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Corporate leadership has long been vocal on the issue of gun control – in 2019 and again this past summer nearly 150 major companies – including Lululemon, Lyft, Bain Capital, Bloomberg LP, Permanente Medical Group and Unilever – called gun violence a “public health crisis” and demanded that the US Senate pass legislation to address it.

That’s why corporate America’s silence in the wake of the latest mass shooting at a school in Nashville is so jarring. The United States has come to rely on the increasing power of large corporations as political advocates.

But Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a vocal advocate of corporate social responsibility who has a direct line to major CEOs around the globe, said that top executives are forlorn. Their previous efforts haven’t done much to push the needle on gun control legislation and without more backing, they don’t know what else they can do at the moment, he said. …

Before the Bell: CEOs have been quiet about gun reform since the latest mass school shooting in Nashville, have you heard anything about plans to speak out?

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: Where is everybody else? Where is all of civil society? CEOs are just one group of people and it’s like we’re turning to them to be our saviors on every topic. They’ve joined causes with valor and nobility but they can’t just be taking cause after cause as if there’s nobody else in society. The social change that happened in the 1960s wasn’t being led primarily by CEOs. Social changes really happened when we saw the interfaith activity of clergy locking arms and canvassing legislators. We saw campuses alive and aroused. Where’s all the student activism?

The CEOs are still the most active even if they’re less active than they were six months ago. They’re not there as hired hands of shareholders to fill the role of politicians and civic leaders. They’re there to join that chorus, but they don’t want to be the only one singing. …

So what do you think has led to this complacency amongst Americans and the growing reliance on CEOs to advocate on our behalf?

They’ve taken a very strong stance and they’ve gone out further than the general public. They are where the general public is on surveys, but they’re not where the general public is on action in the streets. So we’re ready for others to now do something. Enough already on saying ‘what are the CEOs doing?’ Social capital is as valuable as financial capital. CEOs understand that in their soul, they want there to be social capital. They want there to be public trust, but they need the rest of civil society to join them. And that’s their frustration.

It sounds like CEOs are frustrated?

Yeah, they’re frustrated.

—   in Ceos Are Tired of Being Held Responsible for Gun Regulation

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  1. The responsible thing for corporate CEO’s to do is mind their own business ad run their own company.

    • Amen. My guns (or yours) are none of their affair. That’s why I boycott every gun-grabbing business I can, on principle.

      • People who fall for Gun Control know nothing about the History of Gun Control…ask them.

        The History of Gun Control is not taught in schools or is it learned in most homes, etc. Proof of that are parents and teachers marching for Gun Control in TN and demanding law makers do something now.

        Gun Control History illiterates are blinded by what they think Gun Control is. If marchers begging for Gun Control knew anything about the History of Gun Control they would see the Totally Defenseless 3 children and 3 adults murdered in TN as no different than Totally Defenseless Blacks terrorized and lynched by the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk. And the Totally Defenseless Jews rounded up for train rides to concentration camps, slave labor camps and gas chambers by the Gun Control german third reich.

        Any CEO who researches the History of Gun Control can see why supporting Gun Control in any shape, matter or form makes as much sense as trying to sell nooses to Black Americans and swastikas to Jews.

    • So the unwoke masses are not buying into corporate run gun control?

      Here’s a hint for the CEOs. Run your company to the benefit of your shareholders and employees. Leave activism to activists and politicians.

  2. They’re frustrated?? Good. They can mind their own business. The gun grabbers don’t care about “gun violence” or the victims of shooters. How do I know?? Because blacks are the principle committers of “gun violence” and its most likely victims, and all the gun grabbers want to do is talk about guns. They just want to disarm us. Well, they can go pound sand. They’re just gonna have to figure out another way.

    “The social change that happened in the 1960s wasn’t being led primarily by CEOs.”

    The social change that happened in the 1960s was one of the worst things to happen in the history of the country. We are living out the endgame of that decade right now, and it doesn’t look like the country is going to survive. The social change that happened in the 1960s is THE MAJOR CAUSE OF VIOLENCE today.

  3. So with “Capitalivania” soundly in the disarmament camp will the pinkos, commies and other tangential socialists stop pushing it?

    It’s almost like disarmament, along with some other very corporate-approved causes, might just be what Marx called pseudoliberation distraction from the controllers of the means of production.

    Or, you know, multi-billionaires flying too and fro on their private jets paid for by convincing seas of unwashed morons to consume their products as their real pay hasn’t budged in 60 years and their dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power.

