Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs
Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
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From the NSSF . . .

Arizona’s Gov. Katie Hobbs sided with “woke” Wall Street corporations over Grand Canyon State businesses and protecting the free exercise of rights when she vetoed Senate Bill 1096, the bipartisan Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act.

The FIND legislation would have ensured firearm-related businesses have fair access to financial services and corporate entities wouldn’t benefit from taxpayer-funded contracts while using those profits to discriminate against constitutionally-protected firearm businesses. The legislation would have made corporations ineligible for state or municipal contracts if they hold discriminatory policies against firearm businesses. The legislation was strongly supported by NSSF – The Firearm Industry Trade Association.

In essence, the legislation would have enabled Arizona to choose to do business with those companies that do not discriminate based on an industry they may not like or with which they disagree. The legislation was passed by the state Senate 16-13 and by the state’s House of Representatives 31-29.

“Governor Hobbs chose to allow Arizona businesses to be subjected to out-of-state discriminatory policies that put special interests over business success,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “This shows state residents that their governor’s loyalties are with Wall Street’s ‘woke’ agenda and not with protecting homegrown businesses or protecting the Second Amendment rights of Arizona’s citizens.”

Gov. Hobbs issued a statement claiming the legislation was “unnecessary” and urged “the legislature to focus on providing real solutions to the real challenges faced by our state.” It is the firearm industry that executes a campaign called Real Solutions. Safer Communities. that works to ensure firearms remain beyond the reach of those who cannot be trusted to possess them.

That dismissive statement ignores the reality that Arizona businesses are being targeted by corporate entities discriminating against Arizona businesses based on politics. The veto came on the same day Gov. Hobbs’ spokesperson, Josselyn Berry, posted an image on Twitter showing a woman holding handguns, adding “Us when we see transphobes.”

Josselyn Berry
Courtesy Twitter

The post was made following the tragedy in Nashville and has since been removed from Twitter for violating Twitter’s rules, but Gov. Hobbs has refused calls to fire Ms. Berry.

This veto, coupled with the vile and violent threats, exposes the animus the Hobbs administration holds for the firearm industry and Arizonans’ Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves against violence. NSSF condemns the use or threat of violence by anyone against innocent lives.

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  1. Threatening violence and sucking the corporate/banker tit is typical Democrat behavior. It always was going back at least to the days of hooded Democrats on horseback terrorizing minority neighborhoods, kinda like they did during the summer of 2020, but now this behavior somehow equates to peace, love and tolerance.

    Another sign of the success of public education.

    • its typical of both sides. They’re both in the pockets of big banks.
      That’s how our political system works.

    • the headlines all tout how lake’s sc challenges have all been denied. they don’t mention the last one which was accepted, this for more than 100k ballots with irregularities, post dated, unmatching signatures and voters no longer on the rolls.

      • “they don’t mention the last one which was accepted“

        You are incorrect, the Arizona Supreme Court did not accept any challenges from Kari Lake.

        In fact, every story posted regarding the Arizona Supreme Court decisions has pointed out that while six of her claims were rejected, the Supreme Court did remand one claim back to the trial court.

        “The Arizona Supreme Court has rejected six of the seven claims that failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake made in her bid to have the court overturn her election loss.

        The court remanded the remaining claim, regarding signature verification in Maricopa County, back to the trial court for reconsideration.“

        The Arizona Supreme Court also noted that at least one of Kari Lake’s claims is false:

        “The court also acknowledged that at least one of Lake’s claims in her appeal was false, saying that “record does not reflect that 35,563 unaccounted ballots were added to the total count,” a claim that Lake made for the first time in her petition to the Supreme Court.“

        • @Miner49er

          “You are incorrect, the Arizona Supreme Court did not accept any challenges from Kari Lake.”

          you are wrong.

 — dated 3/22/2023

          “On Wednesday, justices on the state’s high court accepted Lake’s argument that lower courts erroneously dismissed her challenge to the application of the signature verification process in the 2022 midterm election. However, the court sided against Lake in six of her seven claims in the suit.”

          “accepted Lake’s argument”

          They accepted her challenge by argument.

          tsbhoa.p.jr was correct when he wrote:

          …”the headlines all tout how lake’s sc challenges have all been denied. they don’t mention the last one which was accepted.”

          That argument that was accepted was her latest challenge, or to rephrase it ‘the last one” to date.

          Once again Miner49er…. learn what research is and learn what context means.

        • .40 cal,

          You haven’t learned, yet, to simply assume that EVERYTHING MinorLiar says is . . . a lying lie, from a liar who lies? Get with the program, brohim. MinorLiar has become NOTHING but a lying propagandist of a Leftist/fascist lying liar propagandist who lies.

        • “the Supreme Court did remand one claim back to the trial court“

          40oz, you also are incorrect, the Arizona Supreme Court did not agree to hear any of Kari Lake’s challenges, they dismissed six of the challenges and remanded one back to the trial court for reconsideration.

