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Probably another sign will fix it.


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  1. Good Morning America (ABC), today announced it would not be doing remote or Live broadcasts from downtown San Francisco. Due to the fact that the levels of crime and homelessness makes it to dangerous for it’s reporters and camera personnel.

    • Big victory here in Allentown, PA. A bill to fund having social workers respond to certain 911 calls was resoundingly defeated. This was a resurrection of a defund-the-police bill that was defeated 2 years ago. I am sure they will be back for another attempt: we are watching.

    • Absolutely agree. But they will show up anyway, with a SWAT team, and take us away or kill us. Our choice.

      • Never mind all of that…. what does the pale yellow circular satanic symbol in the upper right corner really mean?
        And why do I have to scroll past flabby bellies, itchy asses, and ugly toenails just to get down here to comment?

        • “And why do I have to scroll past flabby bellies, itchy asses, and ugly toenails just to get down here to comment?”

          What ads?

          Use the powerful Firefox browser, and install a couple of apps like ‘uBlock Origin’, and those nasty ads will never bother you again… 🙂

        • Firefox is politically questionable.

          Brave browser, with extensions AdBlock Plus, AdGuard AdBlocker, Pop-up Blocker and Cookie AutoDelete.

          What ads? But it also blocks images and links on certain forums.

  2. A cuff upside the head may not keep the punk from doing it again, but it helps me feel better.

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