    Eh, who am I kidding? All these commie wannabees aren’t sincere anyway so they’re all in on the pseudoliberation nonsense that gets more retweets and likes than anything real while making all those “Capitalivania” corporations even wealthier. Brought to you by Pfizer.

  4. Look, we can trace all of society’s problems back to one simple root cause: people acting on emotion without everlasting righteous constraints.

    It really is that simple.

    Why does an unhinged person deny facts, a thief steal, a bully coerce, a thug assault, a rapist rape, and a murderer murder? Because he/she wants to and has no internal constraint to prevent him/her from doing so.

    Pro-tip: as society promotes emotion and denigrates everlasting righteous constraints in ever greater fashion, the more that society will degrade and suffer.

    • “Because he/she wants to”

      But, but what if you were born a murderer, a thief, and/or a liar?? I’m told, on a practically daily basis by our cultural leaders, that you MUST follow your every desire. It’s the only way to be your true, authentic self. God doesn’t make mistakes. He made me a liar. Therefore I should always lie. Am I doing this right?

      • Dude,

        Yes, you are doing a stellar job following their (cultural leaders’) script, which of course takes you into the proverbial weeds.

      • Anarchists who don’t understand anarchism. This post will probably go to moderation hold for this.

        And nothing is more ironic than an anarchist who relies on welfare.

      • Dude
        “what if you were born a murderer theif, and/or liar”
        you were born a politician, probably a leftist politician, but definitely a politician

  5. A tribute to the authors of the Second Amendment. These dufuses need to run their companies navigating through these perilous times and not their mouths. That goes double for Michael Bloomberg the biggest putz in the stack!

  6. Could it also be that they are afraid to speak out against this particular shooting because a member of one of their “oppressed” groups was the perp?

    • This is what I’m thinking too. One of their pet projects proved how unhinged she was. Can’t have that getting out.

    • Exactly. One of the chosen victim class. They are trying to “bury” the event and pretend it never happened. The Trump show trial will provide a distraction for a while.

  7. When one of them says ” Hey you gangbangers, quit killing each other” and hold the mayors and DAs feet to the fire, I might start listening to their bullshit.
    Not much of a concern of that ever happening.

  8. [CEOs have] joined causes with valor and nobility…

    Is this a comedy bit?

    The social change that happened in the 1960s wasn’t being led primarily by CEOs.

    You mean the social change that the Dems kept blocking (ending Jim Crow laws) until it was politically convenient to join in? Or do you mean the other social change in the 60s pushed by the Dems? Second wave feminism, the sexual revolution, and the welfare state. Are we still pretending those were good things? That change contributed to a steady decline in happiness (especially for women), the destruction of the family, and the general degradation of society. We continue to pay the price for that social change.

    I found the following essay interesting for multiple reasons. It’s called The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness. They think it’s a paradox because women should be happier now that they’re working more. Right? No? They note that homemakers were happier than the women in the workforce. Here’s where it gets interesting:

    Finally, the changes brought about through the women’s movement may have decreased women’s happiness. The increased opportunity to succeed in many dimensions may have led to an increased likelihood of believing that one’s life is not measuring up. Similarly, women may now compare their lives to a broader group, including men, and find their lives more likely to come up short in this assessment. Or women may simply find the complexity and increased pressure in their modern lives to have come at the cost of happiness.

    That was written in 2009. That was before the destructive “trans” movement was underway. Now imagine how women feel comparing themselves to men, e.g. sports, “woman”(cross-dressing man) of the year, etc.

    TL;DR Gunz ain’t the problem. Fix the culture.

    • Dude,

      I used to think that people with arguably good intentions–who were simply misguided–were directing society toward the chaos and suffering which seems to be increasing since the 1960s. In the last few years I have concluded that evil people who “delight” in chaos and suffering are driving our society toward said chaos and suffering.

    • They raised their happiness bar so high it is unachievable. And if they are unhappy, then so must everyone else. Learned that from my marriage.

      • They’re doing the same thing with the “trans” movement. They’re promising liberation, but they’re just making people more miserable.

  9. “Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: Where is everybody else? Where is all of civil society?”
    I guess it hasn’t occurred to Jeff and all those CEOs that maybe they aren’t on the same page as society. They are oblivious to the fact that THEY are the cause of American citizens taking up firearms, what with the obvious failure of their leftist/liberal/socialist/Democratic agenda with regard to no-bail, society-destroying financial support.
    Introspection is lacking in the holier-than-thou moneyed, isolated “upper class”. Too bad, so sad, now go away.

