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So true, so true. Hunters, gatherers, men, women, condiments, etc.


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  1. Thanks Jeremy,

    Showed this one to my wife…she is still laughing.

    Ps: applies especially to dirty dishes…

  2. fun fact: if you look at genetic structure, gestational development, and hormonal molecular structure, it becomes clear that females are the natural baseline phenotype and that males are repurposed females.

    • You mean upgraded. We can pee standing up, we can go topless and our hormones don’t go all wacky every month.

      • You forgot Bleed for 5 days every month and not Die. All the while being particularly Neurotic, Psychotic or just plain Bitchy.
        Having female children is even worse. Instead of having to worry about one dick with a boy. You have to worry about every dick in town.

        • My father in law had 5 girls.
          When my wife decided it was time to leave home it was because he had caught us in her bed and escorted me downstairs and out the door with a gunm stuck in my back. As I looked in the rear view I saw her run out of the house to begin chasing me down the road. Brakes Applied.

      • “You mean upgraded”

        in our present environment you can look at it that way and it works. in a male fetus the developing brain has its emotional intelligence burned out (in varying degrees for each individual) making a less emotional and more function-under-stress brain.

    • doubtful….. You got your science backwards…..
      …. must be a lefty…. everything backwards and such….

      • “doubtful”

        check it out. remember that line from Jurassic park – “all vertebrate animals are inherently female”? it ain’t just a movie line.

        • Yeah … some of us learned not to trust movie “science and technology” when the Glock 7 was discussed…

          You want someone to check it out, as you say? Post a link. To a reputable source. As in, peer-reviewed journal.

        • You’re quoting a fictional film about dinosaurs.

          You realize that in birds, which are descended from dinosaurs, and are also vertebrates, gender is established by the egg and not the sperm, and they use a mixture of entirely different chromosomes from “X” and “Y”. They use “Z” and “W” and the males are “ZZ” and females are “ZW”. That’s right, it’s flipped entirely in birds with entirely different set of sex chromosomes.

          So before you try to “school” people here, it might help to know yourself self what it is you’re talking about.

          Here’s a wiki page for the layperson:

        • In my school district a citation from Wikipedia is an automatic F.
          If you were to quote fro a movie script the I think that move you up to a D.
          Wikipedia is nonsense, It’s basically a bunch of mentally ill guys from England. They will tell you what it’s like to live in New York and yet they never left England. They are the Miner49ers of England and the world.
          Miner49er, tell us how an edit war goes down on Wikipedia.
          It’s basically about 100 “editors” who run the whole thing.
          That’s not bad for a former porn site.

      • You can doubt all you want but the facts are what the facts are whether you like them or not. We (humans) all start out as female. Only when enough androgens are introduced during fetal development to exceed the maternal estrogens does the fetus begin to develop into a male.

  3. Then in a rather fascinating twist…

    A women (from Venus) is depicted as incapable of seeing the forest through the trees.

    It isn’t men not seeing the ketchup, it’s the people can’t. Those that can are told to sit down and shut up.

  4. Um, was this a meta-mind-screw? Cuz I see a ketchup bottle top right and I also see what very well looks like a ketchup bottle at the bottom left. Is it just me?

  5. How low does TTAG have to go?
    Paid sponsorships from a ketchup company.
    And if you look close the bucks not even a buck, it’s a Buick.
    I thought this was a Gunm site.

    • “Paid sponsorships from a ketchup company.”

      And Ketchup owned by the “very French”, American war hero, John Kerry’s old lady, yet…

      • Ketchup is for pussies. Mustard is where it’s at.
        Put ketchup on a hotdog, that’s as unAmerican as it gets.
        F the moderation nonsense.

    • So we have a misspelling, ketchup in the refrigerator, and French dressing lower left. What else is wrong with this picture?

  6. Men’s eyes detect movement. The ketchup bottle is not moving, so I can’t see it That’s also why boobs jiggle and hair flows.


    • NTexas.
      Not complaining about your all caps , just curious as to why?
      Also I do enjoy deciphering your comments, however it lost something in that joke.

  8. Not men or women. Kids versus adults. Until they hit about 30 neither of mine could see the ketchup, nor the buck. Now they spot stuff before I do. Of course, my eyes are not what they used to be.

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