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Look, dear, I mean, freedom isn’t free, right? It’s a hobby, but it’s also an investment. And someone has to shoot back at Dark Brandon’s F15s, eh?


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  1. That’s what I always said. Though the bad guy changed over the years. Now I’m divorced and retired. I don’t explain myself to anyone. Never did anyway. Maybe why I’m divorced.

  2. Wait until you start buying a Perazzi, Krieghoff, or upscale Beretta, let alone Win 21s and many other vintage SxS shotguns. $3200 doesn’t get you very far.

  3. Does it hurt less to be shot with a overly expensive firearm, than a run of the mill blue collar weapon…? Something is better than nothing, no matter the cost. Damage is usually the same.
    I also collect, but that don’t mean that my less expensive collectibles are less damaging.
    My favorites are actually the cheaper weapons.
    Can’t seem to hurt them & accuracy basically stays the same. There’s a reason our enemies always seem to use the kalishnicof type of firearm’s,
    Pretty sure I spelled ☝️Wrong.

    • Kalashnikov and yeah, there’s something to be said for a cheap yet reliable gun you don’t have to worry about. Norinco stuff is pretty good for that, plus the Tokarev and a closet full of skssss…

        • Absolutely. My .45colt Redhawk is my camp/tent pistol 🌲👀🌲 and built like a tank. Owned a Mini 14 for many years now and it’s awesome; light, fast, reliable, weatherproof. Just ordered a PC Carbine for hoots. My buddy owns two Savage rifles, one in .338Laapoooaaah and a chassis style in 6.5Needmore. Both are quite accurate and didn’t break the bank. We have a few nice Enfields as well, shame they’ve doubled in price recently, great rifles.

  4. Barrett M99 50 BMG & Barrett M82A1 50 BMG, little over $12,000 together not including ammo, but it makes me happy, no regrets!

      • Multiple guns for multiple purposes. Some are mainly for fun. Others are for self and or home defense. Others are defending against more serious threats. Even the cheap fun guns (like Marlin 60) could be used for serious purposes if needed.

  5. I shoot quail with a Citorii 20 gauge. Priince of Wales grips. it’s a nice little gun. I like my 1100 Special Field better. It handles like a wand. But, it’s now verboten on most plantations. Only twice barrels. It seems a lot of shooters need to show empty chambers to the guide. I don’t disagree with that. You should be able to show compedence with what you arrive with. If not. Sit down and be quite. Most will like you better.

    • I looked at Citori and a couple other stack barrels when I last shopped for shotguns. I decided on the m2 Benelli. A little lighter and it handles better for me.

      • The last time I shopped for a shotgun, I walked out with a Maverick 88 (with the 7+1 tube). ☺️

        Yeah, I’m cheap, and mainly go for inexpensive but functional guns.

      • jwm, my buddy has a Super (Black?) Eagle. Very nice. Mines a 590A-1. And yeah, I have a shorter maverick in the house, the shop and the truck. Great little shotties. By the way I left another long opinionated and unfounded screed to your reply in the Ukraine sniper article if like me you don’t get notifications.

        • Read it. I don’t think either side is right in this fight. And I don’t think either side is a friend to us.

          More importantly, who do we trust to tell us the straight skinny? I don’t make decisions for my .gov or any others. But to me there was no immediate threat to Russia from the Ukraine.

          What this really reminds me of is when tin pot dictators have needed a distraction for their peasants so they made up an excuse to roll. Think Iraq/Kuwait. Argentina/Falklands.

          Just my take on it. And yes, I’m a bit biased. Duck and cover drills as a school child and soldiering during the not so cold war may have colored my perceptions.

  6. @James Campbell
    So basically a 1911 with grips made from rock?

    Not understanding why. Maybe I’m odd but I like and carry guns that can be beat on, not put in a display case.

    • Basically.

      But the rock predates the formation of planet earth.

      Different strokes.

      I have few safe queens in the safe. But also have carry, range, vehicle, and beater guns.

        • i seem to remember mirror images, yes.
          weird to think of cobalt as “rock.” i’m much closer to a dendritic cobalt knife than i am to those pieces.

        • For 4.5mil they should be multi dimensional and gravity defying, not just merely semi auto and ambi.

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