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Not even the moths are safe! ATF screws up so much they’ve become their own meme.


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  1. Duuuude! Someone needs to redo the “is this a…?” guy Meme with the butterfly as an atlas moth. Give the guy an atf hat and change the text to: “Is this a dog?” Doooooo it.

    That is all.

  2. Not much for memes but I would have liked to hear more about this particular transgression on their part. Did they break into this person’s house without a warrant?

  3. Hate to be that guy but this is a meme. I found this so hard to believe I looked it up and can’t find a single place backing it up.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of strange things while serving warrants. Can’t say I’ve intentionally killed a bug while executing one.

  5. BATFE: proof that guns and booze don’t mix.


    BATFE should be a convienance store not a law enforcement agency.

  6. If it’s true it’s not not funny, it’s sad. Also sad is the fact that with this pack of goons it could be true and we can rule nothing out.

  7. If it’s true it’s not funny, it’s sad. Also sad is the fact that with this pack of goons it could be true and we can rule nothing out.

  8. The BATF agent was wearing wool socks and was in fear for his feet. It attacked him.
    Or this could be just another mildly amusing Meme at the BATF’s expense. A damn moth bigger than some birds would make me want to break out a rolled up news paper or heavy duty fly swatter as well.

  9. meh… those are babies in Montana. I’d like to type “lol” now, but everytime I clean my truck, I am not loling. One 90 mile trip in any direction and you will need to stop and scrape. Pterodactyls get caught in the wipers and smear too.

    • Try it with the wind in yer hair right above a headlight at 70mph. I’ve put earplugs in my nostrils and breathed thru my teeth more than a couple of times.

  10. “The funny thing is that this isn’t a meme, it’s just a news story. ”

    No, its not a news story. Never happened.

    Sounds like something the ATF thugs would do, especially the false accusation and illegally showing up and trespassing armed and hostile trying to bully and intimidate no warrant thing (which is a real ATF thing), but this incident did not happen.

  11. I ate a grey moth once that tasted like raspberry.
    I like lobster too.
    I dont think I’ve ever eaten a spider, I’ll change that tonight.


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