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Heh. Solid dad joke right there.


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      • Considering the way autopilot has sometimes randomly killed people all by its self, it would be banned by Joe.

        Isn’t it amazing that a company can make a car that uses a technology which can kill you all by its self without any user intervention. And because it only happens every once and a while its a great thing and the government looks the other way. Then cars in general, people are allowed to continue exercising a privilege of driving a 2,000 pound chunk of plastic and metal that can injure or kill either them or someone else to the tune of almost 80,000 annually (counting all injuries not just deaths and the ones reported at time of the accident, and over 200,000 annually counting the therapy for the psychological trauma injury some people suffer) and we call it an “accident”. But if gun owners legitimately defend their self or family with a gun, which happens around 6,000 times a day or more in the U.S., the first reaction of the government is to treat them as the spawn of satan and the government wants to remove their rights because a bad guy acted a fool on purpose.

    • Targetsportsusa just texted that they have Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr at $19.99 / bx. Production is finally starting to meet demand.

      • Saw some 9mm 124gr. Blazer Brass at Academy today. I didn’t get the price though. Bought the Federal Punch HP’s instead.

    • LifeSavor,
      I think that would be as the general called It a full semi-auto…. And I cannot believe that the army even let that Idiot talk at all, when he did the firing comparison between an AR-15 and the M-4, It was hilarious, the guy couldn’t shoot at all, No, Cheek-weld, slumped forward, thrown around like a rag doll, and got MAYBE 15-20% on target…. Most of the rest On Paper, The Whole darned silhouette, and edges, Had he been MY combat buddy I would have gone Awol and hitch hiked home from Vietnam.

      • Is that the strip mined rare earth mineral battery pack? The one that is supposed to be saving the environment by destroying it?

        • Yup. The Democrats are champions of NIMBY…so far, mostly third world countries have been destroyed by their “alternative” energy “solutions”…wait until it happens in their backyards.

          The electricity for those Teslas has to come from somewhere. Golly, with the Harris/Xiden/AOC administration wanting a major reliance on photovoltaic it’s gonna be hard to charge ur electric vehicles at night…

          I miss the power, good jobs and revenue the Montana Colstrip plants used to generate.

        • Even my son knows downunder electric cars are really coal powered cars. The smoke has just been moved elsewhere.

        • EVs are only very slightly ahead of gas-powered vehicles in the totality of resources consumed and pollutants emitted during manufacture and driving. And they have BIG problems in the battery manufacturing department, what with the essential rare earth minerals being provided by Chinese slave labor and by basically raping the environment of third-world countries. Zero-emissions and totally “green,” they are not.

        • Because of the pollution involved in mining, transporting, and refining the rare earth metals used the batteries, the environmental break-even point for an electric car can vary from 160,000 to 240,000 miles when compared to a ICE car. And the batteries degrade which requires their replacement, so add another 160,000 per new battery pack.

        • Just like the misnomer that wind energy is ecologically better. There’s a place in Iowa that has hundreds of replaced wind turbine blades (the BIG Bastards) sitting in a field of No use and No way to Recycle them. Turns out they have to be replaced about every 8 to 10 years because they become to thin from wind erosion. It gets even worse.
          Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills –

  1. That photoshopped Musket is terrible, I would of thought someone could of at least made (in photoshop) a cool battery powered rail gun style musket, not just the dudes face all over it…

  2. . I thought Elon Musk was a men’s cologne.
    Now there making gunms with faces, ghostgunm Elon Muskets you could hang a face on .

  3. You do know that Elon has stated his end goal is to outlaw all manually driven cars from public roads, only self driving cars would be legal if he ever gets his way

  4. Let us Hope he doesn’t get his way then, Auto-pilots ONLY belong on aircraft, They are NOT accurate enough for cars in close proximity, one wiggles right the other left and there you have the crash Like the Film of “The great train wreck”….

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