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I mean…maybe so but not when they’re on sale. Or for sale.


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  1. What do you do when part of why your there in the first place is to see if the gun she wants is finally in stock?

    I guess I just find things like this to be less funny and more short sighted.

  2. I don’t know. I kinda empathize with Will on this one. I’ve never been one to allow a woman to be insulted in my presence. The last time it happened was at the Owl’s Nest in Apalachicola. Renee was offended. I invited the gentleman into the street so that I might beat him to death without mussing the floors. In exactly that language. He declined and apologized. I will not tolerate rude behavior.

    • Gadsden,

      You are a cool dude. Always read what you write. Especially sine you do not wax off on long diatribes.

    • Your woman was probably NOT screwing half of the male population of Hollywood like his wife was…

      • There was a time when you stood up for your woman’s honor even if she had none. We’ve lost so much of what it means to be a man in this country.

        • Bitch screws around while sleeping in my bed has not only lost her honor but has tried to destroy mine as well and does not deserve my protection OR a place in my bed. Has nothing to do with being a man it has everything to do with her lack of respect for me AND herself. There was a time when women acted like women and appreciated when a man stood up for them. I would not have to worry about defending the whores “honor” because the whore would not be in my company, If Will Smith is so dependent on his little sleep around and lacks the manhood to dump her that’s his problem…

        • GF
          A couple years ago in a local bar a guy said something very inappropriate to my wife.
          Words were exchanged but I never touched him. He apologized then quickly and quietly left. Guess he was being an asshole for a while before we came in. That barmaid still gives me my first drink for free.

    • It kind of loses its shine when you stand by and allow your wife to literally cuckold you, as Will Smith does.

    • One of the funniest things I ever saw was when I was bartending in Arkansas. We had a couple 7in their 60’s come in frequently and She’d sit at the bar and have beer while Dale would shoot pool. He was a large, large farmer. Guy about 30 came in that nobody knew and started being annoying to her right away. She asked him to stop. I told him to stop. She moved down a seat or 2. He kept at it. I looked up and Dale had set his pool cue down and was strolling over. Without a word, Dale slapped that guy open handed with one of the biggest hands I’ve ever seen. Dude lands on his ass about 7 feet from the barstool. Out cold. I laughed till I couldn’t breathe. He came around in a minute and I’m like “are you happy now?”. He said he thought he’d be on his way. Never saw him again. It was a lesson I had already learned. Don’t mess with old farmers, they’ll hurt you.

  3. So long as my wife gets the gun she wants, I can get whatever I can afford.
    Problem is I have champaign tastes on a kool-aide budget.

    • My wife likes Birkenstocks. Last I counted she had more than 20 pairs. I no longer look in her closets she no longer looks in my safes.

      • Thank your lucky stars in Birkenstocks and not handbags. My wife buys and sells them but her growing personal stash of bags should be in a gunsafe of her own.

    • Can relate on that one. At least she has a mix of pretty and functional (can lose to evidence locker) options now.

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