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15.9 inches?!?!?!!? Good lord. Bye bye doggo.


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  1. Imagine working for the agency that gets memed like this by major and (generally moderate) publications like TTAG and somehow managing to not commit seppuku. I’m not even impressed. I’m mad.

      • Cos they’re a bunch of good ol’ boys, never mean no harm, fightin’ the system since the day they were born.

    • They still have the TSA to look down on.

      So they are not the lowest ranked federal agency any more.

    • “(generally moderate) publications like TTAG“

      “Generally moderate”?

      September 7, 2022 At 21:01
      It’s the gov agents that belong in those lakes, not our guns“

      “Augusto Pinochet
      September 7, 2022 At 19:10
      Lon Horiuchi can burn in hell next to Janet Reno!
      And there won’t be any incendiary devices there, either!“

      “Officer Bill
      September 7, 2022 At 18:35
      Time to start collecting intel on ATF agents.“

      • And when they violate your/our human rights, act against their own constitution and bring harm to others by their unlawful actions, and rob us blind through forced and unjust taxation, so they do. And those such as yourself that cheer these statist tools on in their abuses and ceaselessly call for more stifling of Freedom and Liberty by petty tyrannical grifters through your misdirection, lies and obfuscation can join them there, right at the bottom of the deepest end. You aren’t ‘of differing opinion’ miner, you’re an enemy of the people, of all humankind. Literally. How’s that feel miner, does it make you smile, hiding there like a tiny but poisonous spider in your safe place? I hope they pay you well.

        • “hiding there like a tiny but poisonous spider in your safe place?“

          “Deep down here by the dark water lived old Miner49er, a small slimy creature. I don’t know where he came from, nor who or what he was. He was Miner49er.”

        • I dunno, MajorStupidity, that sounds like a pretty good description of you. What’s your issue??

        • MajorStupidity,

          I am, and that description totally fits you. Sorry you missed the obvious. Sorry, but it’s hardly unexpected. You tend to miss the obvious, which is why you’re a pathetic Leftist/fascist troll. It does take a truly “special” intellect to believe in fascist, socialist/Marxist nonsense, so . . . your limited capacity for cognition is to be expected.

      • With what is going on in government right now, those comments you referenced are likely, in fact, moderate.

        Our current president has made it clear that about 40% of the American population is reprehensible and are semi-facist (whatever that is). Just say’n

      • While other agencies would like to take ATFs rules, as a rule none of those agencies want to take ATF agents. ATF agents are held in that low regard.

  2. Not so sure they were looking to redrum the whole family. That’s a stretch even for a meme.

    The dog, yes, certainly. And the cat. Probably the goldfish, too.

    • Dunno about THAT(Waco,Ruby Ridge cough cough)…are any of those stasi ever even disciplined???

        • Lon Horiuchi can burn in hell next to Janet Reno!
          And there won’t be any incendiary devices there, either!

        • A real piece of work, that guy. Wonder if miner has a poster of him on the ceiling over his dank, rotting mattress?

        • No. I think Lon should’ve been charged with at least voluntary manslaughter.
          I’ve seen the notepad with his drawing of the door and Vicki weaver, a good case could be made for murder.

          There’s no question that the entire operation was an unlawful travesty of justice, Randy Weaver actually committed no violation of law until once the siege had begun.
          He was framed by the unlawful actions of a confidential informant, who was attempting to work off a bust by incriminating Mr. Weaver.

          The MS/ATF botched the initial approach in the siege, but it’s true that Mr. Weaver could’ve handled the situation better. Regardless, the FBI became involved and it didn’t improve at all.

          I think Ruby Ridge is probably one of the best examples of Republican administrations’ culture of corruption and abuse of power.

          Oh, did I shock you with the word Republican?

          It is a fact that the brutal attack and murder at Ruby Ridge was a wholly owned product of 12 years of Reagan/Bush control of the ATF and the entire federal law enforcement apparatus.

