Convicted Felon Livestreams Murders in Memphis, Shannon Watts Blames Constitutional Carry

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Ezekiel Kelly was convicted of attempted murder in 2020. Probably as part of the process of “reimagining” criminal justice, he was released in March of this year. After a new warrant was issued for first degree murder against him yesterday Kelly drove around Memphis last night shooting people at random and livestreaming the carnage.

Here’s the AP’s story by Adrian Sainz . . .

A gunman who livestreamed himself driving around Memphis shooting at people, killing four and wounding three others in seemingly random attacks, was finally arrested after crashing a stolen car, police said early Thursday.

The hours-long rampage had police warning people across the city to shelter in place, locking down a baseball stadium and university campuses and suspending public bus services as frightened residents wondered where the man might strike next.

Ezekiel Kelly, 19, a violent felon who was released early from prison this year, was taken into custody at around 9 p.m. in the Memphis neighborhood of Whitehaven, police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph said.

Memphis Police Director Cerelyn “CJ” Davis said during a news conference early Thursday that four people were killed and three others were wounded in seven shootings and at least two carjackings.

The first killing was at 12:56 a.m. Wednesday, and officers responded to three more crime scenes before receiving a tip at 6:12 p.m. that the suspect was livestreaming himself threatening to cause harm to citizens, Davis said.

Police then sent out an alert warning people to be on the lookout for an armed and dangerous man responsible for multiple shootings and reportedly recording his actions on Facebook.

Three more shootings and two carjackings followed. Police said he killed a woman in Memphis as he took her grey Toyota SUV, which he left behind when he stole a man’s Dodge Challenger across the state line in Southaven, Mississippi.

Kelly was arrested without incident two hours after the initial police alert when he crashed the Challenger during a high speed chase, and two guns were found in the vehicle, Davis said.

As the shooter terrorized the city, buses stopped running and the Memphis Redbirds cleared the field during their minor-league baseball game. Friends and relatives frantically called and texted each other and TV stations cut into regular coverage with updates.

Police received “numerous tips” from the public during the ordeal, Davis said.

Memphis Police officers work an active shooter scene on Poplar Avenue in Memphis, Tenn. Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022. Police in Memphis, Tennessee, said a man who drove around the city shooting at people during an hours-long rampage that forced frightened people to shelter in place Wednesday has been arrested. (Mark Weber/Daily Memphian via AP)

The University of Memphis sent a message to students saying a shooting had been reported near the campus. Rhodes College, which is about 4 miles away from the university, advised students on and off campus to shelter in place.

The area where Kelly was arrested was about 11 miles from the University of Memphis and about 12 miles from Rhodes College.

“If you do not have to be out, stay indoors until this is resolved,” Memphis police said on Twitter, before the arrest.

Police did not discuss a motive or release the identities of those who were killed or wounded. It was too early in the investigation to discuss how the suspect got the gun or guns used in the shootings, said Ali Roberts, acting assistant special agent in charge for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Memphis.

In February 2020, Kelly, then 17, was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, using a firearm to commit a dangerous felony and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, court records show.

Records show he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced in April 2021 to three years. Kelly was released from prison in March, 11 months after he was sentenced, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said.

“This is no way for us to live and it is not acceptable,” the mayor said. “If Mr. Kelly served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and four of our fellow citizens would still be alive.”

And even before the bodies were cold, Michael Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid-for sock puppet kicked off the race for the quickest and most intellectually dishonest anti-gun take with this tweet . . .

Did you catch that? In the hoplophobic harridan’s twisted world view, constitutional carry resulted in a convicted felon illegally obtaining a gun and murdering innocent people.

Watts knows full-well that constitutional carry — which only applies to law-abiding citizens — has nothing whatsoever to do with criminals like Kelly, who are prohibited persons, getting and using firearms. But she’s more than cynical enough to count on the average suburban wine mom not picking up on the false conflation here and getting on board the Bloomberg do something train.

As Watts makes perfectly clear, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is not above using gang-related and other crimes like what happened in Memphis to further their efforts at disarming legal firearm owners. If they get their way, of course, more law-abiding types will be easier pickins for violent predators Ezekiel Kelly.

