Moon: Don’t Blame Defunded Police, Social Justice Prosecutors, or Bail Reform for the Crime Surge, Blame the NRA

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Josh Moon Alabama Reporter
Josh Moon (courtesy Twitter)

We’re not in a position of rising gun crime because of Democratic policies or a liberal agenda. Cops aren’t facing more dangerous situations because libs wanted more accountability and body cams. 

We’re in this predicament – one in which you can literally sit on a porch in Montgomery and hear semi-automatic gunfire for hours on end every night – because Republicans for years allowed NRA lawyers and lobbyists to write legislation. They pushed it and pushed it and pushed it, allowing good regulations to die and opening the floodgates for weapons. 

And that’s exactly what happened. Our streets have been flooded with cheap, easily accessible firearms, including a seemingly endless number of assault weapons, and they have become the tool of choice for anyone in an argument. 

People are dying by the truckload because of it. 

And now they want to make it worse.

— Josh Moon in Alabama lawmakers want to make the gun problem worse

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  1. I’ll bet ol Josh has a bridge he’ll sell ya too!! Fools like that continue to believe we’re all dumb enough to believe that crap, hopefully they’ll be looking for other employment soon!!

    • Well, I thought he was pretty convincing, considering all the evidence he presented to support his ASSumptions. Oh, wait .. he seems to have forgotten to include any evidence of anything, other than his incompetence and stupidity.

        • One thing I’ve noticed about my former friends on the left, or who turned left due bad cases of TDS, CDS, and VDS, is that they never have evidence or citations. If asked to explain the reasons for their positions they will just call you a bunch of nasty names and use religious mantras like “trust science”

  2. This moon guy obviously lives on the dark side of the moon. He is so full of sh1t. Oh wait – that’s right he’s just another demotator wannbe.

  3. Of course failing to prosecute criminals, and emptying jails, wouldn’t increase crime! It’s obvious that removing the penalties for bad behavior couldn’t possibly result in more of it!

    Silly me! My eyes are now opened and I’m woked up. I’ll just go bash all my guns into bad artwork now.

  4. I think “they” should start giving away massive amounts of fentanyl, then most of society’s problems will solve themselves.

  5. Why is he equating some guy shooting his gun on his own property or range with urban yoots yeeting at each other over the crack rock?

  6. What?? I have been in the patriot movement for a lot of years and I haven’t heard this wild ass theory before unless it came from a low life anti gun Beto O’Rourke from Texas. What is the basis of this claim?

    • Paraphrasing “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, “We don’t got to show you no stinkin’ evidence!”

      They make s*** up, and expect the lame, sorry and stupid to believe it. And, being that their supporters ARE the lame, sorry, and stupid (I’m lookin’ at YOU, dacian the brainless), their supporters do believe it. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows it is a pile of horse puckey.

  7. If everyone who DIDN’T belong to the NRA (and GOA, NAGR, SAF) and/or have a concealed carry permit would stop shooting people, the gun homicide rate would be zero.

    Never fails, criminals are virtually blameless, but law abiding gun owners are to blame.

  8. Sitting on my back porch here in rural Tennessee, I hear gunfire all the time. Neighbors hunting. Neighbors honing skills. Neighbors teaching their kids. Neighbors preparing for the worst. To me, it’s the sound of freedom.

  9. ((Looking around at the nearly bare shelves of my local gun store, and the inflated prices for guns) — Where are all these “cheap, easily accessible firearms, including a seemingly endless number of assault weapons”? Can you tell me which gun store, and what’s the address? Sigh, it’s probably in another state.

  10. I live in Montgomery and have debated one on one with this fool. I asked him what regulations he would support and almost every one of them are already laws and the ones that aren’t are downright unconstitutional. Montgomery has a high murder rate in the AA community. If you read our liberal fish wrapper rag, you will usually see a common thread: “Arose out of an argument.” These kids here have a huge entitlement mentality and “if you disrespect me (dis me), I will pull out my gun and shoot you.” No one is teaching them conflict resolution.

