Philadelphia Shooting
Philadelphia Police investigators work the scene of a fatal overnight shooting on South Street in Philadelphia, Sunday, June 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)
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The far left which reflexively opposes any law enforcement focused efforts will argue against “mass incarceration” or as [Philadelphia District Attorney] Larry Krasner says: “replacing the war on drugs with a war on guns.” and “prosecuting illegal gun possession criminalizes poverty.” No doubt poverty and hopelessness contribute to crime and violence, but even Larry can separate the “I am poor and hopeless” group from the “I can do whatever the F*#k I want” group. I have to believe the individuals throwing bullets down a residential block in Frankford and killing an innocent woman on her front porch, fall into the latter category.

But regardless of whether those shooters are poor and desperate or depraved and malevolent the consequences for their actions will be the same; they will spend the rest of their natural lives in prison for murder. Isn’t two years in prison for gun possession better than life in prison for a murder? Wouldn’t putting more people in jail for a few years for gun possession result in less people going to jail for life for murder? 

Krasner brags about the 28,000 fewer years of incarceration imposed in Philadelphia since he became District Attorney. But under his regime, Philadelphia still has the highest number of citizens in the state who are eligible for long prison sentences or life in prison because we have the highest number of citizens carrying and using illegal guns. Since Krasner took office there have been over 2000 murders (2,092 as of August 2nd ). Each of those murders has the potential to result in a life sentence. 

Likewise, shootings have increased dramatically under Krasner creating another category for a large number of long prison sentences. So looked at more broadly, consistent harsh punishment for gun possession may actually reduce incarceration levels. In New York City when they cracked down on gun possession, they actually saw their prison population at Rikers Island decline because there was less serious crime occurring.

— R. Seth Williams in R. Seth Williams: Three Steps To Make Illegal Guns Like Kryptonite

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  1. Gun possession shouldn’t be a crime, unless you are a convicted violent offender.

    Using a gun in the commission of a crime should be punishable. If strong arm robbery results in 5 years, then using a firearm during the armed robbery should add a year to the sentence. Otherwise, leave the guns alone. Punish the actual crime being committed.

    • then using a firearm during the armed robbery should add a year to the sentence.?

      Should DOUBLE the sentence with NO “good” time, serve every minute.

    • No, no, absolutely not. These sorts of laws have not and will not ever discriminate against people who make a mistake, and those who willfully break laws.

      There should be no enhancements to crimes. No “hate crime” BS, no “gun crime” BS.

      Violent crime is violent crime, if a gun is an inanimate object as most all of us believe, then INTENT should be the determining factor in sentencing. If you intended to punch, hit, or shoot someone (not in self defense of course), all perfectly capable of causing grave bodily harm or death, or cause physical harm in any manner, then you should be off the streets, period. The majority of criminals have looking records. The majority with previous violent crime arrests. These people should not be in public. One strike (maybe two?) you are out. Rehabilitate, or be violent with other violent people, all kept away from the rest of society.

      I have zero interest allowing the left to “enhance” my punishment in any sort of foreseeable, remotely possible situation I might find myself in. Guns are bad, people that have guns are bad. The left has no problem lumping gun owners in with criminals, and sentencing enhancements only allow them to punish gun owners more.

  2. Voters with an ounce of integrity have shown they do not give a flying f about what democRats and RINOs say or do. And it appears that will be the case in November if everyone shows up to vote the Rats and RINOS out.

  3. “Strict Gun Law Enforcement Could Reduce Overall Crime and Incarceration Levels”

    While I agree with making criminals pay for their crimes, this premise would depend upon at whom the enfocement is aimed, and for which “violations”.

    When laws that are aimed at curbing Americans from the right to self-preservation and protecting property are the focus of enforcement, I say no. Remember the prosecution of the McCloskeys in St. Louis area, or the Rittenhouse show trial, among others. Randy Weaver and the whacked out Banch Davidians as well. Like them or not, none deserved the results of the government’s attempts at “enforcement”.

    Governments often choose to go after the wrong people, turning obvious victims into criminals for the resume enhancement of woke prosecutors and elected executives. Meanwhile, the streets in major urban settings run wild with wanton organized, well-funded gangstas and thugs, living in entire areas where the cops really don’t want to have to enter.

    Again- I’m one who absolutely believes that current laws need to be enforced, even acknowledged, before enacting “new ones” aimed at denying human nature. I’d just be very careful what you wish for.

    • Bring back chain gangs & hard labor. THAT would reduce violence. Yesterday was a veritable torrent of crimes using gats in Chiraq. 6 year old shot in the back. 4 15 years olds shot. The usual murders. Perfect weather so the lowlife elements were busy. But locking up everyone’s son,brother, baby daddy or uncle would be soooo raciss🙄

  4. If, and only if the politicians can separate the lawful from the outlaws before the crime, disarming or punishing people for possession of a firearm is nothing but another attempt to screw over and disarm the law abiding. In short, until someone actually does something harmful, there is no crime. And no excuse to punish anyone for simple ownership/possession of whatever item.
    There has been a demand/drive to disarm “THOSE PEOPLE”. Meaning whichever group is currently seen as the “OTHER”. Poor blacks, Irish or Italian immigrants, Muslims, etc. Today it is the conservative, white male that frightens the politicians.
    Today the scary gun is the semi-automatic carbine. a generation ago it was the cheap pocket pistol and the poor black man that needed to be done away with.

