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I think we’ve all learned this same lesson.


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  1. I’m just imagining the looks on the faces of all the good’ole boys on the skeet field when you just whip it out.

    Which would be nothing compared to the looks on their faces when you broke the first clay.

    • Not only is the dick doctor sarah regurgitating sleazy Gun Control propaganda sarah is saying she is too stupid to own a firearm and that makes poor sarah easy pickings for rapists, kidnappers, perverts, etc.

      • Agree completely. Why more females don’t carry is beyond my understanding. Older people, people who are in wheelchairs ect need to as well. My advice is don’t be prey.

        The penis statements and others just make me roll my eyes. “Why do you need to carry a gun to the grocery store?” statements as well. Maybe that often heard question will go away now considering one can get killed in a grocery store too.

    • Personally I thought it was a brilliant response to Sarah. I am really tired of antis claiming that my firearms are replacement penises.

      • Almost 30 years ago I had to explain why rifle barrels were so long. People didn’t understand it was a combination of laws, physics, and sight radius.

        Other sports people, notably golfers, cricketers, and hockey players didn’t like having their performance compared to their stick length and many hold the stick with their hands on their groin.

    • I concur 100%.

      Filthy, sleazy, gutter variety, “humor” has no place among civilized humans.

      Those who cannot comprehend that are pathetic.

  2. My Mother called the TV remote a penis extention. Same woman also said an empty firearm was a stick.

  3. The solutionis quite simple.. and clean.

    Simply name your everyday carry gun Richard.

    When trouble presents, simply deploy Richard, or Dick, to help you fix it.

    I have wondered for a long time how the eedjits who carry on as though our pieces of steal wood, plastic, are extensions of our male private parts. What do these same eedjits say to/about a very feminine female who has made the decision to have with her, ready to hand, a device that is perhaps the most useful of all in the defense of herself and her children and home when danger or evil presents? I know quite a few females who are VERY feminine (not prissy or “struttin they stuff” just all female. NONE of them would take any threat to herself and/or her children lightly. ALL are well trained and prepared to do what it tiakes to bring her kids home safe and in one piece.

    I reallly think most of the nonsense from the anti-safety lot is projection.. putting upon ME the very perversion with which they struggle themselves.

  4. I would like to see the cartoon panels drawn for that answer;

    The muscular mustachioed homeowner explaining “I heard a window break and when I came upon the intruder I might have misunderstood his intentions”,
    Then a panel of a horrified cop listening to the sobbing break-in would be thief.
    This is kind of “American Dad” stuff. It’s funny.

  5. Well first, Sarah, thanks for your concern. It’s complicated, but I’ll tell you that that CLP and a bore brush was a bad idea.

  6. What’s with “a gun”? I’m not sure that I know anybody that owns “a gun” now I know people that own lots of guns & I would be one, but “a gun” not so much …

  7. Prepping the perp for prison? They will get a lot of non-consensual intimate relations in there.

  8. Nacho Sarah? Sounds like Sarah sound be more concerned about the cheese on her taco that earned her that nickname.

  9. I’m with David on this one. My dick could be classed as a cruel and unusual weapon in the state of NC. Much safer to shoot them in the face with my glock rather than my cock lol.

  10. To be entirely fair, if you get the drop on a home invader while naked and sporting a rock hard erection with a giant smile and a firearm you probably won’t have to actually shoot the intruder with the firearm.

    Especially if you yell something like “Honey, our Grindr date is here!”

  11. Gee Sarah, just because your knees buckle and you become a helpless, quivering mass of jello every time some guy shows you his dick doesn’t mean everybody does.

  12. Poor dumb troubled Sarah is cluelessly vulnerable to one day experiencing the epiphany of finding herself in any of the many dysfunctional liberal Democrat violent $#!T#0L€ cities across the U.S. and wish like hell someone with a reliably functioning firearm was present to intervene as she encounters a predator with a reliably functioning johnson.

    • are you trying to say that in her time of need she would be yelling “I need a dick!”

  13. When a woman tells me she has gunm I say “What’s wrong with my dick?
    I quit trying to please women along time ago, they all seem to think my name is Ron . No matter what I do, its always, ” More Ron, more Ron “

    • “…a peppy load in the 3-inch model promises to bring an even bigger smile to everyone’s face. “

  14. This is what the communists use when they have no arguments left. They redirect the conversation to put try to put the gun owner on the defensive.
    Any chick that doesn’t like guns is unworthy of my attentions anyway.

  15. well, with the gun being ready to go again usually happens a lot faster.

    somewhere in all this mess is a “that’s what she said” joke.


  16. It does not amaze me this persons first thoughts would go to ‘dick’. She probably lives her life by off-the-cuff remarks and emotional angst guilt fed her by the media like others in that low class ignorant thought pattern because shes never really developed a stable self-identity and needs a ’cause’ to give her something to hang on to.

    I’m guessing she developed early, and by age 12 she was the favorite of the boys and her step-dad and now she lives her life trying desperately to be hot stuff and noticed while trying to reconcile her own self-loathing by adopting a cause that feeds her thirst for emotional angst so she has something to blame it all on.

    • Dark………..and accurate for many hitting the wall alone. Unfortunately many like this to fill the wine and cat toy isle in our trendy grocery stores. Haven’t known that many with the step dad (or similar) issue outside of mil and some social services work but shows up for a lot of the ones in involuntary treatment.

  17. order the surf and turf
    enjoy the dinner
    go to the bathroom and stick her with the bill as you sneak out the door. Odds are you’re sitting with your back to the wall near a side exit anyway… she’ll never see it coming, or you going.

  18. “What’s wrong with your dick?”

    I hope young men across this planet send pictures of their problems to Dr. Beattie for diagnosis. Never miss an opportunity to get a check up lads 🙂 When in doubt . . .

  19. I tried using my dick on the rifle range, but my group sizes were too large, I had trouble hitting targets further than 50 yards, and other shooters complained when I had “flyers” that hit their targets! But the women shooters seemed impressed.

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