          The facts of history can be brutal.
          You may feel a small sting, that would be your pride leaving you.

          “Ruby Ridge Incident
          August 21–31, 1992
          Near Naples, Idaho, U.S.
          48°37′14″N 116°25′59″W
          Caused by
          Resistance to USMS actions taken pursuant to a bench warrant for Randy Weaver; FBI actions taken following shooting death of a U.S. Marshal, statements by Weaver, and shots allegedly fired at a news helicopter“

        • No miner, you dont shock me at all. I know what you are, we all do. You bore me and annoy me, like the persistent little insect you are, but you’re entirely incapable of shocking me, don’t stroke yourself so hard. For the record I despise the democrats/liberals (and you for being a duplicitous little whore) and dislike and distrust the republicans/conservatives only slightly less. They are all professional liars and grifters, every one and you fit right in with them. Now scurry back into your dark hole and gloat over your many hard won victories for your masters. Maybe they’ll decide to throw you another crumb or two if they deign to notice their good servant from their lofty perches.

        • “the persistent little insect you are“

          And with that awkward ad hominem attack, your inability to respond in a rational and reasonable manner has been laid bare, thank you.

        • MajorStupidity,

          That you could even write that “response” unironically proves everything Shooter said about you. You are such a COMPLETE lying political, partisan tw@twhore of a lying propagandist that you disgust everyone on this forum (other than dacian the demented, which should give even a brainwashed idiot like you a clue). Go fornicate thyself, you lying s***weasel.

          BTW, who was AG when Ruby Ridge and Waco happened?? Who appointed “her”??? Who was President (and thereby “the nation’s head of law enforcement”????d

          You either don’t know, which makes you stupid, or are DELIBERATELY LYING, which makes you a vile, lying s***weasel.

          But embrace the healing power of “and”.

    • Haz,

      Tell that to Randy Weaver’s wife.

      Oh, that’s right, you can’t, ’cause they MURDERED her and her infant child.

      Get serious about who and what you are dealing with, here.

      They kill dogs (even frickin’ pet MOTHS), innocent women and children, with absolutely NO remorse. To enforce BLATANTLY unconstitutional “legislation” and “regulation”. Fortunately, they are as incompetent as they are venal, but their incompetence is literally their ONLY ‘saving grace’.

  3. Time to start collecting intel on ATF agents. If one ever hands you a business card be sure to save it.

    • What kind of intel are you going to get from a business card that isn’t available open-source? Do you think they put secret shit on the cards then hand them to people like you? By the time you collect all of them, you still wont know shit.

      • You gotta give them the sekrit handshake to get the sekrit business card. Just because you don’t know the handshake, doesn’t mean Orifice Bill doesn’t!

      • You have never been in the people catching business have you? To start with a business card has a name and a name is a critical place to start. When you get the card put notes about the person on to the back of it and try to engage them in mild conversation to gather more information about them.

        • I was in the people catching business a long time. Helped find many very bad people that others caught or killed.

          NONE of the bad guys ever used a business card.

        • “NONE of the bad guys ever used a business card“

          Obviously, you need to work with a better class of criminals…

        • Cato
          Those people you helped track down, did you have their name or any clue as to wjo they were when you began trying to find them?

        • Sometimes.

          All the time, money, and man-hours wasted analyzing databases of information, tracing networks using surface, subsurface, ground, air, and space based systems when we could have used your brilliant detective methods of having the bad guys just walk up and hand us a fucking business card.

          We could’ve used a man like you, with your special talents in the war on terror. On second thought, maybe NOT.

        • Bill v. Cato:

          Really gentlemen, I think it’s just a bit of a misunderstanding.

          What we have here is the difference between traditional gumshoe policework and modern sigint/humint/masint operations to capture/kill high-risk sophisticated adversaries.

          I get the idea Bill is willing to put in the foot work and time to track a target, he’s more of an open source kinda guy.

          Sometimes the target defines the technique.

