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I mean, I’d argue he needs a few more guns and a gun safe…is that what this is about?


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    • Yup. I’m getting ready to move. I can’t wait until the packers move my stuff so I can find all the springs and other fly-away parts! LOL

      • That’s a MBR carbine. I think by “rifle”, Gadsden means something that can really reach out and touch someone.

    • “What he needs first is a rifle.”

      BINGO! Nice close-in toy but not what I’d choose for the apparent view.

      Also, can’t see what’s upstairs/above, but it doesn’t appear from the photo to be very defensable from a real assault.

      Cute meme but typical stereotype.

  1. It’s more than Okay to live like that. He has a commanding view of the area, I presume he has mapped out any likely assault routes, has mapped out the best escape routes. Let’s hope he douses any light well before sunset, so he’s not to obvious a target.

    • I’m guessing that at that apparent elevation his “likely assault routes” map is not too complicated.

  2. Furniture just encourages visitors to stick around much longer than they really should. 🙂

  3. That’s a pretty sweet apartment. Nice view, and a moderate walk to a fishing pier…

    • That’s what I was thinking. With that water right there I am only going to be inside during hurricanes.

  4. It’s a setup… he’s a wannabe, a poser. No rappelling ropes off the balcony.

    • Yep. Good catch. A few flash-bangs to cover his rope exit would be a nice touch.

  5. Dude is a poser…where’s the MRE’s and hot sauce? Where’s the Rubber Lady on the deck and a poncho liner to roll up in? Burn barrel for his crap?

    Nice view though…!

  6. This might be ideal in a post apocalyptic reality. But that isn’t how I would want to live. That feels a little too much like roll playing Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas.

  7. Grill on the balcony and a fridge/freezer. A futon to sleep on. Oh, and a gun safe. Other than that, this is perfect.

  8. At least add a comfortable bed and a fridge for beverages and meat. Toss the camp chair out on the deck/balcony and add a grill. Some sort of ammo storage box, and a gun safe would be a good addition.
    If the dude is doing pure minimalist lifestyle, he needs a rucksack or back pack to grab and go if needs be.

  9. I have never been quite that minimalist, but close. A more comfortable chair, TV on top of 11 cf refrig/freezer, reloading bench, file cabinet, and more guns.

  10. My counter top: 2 things. Orange pumice soap & a Napa hand brush
    Her counter top: I can’t even count the number of things and additional drawer units needed.

  11. I agree that this situation is disturbing. Miles of beach line to protect and he is trying to do it with a 5.56. That vantage point needs at least belt fed or a 308……but be a man and step up to a 338 or 50. And if I was going to be there for more than 2 weeks I would find an old recliner, but maybe I am just a snob!!

  12. He needs a couple of milk crates. One for the TV and one for a table next to his chair to hold the remote.

  13. I’d say he’s got everything he needs…. a chair, and a TV to watch videos of himself playing SWAT all day long.
    Can’t think of anywhere I’d want to live LESS.

  14. Maybe there is a fire escape off the balcony, but I don’t see his escape route. When I designed my dream room 50 years ago, I included a rope ladder by the window.

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