          The Arizona Supreme Court will not accept briefs regarding the seventh challenge, the Arizona Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments regarding the seventh challenge in the Arizona Supreme Court will not issue a decision regarding the seventh challenge.

          Perhaps you should learn with the term “remanded back to the trial court” actually means.

          By the way, Donald Trump said he was “indicated” by the grand jury, I’ve never heard that legal term, could you explain what Donald Trump means when he said he was “indicated”, thanks!

          “These Thugs and Radical Left Monsters have just INDICATED the 45th President of the United States of America, and the leading Republican Candidate, by far, for the 2024 Nomination for President,”

  2. I think Elections matter. But Libertarians disagree.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward
    1 hr long

    • Coming from the guy who thinks Trump is Progun. No one cares and this is not a Libertarian talking point. You literally lie as much as the Progressives you claim to hate.

    • Chris T,

      Feel free to vote for whomever . . . that is your right. When the Uniparty presents me with two unacceptable options, I have the right to say, “No, I won’t participate in your ‘democracy’ Kabuki theater.” In 2016, I voted in the primaries. Didn’t get the candidate I wanted. So I had the choice of Teh Donald, Shrillary the Corrupt Shrew, Gary Johnson the Babbling Stoner, and Jill Stein the Insane. I wrote in “Bullwinkle J. Moose”. I figured a cartoon moose would do every BIT as well as any of those idiots.

      Now, in fairness to your oft-stated hatred of “Libertarians”, Gary Johnson was an embarrassing @$$clown (as are most “Libertarian Party” candidates). If you think Gary Johnson was a libertarian, you probably bought that same line of bullshit from Bill Maher, back when he claimed to be one. The term “libertarian” actually has a meaning. T. Jefferson, I would argue, was our first “libertarian” – natural rights, “that government is best which governs least”, etc. The term “libertarian”, if one is being historically accurate, simply means you value and prioritize INDIVIDUAL human liberty. Not complicated. Hate on it all you want, I ain’t changin’.

  3. You get what you vote for, enjoy it Arizona… You’re only a couple of elections away from losing ALL of your rights… One gun grabbing Senator and a seemingly moderate Dem in the other Senate seat with an anti-gun Dem Governor… Good luck with that…

      • And where are the hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions DEMANDING redress… “Oh what the hell, let somebody else do it” RIGHT? How bad can it get, it’s ONLY four years… Why the fuk didn’t the people demand that the Secretary of State (the person in CHARGE of her own election?) resign as soon as she announced she was running for the Governors office… NOT voting is pretty much the same as voting for the other guy…

        • we demanded she resigned, but there is no conflict of interest position laws in AZ. Not that it matters, all the Democrats and half the Republicans in power do not like Kari Lake because she wasn’t a creature of the Senate.

        • “Why the fuk didn’t the people demand that the Secretary of State (the person in CHARGE of her own election?) resign“

          We don’t really know why Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger was allowed to oversee his own election as governor of Georgia, I agree with you that he should’ve resigned before the election but you know how these Republicans are, hold onto power at any cost.

        • I agree with you that he should’ve resigned before the election but you know how these Republicans are,

          He didn’t win his primary because Georgia didn’t experience COUNTY WIDE issues with voting equipment in the states most populated county (probably because HE didn’t interfere with operations), OBTW: Raffensberger was defeated in the PRIMARY, Hobbs ACTUALLY “managed” to become Governor… No one of any party should be in a position to be able to affect any election to any office they are a candidate for…

        • MinorLiar,

          WTAF?!?!?!?! So, you have an example of a CORRUPT Leftist/fascist politician, with an OBVIOUS conflict of interest, allegedly “winning” an election, and a Republican politician, also corrupt, LOSING an election . . . and you mention the Republican.

          Suck my choad, you lying propagandist of a lying liar of a Leftist/fascist lying propagandist. Fornicate yourself, right up the pooter, with a splintery telephone pole wrapped in barb wire, you lying, partisan sh**weasel.

  4. Not so well known, but Hobbes is a tool of the Mexican Cartels and was more than likely selected with their support. Why? The booming real estate market is a very convenient money laundry much like Ukraine oil and gas. These cartels would, of course, prefer unarmed subjects.

    • I hope she enjoys her post-political career as a consultant for the banks. Not like she’ll actually do anything. The banks might call and ask her for the time once every other week.

      • Southern,

        Hey, if she knows as much about banking as Hunter Biden knew about the oil and gas industry (and she probably does), she’ll be able to make $80K a month for doing f*** all!! Not a bad gig, if you can grift your way into it.

