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If ATF’s proposed new guidelines around the use of pistol braces gets published into the registry, who wants to bet they announce it next Friday? That is, the Friday before SHOT Show. At least it’ll give us a fun new challenge!


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  1. My thought was, they would find a way to cancel the show because of the next “new variant” of the plague they dreamed up!

        • IMHO, memes are also important because they’re a way to fight thought control and the implementation of punishment for wrongthink, both of which are directions we’re headed in at a very rapid pace.

          Now, also MHO, the level of crazy you see today is specifically because certain people are panicking that they’re losing and they are losing, badly. However, the wounded serpent bites deepest so I’d be wary of how much damage can be done on the way out the door.

          It’s my opinion that 2022 is going to make a lot of people pine for the good old days of 2020/21. Not because things should get worse but because they will as a number of governments panic over the power that they’re losing.

          And I think memes have a part to play in ensuring that those people do lose power because when memes are well done they inject a grain of reality with a dose of humor which makes it very hard for most people to ignore.

  2. If they announce that official change to policy next week, it will go down in history as the single greatest number of boating accidents in one day in history. Good luck enforcing that subjective pile of dribble they call regulation.

    • They will be satisfied when every gun owner in America is exterminated. Along with the extermination of every single non-gun owner that opposes that.

      Sure that might be a lot of people but The federal government has 6000 nuclear weapons.

    • “…unriffled muskrats.”

      I caught a huge one once that was a reddish color. Coulda confused it with a small beaver, except the tail was flat the wrong way for beaver. Got 10 bucks for the hide, double the going rate, plus a fine meal. Mighty smooth with mushroom gravy & cornbread.

      • How big was it, I’ve never seen a reddish colored one. Used to trap them with leg hold traps when the coniber traps came out it got easier.
        Coons got wise to them fast, went back to leg hold for them.

    • “ The only way the BATFE will be satisfied…”

      Who says ATF needs to be satisfied??? Seriously. When citizens aren’t satisfied with ATF they can sue, or petition their Congress to change ATF’s policies, which are not laws.

      Perhaps Americans may finally “figure out” that policies of non-elected regulatory agencies like ATF, OSHA, FDA and many others are really the responsibility of an elected Congress. Electing only people to the various legislatures who will live up to the responsibilities of their office is what our Founders had in mind.

      Congress has been shirking their legislative duties even before obama was elected. It’s long past the time to put them back to work and make them stand for (or against) something so they may be rewarded or tossed in the next election cycle. Then, perhaps, we voters might become satisfied.

      • “Congress has been shirking their legislative duties even before obama was elected.”

        Yup. A nearly full century before.

  3. “If”. What do you mean “if”?

    It WILL. And when he gets challenged in court literally every single solitary judge and every single solitary court will side with them.

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