    • Quote: “No one is teaching them conflict resolution.”

      They have their own method of conflict resolution.
      Just cause it doesn’t fit into your life style doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. /sar

      The problem with many youth of today is they grow up with little or no adult guidance around so they learn from what is around, the local gang bangers.

    • The Smithsonian said “conflict resolution” was a white supremacy skill.
      That community you speak of should be free to practice its own cultural norms.
      Anything else would be racist.
      Also, don’t dare copy their culture. That would be appropriation. Also racist.

      I think I’m really starting to see the appeal of woke progressivism.

      • Here comes dacian right on time to ” emphasize something I read in Mad Magazine awile back and just pulled it out of my ass for your reading amusement “…. hey d, try increasing your dose to five Tide Pods for the rest of today.

      • Between abortion, drug use, and violent crime black people are about to solve the black people problem permanently.

    • We didn’t really need any organized attempts to teach us “conflict resolution”- we’d figure it out for ourselves after school across the street. Some of the best learned life-long learning and revelations occurred there. And weapons we weren’t born with were never brought to bear. For the most part, it taught many that their best weapon (or defense) was the quick use of their grey matter.

  11. Although I have often emphasized the fact that the most crime is committed by second hand guns that are available without a background check what I have not often said is that “A polite society IS NOT an armed society, contrary to far right propaganda.

    In reality our freeway road rage murders which now take place almost on a daily basis and husbands shooting wives come from the easy availably of guns without a background check or mental test to determine if a person is sane enough to even own a gun. This does not happen in most civilized countries who’s vetting processes includes the police conducting interviews with a persons neighbors, the people he works with, criminal history and psychological testing to determine his level of sanity and of course safe storage laws.

    Japanese people own guns too but the above mentioned testing proves their way works and works very well as they have the lowest crime with firearms in the world. You do not see road rage incidents, or mass murders on a daily basis in Japan.

    All other civilized industrialized nations have similar vetting processes, and over the years have gotten more severe when the exiting laws were found lacking or inadequate. All of theses nations are moving more and more toward the superior Japanese method of vetting for a firearms purchase. In Japan the wrong people usually do not get firearms, their lower crime rates with them prove it beyond all doubt.

    The NRA’s blockage of Universal Back Ground Checks and Safe Storage Laws have done more to enhance crime with firearms more than anything else they ever have done. It was a blunder of catastrophic proportions as it only makes it far easier to pass draconian gun bans which is exactly what has been going on at the State level in the last 10 years. Its only a matter of time before the Federal Government is forced to do the same.

    • This has got to be the dumbest line of bullshine I’ve read, at no point in your mindless incoherent rambling were you even close to a rational thought. Your complete lack of understanding of how negative and positive rights are enumerated, applied and operate is all contained in this one posting.

      • To locked brain John

        Yes logical thinking and the truth does hurt when it comes to the ignorant Far Right having it slammed right in their face.

      • quote—————-Japan is weak because they aren’t diverse. Diversity is our strength.————-quote

        Not true. Japan today is the leader in A.I. technology and during WWII despite fighting Russia, the U.S., Australia, Britain, New Zealand and even Vietnam they were very difficult to beat.

        If you are insinuating that the U.S. and its diverse population is more violent because of its diversity I would say you proved my point many times over as to the need for better vetting of gun purchases.

        I would only agree that yes the U.S. is the more violent country but not because of reason that the Far Right thinks. Contrary to Right Wing Racism and belief studies have proven that ethnic diversity in and of itself is not the root cause of violence in society.

        • ” during WWII despite fighting Russia, the U.S., Australia, Britain, New Zealand and even Vietnam ”

          Check your history books, moron. Russia didn’t declare war on Japan until the last few weeks of WWII, solely because they wanted a piece of the action on the peace settlement. By that time Japan was already down. All of Russia’s fighting was in the European theater.