  5. Of course she did – it’s what Fascists do, collude with big business to squash opposition to the state. Keeps the brib…er, “campaign contributions” flowing after said businesses get preferential treatment from the government and an opportunity to feed at the public trough. Wash…rinse…repeat…

  6. There is a literal war coming to this country from within and from out. The Dems are totalitarians and absolutely despise the Bill of Rights and insists that those Amendments a “are not absolutes” per the Head jerk Biden. Then we see these radicals to include these far left idiots threatening violence now against anyone who dares disagree with their demands as demonstrated by the tweet. Biden is owned by China as are many other Dem politicians and woke corporations. Consequently we are literally going to have to literally fight for our freedoms again in order to avoid being sent to the Camps for “re-education” as proposed by Clinton and other jerk-off Dems

  7. “Gov. Hobbs issued a statement claiming the legislation was “unnecessary” and urged “the legislature to focus on providing real solutions to the real challenges faced by our state.”

    If it was just ‘unnecessary’ (despite being voted in favor of by the majority of legislators) she could have just signed it and gone on with her day.

    but no. She’s paid off by lobbyists who absolutely want to keep using the financial industry as a weapon that isn’t subject to the Constitution. In particular, so that state governments like CA and NY can use it as their tool. I think there’s a word for that.

  8. “The post was made following the tragedy in Nashville and has since been removed from Twitter for violating Twitter’s rules, but Gov. Hobbs has refused calls to fire Ms. Berry.”

    Berry ended up resigning over that post on twitter. Of course in the politics world when one resigns for something like that its really them being fired, and its said to be resigning for the sake of political optics.

    Sharing a meme suggesting a vile threat that guns be drawn against people who are transphobic …. what was she thinking …. it should have been suggesting that guns be purchased by those in the LGBTQ community because that community is also endangered by Hobbs anti-gun decision.

    • She should have said: Conduct yourself like a normal human being, be a productive member of humanity, do NOT call attention to yourself, do NOT demand “special” treatment, do NOT attempt to engage other peoples children in your abnormal behavior, and IF you are a guy that wants to pretend to be a woman then remove all of the external body parts that make you a functional man and THEN you can use the little girls bathroom without causing concern… Do those things and you will not have to question whether or not you might be in danger of being attacked because no one will even be paying attention to you… But of course, some people just NEED to be the victim and doing all THAT stuff would defeat the whole purpose of it all… Oh well, April Fools day is coming, followed by a WHOLE month dedicated to displaying your PRIDE in whatever particular sickness you might participate in, 30 days to put yourself on display and make sure the whole world knows exactly who and what you are…

    • .40 cal,

      Well, once you accept the premise that saying “No, a man cannot ‘want’ himself into a woman, and a woman cannot ‘want’ herself into a man” is TRANSPHOBIC, the rest is easy. Apparently, Leftist/fascist political trope overrules things like . . . oh, basic biology.

  9. I’m pretty sure that Cartel involvement in Hobbes election fraud got her there. After that, how much $$ has she taken from freak groups to further the perverted Democrat push to ruin this country & the state.

    Why she isn’t in federal prison, I don’t know.

    • “Why she isn’t in federal prison, I don’t know“

      Maybe because there were no crimes committed. And the Republicans own investigation found the election was free and fair, but of course Republican politicians did their best to hide their own report exonerating the Democrats:

      “On Wednesday, Arizona and America learned, via a long-hidden report, that investigators for the state Attorney General’s Office found no fraud was afoot in the 2020 election.

      So naturally on Thursday, the election conspiracy crowd at the state Capitol cracked open yet another crackpot theory:

      That the Sinaloan drug cartel bribed Gov. Katie Hobbs, two members of Arizona’s congressional delegation, three of the five Maricopa County supervisors, House Speaker Ben Toma and a who’s who of elected and appointed officials and judges in order to rig our elections.

      Laundered money, racketeering, three unmarked rental vans loaded with $6 million and more than 100,000 filled-in ballots.

      The accuser, a Scottsdale insurance agent by the name of Jacqueline Breger, had it all. All, that is, but actual evidence to back up her claims.“

      The fact is, the Republican Secretary of State’s own year-long investigation proved that the Arizona election was not compromised and found no evidence of any cartel involvement.

      Of course, the lying Republicans will conceal their report in order to support their continued campaign donation grift, so please continue to send your donations to Kari Lake, she needs a new jar of Vaseline for the camera.

      • MinorLiar,

        Let me put you some knowledge (not that it will do any good):

        Mitt Romney CLAIMS to be a Republican
        W. CLAIMED to be a Republican
        Kinzinger CLAIMS to be a Republican
        Arnold “The Gubernator” Schwarzenegger CLAIMED to be a Republican

        OTOH, Joe Manchin has been a Democrat longer than your sorry ass has been alive, so . . .

        Republicans come in different flavors, as do Dimocrats. So if Joe Manchin support something McCarthy gets through the House, that means that the Democrats support it.