That, however, is beside the point. Watts and the rest think society needs fewer guns. If that means fewer legal gun owners and results in more dead citizens, well, you have to break a few law-abiding eggs to make a gun-free omelet. As Watts and her gang of anti-gun droogs see it, the fewer law-abiding citizens with guns — whatever the cost — the better.

And so it goes.


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    • I blame Jim Crow Gun Control democRat shannon watts and her ilk for supplying violent criminals with an endless supply of defenseless victims.

      • So do I Debbie. The USA’s real problem isn’t guns. But rather it’s corrupt and dishonest propaganda spewing democrat politicians.

        • So if Tennessee has permitless carry how come nobody capped his a$$? Asking for a friend from Sutherland Springs, Texas.

      • The main problem is that black people commit murder at a rate 8x higher than the rest of the population. A secondary problem is that Democrats oppose law enforcement and punishment measures that would control this. And at the tail-end of this train wreck you find braindead “conservatives” like Debbie who blame everything on “Jim Crow” racism.

        • Void: Accurate descriptions of reality are racist.

          This is how America devolved from Reagan winning crushing victories in ’80 and ’84 to Critical Race Theory becoming a standard part of the curriculum in colleges and lots of K-12 programs across the country 40 years later, even in red states.

          “Conservatives” like you and Debbie can watch the Democratic Party explicitly preach that whites are inherently privileged and racist, and you will still bleat “the problem is Jim Crow Democrat racists who hate blacks.” Beyond parody.

        • LOL well you are committed to your roll go ask your supervisor about the reply bonus. May want to try 4chan for training purposes it will help smooth out your obvious edges.

        • Void: It’s embarrassing that I don’t have a good answer to this stuff, so I’ll call you a troll to save face.

        • Chedolf I am an obvious troll attempting two truths and a lie and failing horrifically to an internet nobody so I will mock and hope nobody notices.

          This game is fun but you really need some work bro.

        • And criminal justice industry didn’t keep him locked up for his term, much less an actual sentence for the previous murder.

        • Accurate facts are “racist” in the same way that the Smithsonian claims math, grammar, timeliness, and personal responsibility are racist.

    • Prndll,

      What’s the point (of continuing to operate law enforcement and our criminal justice system) if they are going to release someone after 11 months in prison for attempted murder?

      Scumbag probably figured, “Best case I get to go on a killing spree and walk away scott-free. Worst case I get to go on a killing spree; spend 11 months in jail with free food, lodging, and healthcare; and then walk away scott-free.

  1. Nothin new here……blame the victims for a problem they created!! Pitiful and evil….yup! Unexpected……..not even!!

    • LOLOL! Yep. No one ever addresses the most obvious feature of these crimes. Refusing to recognize that particular pattern has cost thousands of lives. Oh well, I don’t live among them.

      • “Oh well, I don’t live among them.”

        Oh, do you ever have an ugly surprise coming your way.

        Sooner than you think. 😉

    • Racist much ??
      Jewish installed DA line shows it.
      It’s not George soros religion or race that makes him a huge pile of stinking crap, it’s his personal world views.

      But stupid Racist antisemitic clowns like you prove how pathetic and you can be.

      You are basically the other side of the boat rowing .

      • The false flag crowd really quiets down when ever the shooters are black that’s for sure. I guess the government only stages white guys shooting randoms for gun control and black folk are the real

    • I’m still trying to figure out why the Jewish George Soros, would help the Nazis during World War II???
      He helped to find, identify, and confiscate Jewish property.

      • Soros was born in 1930 so he would of been 15 when the war ended. You think he was like a kid Jew mastermind?

        • Soros was born in 1930 so he would of been 15 when the war ended. You think he was like a kid Jew mastermind?

          In his OWN words… He was 14 when he realized you had to “think ahead” “that one should UNDERSTAND and ANTICIPATE events”.. “No feelings of Guilt” “Posed as a Christian”… Just a little historical reminder about what a traitorous, backstabbing, unconscionable piece of garbage George Soros really is…

  2. The car he jacked was a Dodge Challenger in Southaven, MS. I’m a little surprised he was able to do that without getting his head blown off by the driver. Folks in MS tend to not put up with crap like this.

  3. were any of the victims carrying? without con carry this guy could not have.
    jan 1st illinois gets the safe act. no bail, pre- trial, etc. memphis got nothin’ on that.

