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Real talk: if somebody asks you how many guns you own and you’re able to answer the question, you clearly don’t own enough guns.

Also, I’ve been carrying two guns on me for over a week now, as I’ve been pocket carrying the Ruger LCP MAX since reviewing it and then, upon receiving an upcoming P365/Hellcat/MAX-9/Shield Plus competitor — set to be released mid-late August — I simply added it IWB strong side and really didn’t see a reason to remove the LCP MAX. It’s like, whoa.


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    • As many as can fit in my safe and the door can be locked.

      I would like to buy a 03 Springfield, a 03A3 Springfield, and a M17 Enfield.

      • That Enfield is a heavy beast. But the ones I have experienced have been shooters.

        First centerfire rifle I owned was a ‘sporterized’ 03a3. It’s value was gone but it was a decent shooter.

  1. My usual answer is: a rifle, a pistol and a shotgun. It’s not a lie and it doesn’t raise eyebrows.

  2. How many do I have? Depends on who’s asking. Some people get an answer, some people won’t.

    The usual answer is either “a couple,” for most people, or if the asker is someone who probably also owns some, “not as many as I’d like.” For a few people, I’ll list make, model, and caliber of everything I’ve got. They’ll do the same, and we’ll have a fun time talking and comparing notes. (That list isn’t expanding, though.)

    Definitely going to add this answer to the repertoire. 😀

    • You realize you’re being allowed to hold your guns until such time as a real operator(s) decides to come and take them from you, right? Wait and see how fast your poseur ass is disarmed when TSHTF…

      • you realize that any “real operator” that would do that will be eliminated by the other “real operators” in his unit first right
        wait and see how fast the rifles behind every blade of grass take this country back from the evil and wickedness that is at the helm right now
        it will all go according to steins law which states:
        “that which cannot continue…wont…”

      • Please, oh, please, Sniffy, Sleazy, Senile Ole Joe, send Butto O’Dork as the first one through the gun confiscation door….

      • Maybe, maybe not. There aren’t that many “real operators” and their are a LOT of average guys. Overcoming a determined enemy (whatever status or IQ) is a LOT more difficult than the video games you play. See Iraq, Afghanistan, et al.

      • Will these “real operators” have EOD support? Irrelevant question I’m just asking for a friend.

  3. More than 1 and less than 1000. Most of which are antiques or collectables.
    Age is anywhere between 250 years and 2 months.

  4. According to the CDC, I have a gun disease, too many guns. it’s not terminal, As long as I can’t buy ammo, it can be cured. They actually belive this. I don’t want the cure.

  5. Those may look like gunms but they’re really just weight to keep my skinny ass from blowing away in the wind. How many I carry depends on how hard the wind is blowing.

  6. epiphany



    a moment of sudden revelation or insight

    also: when you come to the realization that the crazy guy down the street with all the guns is not so crazy after all

  7. Doug Marsh…..on the bright side……one short of “zero adult supervision in your life.” Opens completely new horizons, possibilities….. speaking from personal experience. YMMV

  8. I have no guns, but would like a few. Anyone have a M198 they would like to sell? I do have firearms tho, one less than I want to have.

      • warshawsky sold a plexi kit to eliminate that splitter.
        stingrays (pre ’68) look badass w/ o bumpers.
        makos are kinda spiffy too, before the mandated collision crap.

  9. How Many? well the collection Kinda Disappeared one day…. Commissar Cho Bai Din came into Office …. Poof they all went somewhere , gee I don’t remember where , And No Time in the Day for me to go out looking for them , Probably out playing Hide and seek in the south forty or the west ninety, and the gate is e-locked so I know they cannot wander off.

  10. More than I can use, fewer than I’d like to, and my answer sort of depends on who’s asking.

    But as a teacher, I do tell my students about the AR-15 and the Uzi and the pump action and two pistols and sometimes more if they ask. Got to show them not all gun owners are criminals or loonies.

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