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  1. Make California the first state in the nation to create a permanent dedicated gun violence prevention and victim recovery fund through a 10% fee or tax on the corporate weapon industry’s record windfall profits. This fund could guarantee sustained investment in lifesaving programs to heal and protect communities devastated by gun violence.
  2. Strengthen California’s public carry laws to respond to the US Supreme Court’s radical Bruen ruling, which threatens to introduce a flood of loaded weapons in public spaces. This legislation should require stronger vetting and safety training to carry weapons in public, and should designate many more sensitive public locations, like public parks, playgrounds, sports arenas, and bars as off-limits to firearms.
  3. Declare gun violence a public health and safety crisis and, accordingly, direct key state agencies to develop plans to treat gun violence prevention as a priority area for grant development and funding, including victim services, youth development, public health, and crime reduction programs.
  4. Require all new semiautomatic pistols sold in the state to incorporate crime-solving “microstamping” features which etch a microscopic code (similar to a driver’s license number) unique to that firearm on ammunition cartridge cases when the gun is fired. For over a decade, gun manufacturers have exploited loopholes and refused to introduce any new pistol models that incorporate this technology. But if manufacturers won’t add this proven crime-solving feature, other entities can and must do so after manufacture and before the weapon is sold to the public.
  5. Convene an expert task force to make best practice recommendations for improving implementation and coordination in court, law enforcement, healthcare, and crime victim system responses to gun violence, including stronger collaborations on firearm industry and gun trafficking oversight, firearm relinquishment and APPS, protective order utilization, community violence intervention strategies, and homicide and shooting investigations and clearance.
  6. Strengthen restrictions on the sale and marketing of ghost gun manufacturing machines. Make people who knowingly send the digital code to print or manufacture firearms to unlicensed manufacturers civilly liable for any harms those firearms cause.
  7. Strengthen protections for survivors of domestic violence and abuse by prohibiting abusive parties subject to final domestic violence restraining orders and similar court protection orders from accessing weapons for at least three years after the restraining order expires.
  8. Utilize federal funding from the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to provide coordinated training, education, and safety planning to ensure more robust utilization and understanding of all of the options available in California for civil and criminal court protective orders that can promote safety and disarm individuals at highest risk of violence. In addition to the domestic violence and gun violence restraining orders, California law offers under-utilized processes for workplace violence, postsecondary school violence, elder abuse, and civil harassment restraining orders that disqualify the respondent from accessing weapons and include broader safety protections too.
  9. Strengthen CalDOJ’s Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) to ensure it is fully staffed to promptly and comprehensively recover illegally possessed firearms across California. The APPS program is a critical backstop for safety, sending trained teams to recover firearms from people known to have illegally retained weapons after a criminal conviction, restraining order, or similar event. Pay and benefits gaps and related recruitment and retention issues have prevented this program from being fully staffed and achieving its full safety potential.
  10. Strengthen California’s background check and firearm safety certificate processes. While California has many of the strong components of an effective background check and firearm licensing system, research indicates that additional reforms could lower rates of gun violence, including requiring a more thorough fingerprint-based background check, stronger safety test standards, and stronger efforts to identify and deter gun traffickers as part of the licensing process.

— Ari Freilich in Priorities for Gun Safety in California in 2023

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    • Good editorial. Logic and facts are hard to argue with, so they will be dismissed as racist, transphobic and responsible for climate change.

      Why did he mention ’52 states’ a couple times?

    • Instead of providing standing for Gun Control by going tit for tat with Gun Control insanity why not define Gun Control in any shape, matter or form as a History Confirmed Agenda rooted in racism and genocide? Demand Gun Control zealots come out in the open and respond to being in bed with an agenda prized by racists and nazis.

  1. Microstamping isn’t real life. It’s a meme that went haywire.

    And what’s with always making everyone else pay for the criminal acts of the few?

    Next time there’s a murder in ghetto town USA just line up everyone from Paris, ME and start executing them one by one until the perp in ghetto town steps forward to admit the crime. This “victim fund” bullshit is the same thing. Make everyone else pay for the actions of somebody who very likely would have either been on prison or sent back to some other country and unable to commit the crime if actual real adults were in charge.