        • There is no investigative technique involved in having someone hand you a card the identifies themselves. OB talked about the ‘people catching business’ not the business card collecting business.

          If a government agent walks up to you and hands you a business card identifying them as such, chances are you’re the target, not the other way around. Engaging them in ‘mild conversation’ at that point would be stupid. OB is way over his head playing defective detective.

        • MajorStupidity,

          “Obviously, you need to work with a better class of criminals”

          You mean like Hunter Biden, Senile Joe “The Big Guy” Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Malig-Nancy Pelosi, Schmucky Chucky Schumer, Eric “Fangbanger” Swallowswell, and Pencilneck Schiff???

          THOSE “better class” of criminals, you lying, disgusting feces-eating Leftist/fascist propagandist????

  4. In other news:

    “An attorney for the far-right, anti-government group the Oath Keepers has been indicted in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

    Kellye SoRelle, who was arrested in Junction, Texas, is latest person with ties to the group to face charges stemming from the insurrection. A grand jury in Washington, D.C., handed up an indictment charging her with four counts, including conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding and obstruction of justice.“


    • A weaponized DOJ is rounding up political opponents. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah. Every dictatorship, ever.

      • jwm, regarding your raging reply in our ukraine conversation, yeah, I hear you and that’s likely about the best take on it a guy can have given all the bullshit out there. I feel much the same but I have to factor in the aspects I mentioned previously. Makes it hard for me to square things with just outright calling Putin the (only) aggressor. Think of it this way; that would mean you or I would be sitting there with a cold one watching msnbc/cnn coverage on it and nodding in agreement. There, that’s my strongest argument… cheers.

      • Time to prepare for war. When the regime is indiscriminately rounding up dissidents, and even those dissidents’ attorneys, you know the time of the hour…

        • “indiscriminately rounding up dissidents, and even those dissidents’ attorneys“

          Actively engage in a conspiracy to use violence to obstruct the constitutionally mandated election certification process during a joint session of Congress at the United States Capitol, and see what happens to you.

          Did you see where the ex-cop got 10 years in the federal pen?

          As they say on the street, “fuck around and find out… “

    • Certainly can’t have those “insurrectionists” having legal protection. Makes the show trials so much more difficult. Much better if the judiciary have pledged allegiance to the party and the great leader.

      • They already raided the offices of two of Trump’s former attorneys. They got one of them on…tax fraud. They took down Trump’s campaign advisor on…tax fraud. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton was free to visit the White House under Obama while having multiple millions of tax liens with the IRS.

        Guess who else is walking around a free man? CBS found over 150 banking transactions involving Hunter or James Biden ‘flagged as concerning.’ How many of your banking transactions have been flagged? I wonder why they’re doubling the size of the IRS?

        • The middle class has been squeezed into almost non-existence. So they’ll start on those unwoke working class proles.

        • “Al Sharpton was free to visit the White House under Obama while having multiple millions of tax liens with the IRS“

          So you don’t understand the difference between tax fraud and having a tax lien? You may want to learn more by actually researching the subject.
          Regarding our Sharpton:

          “Sharpton has also paid down a significant amount of his debt since 2014, as USA TODAY reported. He paid off his personal taxes but still owed $700,000 in 2019 for his companies.“

          “CBS found over 150 banking transactions involving Hunter… ?

          CBS, the Columbia broadcasting system is investigating banking transactions, wow.

          But no evidence of actual crimes, no charges, much less a trial… OK.

          Perhaps you should learn more about what a ‘suspicious banking transaction’ is, you might be surprised.

          As I understand, Donald Trump, his Attorney General and the Department of Justice had what was reported to be Hunter Biden’s laptop since 2019, over a year to investigate and prosecute but they found nothing to prosecute apparently.