      • To Up In His Armpits In Ignorance

        My original statement was accurate. Your attempt at one upmansship failed as usual. The only real Moron was you.

        The Japanese did not run up the white flag at all. The Russians had 1 million troops v/s Japans 700,000. The Soviets lost just shy of 84,000 killed and Japan lost 23,600. That was not a minor conflict at all.

        Remember the U.S. losses in Vietnam were far less than the Russians losses Against Japan and the U.S. fought for 10 years as opposed to the shorter period of time the Russians fought the Japanese.

        Your post was Non Sequitur.

        Try again you failed.

    • darcydodo…Make no mistake about it. The Gun Show you spoke recently about attending…I’ll bet the farm you were the most polite person there otherwise security and a crowd of angry people would have escorted your insane behind out the door and photos of you would have been entered in a BOLO database.

      IMO…No one should sell or give you a firearm or any other weapon. By your own slanderous, libelous political buttspew you have proven yourself unworthy of firearm possession. If you are not under multiple restraining orders from neighbors, relatives, etc. you are clearly hiding who you are.

    • Why should we trust psych tests when psychiatry has been abused by The State to silence and disarm political opponents?

      If you really want to advocate for a working psych test, then the question becomes, would you have disarmed George Washington and the Continental Army?

      • quote—————If you really want to advocate for a working psych test, then the question becomes, would you have disarmed George Washington and the Continental Army?————-quote

        Good question and the answer is yes.

        Washington first applied for a British Generalship and was politely told he did not qualify because he had no prior British Officer Training. The real truth was Washington was an incompetent and egotistical Moron who’s dismal performance while working for the British during the French and Indian war was a complete disaster. The British on the other hand did not hesitate giving Benedict Arnold a Generalship even though he too had no formal British Military training. But Arnold was a military genius and greatly feared by the British and rightly so.

        Washington only succeeded in establishing one of the most corrupt governments on earth and it also resulted in the U.S. losing forever the right to a true democracy and a multi-party parliamentary government.

        The Revolutionary war also cut of America’s life blood of trade with Britain which set it back financially for decades as well as the huge amount of money wasted on a war that never should have taken place.

        The Revolutionary war was started by gangster, criminal, greed monger rich merchants who ended up cutting off the financial hand that was feeding America and actually ended up costing them money. Not to mention that the criminals created originally a government that did not allow the common man the right to vote. This was done on purpose so that the merchants had complete control of the country. When the common man threatened another revolution they slyly introduced the corrupt practices of gerrymandering that made a mockery of free and fair elections and later they introduced the corrupt Electoral College that completely sabotaged democracy by allowing States with lesser populations to subvert the will of the majority of the voters of the country. All this nefarious skullduggery was corruption at its highest and absolute worst levels.

        If it had not been for French intervention and millions in French money along with the well trained and well equipped French Army and Navy George Washington, who lost more battles than he won, would have been captured and hung by his dirty balls and the U.S. today would be a far better country than it is now and would have achieved true democracy and a parliamentary government. I might add the hideous slave trade would have ended years earlier as well.

        All Washington deserves in history is for every American to piss on the Bastards grave.

        • Yeah, what he said… I read it in the Mad magazine special edition ” American History for Idiots ” by guest writer Prince Harry (as dictated by Meghan Markle)

        • You sure must have a lot of time to waste, writing boatloads of crap that no one reads.
          It’s kind of like the tree that falls in the forest. If there is no one there to hear it, did it make any noise?
          Ditto for your tripe.

        • To our racist forum Whisperer.

          Spoken like a true disgusting racist.

          quote—————Yeah, what he said… I read it in the Mad magazine special edition ” American History for Idiots ” by guest writer Prince Harry (as dictated by Meghan Markle)—————quote

          I think that if you found out your own mother had a minority ancestor you would cut her throat.