    • Yet they made me a tax paying citizen unable to own an 80% or 3D printed gun without being a felon despite never committing a violent crime.

      So glad I took me and my tax dollars elsewhere. They can enjoy their decay.

  4. I blame the guy that let this asshole jack his car… Ohhh yeah AND those people that thought it was a good idea to be out in public in Memphis TN just BEGGING to be shot by some poor misunderstood kid… Oooooo AND the GUN no matter what it was and constitutional carry and whomever let the dumbass steal the gun that wound up in the hands of this clown and…. and… Poor kid never had a chance.

    • They blamed the female jogger for being out early on a run in Memphis . It’s all her fault she was abducted, raped and murdered sez the leftards. 🤪

      The monsters are the victims of society, that means a victim that’s more successful then the attacker MUST be the perp. 🤔 Yeah, checks out. 🤪
      A progtarded mind is a scary place.

      • It’s all her fault she was abducted, raped and murdered sez the leftards.

        Yep, what the HELL was she doing out jogging in a skimpy outfit at 4:30 in the morning? Heard it more than once….

        • They have to push the narrative. That’s how they manipulate the sheep. Remember this horrific TN crime? Most don’t because it didn’t fit the well defined narrative.

          [She] was forced into a back room of the house where she was hog-tied with a strips of fabric from a bedding set. She was brutally raped “in every possible way imaginable” for several hours as the assailants beat her viciously with several objects, including a broken chair leg.

          Channon Christian’s last minutes on earth were spent slowly suffocating in a garbage can after she had been savagely beaten and raped for hours

        • Rider/Shooter,
          I don’t know, but years ago they were able to appeal and get some of their sentences reduced.

  5. So, he was released years early on his first attempted murder conviction. Then while on probation (a condition of his early release) he posts tons of pics (to his Facebook page) of himself flashing gang signs over piles of cash and guns. 🤔

    Wow, awesome ‘supervision’ by his probation officer.

      • Wait he was already a convicted felon to boot? Add a lol lmao to my post below. So yeah was hoping bail/sentencing/incarceration reform wouldn’t make it too far past NY but guessing some of it snuck by.

    • For clarity, the scumbags first attempted murder charge was pled down to assault, got sentenced to three years. Served 11 months.

      The DA, parole board, and probation officer should ALL be sharing a cell with this POS. They all failed miserably in their primary task of keeping murderers away from the citizens.

        • Shooter,

          What can I say? Ex-felons traditionally, historically, vote Dimocrat. Who needs decent citizens, when you can get reliable Dimocrat voters??? This is EXACTLY what they are hoping for.

  6. In order to prosecute lots of people, you have to make sure not to prosecute lots of people. You offer plea bargains. Then you brag about your numbers come election time.

    He was…
    “charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, using a firearm to commit a dangerous felony and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon”

    But he…
    “pleaded guilty to aggravated assault”

    Why isn’t Shannon upset about them dropping the firearms related charge? Why isn’t she calling out the short sentence and early release? Answer: Because the criminal and the justice system aren’t the enemy. We are.

  7. Wait so constitutional carry is to blame for a person committing criminal acts of violence, underage possession of a pistol, and illegal possession of a Chinese manufactured full auto switch all of which are illegal in the state in question with the possible exclusion of the underage possession of a pistol (need to review TN law). Sorry toots that shit happens here in NY and we are doing our best to pretend conceal carry doesn’t exist to begin with so that argument is invalid if not an outright misleading lie.

    • The passage of constitutional carry is the correct response to Libertarians Liberals in the left, who insist on letting out criminals early. Because they complain there are too many people locked up in the United States.

      • Still irrelevant as a party and pretty much don’t care. Your other contributions tend towards great though so will just have to agree to disagree.

  8. Shannon Watts should have her plate full worrying about Shannon Watts business. What happened to his MAGA hat? Are the ultra MAGA republicans accepting 19 years old black kids now? After all their the ones spreading the violence. Just ask hair sniffer Joe.

    • Yet the vast bulk of political violence comes from the Left. BLM and antifa assassins have murdered how many people now? Baseball game assassin? Justice Kavanaugh assassin? And the entire time, prominent dems are on record literally calling for and supporting the violence. They get away with lying because they have the media and big tech to push their propaganda. We would live in a different country with an honest and fair media. That will never happen.