          If you wanted more information on Hunter Biden, perhaps you could check with his good buddy Tucker Carlson:

          “The Daily Mail published emails that reveal a close friendship between Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson.
          Biden wrote a college recommendation for Carlson’s son, and Carlson intervened in an unflattering news story about Biden.
          The intimate interactions appear to be at odds with Carlson’s public attitude towards Biden.“

        • Why would you think I don’t understand the difference between tax fraud and tax liens? Why would anyone ever lie on a tax return if they can accumulate $5 million in liens and not have to worry about doing jail time? How many people make enough to owe the IRS $5 million? Why the heck am I paying taxes? I could never pay them again for the rest of my life and never owe that much. The difference is, the IRS would come and take my assets and throw me in jail before I ever got close to even $1 million. It’s called unequal treatment, Miner.

          According to people who have reviewed Hunter’s laptop, there is specific evidence of multiple crimes. You admit that the DOJ has had the laptop since 2019. Then why did they allow the Russian disinformation talking point? It’s because they’re the ones that started it! The FBI approached the big tech companies and warned them there would be Russian disinformation for the 2020 election. Then former intel officials signed a letter saying the laptop was Russian disinformation. The FBI had the laptop since 2019. They never tried to corroborate it. All they had to do was check with some of the people in the emails. Those people would have copies of the same emails. The DOJ has a history of colluding with the media as well. There was a coordinated media and Big Tech blackout and disinformation campaign in the 2020 election to hide the Hunter laptop story. It was finally admitted a year or so after the fact when it was so obvious they could no longer ignore the story. Nearly 20% of Biden voter said they wouldn’t have voted for him if they had known the truth about that story. Hmm…

          They didn’t want to investigate Hunter. They still don’t want to. What you don’t understand or care about is that the DOJ is corrupt. It is no longer a theory that the FBI interfered in the past two elections against one political party. They’re already starting on 2024.

          Carlson’s past personal relations are irrelevant to the topic. He’s lived in DC forever. They all know each other.

        • “The FBI had the laptop since 2019. They never tried to corroborate it“

          That’s quite the claim, which specific evidence can you say it to support your assertion?

          And there is a large difference between having a unpaid tax balance and actually evading taxes by committing tax fraud.

          “At least three dozen times, Trump companies’ unpaid tax bills have forced the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to go to local courts to get liens against his properties to try to collect overdue bills. New Jersey also had to go to court for a lien to collect a Trump company’s unpaid tax bill. Eventually, those disputes were resolved, and his companies paid some amount of taxes“

          So why isn’t Donald Trump in jail for unpaid taxes? After all, by his own admission he’s been under audit for the last seven years.

          There are plenty of people who have large tax balances, and they negotiate with the IRS to reduce taxes. Willie Nelson had a $16 million outstanding debt, his attorneys negotiated it down to 6 million, and he never went to jail.

          Tax evasion is a whole ‘nother game, intentionally hiding assets, intentionally misstating the value of assets, utilizing fraudulent schemes to conceal income, etc. will definitely get you prosecuted and incarcerated unless you can work out a settlement with the IRS.

        • “That’s quite the claim, which specific evidence can you say it to support your assertion?”

          Yes. It’s simple. It’s what Hunter’s Uncle James refers to as plausible deniability. There have been many stories written on this in the NY Post. That’s why twitter banned the Post’s account in the lead up to the 2020 election. Like I said, it was a far reaching conspiracy to hide the truth from the American voters. The Puppet didn’t win the 2020 election by millions. He won it by less than 50,000 votes in a small handful of swing states. 20% of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden if they knew the truth. They wouldn’t even have to change their vote to Trump for Trump to win. Do the math and you can see why the DOJ, the media, and Big Tech ran their not so little operation. Speaking of the 2020 disinformation campaign, I remember having a conversation with you specifically about the laptop. You argued that it was Russian disinformation. I think you even offered that letter signed by former intel as your evidence. You should take off your partisan lens from time to time and have a look around. I don’t think you’re stupid. I think you believe what you want to believe.