    • “Microstamping isn’t real life. It’s a meme that went haywire.”

      It *sounds* reasonable, that’s why they push it.

      The next time hundreds die in an airliner crash, have someone introduce a ‘New! Improved!’ airline safety law requiring that only crash-proof airliners (made of ‘Nerf’?) be sold from now on. It *sounds* reasonable to the stupid…

      • FWIW: microstamping and powder ID tagging are being pushed, primarily by Germany via the next UN small arms treaty which would set out rules on the guns/ammo allowable. Oh, and that wouldn’t be allowable by YOU- only governments and the official police/Stasi would be able to have them, because, well, you know- peace, love and safety and all that Kum Ba Yah…

        • Microstamping
          “…this proven crime-solving feature…”

          Proven by who? Where?
          As far as I know it’s never been implemented on a commercial firearm, so this is just a blatant lie.

        • I think powder tagging was proposed after the Federal Building bombing, even though the explosive used was ANFO.

          Industry said the proposed taggants would make the powders unstable and prone to spontaneous ignition.

        • I have a S&W Sigma from 20 years ago that is micro stamped on the inside of the frame rails. It’s the serial number of the gun. I think S&W was experimenting in case it was ever implemented. A gunsmith showed me this with a jewelers loupe. I still have it with a nice trigger job done to it, it breaks at 4.5lbs.

        • Rob S:

          No, microstamping is the unicorn fart idea that you can have a firing pin that marks the ejected casings with a unique serial number. Has never been proven to work in the first place, could be defeated in seconds by crook taking an Emory board to the firing pin, and doesn’t do anything useful to investigators if the crooks simply police their brass or install a new firing pin.

      • Yup.
        Make airplanes out of black box material!
        Brilliant solutions brought to us by politicians.

    • Giffords fails to note, strangely, that California HAS a microstampiing law that went into effect in May 2013 when then AG Kamala Harris affirmed that technology that compied with the statute existed and was “generally available” to manufacturers. She lied–there was one experimental machine that could place a single stamp on the primer when the gun was fired, BUT the statute required that the stamp appear in TWO places, plus testing confirmed that the stamp remained legible for only a short period or time, as the impact with the primer flattened the microstamp. On top of which, it is still legal to buy replacement firing pins that are not microstamped. As of this date, almost a decade later, there is NO machine that can microstamp a case on every shot for an extended period of time, and there is no manufacturer that produces a firearm that has a microstamping feature.

      • Micro stamping is silly as the pin wears smooth quickly and if anyone wanted to he can just polish the pin tip.
        Also, revolvers don’t shed cases.
        One of the stupidest ideas ever to be lovingly embraced by politicians.

    • Mass executions is Dacian’s method of eliminating gun violence by eliminating gun owners.

      We are the new kulaks. The class enemy to be liquidated.

      • You nailed it.
        By painting middle class (often white male people and their families) as Stalin’s kulacks/ Hitler’s Jews/ China’s bourgeois/ Amin’s Pakistani, they will attain complete control after the usual theft of all the property and internment or execution of these enemies of the state.
        The hatred is palpable.

    • Regarding micro stamping, these rose colored glasses wearing anti-gunners in Cali keep overlooking that revolvers don’t leave micro stamped evidence behind…

      There’s always a different way to skin a cat.

      • Not to mention just abrade the tip of the pin.
        Even just slipping a drill rod down the barrel and dry fire 10 times with mash the pattern on the tip.
        It’s all stupid.

    • Microstamping is the reason that a registration of all gun owners and the guns they own is required. What good is a properly stamped shell casing without a database to search. This is just another step on the ladder to registration and confiscation.

  2. I have a novel idea, how about punishing criminals and politicians who infringe on your rights and safety by letting felons remain on the streets? How about dealing with drug addicts, illegals and mental health loonies who are allowed to roam public parks and camp out in the streets? How about FUNDING the police to deal with this trash and allow them to take out the garbage? How about dealing with the REAL problem instead of an innate object? Yep, too sensible for a liberal brain to comprehend!