    • People who bring in hundreds of thousands to millions a year bitterly complain about having to increase salaries to match cost of living, if they bother at all.

  10. This is a group of people that will believe whatever the Democrat party says regardless of it being true or not. There are individuals like this and then there are companies like this. If Pelosi says it was an insurrection then that’s what it was. Even though it wasn’t. She said it so it must be true. It’s really no different from those that honestly think whatever they see on the web is true and that email is private. So many just cannot think for themselves.

    • Products of the Liberal Educational Indoctrination System. Formally known as Public Education, which began the transformation of society beginning in the 60’s and 70’s. Along with the as of late addition of Progressivism into the Mantra of feelings and emotions being more important that actual abilities, skills and knowledge. Oddly, the very people and parents who of late are pushing back against the Indoctrination of their children, are themselves products of that very same Indoctrination. A societal shift away from the Liberalism mantra is beginning to take hold and I believe wholeheartedly it is in direct response to Progressivism attempting to take hold of the Democrat party. Which is resulting in the destruction of both philosophies. Traditional Democrats and even many Liberal Democrats. No longer recognize the Party they once supported and are returning to a more conservative approach to politics, as well as life in general. More in line to the Kennedy Democrats of the early 60’s.

    • Prndll, it seems many these days are too lazy to think for themselves, therefore they take the easy way out. This coupled with the idea that they appear to think the they have to be constantly ‘entertained’ by something or anything even when they are driving. And in so doing, they shuck/neglect any meaningful responsibility. Moreover, when things go wrong they believe nothing is their fault and are quick to blame others for their neglect and carelessness which is the product of their behavior.

  11. Business CEO’s should stick to running their companies and limit politics to their personal lives.
    Unless they are providing a service or products involving firearms, they should stay out of the issue. Same thing with cars, food or service providers. You sell your service or product and make money for the business/stockholders. Not worry about social issues.

    • oldmaninAL,

      The more prosperous a society, the more resources and time that society has to start chasing esoteric thoughts and ideas–which ultimately leads to that society’s downfall.

      Speaking of more time, I recently drove through Alabama (my first time) from the Gulf Coast to the northeast corner of the state. The scenery exceeded my expectations. You live in a hidden jewel of a state.

  12. “Before the Bell: CEOs have been quiet about gun reform since the latest mass school shooting in Nashville…”
    School shootings are extremely rare in America, exceedingly rare, yet every time an evil person does one, all the other 330,000,000 Americans who DIDN’T do it are expected to instantly give up our Constitutional rights. One person commits a crime, and all they people who didn’t commit the crime have to give up their rights.
    That makes exactly as much sense as saying every time a drunk driver killed a child, all 330,000,000 Americans who didn’t drive drunk should be required give up their (our) cars.

    And speaking of the Nashville school shooting, how come nobody fact-checks the official story from the news media and reporters that the shooter used “two assault-style rifles”?
    She didn’t use any rifles. She used one small 9mm pistol, one AR pistol, and one 9mm pistol-caliber carbine (a Kel-Tec Sub 2000) which isn’t considered an “assault weapon” even here in New Jersey. She didn’t use any rifles at all, just two pistols and a pistol-caliber carbine Yet I’ve seen absolutely zero corrections from the news media and police
    And now the news media has started calling her a “man,” just because one of her social media accounts uses male pronouns. My social media account profile has all sorts of fake inforrmation in it to fool identity thieves (e.g., my Facebook account says I live in Antarctica and that my political party is “raging moderate” and I give a fake religion and fake hometown) — would the media call me an “Antarctican” based on my social media profile?

    • Stuck in NJ,

      The “errors” in the news accounts of this event help further the Ruling Class’ agenda. That is why no one will ever correct them.

      For reference it was indeed a MAN who murdered those people, NOT a woman. The source of the (intentional) confusion: that MAN was masquerading as a woman which included dressing like a woman, grooming (makeup? and hair) like a woman, using a woman’s name, using female pronouns when referring to himself, and demanding that everyone else use female pronouns when referring to him.

      And this event highlights a very practical reason for our society to categorically reject someone masquerading as the opposite sex: sex can be a significant factor in threat assessments and assigning the opposite sex to a person can increase the risk which they pose in various circumstances and to society itself.

