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Yup, that’s about correct. It was a few days ago when this inaccurate FAQ answer was noticed within the eForms system (ATF has since deleted it), but the clock definitely reset this morning with the publishing of the newest pistol brace ruling.


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  1. I am not going to broadbrush everyone in the ATF because of the rotten apples running the show. I do that because once an agent resigns, retires, etc. they are subjected to the same insane Gun Control as every law abiding citizen, only a damned short sighted fool would set themselves up for that to happen.

    It’s not a matter of ho hum well I don’t need that feature. It’s a matter of Gun Control nazis saying you cannot have that feature.

    • But you will broadbrush anyone on the forum who questions your little vendetta against another poster with whom you disagree, amirite?

    • Nope, they suck. Each and every one of them. They do what they do by choice. Call them what they are, treat them like they deserve, and don’t feel bad about it.

    • Technically as sworn officers/agents they’re allowed to carry in all 50 States after they retire. Even your local 5-0 is afforded the same Right but average citizen is not.

      Not taking a position, just sayin’

      • I have yet to see one up my way that the term hamplanet would not apply to. Typically show up after the Marshalls or DEA does the hard work with the locals often involved but I would hope that is not typical for the agency.

      • Manse, what you said is true, but those retired LEO are required to qualify annually with a local agency to have those credentials. I’m not aware of any state that requires a citizen to qualify annually. And they shouldn’t. Again, I don’t have a CCW. I also don’t have that 50 state pass. I carry concealed every day that I walk out the door. Fuck the government.

        • Massachusetts nonresident for basic or cc. Other than that only LEOSA that I know of for 1 year renewals.

      • Like everyone retired agents, etc. will not be able to legally possess SBRs, etc. providing the ruling stands in court after court after court where Gun Control and its history of rot gets to hide in the shadows.

        By all accounts the primary source for such perpetual court cases circles back to the zipped lipped Gun Owners who rather eat popcorn and watch court TV instead of stand up like men to define Gun Control according to its history of rot ahead of such ATF rulings and the recent vote in IL, etc. So if the shoe fits…wear it.

    • “I am not going to broadbrush everyone in the ATF…”

      Don’t worry, I will.

      They’re all jackboots, thugs, morons and assholes. They knowingly signed up to work for an unconstitutional agency so that they could enforce unconstitutional rules and laws [and shoot dogs for kicks while doing it].

      Some of them may have other positive attributes, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re professional henchmen of tyrants.

    • That’s because you are a bootlicker. You say shit related to “come and take them” and then support their tyranny through dumb shit like the “blue line”.

      Every single one. ACAB. And that goes for any “agent” too. Nobody joins this shit to make things better. They do it because they are stupid and enjoy the privilege it gives them.

  2. I don’t really think this was an “error” this was a trial balloon to see if they could get away with a rule change completely outside normal channels.

    Which is why so many people go with a NFA trust, it completely eliminates this bullshit because the whole fam’s name is on the paperwork.

    But then it’s not as if a LEO is going to ID everyone present anyway. The only question I’ve ever gotten from LE, State or Local/Sheriff’s Dept is “HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT! CAN I SHOOT IT!?!?”. They never even asked to see a stamped form. They pretty much assume that if you’re not being a jackass at the time they come across you then you’re probably not into publicly flouting your felonies.

    • Yea 2020/2021 was pretty much the proof anyone should need. Those clowns were not going around asking for any proof for a reason.

      • They are in the process of crossing the Rubicon. Gun confiscation and their desire for the sexualization of children.

        So yes, a national divorce is coming.

  3. Alec Baldwin, armorer formally charged with involuntary manslaughter in ‘Rust’ shooting >

    “The evidence clearly indicates that Baldwin recklessly ignored these rules, on multiple occasions, resulting in the fatal shooting,”

    The ‘probable cause’ statement >

  4. No one has a ‘shoulder-able’ pistol stabilizing brace. Every one of them are shirt stabilizers, problem solved. 😁

    Or, you could get a note from your doctor saying its a ‘medically necessary’ device to avoid or mitigate ‘debilitating’ ‘strain’ on the ‘arm/shoulder’ and that changes its ‘ATF definition function’ to be not primarily or ‘intended’ or ‘stated’ used as they define.

    • There’s a private walk-in health clinic across the shopping plaza from my shop, that provides medical pot cards for $250 cash. Wonder if they’d write a RX for a brace. See, I got this crick in my neck, and documented nerve damage from shingles, and… πŸ‘

    • “Every one of them are shirt stabilizers…”

      Thinking of shirt stays give me shivers, and not in a good way.

  5. every gun law passed in the last 230 years is unconstitutional. every single one. the problem is we the people have failed by allowing them to remain as laws.

  6. I wonder how much they will have to pay for STEALING (UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW) all those bump stocks…

  7. My father always said “When you are stacking firewood make sure you take the time and do it right the first time, You can stack it by the front door and stack it high and it will never fall over!”
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm sage advice even 40+ years later, Hello ATfuckin’F there are no bumpstocks, women holdin’ babies, innocent canines, or 30+ chil’ren in a wooden structure inside folks! But do be careful when attempting to confiscate my firearms that you don’t become part of the stack…jus’ sayin’ and if you are, thanks for the free gunms. I may not live long if this ever happens, but I will make god damn sure I won’t be goin’ alone.


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