        • Wow little d, no one even mentioned mothers until now, so evidently you harbor some pent-up ill will towards yours for evicting you and Miner out of her basement. Years from now, you’ll probably thank her for attempting to make a man out of you.

        • Did you ever notice what happened when the attempt was made to disarm Washington and the Continental Army? Might wake you up!

        • “…real truth was Washington…”

          Bah. You’re just discombobulated because Washington’s likeness made it onto our money. Yours is stuck on the cover of a, er, magazine. Bah.


          Entry for political abuse of psychiatry.

          Thanks for admitting that you would deny fundamental rights to people who you disagree with. What a spectacle.

          If people really do not want to live under your rule, wouldn’t it be better just to let them go and not have actual bloodshed? Or are you so against people having the ability of self determination, that you are ok with ruling by force?

        • Good God, is there no limit to the depth of your stupidity, dacian the brainless???

          The cable awaits your tender ministrations, dacian.

        • Chukk,

          If you are just now discovering that dacian the dimwit is a fascist? As John McClane said, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

          dacian has never had an original thought in his life, never met an actual fact, and blathers endlessly about his communist/socialist/fascist fever dreams. Others have urged me to ignore him, but I just have too much fun kicking his stupid @$$ around. Guess I have a mean streak when it comes to stupid fascist a-holes like dacian the dimwitted.

        • To Voodo Brain

          Peddle your Far Right links and rejection of science to QAnon. Next you will be telling us Sigmund Freud was a left wing propagandist.

    • Here let me sum up dacy’s philosophy and wet dream so ye need not slog through his same old diarrhea of text he throws up every time.
      A totalitarian society is a polite society.

      Btw what’s up with the orphan ” mark?

      • dacian, since my reply is “awaiting moderation” (code for soon to be deleted), I’ll respond again.. the fact that you brought up mothers out of the blue would seem to be an indication of your own projecting. So I guess you’re mad about you and Miner getting kicked out of her basement. Suck it up, pansy ass, one day you’ll thank her for attempting to make a man out of you.

      • Dacian – it’s surprising you think an article written by a section of a University’s DIVERSITY department is somehow far right.

        And I’m pretty sure sigmund Freud said “a fear of weapons is a sign of immaturity.”

    • To the great dismay of dacian I’d say all of us posting on ttag could pass any of those test he so badly wants.
      Ahhhhhh shucks , right dacian. And here you thought you was something special.

      • In this case I disagree. I have seen a preponderance of mentally ill people on this forum. In other words the majority would fail a Psychological screening big time.

        • I dont trust physiatrist, they get frustrated easily, some become even violent.
          The last test I took they told me , ” Answer , Yes or No”, I spent two hours going through three pages answering yes or no , when he picked up the questionnaire he became very frustrated. Then spent 5 minutes explaining to me just to answer one, Yes or No. I got done with that in 2 minutes. I noticed he was watching me fill it out. When I handed the test back to him he told me I didn’t fill anything out, I said ” Ahh yes, page 3, question number 215, I answered that one. Do you feel your being watched, I answered that yes.
          He became violent and tore up my evaluation.
          I dont think that guy should be giving test.

        • Besides enuf, MinorIQ, and your worthless self, dacian the dimwit, most of the people on this site, even when I disagree with them, are quite sane. If you disagree, then by all means, GTFO. You will NOT be missed.

    • The vetting process would be seen as racist…we all know that…fingerprint checks alone would knock out so many…same for intelligence or psych tests…

    • Have you ever been to Japan? A very small number of wealthy civilians own a few guns, while the criminals get all the guns they want just like they do here. On the black market.
      Also, Japan’s culture is a blade cultue, not a gun culture. Of course, swords are also strickly regulated as well. If your not a Samurai Family or wealthy collector, you can’t get a permit for a sword either. Of course, criminals don’t bother with laws, so they get weapons the citizens can’t have.