      • No, the Nashville shooter was not a “man masquerading as a woman.”
        You have it exactly backwards (although I can hardly blame you for being fooled by the mainstream media coverage, which was full of mistakes).
        The Nashville killer was born FEMALE, born a girl with FEMALE body parts, she grew up FEMALE, she kept her FEMALE body parts her whole life, she lived her whole life as a girl, she was still FEMALE when she killed those people in the Nashville school. She never had any sex-change operations, so she was still FEMALE, still a woman.
        Apparently she WANTED to be a man, judging from her social media account that used male pronouns (but again, lots of people put false personal information on Facebook), but she never had any surgery, so she still has all her FEMALE body parts, so she is still a FEMALE when she committed the crime, still a WOMAN. I know liberal Democrat women want us to think the killer wasn’t one of them, but she was born female and lived her entire life female and died female.

        • Stuck in NJ,

          As I replied below, thank you for the correction.

          I came to an incorrect conclusion based on inadequate information.

        • Yes, born female and died female. At some point in between birth and death she decided she was male and would use he/him pronouns.

          The term applied to this concept is ‘transgendered’ and the ‘transgender community’ refers to being born female but deciding one is a male instead as being “assigned female at birth” or if its a person born male that decides they are female its “assigned male at birth”.

          The odd thing with this idea of ‘assigned at birth’, its acknowledge by this concept of ‘assigned’ there are biological males and females because ‘assignment’ would be based on the biological manifestation of a gender defining characteristics. But if the opposite gender of what a person is born is chosen then its not ‘assigned’ to that community but rather its considered in that community the gender they really are when in reality they assigned their selves that opposite gender.

          The other odd thing about Audrey Hale is she had a female infatuation who was possibly a closeted lesbian. This person died (its this person > https://lewisandwrightfuneraldirectors.com/tribute/details/3758/Sydney-Sims/obituary.html). Hale posted on Facebook about the death of this woman, grieving the loss, and its at that point she started asking to be addressed as ‘Aiden’ and by masculine pronouns he/him from then on.

          So my question is this: Was Audrey Hale actually transgendered or just a lesbian that went off the deep end when her infatuation interest died?

  13. One has to think that the anti-gun radical crowd are either stupid or just plain ignorant. Guns do NOT kill. People do. It seems that these anti-gun radicals can’t seem to grasp that concept. There are literally MILLIONS of guns out there that have never been used in a crime. And yet, rather than dealing with the problems of criminals and the mentally ill, these radicals would rather try for a “quick fix” (that fixes nothing). They can’t seems gather the idea that an inanimate object is incapable to committing any act, violent or otherwise. How many people are killed in auto accidents every year? And yet no outcry to ban cars. How many people kill themselves with a rope, a knife, etc? And still yet, no outcry to ban any of these items to be banned?
    And someone please tell me what is wrong with these people?

  14. If anything they’ll show support for the shooter because she was trans. As the left has largely done.

    • Castle Bravo,

      Please stop using the word “trans” and the pronoun “she” for a MAN who masquerades as a woman–which is nothing more and nothing less than simply denying reality.

      You implicitly support that denial of reality when you use those words. In case it isn’t obvious, denying reality is never good for society.

      • Bro, Bravo is right. The subhuman filth that shot those people in Nashville is a woman pretending to be a man. Therefore, SHE. I’m with you, I live in the real world and I will not play pretend, so Bravo is on our side.

        • Wait a minute, which one of us has that backwards @uncommon_sense? I don’t disagree with you lightly, because you’re always on point, but I think I’m right.

        • ChoseDeath,

          You may be right about the real sex of the scumbag murderer. I saw a photo of the murderer, heard that he or she was a “transgender” something, and saw initial news stories referring to that scumbag murderer as a woman.

          Since the mainstream press was initially referring to the attacker as a woman, I figured that was due to their agenda to legitimize “transgender” garbage and concluded that the attacker must therefore be a man.

          Either way, this highlights one of the huge problems with “transgender” garbage.

        • All the reports that list her name and sex according to her birth certificate, say that she was female. All the reports of conversations with family and earlier acquaintances mention “daughter” and female pronouns. She apparently was a female who later wanted to be male.

        • Nero,

          Apparently, these days, that makes you a “man”. Just ask Dylan Mulvaney. It’s just a further iteration of the Leftist/fascists’ “War on Science”. May they rot in Hell.