    • So a chit grinning idiot who shoulda’ got a long prison sentence is out killing folks with an illegal gat & it’s constitutional carry at fault?!? Shannon Watts is as brain-dead as this cretin…I miss Dirk Diggler.

  9. “Blake Masters, Trump-backed Senate candidate, blames ‘Black people, frankly’ for gun violence. Discussing the ‘gun violence problem’ on a talk show two months ago, Senate candidate Blake Masters said: ‘It’s gangs. It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis shooting each other. Very often, you know, Black people, frankly. And the Democrats don’t want to do anything about that.'”

    Of course Blake Masters is right. And of course most conservatives and libertarians will flinch from the truth because they’re actually center-leftists and liberals.

      • Sure, it’s “trolling” to point out that mainstream conservatives and libertarians are being socially destructive when they pretend race is imaginary and turn their eyes away from reality.

        Blake Masters is right and libertarians like Zimmerman are wrong about this stuff. Conservatism will begin to recover when more people come to realize that.

        • Cool story now what relevance does a minor Arizona politician have to any of this at the start of the workday in that region in the kickoff of election season when dozens of similar stories have been posted for the last year without any meaningful mention of this?

        • If he wins yes that would bump his standing a bit but he would still be of no relevance to a Tennessee issue. Especially from a totally organic new poster without an axe to grind or any intention to shape perception through distortion and/or misrepresentation of facts or context.

        • no relevance to a Tennessee issue.

          Maybe you’ve not noticed but the occurrences in Memphis over the past few days is not just a Tennessee issue and the underlying cause will not be resolved on a local level, In fact it is almost beyond resolution by ANY government body.

        • If beyond resolution by any government body would it not be defacto irrelevant to a politician especially one not local?

    • Prosecute and appropriately sentence people who commit violent crimes. As in all other things, couldn’t care less what race they are. Any approach that deals with people other than as individuals has historically tended to lead to bad stuff.

  10. In their mind it makes sense.
    We shouldn’t lock people up but we also can’t risk people having liberty ergo we must treat everyone as though they are locked up without actually locking them up.

    Anyone not in one of their elitist walled-off compounds is to be treated as a criminal. If you thought the world was filled with irredeemable degenerates would it be more efficient to lock them all away or place a protective barrier around yourself and let them eat each other?

    Releasing the criminals goes hand in hand with shutting off the power, restricting food production and soon the spike in unemployment.

    Us animals are just supposed to kill each other and starve to death so the Ted Turners and Bill Gates can have their unspoiled global nature preserve.

  11. Come on we can all come together here. We all know who is to blame. It’s the miners. If we didn’t have miners the metal to make ammo and guns would still be in the ground.
    It’s all the miners fault.
    It’s definitely not the soft on crime DA that didn’t put this guy in jail for previous murders and it most certainly not the guy who did the crime. Put the blame where it should be It’s the miners.

    • Must be why so many in power are trying to shut down domestic production of anything, its for our protection!

      • They’ll outlaw gas powered vehicles and give all of us “smart thermostats” which they can control. Then we won’t be able to charge our vehicles due to the rolling blackouts. Meanwhile, Obama installs 2,500 gallon propane tanks on his ocean front property. Hmm…

        • Well………..yes why do you think we went with electric cars instead of hydrogen powered ones decades ago for who gets the research money.

        • How do you think hydrogen is made commercially? If you think they pass electricity through water, like the junior science experiment, you’re completely wrong.

          Hydrogen is made by super heating methane gas and releases a LOT of co2 in the process. Not really green.

        • Southern Cross,
          Right, neither electrolysis (using more electric energy than the fuel cell produces) nor the method you described (taking a hydrocarbon and throwing away the carbon, containing most of the heating value) are efficient, “green”, or rational.

    • Put the blame where it should be It’s the miners.

      If you are going to go there why stop, lay it off on the SUPERNOVA that created the elements that were available during the formation of the earth which formed the deposits of iron, copper, brass etc; for those miners to extract making the materials possible for the production of firearms and bullets.

    • “It’s all the miners fault.”

      Could be, since most miners are male.

      Therefore, it’s clearly ‘Toxic Masculinity Supremacy’ to blame here.