  12. What the dark side of the moon is doing by blaming the NRA is backdoor blaming you and your 2A God Given Right of self defense.

    In a last ditch effort the disgraced, pathetic disasterJim Crow Gun Control joe and his rotten ilk are trying to make themselves look like the good guys by lumping anyone in support of POTUS DJT with ficticious blood thirsty capitol rioters, insurrectionists. etc.

    I’ve never heard the Rat Party talk so much about the Constitution in an attempt to make it all theirs and theirs alone. A Vaudeville song and dance routine designed to sucker in politically inept useful idiots like josh moon who savors Gun Control. And to savor Gun Control says josh moon is in lockstep with an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. No way to dance around that history confirmed fact.

      • No imagination required…There would be a stampede of women out the door when the obvious tiny-dick-yuck bellies up and I mean Bellies-Up to the bar on a Lady’s Night.

        • Ladys night, tiny dick yuck?
          She has to be talking about one of them transformer dude looks like a lady types.

  13. I read the article. It says Josh Moon is an investigative journalist and totally not a propagandist. I’m pretty sure that means he’s just relaying his investigative findings. The only problems he discovered were the NRA, Republicans, and guns. He also discovered that Democrats and their policies are definitely NOT the problem (in case you were wondering).

    Let’s compare Montgomery, Alabama with a city that has a similar population. Let’s use Boise, Idaho. Are the murder rates the same? Why not? Are there no Republicans and guns in Boise? NRA? Could an “investigative” journalist find any differences between those two cities? Should we look into lifestyle choices for the people doing the killing? Should we notice why they tend to choose that lifestyle? Food for thought. One can’t solve a problem without first properly identifying it.

    • Sure slick blame Negotiating Rights Away. Never blame criminals is the mantra of the Leftard Dim…yer a mite slow on the uptick.

    • They have their own definition of “investigative.” To them, it means reading the latest tripe from “Moms” and passing it off as fact.

    • duuude…Here’s some real food for thought…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party. When the majority of race residing in the USA can be played for fools the results are what is seen everywhere there is democRap running the show.

      And josh moon’s sneaky democRat Jim Crow Gun Control propaganda has you taking propagandist off the table and laying investigative journalist on the table. You read the article alright and it made a useful idiot out of you. Below is no propaganda duuude…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

      • @Debbie W.
        Did you actually read that as if I literally believed every word of it? Sure I was doing it in a polite and deadpan manner, but I thought the context made it obvious. Let me spell it out for you: I was mocking the author.

    • to Dud Brain

      quote—————–Should we look into lifestyle choices for the people doing the killing? ————-quote

      Dud Brain you never miss a chance to raise your ugly, disgusting veiled racism on this forum. Even some of the smallest back woods colleges in the U.S. teach students that crime and poverty are complex issues and not based on which race a person is born into.

      • I didn’t mention poverty, and nothing I said was even remotely racist. I basically said we should look at what’s actually happening instead of what the propagandists like to pretend is happening. Until we can honestly admit what the data tells, we will always fall short in offering a solution. Is data racist? Follow the science anyone?

      • Pretty stupid, dacian. Dude did not mention or refer to race, at all. OTOH, *you* DID!! Thus we have unearthed and identified the racist, it is YOU!

        • Just more of his projecting, then when he gets called out on it he’s like the schoolyard bully, running to the principal’s office with a bloody nose and a pocketful of lies. Waaaah.

      • OK, dacian the stupid, explain the WILDLY divergent rates of crime among the African American community. Go right ahead, we’ll be waiting for your cogent analysis of why African Americans, constituting about 13% of the population, are responsible for approximately 50% of the crime. Go for it, you gormless t***.

        • To The Lamp That Went Out In His Head and Dud Brain

          Dud Brain never misses a chance to attack immigrants especially illegal immigrants when the facts prove they commit less crime that American Citizens do.

