguns are on that list.

    The rest I wouldn’t touch though, there’s some true dreck there.

  20. What, no BB guns on the list? Think of all the youthful eyes that could be saved. Sorry, B.B. Pelletier.

  21. eh, the zip .22 is, by now, not exactly going to surprise anyone. If you have one, it’s because you wanted something weird even though it’s crap (or because it’s crap).

    The judge is the pick for me. Somehow, people still fall for the hype and think it’s good at everything. So someone who knows little about guns sees the marketing or a youtube video and thinks, “gee, I have enough money for one gun, why wouldn’t I make it one that can do it all?” and ends up with a gun that is outclassed by other guns at every task.

  22. How did a Glock .40 long slide make that list. The Glock 35 (.40 cal) is a fine, accurate and ultimately, an extremely reliable / safe firearm. Must be a slow news day.

  23. A lot of people base the calico. That’s because they can not comprehend English. If you wind the mag the correct amount of times for the capacity they work very well. Ask Gun Jesus Ian McCollum.

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