      (I think I’m gonna enjoy experimenting with mixing-and-matching Leftist Scum ™ verbiage…)

  12. There are multiple issues here and no one thing will fix these problems. There is plenty of blame to go around. From the act of the person committing the crime to the audience they have giving legitimacy to everyone in the legal system allowing it to go unpunished.

    Instead we bury our heads in the sand while those in charge act like keystone cops behaving like children dealing with foolishness.

  13. Don’t forget Leo Decaprio, or Harrison Ford, Al Gore, Kerry, or all the rest. They have our replacements coming across the southern border. Get rid of the uppity serfs, replace them with people who are happy to be serfs. Can you say New World Order? Repent, turn away from your sin. Confess JESUS is LORD

    • “Get rid of the uppity serfs, replace them with people who are happy to be serfs.”

      Like you, perhaps?

      You pretty much suck at being a troll, dude.

      Learn from the experts, like little minor.

      • Rodney, I can lead a horse to water. I truly believe it is time for all to repent and turn away from our sin. Me too, nobody gets there because they deserve to. If you have a better explanation, let’s hear it. If you read the BIBLE, how can you not see what season it is? Do we not have princes with the minds of children? The man that puts his trust in the right arm of man is doomed.

        • Jesus, do your eyes roll back into your head and do you wave your hands in the air with spittle flying out of your mouth when you post this shit? Go back to sweeping the floors of ken ham’s museum…

  14. Attempt / “Little Engine that Could” laws are to blame.

    A person who tries to kill an innocent is a murderer, to whom every pragmatic and ethical truth about murderers is applicable. Neither luck, ineptitude, nor the competence of the victim and/or the police, changes this one iota.

    • “A person who tries to kill an innocent is a murderer, to whom every pragmatic and ethical truth about murderers is applicable.”

      Unless they are among the group of people favored by a certain slice of (un-social) society. Then, they become a ‘victim’, to be pitied and celebrated by those that (claim to) care deeply for them (but in reality don’t)…

      • While not even claiming to care for the actual victims, or any natural-law-abiding citizen who takes responsibility for his life and family.

    • “A person who tries to kill an innocent is a murderer, to whom every pragmatic and ethical truth about murderers is applicable.”

      👍Prima facie logic.

      Which means the progtarded mind must immidately disavow this ‘radical misconception’ wholecloth. 🤪

      • “the progtarded mind”

        Does such a thing exist? Mostly they just emote and react like animals (no offense to my pets or yours).

        • They seem to manage to breathe, eat, and reproduce, so at least a form of intellect exists… 🙁

        • Geoff,

          Therein lies the distinction between cerebral and brainstem neurological functions. Dinosaurs also ate, breathed, excreted waste, and reproduced – with, in the case of Apatosaurus (approx. 5 – 10 times the size of an elephant) a brain the size of a walnut (sorta like dacian the demented and MajorStupidity0.

  15. I blame Democrats. You can bet it was a Democrat prosecutor who allowed a plea deal for three years after an initial attempted murder charge. You can bet it was a Democrat who turned him out after less than a year in prison for a violent crime. You know damn well that Shannon Watts wants more Democrats elected so we get more black people shot. Shannon is no different than the Klan members the Democrats use to send to Congress.

  16. At the very least, I hope the spree murderer was inclusive and non-racist in selecting his targets to slaughter… 🙁

    • Equal opportunity offender? Also election season/school is back in judging from the crop at the troll farms.

  17. You are all wrong. Look at the guys picture. He is short. This is a classic case of short mans syndrome. Any man 5/8 or shorter will be a criminal or some other kind of scumbag at some point in his life. This is a universal fact of nature. If you are a short man and not yet a criminal, pervert give it time grasshopper. You will get there.

  18. Its time to live stream his swift and immediate execution in “ol smokey”… this man live streamed his acts and guilty for the world to see…swift trial and fry him with one week after the verdict…I would say hang him, but “the noose” is just so passe’ do to political moronism…. I will volunteer for his one man firing squad for gas, a room for the night and a steak and lobster supper…

  19. Once again criminals and nut cases can buy all the second hand guns they want because we do not have Universal Background Checks nor any Safe Storage Laws. Living in Capitalvania today is like living in a mad house with the biggest lunatics not only being the criminals but the Republicans who permit such madness to go on and the mass murders to go on because they value payola from the NRA over the lives of innocent people.

