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Hard pass .


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  1. I have had a lot of folks state this, born here (unlike me) had a lifetime to acquire the tools they need but never bothered.

    • Mrs Haz and I were dining with a couple we’ve known for many years, and somehow the conversation took an unexpected turn into preparedness. These people were not the generally conservative kind, but had good intentions and were clearly contemplating an improvement of their readiness for a black swan event. The next Antifa burndown or COVID panic, etc.

      (You know what I’m talking about…that very awkward moment in which you don’t know just how much you should divulge about your own gun/prep status, so you tip toe through the discussion to feel it out…)

      At some point, I let down my guard *just enough* to state the Haz household has enough food and sundries to get us through any lockdowns or catastrophes lasting up to two weeks. (It’s actually half a year, but again, I was tip toeing to feel it out)

      That’s when the husband said, “Oh good…so if things get really bad, we can come over to your place.”

      I looked at him right in the eyes and changed my expression from a happy buddy to a stern poker face, and said, “No you won’t. You’ll start preparing your own house starting tomorrow.”

      He laughed.
      His wife laughed.
      My wife nervously laughed.
      I didn’t laugh.

      • Sure we could use a few laborers. Typically communicates why that would be a bad plan on their part and failing that could call the husband stew.

        • Well assuming we want to be civil/polite but yes that would be the implication we would want them to worry about and use to kickstart their being useful in an emergency.

      • “My wife nervously laughed.
        I didn’t laugh.”

        On the right track, but I might have answered with a bit a nuance, such as :

        “My preparations are for my loved ones. I’ll be more than happy to sit down with you sometime to plan out your preparations. It’s not expensive if you do it gradually over a few months. Simple things, like a few extra cans of food when grocery shopping each time. Over time, that adds up. Then, you won’t need to rely on anyone else. And, isn’t that really better?”

        Something along those lines. That way, he can be the one to impress his wife with his studly-ness… 🙂

  2. If you don’t got guns, at least bring a good amount of non-perishable food and/or ammo!

      • “Nobody rides for free.”

        Ass, gas, or grass.

        Good luck talking the wife into letting a delicious young tart into your bunker… 🙂

    • While I am more in bigfoot country than wendigo the value of unarmed visitors for the winter of darkness is not to be underestimated. With that said yes do provide for yourself and more importantly your family first.

    • “If you don’t know how to fight, all you’re doin’ is gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block.” – Bill Burr

    • Off grid already. Come and try to take my power set up. While I may lose the fight, it will be a pyrrhic victory for any who try.
      We’re out on a homestead where we can produce our own food. And are well enough armed to make life short and interesting for any who come with violent intent or come as uninvited guests.
      Not just myself and my family, but several families from the area work together as most folks in the back country used to do.

  3. During the scamdemic lockdown I provided firearms, instruction and ammo to folks that had none. There are people in my life that I care about in spite of their beliefs or lack of judgement.

    In a free society we all have those choices to make. I made mine.

  4. I got a old ass Winchester 190 .22 riffle and I can’t figure out a scope mount. It’s got tiny little grooves cut in the receiver and I am going nutz! Help.

  5. To motomike, try your local Walmart, you’re looking for either a Simmons or Tasco scope. They come with the rings you need, price 20.00 to 50.00.

  6. Just my 2 cents but most of us don’t have the means to help everyone in a crisis. Hard decisions might have to be made. Every round or calorie you give away is one unavailable for your family. I hope it never comes down to that as I’ve got a bunch of underprepared friends and family.

    • Unfortunately with the current situation in DC you may have to make those decisions sooner rather than later.

    • I have asked my wife and daughter: “Are you prepared to turn away a mother holding a baby at our door and begging for food?”. They said: “Of course not”. So, then I asked them if they are willing and able to shoot and kill the folk who try and invade our home and take all we have because that mother was simply a scout for a canvassing operation. I explained: “When it gets really bad, no mother is going door-to-door, unprotected, unwatched. She will be the ambassador for pirates who are watching to see who has a sufficient larder to give food away”. My wife and daughter are somewhat horrified by my cold calculation, and by the thought that things could get that bad.

        • Lay down all your,,,,silver spoons
          Pick it up piece by piece
          Where oh where are my bodies for dinner
          I Want My Food

    • “I hope it never comes down to that as I’ve got a bunch of underprepared friends and family.”

      One thing to consider is keeping enough fuel in the garage in 5-gallon jugs to get you to a more survivable place than Massachusetts… 🙁

      • “my buddy schnozz just has a sponge.”

        I *really* don’t want to be forced to have use someone else’s sponge. 🙁

        Good thing I have a shower in my main bath, the magic wand gets *everywhere*… 🙂

  7. My brother and I worked together for a time, and we were eating lunch with a group of our peers (mostly women) and we had a similar conversation to the ones listed above, and one of the ladies said “Oh yeah, if the world ends we’re all going to (your) house!” meaning my neck of the woods. My brother, never known for his soft manner or roundabout way of speaking, looked her dead in the face and said “No you won’t. I’ll shoot you.” They thought he was kidding until I spoke up and said basically, God willing nothing comes to pass like that, but our neck of the woods better be the last place you show up. Ya’ll think it’s fun to tease us about our natures and how we live, until shit hits the fan, then you want to show up and suckle on our teats? Fuck off, as much as we like all of you. We have our own old and sick family members to take care of, you know?

    Glad I’m not the only one this Haz happened to. 😉

  8. I remember, as a youngster on the farm, thinking that some of the decisions that my dad made were kinda harsh. Now that I’m in his shoes, I understand.

    • My OL’Man grew up during the Great Depression. He instilled in me the most basic of understanding for the needs. When SHTF. Butter, Beans and Bullets. The Former for eating and the latter for protecting and acquiring more of the Former. It is also important to surround yourself and family with like minded people. You can Trust.

  9. In the years I’ve been out here on the homestead farm I’ve gotten to know the neighbors pretty well. We all have much the same outlook on life if things go bad. We help each other but don’t usually pry into personal issues.
    If things go bad enough to trigger a breakdown of civil society several of us have already agreed to band together for mutual defense and assistance. Sure going it alone or as a single family is an option, but several families working together helps take the load of any single person/family. I have an off grid power supply that won’t power a lot more than my household/farmstead, but will allow for phones/computers/radios to be charged up. I also have the only blacksmiths forge for miles around. Come the worst, tools will be needed, etc.
    All of us in our group have something to contribute for mutual survival.
    I would suggest anyone who is looking into prepping to find a few like minded folks to form a small community with. 1 of our group is a nurse practitioner. A couple of us are former frontline military. A few of us are skilled craftsmen/women. All of us are trained and capable marksmen. And we share and teach those skills to several of the younger people in our group.

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