          Dud Brain & Dim Lamp constantly attack Blacks as all being murders, rapists and criminals when the facts prove the majority of blacks do not commit crime.

          Dud Brain & Dim Lamp constantly attack Muslim Americans insinuating they all carry back pack bombs when the facts prove the majority of Muslims have contributed to American prosperity including inventing the cell phone.

        • OK, dacian the stupid, cite or quote my comment attacking Muslims. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

          Oh, you can’t???? Gee, quelle surprise.

          You can’t debate our facts or logic, so you resort to insults. At least my insults to you are literate. You are in illiterate, innumerate, ignorant, ahistorical, illogical troll.

          Still haven’t figure out Baalam’s off ass, have you???

  14. Ol joshy gives it all away at the end with:
    [quote]And that’s exactly what happened. Our streets have been flooded with cheap, easily accessible firearms[/quote]
    This is the same line of BS that was used in the 70’s with “Saturday Night Specials”, can’t have the poors arming themselves let alone letting poor people exercise a negative enumerated right.

  15. Cheap, easily accessible firearms? Terrible. Disgusting. Where exactly are these cheap firearms? Specifically? 🙂

  16. My beloved Pestident Joe theBiden stopped coronavirus and the spread of infections in 100 days, in a couple more terms he’s going to have this crime activity and gunm stuff stopped too.
    Speaking of The Pestident, did anyone notice during his I hate Trump and everyone who voted for him speech how he coughed out a secret coded message? Kinda like that POW blinking the Morris code, cough cough cough, cough cough, cough cough cough. And the funky hand signals, that guys way ahead of the game, what a leader.

    • Either that, or he’s trying subconsciously warn the public about the puppeteer. I say subconsciously, because I don’t think he has the horsepower to do it on purpose. Or maybe the puppeteer is trying to warn us about HIS puppeteer. Like pretending to order a pizza while calling 911, or is it the other way around? Dadgummit possum, you got me turned around again.

      • Call the cops then order a pizza .
        With any luck they’ll both arrive at the same time, the cops will shoot the pizza delivery guy, because, and then you won’t have to pay for the pizza.

  17. If the “Truth About Guns” is just trying to let us know what idiot gun grabbers are saying, I’d like to know that’s what they’re doing — because it’s beginning to look like the “Truth About Guns” has been taken over by the idiots themselves!


  19. I didn’t know the NRA was selling cheap guns. Anyone know where they have their store? Or where on their wesite is the connection? Last time I checked the NRA all they were selling was hot air and idiotic propaganda. Of course, that has been several years ago and they may have changed up something.
    Now, I live out here in south Alabama, well away from any city. We hear gunfire almost every day as well. Usually hunters, recreational shooters, people teaching their kids marksmanship, and other legal uses of firearms.
    Mr. Moon might want to check up on who’s shooting who and why there in Mongomery. As well as check up on where and how their getting the guns. I’d hazzard a guess they didn’t purchase them from the local Bass Pro shop or a legal FFL dealer. More than likely they do as the criminals down in Mobile Al have been doing. Stealing them in burglaries, stealing them from fools who leave firearms in cars, or get someone who can pass the back ground check to buy them/strawman purchase. Or buy them from someone who has done the previous.

  20. Then why did the crime rate just all of a sudden explode when Justice reform measures were instituted? Prior to 1968 there were few to non existent gun control laws and guns horror of horrors could be ordered by mail and delivered to your house with no background check whatsoever! How did we survive that time where a drive by was what you did when the store was closed and not a shooting. The logic of their argument is non existent.

  21. By all means, Dacian, tell us how me highlighting the abuse of psychiatry for nefarious ends is somehow anti science. Please show us how the authors I have posted are in any way linked to the far right.

  22. criminals don’t buy guns from the NRA. Or any legal channel.

    And they’re not using “assault weapons.”
    The vast majority of gun crime is committed with easily concealable handguns. Which you can build in your basement (so no amount of gun control will stop this).


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