    And the Far Right are always their own worst enemies as every victim of a mass murder by a lunatic becomes a life long anti-gun person dedicated to draconian bans on all firearms but the Far Right are to retarded and paranoid to understand any of this. And they are too paranoid to understand every civilized nation on earth has had such laws for decades and that they have proven to work and work well.

    • You have no idea where this guy got his guns, so your comment is nothing but pure speculation. No law in the country can prevent the sale of stolen handguns out of the trunk of someone’s car. In fact, simply buying and possessing guns was another felony this young man committed. Also, you know nothing about safe storage laws, which typically do not require the purchase of a $2000 safe. The mini-safes on the bedside table are really not that hard to hack by any competent burglar. While they may prevent children from accessing firearms, they will not stop a committed thief. Even a real safe will not, given sufficient time, prevent a burglar from gaining access. Or driving thru the front door of an LGS with a stolen vehicle.

      • Because of the soft on crime policies this guy may have gotten his gun legally. He may not have a serious criminal record.
        All his felonies may have been downgraded. Or not recorded at all. Which is exactly what happened in the South Carolina church shooter case.

        • Well, there goes lil’dtard from this discussion.
          Truth and facts are his kryptonite. 🤪

          I was going to mention military personnel getting dishonorable discharges, yet the inept system fails to process the info. Resulting in NICS approvals that SHOULD be denials.

      • to Mark

        History has proven you very wrong. The average crook in an idiot and he does not know when you will return and even a cheap safe you can get at a discount store is often enough to change his mind about stealing your guns. Few crooks pull up with a van full of safe cracking tools and even if they did the people who use quality safes still would slow the crook down to taking way too much time to chance getting caught by you suddenly coming home or by a silent security alarm which by the way should also be made into law.

        And by the way Mark are you retarded, this guy had to have gotten his gun in a face to face second hand gun sale or a stolen gun which is exactly why we need Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws.

        • “this guy had to have gotten his gun in a face to face second hand gun sale . . . which is exactly why we need Universal Background Checks”

          Because a criminal with no compunction about buying a gun illegally (or murder!) would have held back from buying if you made it more illegal? Who’s ret@rded?!

        • Umm . . . ,

          “Who’s ret@rded?!”

          dacian, that would be dacian the demented dips*** who’s retarded. And annoying. And uneducated. And delusional. Oh, AND a flaming Leftist/fascist.

          And IF he’s over 18 (I have my doubts), he gets to vote (unless he’s a convicted felon, which would not surprise me).

        • The average crook in an idiot

          And if ANYONE has first hand knowledge of what an IDIOT is, it’s definitely YOU dacy boy(?)…

        • Lamp,
          Indeed. Dacian has dedicated his life to proving the Founders’ wisdom in enshrining our liberties in a non-dumbocratic Republic.

    • Yeah, because ALL criminals who buy “street” guns would immediately STOP doing so if background checks were suddenly mandatory for street purchases, amirite????

      dacian the demented, you are so F***ING stupid, you are a poster child for retroactive abortion. You aren’t just too stupid to insult, you’re too stupid to be stealing oxygen. Go expire in an excavation.

      • Lamp that went out in his head you prove what a complete retard you are.

        Criminals would be denied the vast sea of used guns for sale with Universal Background Checks because they would not be available from people who sell their second hand guns face to face at bars, flea markets, gun shows and internet chat rooms because when you make the law severe enough people will obey the law because they have their jobs to lose, be fined and thrown into jail. The Machine gun ban of both 1930 and the later ban under Republican President Reagan proved that even in Capitalvania draconian gun laws do indeed work.

        Lamp that went out in his head you never cease to make a complete fool of yourself. You are always out of your league.

        • Because their fellow gangbangers would refuse to “violate the law” by selling guns on the street without a background check????

          And that worked out GREAT during Prohibition, and is the reason the US “won” the War on Drugs, amirite???

          I repeat, you are too stupid to be stealing oxygen.

    • Eliminate gun crime by eliminating gun owners. That’s what you’re really saying.

      How is your universal background check going to work without complete registration of all firearms? There will always be off-books guns for criminals. Sydney’s Lindt Cafe event was done with an unregistered firearm AFTER 2 decades of strict licensing and registration.