    • But that’s racist and evil white supremacy science denial and not helpful to people trying to get their lives together………did I miss any of the stock excuses?

      • Why not? With a straight face someone just declared the Black guy in Memphis killed by 5 Black cops to be an example of ‘White Supremacy’…

        • Actually it deflates the racist accusations behind wacky white officers who by all accounts don’t know their own strength…but as usual the lily white media spun Black vs Black to their advantage because people like mitch mcconell et al are napping on the job.

        • How dare you assume to know the self identified race and gender of the cops who murdered that person!
          Mis gendering is murder!

    • To Murray

      Congratulations you are doing exactly what Adolf Hitler and Herr Drumpf (the Donald) did and that is scapegoating people and groups of people especially minorities rather than looking at the real problem of letting any criminal or lunatic buy a second hand gun with no questions asked except “Give me the money and its yours”

      Also refusing to push for safe storage laws that would prevent 1,300 children from being killed by unattended guns in the home or even taking them to school to commit mass murder with them. And also without safe storage laws it is simple for criminals to break into a home and use a quickie smash and grab robbery of firearms.

      • Demonstrating the expressway to Godwin’s law by invoking Hilter in the first step.

        Although Dacian is more of a “Brother Number One” type.

        • dacian is an old school not-zee that hilariously does not believe he is a not-zee in spite of him proving it on the daily.

          It is funny and tragic at the same time.

  3. Came to see if any suggestions would be unconstitutional or a waste of taxpayer money and wasn’t disappointed on a single idea some hit both some even more than once.

    • it’s funny because cali can’t afford the mess they have now.
      where will they appropriate the money for all this crap?

      • Same way we funded the financial crisis NY had during Covid, Bailouts erm infrastructure investment……and paycheck protection yeah.

  4. All of these, every one, is intended to keep law abiding citizens from owning/posessing firearms and subjugated to a tyrannical state. Plus, they do absolutely zero to address the real problem which is the mental illness that drives crime and mass murder.

    For example, ‘a vetting and safety training’ would only affect the law abiding. Criminals don’t worry about ‘vetting and safety training’ and mass murders/injury are not conducted by people with concerns of having been ‘vetted and safety trained’, their acts show that such does absolutely zero to stop them when they decide to do it.

    • They don’t need any luck–it’s the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornistan…they’ll implement it and the serfs will LOVE it.

  5. Basically, Giffords is talking shit. She/they hope that if they throw enough shit at the wall, something might stick.

    I’ll go along with helping the victims of violent crime. Let’s buy them a gun, so they aren’t easy victims the next time around.

    That’s as close as Giffords and I will come to agreeing on anything.

    • Puddin’ head likely had no input on this draconian BS. Surprised it didn’t include banning elderly Asians🙄

  6. Off subject again, but I would like to thank those in the TTAG family that helped with my issue in reference to the S&W 41 rear sight. A complete rear sight assembly and two extra adjustment screws are on the way.

    • We’ll be expecting a follow up report on how it shoots… I miss the one I was dumb enough to sell. What barrel length(s?) is yours ?

      • Pb, 5 1/2″. I’ll let you know how it shoots. I’m anxious to see how it stacks up against my Woodsman Match Target. I’ve shot a 41 before, but first I’ve owned. If this one shoots like the first I’ll be pleased.

  7. This list of ten WILL make things worse for people living in California. NONE of this will result in anything good.

  8. Blah, Blah, Blah. Sorry Gabby, you’re not a hero or a role model. The fact is you are a brain damaged “Bullet Catcher”, (like Jim Brady was) who is taking money and getting power from people who hate the USA and it’s way of life. You are best ignored.

    I’m sorry you were hurt and don’t wish that upon anyone. The real heroes that day were the people who stopped the attacker; Patricia Maisch, Roger Salzgeber, Maisch Salzgeber, Joseph Zamudio (armed CCW holder) and Bill Badger, a 74-year-old retired United States Army Colonel who had also been shot himself. None of these people were upheld as Heroes, invited to the White House or had a Navy Ship named after them. same goes for the civilians and off duty medical personnel that happened to be shopping or nearby that ran towards the gunfire to assist the injured, saving your life and the life of other victims.