      • No, the Nashville shooter was not a “man masquerading as a woman.”
        You have it exactly backwards (although I can hardly blame you for being fooled by the mainstream media coverage). She was a FEMALE WOMAN who wanted to be a man. But she was still a girl, still a woman, still female.
        The Nashville killer was born FEMALE, born a girl with FEMALE body parts, she grew up FEMALE, she kept her FEMALE body parts her whole life, she lived her whole life as a girl, she was still FEMALE when she killed those people in the Nashville school. She never had any sex-change operations, so she was still FEMALE, still a woman.
        Apparently she WANTED to be a man, judging from her social media account that used male pronouns (but again, lots of people put false personal information on Facebook), but she never had any surgery, so she still has all her FEMALE body parts, so she is still a FEMALE when she committed the crime, still a WOMAN.

        • Stuck in NJ,

          Thank you for the correction.

          Friendly quibble: even surgery to add or remove body parts does not turn a man into a woman or vice-versa. All that does is demonstrate a significant dedication to their masquerade.

      • Uncommon, as I understand it, the thing that murdered those kids was born and raised as a female, and now wanted to be a male called ‘Aiden’.

        Thankfully, it’s pronouns are now was/were… 🙂

        • Uncommon, I can’t in good conscience take credit for creating that, but boy-howdy, you can bet I’m gonna keep right on stealing it, because it just so perfect not to… 🙂

      • tsbhoa,

        Perhaps Debbie has decided to conserve energy, and just pastes her ONE ‘cut and paste’ comment, rather than repeating it several times during a thread. She already chimed in (third comment), and she ALWAYS says the same damn thing. Some server farm, somewhere, is now .5 degrees cooler because she spared us reposting the same damn comment we’ve all read 100 times on this site.

  15. Oh this is rich. Most of these avocate CEOs are also members of the World Economic Forum , which means they all support and push The Great Reset to end the middle class, to replace all private ownership with renting and subscriptions, make people live in pods, replace meat in our diets with bugs, and force us to be happy about it. With this being their end goal for us plebs, it makes sense they want to take our guns first. Hell justl Lyft wants to end private car ownership to force everyone to rely on automated ride share services in the future. The WEF even wants to reduce the world population.

    • Bad Hat Harry,

      Your comment is spot on–and underpins my somewhat recent conclusion which I stated in a comment above:

      In the last few years I have concluded that evil people who ‘delight’ in chaos and suffering are driving our society toward said chaos and suffering.

    • How many believe in the voluntary human extinction movement? But for most of us it won’t be voluntary.

  16. Billionaire corporate fascists support gun control and the fascist left. There are no more social-lists anymore. miner49er and dacian are good, old fashioned jack booted storm troopers.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    • They worship $$ (some are ideologues – looking at you tech giants). They’re for whatever the gov is for because it’s in their financial interest for the government to be on their side.

      The moronic lefties cheer corporate fascism because they think the big corporations are fighting the culture war on their behalf. No, they’re fighting for themselves.

  17. Here’s where we are just different species. I, nor anyone I associate with, would never under any circumstances, think to ourselves “I wonder what some jerk off CEO/professional pretender (actor)/ball player thinks of (insert social issue or policy)?” Trying to put myself in that mindset is absolutely impossible for me.

    And oh yes, the glory and wonder of the 1960’s, the decade where the foundations for most everything that is fucked in the USA were laid. Ah yes, please let us emulate that again!

    • ChoseDeath,

      I have stated at various times on this site (including today) that emotion is the primary driver of life in many people. A HUGE emotional driver for people is their GIANT desire to be part of something much larger themselves–to be an integral part of a large community–and quite often literally at all cost. That manifests itself in the Psychology term “the bandwagon effect”.

      People want to be on the bandwagon as we say, even if that requires denouncing reality (hence the “transgender” movement for example). That simple and powerful fact of the human condition is why many of the masses look to “prominent” figures: to figure out which bandwagon to jump onto.

      Note that many prominent figures know this like the back of their hand and exploit this facet of the human condition to their exclusive advantage.

      • Uncommon,
        Excellent point as always sir. I find that a crying shame, just how true your words are.

      • @tsbhoa.p.jr, Salient point and a good reminder there. One we all, myself very much included, would do well to heed.

  18. Pretty simple: Many Americans do not trust their rights, liberties, wealth, health, and future and sacred honor to The Company Store. CEOs masquerading as royalty were never intended to be a part of the true American Experience. Veiled apologies to the Bloombergs, Gates, Zuckerbergs, et al, but you are not as important as you believe.

