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I’ve watched people who know how it works struggle with AK mags so dang hard.


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  1. Try using after market stripper clips to load a Mosin Nagant 91/30. The AK is a walk in the park.

    And you can hold it over your head and scream ‘Wolverines.’

  2. I’ve never had a problem with the AK, but I grew up shooting them, because I grew up in the time of plentiful and cheap AKs.

    • Yep.

      I have some cheap Tapco plastic mags, they don’t fit well, and I had to file them in order to make them fit originally, and probably need to file them a bit more.

      Any soviet-bloc country that produced metal stamped AK mags I’ve had no problem with.

  3. Is it as difficult as putting a magazine in an AK-15?

    “Are they going to have a strike force that goes in with AK-15s already loaded ready to shoot some small business person in Iowa with these?“

      • Have you seen the IRS promo video?

        Dude, that’s not a bunch of jackboots, it’s a suicide squad. Obese bald dudes, middle aged wine-moms and some kids.

        Half of them would shoot each other if you dropped a firecracker.

        • On that note they could just hire the NFAC, I hear they’ve re-entered the job market. Sorta. Two other points: 1) is it the wine or the mom’s that are middle aged and 2) that would be a little over 1,700 additional school resource officers per state to beef up school security. So much for Public Safety™.

        • “…is it the wine or the mom’s that are middle aged…”

          Definitely the moms. Just a glance and you know the best stuff they drink is the 5L Franzia box.

        • “Definitely the moms. Just a glance and you know the best stuff they drink is the 5L Franzia box.”

          “What kind of woman drinks an entire (5L) box of wine?”


        • “it’s a suicide squad”

          Not when they have numbers and they pick people off one by one. They’ll throw you in jail and take your house for not paying enough taxes to fund the puppet’s donors. Who does the IRS Union PAC contribute to? Oh yeah, 100% Democrat this year. Want more campaign donations? Just create more donors.

        • But they won’t have the numbers when they all shoot themselves or each other.

          You really have to go watch those videos to appreciate how terrible these people are. Hiring the homeless would be a better idea.

        • That was one SCARY video, at least you could laugh at the fake one but then you realize WTF that really was, it was a recruiting video, those sad clowns in the REAL video have a life expectancy less than that of a grunt walking point in Vietnam but the danger is THEM.

    • MajorStupidity,

      Can you EVER get over your partisan, idiotic bulls***??? Nah, didn’t think so. But, of course, you LOVE the idea of more gummint-sponsored, jackbooted thugs . . . ’cause the gummint is our friend, amirite???? At least to you Leftist/fasicsts.

      Go fornicate a rubber duck, and have bouncing babies, you Leftist/fascist TWAtea.

  4. It’s the same thing with the folks who struggle with field-stripping a Ruger Mk.1 .22lr pistol.

    Once you master the hand-flip maneuver, the rest is easy…

    • Geoff,

      In general, I love Ruger firearms. Pretty solid, fairly reliable, reasonably accurate. But the field strip/takedown on their pistols is . . . Boschesque. The Mk.1 is a dumpster fire, but frankly, the Mk.3 ain’t all that much better. Like with Kel-Tek, the guys that design these pieces o’ feces OBVIOUSLY don’t use them and clean them.

      Still, I love my 10/22 and my GP100. I have more of a love/hate relationship with my Mk.3 “Hunter” model . . . accurate as hell, and a pain in the ass to fully strip and clean.

      • Have ya’ll tried the Mark IV? One button takedown baby! Oh my God, my friend had an old Mark 2 she got from her grandfather and asked me to clean it up. Apparently the old man never cleaned it… 2 freaking hours.

        • cleaned mine once in thirty years. would have been clueless without utoob. like marsall brodien said, “it’s easy, once you know the secret.”
          i’m convinced they just need a good occasional soaking… lps1 or so.

      • Want a dumpster fire for detailed strip & re-assembly?

        Beretta 9x (military M9) pistol. Browning Buckmark. Marlin 60.

        In that order.

        Ruker MkI-III are pud easy by comparison.

  5. The detachable mag for my NorincoSKS is tricky to load in. You have to insert the foot onto the hinge point at just the right angle before the rocknlock, or it won’t fully seat. If it didn’t triple the gun’s footprint in the safe, I’d just leave it in and find some stripper clips. (It’s even got the old-school clip guide cut above the bolt.)

    • Dred, all sksss have the clip guide machined into the carrier. Archangel/ProMag (yeah, I know) now make a Tapco style twenty round mag with an AK style release lever pinned to the back of the mag. Both the mags and levers work well with the usual minor fitting re: varying rifle tolerances. Test fit any clips you might find: some of the chinesium ones may not fit into the guide (on Russian rifles?). The Czech clips certainly seem to be the best and their (also good) surplus ammo is often sold in clips. And who doesn’t like an integral, rapid deployment Bayo-Nyet?

  6. Took a while to get used to the rock & lock for 20 round magazines for my Mini Thirty too. Especially trying to do it in a hurry – gotta hit the paddle while yanking down & viewers on the empty just so, then insert the fresh mag just the right way too so it catches on the peg before you rock it back.

    10 & especially 5 round magazines? Forget it and just accept it’ll be slow – they’re more for hunting purposes anyway as far as I’m concerned.

    Still fun to shoot though. But if I need to knock out a quick reload I’ll stick to the AR.

  7. Don’t know why anyone would have a problem reloading an AK. If some illiterate raghead Afghan goatherder or illiterate hyena bait tribesman who still lives in a grass hut in central Africa can figure it out in 15 minutes, anyone else should be able to. Hell my dumb country ass figured out how it works. Surely some highly educated and oh so intelligent city boy can do it.

    • “Surely some highly educated and oh so intelligent city boy can do it.”

      ‘Educated beyond their intelligence’ comes to mind.

      Meh, rock & locks easy to master. It’s the underside reach-around to cycle the bolt that trips up many.

      Might mention my favorite AK pattern has a straight insert mag well with a gigantic flare which makes missing even under stress nearly impossible, and a nifty little thumb release that doesn’t even require removing your hand from the grip. Sub 2 sec. swaps off a competition belt is easy-peasy once you wrap your mind ’round the change in procedure.

  8. Rock a magazine into a mag well? AK? How about FN FAL, M-14, G-3, Galil, etc. Magazines that lock at the front and rear aid reliability. A lot. Those that have a single locking point well below the feed lips. Well, not so much…

  9. I taught Iraqi’s how to use an AK47 and know a little about them. The variations in mag wells is great as is the variations of magazines. If they are at odds then it is very difficult. It can be done well but will never be as easy as an M4.

  10. I’ve always gotten better accuracy by throwing them instead of inserting them..
    And if you miss they come back like a boomarang.

    • I realize people that blame the gun for accuracy, had an issue with AK’s long before they held one..

      Mind over matter comes in play!!!

      I had a cousin who claimed an AK can’t hit a side of a barn at 25 yards…

      Lucky live on a ranch, took him out to a field sit up a target at 100yds, put 10 of 10 rounds on a paper plate and told him to stand where the target was and see if I can hit him.. He quickly stopped bad mouthing AK’s!!!!

  11. What makes me cringe is people using “cringe” instead of “cringe-worthy”. How a verb got turned into an adjective is beyond me, but perhaps I’m too old to understand the dynamics of generational language shift.

    Also, reloading an AK is not hard if you practice it just a little.

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