  5. Poverty does not cause crime, crime causes poverty. Eliminate all crimes that don’t involve harm to another person or their property and severely punishment all crimes that do.

  6. What part of “no law, no crime” don’t people understand? Law is the root source of all crime. The actual jungle has supported lawlessness for however many years you want to name; we still have jungles, and animals in the jungle. While jungle life can be brutal, is does not annihilate every creature, for all time.

    • So, you’re pointing out that the uncivilized jungle wildlife are committing unrestrained violence on the civilized of the community. But the progs refuse to punish them because of their race?

      Sounds right.

      • “So, you’re pointing out that the uncivilized jungle wildlife are committing unrestrained violence on the civilized of the community.”

        Not quite.

        Pointing out that the unpoliced jungle has neither disappeared, nor is it bereft of its natural inhabitants (animals). Being unpoliced has not resulted in the vast extinction (due to violent ends) of its inhabitants.

        Fact is, the jungles of the planet prove that “civilization” is unnecessary to overall survival. In the jungle, violence is normal, and, on the whole, both the jungle and its citizens continue to endure quite well.

        In the morning, in the jungle, the predators wake up, and run to capture their meal. In the morning, in the jungle, the prey wake up, and run to avoid being a meal. Either way, in the jungle, when the sun comes up, you better be running. Why is that not a balanced way of life for humans, as well?

  7. Strict gun enforcement can also put alot of Cops in an early grave, too..

    How about quick death penalties to anyone over a natural life sentence and those caught red handed for heinous crimes..Tired of feeding scum with our tax dollars..

    • “How about quick death penalties…?”

      Wast of a good repository of donatable human body parts.

      All prisoners should be placed on a national registry, from which the needed organs/parts can be made available to zero-out the waiting lists for various organs/parts. Some prisoners will donate, some will escape donation. Regardless, balance between donors and those requiring donations will be put in proper equilibrium.

      Those who die in prison can be integrated into plant based food.

      • “Soylent Green is Pe….”

        Sorry, can’t do it. And I have zero interest in eating recycled Leftist Scum ™… 🙂

        • It’s why L3ftists should be buried at the bottom of a mine shaft. Because deep deep down they are nice people.

        • “And I have zero interest in eating recycled Leftist Scum”

          Not to worry; you will be assimilated.

      • “Do not give the .gov the right to kill its citizens.”

        Preach that far and wide. Jon Taylor convinced me of that wisdom…

      • They do everyday..death jabs… the soon to be forced starvation…87,000 trigger happy jack booted thug treasury agents and other federal government Gestapo agencies…

  8. “Isn’t two years in prison for gun possession better than life in prison for a murder? Wouldn’t putting more people in jail for a few years for gun possession result in less people going to jail for life for murder? ”

    Sometimes I wonder if there is room for a little more empathy. Suppose I stretch myself to don the shoes of a young Black male in the hood. Yes, I can imagine that in those shoes I probably would have committed some misdemeanors, serious ones at that. (I have read “Three Felonies a Day” and I thank God I haven’t been caught – yet.) So, I have a choice: Remain defenseless against my “Bro’s”. Or, Constitutional Carry. The police aren’t going to protect these young Black men from their “Bro’s” any more than they will protect us OFWGs from our assailants.

    Is there hypocrisy in our rhetoric: “Constitutional Carry for ME, but Shall-Issue for Thee!”

  9. Stripping my clothes off and doing a dance in public may result in rain later this week. Seeing as crime and murder rates have been going down for a while regardless whether gun control laws are enacted OR repealed shows about as much correlation in the real world as my rain dance

  10. Hysterical. For every city the Left refuses to see being burned to the ground, there’s a Drug War policy the Right refuses to take responsibility for. And why? Because they use the exact same arguments as gun controllers urinating on 2A, to urinate on the 5A right to property. Behold: 18A…

    They aren’t patriots. They are historically illiterate garbage just like their opponents; and just as adept at telling you it isn’t their tribe that caused any of the problems.

    • Give it time.
      No doubt instituting policies that lead to record increases in crime will be used in ten years time as an electioneering talking point to get tough on crime and we’ll have democrats taking credit for crime dropping from the highs we’ll see then to the levels we see today.

      No different than dems forcing businesses to close for the joke wuflu then taking credit after they lift their asinine restrictions for creating jobs.

      They’d set you on fire and blast you with an extinguisher and say they saved your life.

  11. There are no illegal guns.

    There are illegal laws against good guys having guns, and there are legitimate laws against criminals having guns.

    A gun owned by a violent felon, is illegally possessed. Once removed from said criminals, it is now available to sell or donate it to a poor person who couldn’t afford it.

  12. A major point here is ‘incarceration levels’. Who cares who did what? Just focus on the number of this and that in prisons.

    If all you care about is the number of blacks vs. the number of whites that have been incarcerated then you are part of the problem.

  13. “Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Why do we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is,” he said.

    “You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of people that are getting killed.”

    “And the way you get the guns out of the kids’ hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them … And then they start … ‘Oh, I don’t want to get caught,’ so they don’t bring the gun. They still have a gun, but they leave it at home.”

  14. “So looked at more broadly, consistent harsh punishment for gun possession may actually reduce incarceration levels.”

    It will never happen, because the Leftist Scum ™ will scream loud and long accusations of ‘Racism!’, even if it’s actually a certain demographic or 3 that tend to commit those crimes… 🙁

  15. I like William’s Chili Seasoning.
    We can have electric cars but they’ll never let We The People have rayguns.
    -Shall Not Be Infringed-


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