  19. “Modern Lords Frustrated They Still Can’t Own Peasants”

    Where is civil society? We’re right here, where we’ve always been, armed.

  20. Here’s a new defensive gun use that should arch your eyebrows :

    “JCCPD officer who shot his sergeant: ‘I thought he was going to rape me!'”

    And no, the officer doing the shooting was *not* female. A police gay lover spat, perhaps ? ? ?

  21. Once upon a time … no, not a fairy tale but actually happened and told simply and plainly…

    Many years ago now, when our country was still new, the rich land owners came to the government and said (not these actual words, but the concept) “Only the wealthy should have the right to vote and should be able to decide what rights the masses have. After all, we are educated and understand the complexities of running business and industry and we should be the only ones able to vote and decide what our country should do.”

    The government being driven and directed by the special interest of the wealthy land owners said (not these actual words, but the concept) “yes, that’s an idea, lets do that.” and the government started to dictate by their actions to the people what their rights were.

    Some of the founders got together and said (not these actual words, but the concept) “No, this is not right. Its not what government is suppose to do, government is suppose to be a servant of the citizens and not rule by fiat or dictating. Its not what our constitution is suppose to provide. We said in our declaration ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ and that means the government can not dictate the right to those.”

    So the government continued, would not stop. The founders said (not these actual words, but the concept) “We must define for the government where they may not tread on the rights of the people” and the Bill Of Rights came into existence with its first 10 amendments, the founders said (not these actual words, but the concept) “in these areas the government may not tread as these are the rights of the people, and so the people will more clearly know their rights include to protect and exercise the inherent natural unalienable rights, and these too in our Bill of Rights shall be inherent and linked to that as unalienable natural rights given by their creator for without the means to exercise and protect as also unalienable natural inherent right it is moot to have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness but to instead have the government replace what we meant with dictating what they would government wants.”

    The CEO’s today (the parallel today of the rich land owners back when our country was new) tried the same thing, its not working as well this time.

  22. Giving corporations the vote was a MAJOR stupid. Unless they canvas their “owners” for a stance, once again “the people” are mired under an elite group or individual who may not represent their majority values. Who wants to lose a job because they disagree with “the boss(es)”? The history of corporate greed and unresponsiveness to the public remains a major issue. People matter, and citizens should have the vote: that’s where the “power” belongs. Sad that the wealthy continue to bias elections through controlled mass media and browbeating. Where has OUR America gone……….

    • Gun Dick, No wait a cotton picking minute! Corporations do not and are not allowed to vote. They are certainly allowed to voice their opinions and we can counter those opinions by not buying their product.

  23. I am happy when anti-gun companies let me know they are anti-gun so I know not to spend any of my pro-2A money there. If they “minded their own business” I would never know I was supporting gun-grabbers with my buying habits.

  24. The coordination between these Big Business billionaire CEOs and the Democrat party using businesses to push extremist left wing policies that Democrats can’t get implemented through the legislative process has a name, it’s called Fascism.

    Pretty f’ing tired of billionaire white guys trying to shove their personal morality down my throat and treating me like I’m one of their serfs.

    This Country is a powder keg being pushed to explode thanks to these morons.

  25. Oh my, a bunch of rich idiots, who are overpaid to mismanage their companies, are ticked off about my exercise of my INHERENT rights????

    Boo fucking hoo. Here’s a quarter; go call someone who gives a shit.

  26. The issue is multi-layered, not singular. In keeping this short, in my view the show has run its course and people are tired of being manipulated and lied to by big media along with hypocritical billionaires and the other familiar faces of the gun grabbers who tried but failed.

    The writing is on the wall and people are waking up. That’s why folks like ugly shoes Shannon Watts and others are jumping the floundering gun-grabbing ship like rats. Others will follow like David Hogg who’s desperate for relevance and attention except his message is older than “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”

    Gun control isn’t popular regardless of how the left paints it. Hence the reason we don’t hear about it until some whack job commits a horrendous act and then those goofballs are all over it again.

    Our push-back needs to be constant and firm, very firm.

  27. It’s not like the banking system is a hot mess or there’s mass layoffs in certain sectors or there’s an inflation problem right now that CEOs need to be concerned about.

  28. I don’t know when Democrats started sucking off mega corporations and their CEOs, but I’m gonna guess it’s about the time when those mega corporations started backing Democrats and either censoring or sponsoring censorship of any conservative voices.

    Democrats today are nothing more than sellout cucks.

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