    Besides you a total of 18 people were shot and 6 died. Like I said, you are best ignored.

  9. ever notice
    that theres been nothing standing in the way
    to keep california from passing all of this crap
    since at least 2011
    how have they not done it yet
    why has it taken so long
    how many people
    and especially people of color
    have died in california in the last 12 years
    because of the democrats repeated refusal
    to pass all these common sense
    and life saving gun control laws
    in a timely manner
    the mainstream media
    should be all over this

    • With Gun Control being rooted in racism and genocide it will be a cold day in hell before an agenda rooted in racism and genocide ever does an ounce of good. Evil is embedded in its nature…History Confirms It.

  10. My response:

    1. Target the criminals not the citizens and companies that are not doing anything wrong.
    2. More guns isn’t a problem as the people carrying those guns are not going to be criminals. Criminals don’t care anyway so why should the people be limited by inane bureaucracy while criminals are left to run amok.
    3. Violence is not a public health crisis as it is not treatable through medical means, there is no disease vector. Violence is a complicated issue with many facets that would need to be addressed by the Giffords people don’t want to get their hands dirty in the areas where violence is the worst.
    4.Microstamping is a fantasy and shows how far removed most people are from the reality of manufacturing. Any microstamping system will be easily defeated with a diamond file and a few strokes. Even if you had the ability, the microstamping will just lead you back to the original victim in most cases, the person who had the firearm stolen from them.
    5. Sounds great on the surface, but having worked in government most of my adult life I’ve seen how pointless these kind of actions are. Lots of talk about action, creating action plans, creating ideas, and then zero implementation. Once the old boss leaves, the new boss comes in and scraps the whole thing.
    6. This is an easily defeated measure, it also strips good people of their ability to make their own firearms. More good people are making their own firearms than criminals. Stop targeting people who aren’t committing crimes.
    7. Violates peoples rights and if they are so dangerous that they can’t have a weapon, then they need to be in prison. Also, false DV claims are a thing.
    8. Same deal, if they are too dangerous to have access to weapons, they shouldn’t be walking the streets. We all know this is just another method to create prohibited people and reduce gun ownership.
    9. Have the targets of these teams been provided due process in the loss of their rights? If not, this is another bad program. I have a feeling the actual criminals are not registered, which makes this program ridiculous.
    10. How many more bureaucratic hoops should people have to jump through to exercise their constitutionally protected right? The wording of the Second Amendment was put in place to that government could not place restrictions on the people. It is a severe restraint placed on the government so that people could not be denied the use of arms through bureaucracy or dictatorial powers.

    • It is not rocket science…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

      • Racism works, like I’ve said before as long as the Zebras are kicking each other the Lion has nothing to fear.

  11. GREAT IDEAS!!!
    Just keep these ten in abeyance, and meld them into ONE trial edict…
    That us poor Mutt and Jeffs who are victims get PAID by YOU Political Millionaires, PERSONALLY. And with all this tax money that you are collecting, WE establish our OWN new branch of Gubmint, the POVGO.
    (Pissed Off Veteran Gun Owners)
    Licensed To Kill, like our FBI seems to be…
    And that it is a Capitol Offense (Death Penalty) to put a person in peril (like disarming Her/Him/Them, or passing a law that does the same). Those that do hinder our safety are tracked down and imprisoned, just before they are swiftly executed, cause prisons are overcrowded.
    This goes directly to the root of the problem. It only penalizes the perpetraitors!
    And it’s fair to everybody concerned, yes???
    There, I fixed the wording of your great bill, and you are very welcome.

  12. Money, money, money, mon-ey,………MONEY!! Half of that crap is already law, the other half is just crap… How about another law against murder maybe THAT will get the bad guys attention. These people really need to get a life or a real job or a productive hobby or laid or something…

    • Huh that posted, so is the new word press just not letting some post post and not putting it in moderation jail?

      • Yep. I just tested the system with what I thought was word presses trigger, and sure enuff no “waiting for moderation”

        • BS you guys, Don’t listen to him!
          I wuz Inside that day, and I saw me a possum sneaking out thru the bars.
          True Story!

