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Finally we meet the opposite of our old friend, the .9mm.


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  1. You can laugh but that gun got an old friend into a lot of trouble back in the ’40s. Have you ever tried to find twin train tracks especially over rivers for every place you wanted to go? You also need like 3,000 friends to come along with you.

    • Well of course. That 357mm isn’t going to stop a man. It’s going to splatter most of him, and carry a few of the bits along with it. However much goes whichever direction, he ain’t stopped!

      Wonder if anyone with a weak stomach just heaved, due to my imagery?

  2. I have been enjoying the daily memes (well, at least those which I have understood), but this one made me laugh until my gut hurt.

  3. cannon that has a Major General as gun captain and needs a battalion as the gun crew. As well as dual tracks and the associated rail engines and rolling stock to move and support it. I want 1!! Or would if I could find some one dumb enough to foot the bill.
    Makes my little 75mm pack howitzer look like a popgun.

  4. Wow after seeing that I’m just so embarrassed to take a piss. And them guys ain’t even black!

  5. If it were not for electricity we would all be watching TV by candlelight –Marjorie Taylor Greene, the cream of the Republican Party.

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