          The FBI waited until October of 2020 to interview Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski. That alone tells you they weren’t interested in corroborating the legitimacy of the laptop. The FBI interviewed him the day after he went public with the story. They waited until they were forced to interview him. Ever since then, they have tried to hide the story. See the below link for a reference that pretty much covers it. There are others if you want to look around.

          The store owner who gave the laptop to the FBI said they tried to intimidate him. That guy who drove a truck full of ballots across state lines during the 2020 election said the FBI tried to intimidate him. Are you seeing a trend yet? The FBI is the cleanup crew. Why did the FBI raid an apartment to retrieve Ashley Biden’s diary? Do you think that’s normal?

          RE: taxes. I’m not defending tax fraud. Having an unpaid balance of multiple millions spanning back decades, while you’re living the high life, is in fact tax evasion. I wouldn’t be able to get away with that. I would also never get as much tax forgiveness as Nelson got. The Left used to be the ones screaming about inequality and unequal treatment. Now all you hear is equity. There’s a reason for that. Lefties will defend multimillionaire tax evaders as long as they have the correct politics. They’re going after people associated with Trump because they’re associated with Trump. Everyone knows that, including you. They would find similar crimes with people on the other side of the political aisle if they looked. It’s a matter of priorities. That’s why people are worried about doubling the number of employees at the IRS. The IRS has a history of targeting people for their politics. The entire federal bureaucracy does at this point. They always try to protect people like Hunter & Company.

        • “There have been many stories written on this in the NY Post“

          That doesn’t qualify as evidence, those are just mainstream media stories.

          “Like I said, it was a far reaching conspiracy to hide the truth from the American voters“

          Can you offer any sort of evidence to support the conspiracy claim, anything?

          “20% of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden if they knew the truth“

          That’s bullshit, and I think I found the survey you were basing that on. In their executive summary they claim 17%, but that is their conclusion, they never actually ask that question. And the fact is, the questions they did ask are ‘push questions’, that is, designed to put Biden in a bad light and emphasize trumps “accomplishments” such as the so-called “mid east peace”.

          “That guy who drove a truck full of ballots across state lines during the 2020 election said the FBI tried to intimidate him“

          Google searched that statement, I couldn’t find anything regarding that issue, can you tell me more?

          “Why did the FBI raid an apartment to retrieve Ashley Biden’s diary? Do you think that’s normal?“

          Yes, I would say it’s normal for a grand jury to authorize a subpoena to look for stolen documents that have been transported across the state line, especially if these documents belong to the daughter-in-law of a vice president of the United States. Perhaps Veritas should not participate in stealing other peoples items and unlawfully transporting them across state lines:

          “Federal authorities on Saturday searched the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of the conservative group Project Veritas, according to witnesses and people briefed on the matter, a day after Mr. O’Keefe acknowledged that the group was under investigation by the Justice Department in connection with a diary reported to have been stolen from Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter.

          The F.B.I. carried out a court-ordered search of Mr. O’Keefe’s apartment in Mamaroneck, N.Y., early on Saturday morning, after having searched the homes of two associates of Mr. O’Keefe on Thursday as part of the investigation.”

          “They’re going after people associated with Trump because they’re associated with Trump“

          Is there any particular evidence you could cite to support this claim?

          I understand there are plenty of Democrats are bad actors and cheating on their taxes. Happens all the time, but I haven’t seen any evidence that the enforcement on Trump Republicans is somehow more significant than anyone else, Willie Nelson is a great example. He is about as left-wing as you can get, but he didn’t get a pass, they damn near put his ass in jail because he didn’t pay up to $6 million settlement his attorneys had negotiated.

        • “That doesn’t qualify as evidence, those are just mainstream media stories.”

          Would you like me to hack the DOJ and give you their notes? Did you bother to read a word I wrote or linked to? Your head is firmly in the sand, as usual.

          “That’s bullshit, and I think I found the survey you were basing that on.”