  13. Here we go again. “”MIcrostamping” has been proven to be a “cure” that doesn’t work. Not to mention the technology does not exist which is cost effective.

    • I suppose if your caught without a micro stamping gunm you’ll be charged with a felony, so hitting the firing pin with a file wouldn’t work.
      But hey criminals dont care about becoming a felon, law abiding citizens do however.
      I just love it, punish the righteous and reward the wrongdoers.

  14. Coddle and enable the homeless (thus expanding said population) while ignoring gangs, all while pushing the destructive Green New Deal, woke trans insanity while demonizing certain races and inanimate object (firearms). Sounds like a winning economic formula, aye Commiefornia. Que the walking pile of hair gel. Liberalism (the modern type) is a mental disorder.

  15. And, again, not a word about the responsibility of Defective Citizens committing the violence. Maybe hold current politicians guilty for the sins of the likes as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao et el.
    Same concept as holding law abiding gun owners responsible for violence of the Defective Citizens. Those Defective Citizens be their Useful Idiot Boys doin’ the work of the Libturds. Ole Gabby Giffords, pimped out as the Village Idiot of Gun Control by her hubby Mark Kelly.

  16. Southern Cross
    Tagged powder that ignited itself!
    Self destroying ammo? The government must love this idea.
    I recall that in the UK they added a stabilizer to AN fertilizer. So this forced the IRA to dissolve the fertilizer in water first then precipitate it out, adding hours to their terrorist schedule.

    • I heard the UK put an additive to fertilizer to make it non-explosive but the IRA managed to find a way to remove it.

      Amazing how many technical problems have simple solutions.

  17. Lew:
    Yes exactly!
    Make planes out of an unobtainable material after first a generous grant to “study” the issue.

  18. Time for the big earthquake which separates California from the rest of the continental US and sinks it in the Pacific.

    • Warren Zevon said it best: “When California slides into the ocean like the mystics and statistics say it will…”

    • The U.S. would lose a lot of agriculture if that happened and where would all the Californians go, nothing against you gunm toting Californians but I’m not to keen on having the rest of them as my next door neighbor, which by the way I do, didnt like cali so moved hear, now the other neighbors dogs need put on a leash(we dont have a leash law) the armadillos need poisoned, everyone needs to vote Democrat, waters the lawn during a drought, says they dont gossip then talks shit on everyone, this ain’t right, that ain’t right, call the sheriff, my other neighbors yard looks ghetto, on and on. No sirree bub, I pray good fortune for California.

    • When I see Gabby Giffords, I think of the old lady at the start of The Last of Us TV series.

  19. Warren Zevon said it best: “When California slides into the ocean like the mystics and statistics say it will…”

  20. Yea git the fuck outta AZ and take yer astronut and wife wit ya. We don’t need yer kind round hea!

  21. “… “microstamping” features which etch a microscopic code (similar to a driver’s license number) unique to that firearm on ammunition cartridge cases when the gun is fired. For over a decade, gun manufacturers have exploited loopholes and refused to introduce any new pistol models that incorporate this technology. But if manufacturers won’t add this proven crime-solving feature …”

    That’s where I stopped reading. “Proven” – a flat out lie.

  22. Number 11 ,pull all gun sales and ammo from Commiefornica including LE sales. Absolutely no guns sold in the Communist Utopia .Current gun owners should move ASAP and let the crazies take over. After the state self destructs bull doze it into the Pacific to feed the crabs !

  23. How about a permanent organization that sues legislators for passing bills that have already been thrown out by by the courts in other states, for trying to do the same thing. Make the individual legislators liable for the expenses of the frivolous trials and for paying for the expenses of the organization suing them. Currently the legislators are not liable for passing the unconstitutional legislation. Make them put some “skin” in the game.

  24. Giffords didn’t write this. The woman has trouble stringing sentences together worse than El Presidente/Despot McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants. You don’t survive that level of brain damage with your faculties intact. She’s a figurehead for the Gun Control Fascists. The Greta of Gun Control.
    “How Dare You.”

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