        I know you’re not that stupid. Or, at least, I HOPE you’re not that stupid.

        But you’re pretty stupid, so . . .

        • The point of my post is to show that the Republican investigation proved there was no election fraud in Arizona, and the lion Republicans intentionally suppressed their own investigative report in order to fit their delusional narrative of stolen elections.

          Not all Republicans are bad and not all Democrats are good, but in the case at hand it is clear that the Arizona Republicans are scum sucking liars who intentionally hid the result of their own investigation showing the elections was free and fair.

          Even worse, knowing the results of their own investigation, they continued with their bullshit cyber ninja investigation, which proved in the end that Joe Biden did indeed win the election, after they wasted millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to fool the public.

        • after they wasted millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to fool the public.

          Must talking about the Mueller “Russia, Russia, Russia” investigation…

        • “Mueller “Russia, Russia, Russia” investigation… “

          A very effective investigation, here are just a few of the convictions:

          “Here Are All of the Indictments, Guilty Pleas and Convictions From Robert Mueller’s Investigation

          UPDATED: NOVEMBER 15, 2019 2:32 PM ET | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: MARCH 22, 2019 6:38 PM EDT“

          “A longtime Republican consultant, Manafort worked overseas in recent years, including for a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine. Mueller charged Manafort with hiding tens of millions of dollars he earned for that work and lying to banks to get loans. In August, a jury in Virginia found Manafort guilty on eight counts. (It was unable to reach a verdict on 10 other counts.) Manafort then pleaded guilty on related charges in a D.C. court and began cooperating with Mueller. However, prosecutors later said he breached their agreement by lying to them, and Manafort was sentenced to a total of seven and a half years in prison.”

          “On Nov. 15, longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone was found guilty of all seven counts he faced, including lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing a congressional investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.“

          “As a foreign policy adviser on the Trump campaign, a member of the presidential transition and the first National Security Adviser in the Trump Administration, Michael Flynn had valuable insight into key moments in the investigation. In 2017 he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations with then Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. A year later, he asked a federal judge to delay his sentencing so that he could have more of an opportunity to assist the probes. Mueller’s team asked for him to receive little to no jail time, a sign that they viewed his cooperation as helpful.“

        • MinorLiar,

          The “point” of your post (to the extent you even had one) was to label AN investigation, by a person who LABELED themselves a “Republican”, was a “Republican investigation”.

          Try again, asshole. You are a lying liar who lies.

        • So now tell the WHOLE story… Stone got 40 months for lying to congress “Nothing to do with RUSSIA…RUSSIA…RUSSIA…
          Flynn case was ultimately dismissed after DOJ filed a motion to dismiss because they felt they could no longer PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that Flynn lied to the FBI…
          Mantafort was charged federally with conspiracy against the federal govt and witness tampering, NY charges were dropped…
          Konstantin Kilimnik: Charged with obstruction of justice (Left the country)
          Rick Gates: Pleaded guilty to lying to investigators (no jail time)
          Michael Cohen: Pleaded guilty to tax and bank charges, campaign finance violations and
          lying to Congress (lying POS)
          George Papadopoulos: Served 12 days in prison for lying to investigators
          Alex van der Zwaan: Served 30 days in prison for lying to investigators

          Mueller’s team also referred two high-powered Washington insiders to federal prosecutors in New York for investigations into violations of foreign lobbying laws: former Obama Administration White House Counsel Gregory Craig, former Republican Rep. Vin Weber of Minnesota, and Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager… Oh yeah, a couple of DEMOCRATS and a RINO, DOJ closed the investigation and NOTHING ever came of those “referrals… Hmmmmmmmm.

          They DID actually CHARGE a Russian TROLL FARM with “distributing Russian propaganda” (REALLY? what the fukk ELSE would they distribute, THEY’RE RUSSIANS for fux sake) and a dozen Russian SPIES with stealing DNC emails… No connections to Trump or the campaign… How many of THEM are doing time? (No one was ever arrested, tried, convicted or fined) But a STRONGLY worded letter WAS sent to Russia…

          Not ONE charge of “COLLUSION” with “RUSSIA…RUSSIA…RUSSIA” which was originally the one and ONLY range of scope of the Mueller investigation and YOU think THAT was worth $32 MILLION fukking dollars? REALLY??? A bunch of PROCESS crimes and a conspiracy rap? More people WALKED than were ever convicted or did any time… Yeah, that was WAAAYYYYY worth what that “probe” did to this country… If you are going to use a reference at least read the whole thing and not just “cherry pick” the stuff that seemingly makes YOUR point (especially after your little hissy fit over the Brandon story)…

  10. Of course she did! Why would someone who clearly stole her election want the proles to be able to resist her?

    • “who clearly stole her election“

      Evidence to support your claim?

      Or just more empty speech to support your delusional narrative…

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