          Apply 17% to the vote total and see what happens. Apply 5%. This may or may not be a perfect poll. Few of them are. If no one cared about information then why did the FBI, the media, and Big Tech collude to kill this story? You’re incapable of removing your partisan lenses.

          “Google searched that statement, I couldn’t find anything regarding that issue, can you tell me more?”

          I’ve discussed it before, probably with you. The fact that you aren’t aware of this story means you didn’t follow the 2020 election shenanigans. There were many. Google and other tech platforms monkey with their algorithms to suppress this sort of information. When something does come up from a search, it’s usually a MSM article or “fact checker” explaining it for you.

          “I would say it’s normal for a grand jury to authorize a subpoena to look for stolen documents”

          Yeah this is totally normal. For corrupt authoritarians. It’s a diary. Where’s the federal crime? Would the FBI retrieve my daughter’s diary? LOL! The FBI raided the residences of multiple journalist to retrieve a diary that belonged to the president’s daughter. Nothing to see here. Move along. How was it “stolen” again? Did O’Keefe break in and retrieve Ashley’s diary that was under her pillow? It was supposedly left in a rehab center. The person that found it sold it to journalists. Not that you care. You’re fine with the FBI framing the political opposition and cleaning up crimes from their side. There is mounds of evidence showing that happening in the past several years. It’s pointless to list it for you with your head in the sand and your hands over your ears.

          “I haven’t seen any evidence that the enforcement on Trump Republicans is somehow more significant than anyone else”

          You’re hilarious! Of course you haven’t!

      • whiner is defending A Sharpton?
        One of the biggest race baiters of the 20th century?

        Reality check…….Tawana Brawley ADMITTED UNDER OATH that Al S was THE one who convinced (and coached) her to lie in order to get convictions on a few men who were TOTALLY INNOCENT of rape. Remember whiner? I remember.

        I’m not surprised Al S had regular visits to the Jobrak O’Biden White House.
        How’s it go…….’Birds of a feather……….

        hold on…..let me check here………yeah, everyone is STILL LAUGHING AT YOUR LAME A** HERE ON TTAG. 🤣

    • I see a fool who pled guilty. Every one charged with the capital riot should have demanded the government prove their case in a jury trial.

      • There is multiple camera video evidence, showing the felon violently attacking Capitol police.

        So it seems you are in favor of unprovoked attacks on police officers doing their job, got it.

        So I guess you conservatives are giving up that whole ‘law and order’ bullshit, glad you’re finally coming clean.

        • MajorStupidity, you lying w***e of a Leftist/fascist propagandist,

          There are ALSO multiple videos of:

          1. Capitol Police viciously beating unarmed protesters in “the tunnel”;

          2. Capitol Police not just allowing protesters access, but actually OPENING THE DOORS for them;

          3. Capitol Police voluntarily POSING for selfies with these “dangerous” protesters.

          Care to comment on any of those, you vile, lying sack of canine excrement?? Every time you post your vile LIES, I despise you more. You are entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to your idiot political views; you are NOT entitled to lie about it. But, being the soulless, brainless, indoctrinated tw@t of a lying Leftist/fascist that you are, I guess you just can’t help yourslef.

          May karma visit you, good and hard . . . and that right soon.

    • Cool story, bro!!!!

      Now do Hunter Biden, you f***ing lying propagandist.

      Go fornicate yourself, you vile piece of canine feces.

  5. There are 10,000 lakes and hundreds of rivers where I live… I lost all my stuff and I can’t remember which lake this happened. Sorry Mr. ATF Goon, I guess you’ll have to go magnet fishing!!

  6. Pretty little fascist with xer pretty little silicon injection t!tties & green hair, miner49er still can’t get a date.
    Xhe has a sadz…..

  7. I’m not overly concerned about BATF coming around snooping. I’ll even give them directions on where to find the sunken boat my scary black rifles were on. Just have to remind them that shooting an alligator out of season or without a permit is a felony offense.
    Been thinking about adding a few Guinea Fowl to the homestead. They make great trespass alarms.

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