      • Once gain Southern Double Cross you cherry pick an isolated incident as compared to the U.S. that has such tragedies every day. You just proved that Australian gun control does indeed work much better than the lack of such laws in the U.S.

        Sorry try again you only succeeded in making a complete fool of yourself.

        • Again, true to form you did NOT answer the question (not that I expected an answer) and then resorted to personal attacks.

          Every time an outlaw motorcycle club is raided, pre-ban pump-action shotguns and self-loading rifles (typically SKS and Mini-14 with occasional other type) are seized. And more recently cottage industry sub-machine guns are being discovered.

          The unregistered gun numbers in Australia are estimated at 260,000 according to official estimates and could be as high as 600,000 in other estimates. This is as much as 10-20% of the legal guns in the country.

          The USA has gun number estimates of 300-600 million firearms. You would have to have the vast majority registered for any UBC system to be effective. How else do you perform a trace on a gun from it’s last retail sale?

          Should I mention that Canada abandoned it’s firearms registration system at one time because it cost a lot of money for no benefit?

  20. Libertarians have totally and completely supported a policy for the early release of criminals. They have totally supported a policy of changing the meaning of what is considered a felony. And thereby make it much easier for criminals to get off with very low or no bail required at all.
    See their support prop 47 in California.

    Libertarians are not law and order people. They’re about sexual liberation. And reject the personal responsibility and consequences that go with it. They’re about drug legalization. And also reject the personal responsibility and a consequence is that go with that too.

    I’m sure this guy was raised by single mother with no father. Something that is encouraged by Libertarians Liberals and the Left. All who support replacing the Father’s Love and discipline for his children. And replace it with a welfare check.

    This criminal is the number one person responsible. And he needs to be given a quick trial and executed. And they have the death penalty in Tennessee.

    These are the three L’s that President Bush was talking about people. The ones who have the soft bigotry of low expectations for black people. And the white people who support all of this sexual promiscuity and drug use, none of those white people live in Memphis Tennessee. They live nowhere near the results of the policies they support.

    In fact the white people who support sexual promiscuity and drug use are leaving California. And moving into the more rural conservative areas of the United States. Like Texas and Tennessee.

    So don’t California Texas. Don’t California Tennessee, And don’t California my Kentucky either.

  21. If heavy metal or country western artists had commited 50 murders. This would be on the national news. And Tipper Gore was correct. Words in music can be dangerous.

    “Atlanta DA Warns Rappers To Stop CONFESSING To Crimes With Lyrics!” video 13 min long

    • There are similar rap music related murders going in Memphis. Same in Chiraq as well.

      “Atlanta DA Warns Rappers To Stop CONFESSING To Crimes With Lyrics!” video 13 min long

  22. Those demanding more restrictions or for more invasive “universal” BG checks need to realize anyone with criminal intent is not going to suddenly obey the law. Nor do they understand how a black market works. Just as the complaint about how city thugs are getting their weapons from outside the city, the criminals would just get their guns from outside the country. Doubt me? Look at the drug trade. If we can’t stop some mule with a bale of pot, do you really think we could stop the same fool from carrying a couple guns and some ammo? If there is money to be made, someone will provide the goods.
    Safe storage? Do you have any idea of how many firearms the military “Misplaces or loses” every year? Or how many firearms are stolen from police cars, gun dealers, and other “Secure” sites?
    Lastly, punishing the law abiding will never prevent criminals from arming themselves. Even if the anti gun crowd got their dearest wish and all civilian/private possession/ownership of firearms were somehow made law, criminals would still get their weapons. Or make use of other weapons as we see in countries with restrictive gun laws.
    Unless and until the person using the weapon and committing the crime is dealt with, this will be a fact of life world wide.

  23. America should have given the newly freed African slaves age passage back to the african countries that sold them off in the first place. The overwhelming majority are not able to integrate into American society, its been tried and failed. Its well known around the world hence the global elites and their puppet American politicians using them as pawns to crash our system and bring us to our knees. The melting pot is The Big Lie.

  24. America should have given the newly freed African slaves age passage back to the african countries that sold them off in the first place.

    That’s what Lincoln planned to do. That would have been just as bad for them since the majority were by that time 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation with little to no chance of survival or acceptance in their native country.

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