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Would that it were, would that it were.


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  1. Not me. I would travel back in time and drop the current IRS and ATF laws in front of them.

      • They DIED by the TENS OF MILLIONS…………..
        DISARMED AND DEFENSELESS………. the French, the Polish, the Russian…Christian, Protestant and JEWS, DIED by the TENS OF MILLIONS.
        ================== FJB

    • And a list/timeline of how Presidents have erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

      • Libel is when you lie about someone.

        You are a bullet spraying Yosemite Sam wanna be. An ignorant twat too stupid to know the difference between 1865 and 2023. A madcow kunt that thinks everyone that doesn’t spew the same bullshit a you is illiterate or stupid.

        The world would be a better place if you would just fuk off and die.

        Libel, I think not. It’s all true.

  2. Well my money says ol’ George could show that young wipper snapper how to take out Red Coats with a Black Powder IED.

    • after being placed in rooms by themselves for a time, college students were asked what they had thought about.
      boys: sex, sports.
      girls: reviewed previous conversations.

  3. President Reagan outlawed the sale of new machine guns and the courts ruled it constitutional. If you think this could not be someday extended to assault rifles you would be denying American Judicial History.

    • Dacian, Nobody in America has ever been murdered by an assault rifle fired by a civilian. Assault rifles are legally classified as machine guns and were banned in 1986 under that exact same law that you mentioned signed by Reagan in 1986.
      So you see, there’s no need to ban assault rifles, since they’ve already been banned since 1986, and no American has ever murdered another American with one.

      I suppose you’re under the delusion that the AR-15 is an assault rifle just because it’s black.
      Well, that just shows you and your gun-grabbing kind are racists, you hate black objects and black people and call them all “assault” thingys just because they’re black. No other reason. The AR-15 is black, so you think it’s scary and evil and must be an assault rifle. Well, it’s not. Assault rifles are fully automatic, select fire. The AR-15 is not automatic.

      Also, in states like New Jersey that ban so-called “assault weapons,” guess what the most popular rifle for legal purchase is? The AR-15. Because even under New Jersey’s “assault weapon” ban, the AR-15 can still be bought and sold — the racist law failed at banning black objects just because they’re black.

    • And let’s not forget the Mulford Act Reagan passed as governer, aimed at the Black Panthers.

    • 1, many laws have been passed and upheld by the S.C. only to be overturned later. If you think it’s not possible to overturn machine gun bans you would be denying judicial history.

      2, machine guns (or automatic firearms) have a functional distinction to semi auto. The only legal distinction between something like an AR-15 and my M1 Carbine is cosmetic. You are proudly telling the world that a plastic pistol grip looks scary and makes you afraid, so the S.C. SHOULD and probably will ban guns based on their cosmetic appearance.

      Literal clown

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Hmmm. Anything happen between Reagan and today? Couple of Supreme Court rulings, perhaps? Seem to remember something about some case . . . Hellman? No, that’s mayonnaise. Hooter’s? No, that’s a chain with women wait staff with scanty uniforms. HELLER!! That was it. Seem to remember something about the 2A being an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT (which anyone but a certifiable moron knew before it was decided). Oh, and then . . . Bergen?? Nah, that was the guy with the dummy (currently, whoever is moving Senile Joe’s mouth). Bruin?? No, that’s a bear (or the UC mascot). BRUEN!! That’s it! History, text, and tradition, amirite?

      You’re a complete f***tard. Please go away.

      • That was super brilliant Lamp !

        +275 ! (I don’t know just a number but bettern +1)
        That was a startling out loud GAFFAW!

        Thank you brother!

  4. This is classic. My wife walked into my basement office while I was concentrating on a contract. I heard her enter, but did not say anything or turn around because the clause I was reading was complex and I needed to focus. So she said “Hello”, but with a tone of impatience. I said “What’s up” and took another 10 seconds to turn toward her. She was clearly upset with me, so, I asked “Are you upset with me?”. She said “No, but I can tell from the tone of your voice that you are upset with me”.

    Now, every alarm in my head is going off all at once. My brain and my hypothalamus are on a conference-call with the 911 operator. Sirens are blaring and blindingly bright red and blue LEDs are spinning behind my eyes.

    “I am not upset at all”, I said. “In fact, I am in a pretty good mood”. Apparently, those were not the right words to say.

    “You are upset with me”, she said, “and I have not done anything wrong”.

    By now, the ambulance has arrived in my psyche, and the mental EMS techs are attaching electrodes to my cerebellum.

    “I was really not upset with you when you walked in, but now you are upsetting me” I said, realizing that I had just pulled the trigger on the Desert Eagle that was pointing at my skull.

    I offered for her to have a seat in the recliner. She said “No, I am cooking dinner” and left.

    I was baffled, but had several deadlines to meet so I kept on working. Hours later, after the emergency vehicles had departed from my brain, it occurred to me what had happened.

    Earlier in the day I had complained that the keys to the Imprezza had been missing for several days and it seemed I was the only one looking for them. My wife and daughter were making no effort. That caused a concert of “Don’t blame me” protests.

    “I am not blaming anyone for the keys being missing” I said. “I am saying that we have a problem and everyone is leaving it up to me to solve.” At which point my wife pulled the keys out of her purse. “I did not realize I had them” she said.

    I said “That does not matter; you solved the problem. Thank you!”.

    So, I went down to my office for a scheduled call.

    Problem solved…all over…on to other things.

    Not so. But I was oblivious until hour after our little skirmish in my office.

    All is well now. I get to sleep indoors tonight.

    • “…realizing that I had just pulled the trigger on the Desert Eagle…”

      Phew! I recognize this rerun, except I see it dubbed in Spanish…

      The key was in one of her purses too, in one of her closets. She found it 6 months and $185 (new Honda key) later. Her purse, her closet, my fault.

      And still, I suspect like you, I wouldn’t undo it.

      • Wife: (out loud) ” You men all think with your dink.”
        Husband: (hopefully only in his head) ” Yes, but at least they’re connected to the brain. “

  5. There was a tv show in my youth called “The Time Tunnel”. Wacky and fun, I enjoyed it a lot. But my favorite was one where they first tried to send some grenades and machine guns to help their lead survive an attack (by injuns/ mexicans/ greek hoplites? my memory is too vague) and one soldier wound up entering the said tunnel with an M3 machine gun, mowing down the spear throwing enemy.
    Man… that basically imprinted the idea in the meme above, in my brain.

  6. Not me, I’d go all the way back to when God made Adam fall asleep, then I’d bash Adam’s head in with a rock before God could take his rib out.

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