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True story. Literally found an empty 375 Raptor case in my laundry a few weeks ago:

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    • Same here. As a F.I for my dept, she finds both live and spent casings in our wash machine frequently. I also have a bad habit of leaving my chap stick in my pockets as well

      • “I also have a bad habit of leaving my chap stick in my pockets as well”

        Chap sticks don’t really become a problem, until they make it into the dryer… 🙁

    • If your old lady is like mine, learn to do your own laundry… You’ll end up with more complete pairs of socks in the future…


    • Not sure about brass but I have a friend who puts his AA hulls in a bag in the washer/dryer to clean before reloading and it seems to do a good job on those. I just wouldn’t want to be in the house anywhere when those things stared dinging around in the dryer…

  1. I’ve let a few .22 go through wash. I believe they all fired without issue except the ones that already had primer strikes.

    Has anyone had a plastic hull shotgun she’ll go through and still work? Seems like water would get past the primer or past the shot cup.

    • My son has done this to us twice. Green shelled .410 rounds. For giggles, I fired them both off without incident.

  2. I don’t think the 5mm benchrest shooters are quite that casual with what goes in their pockets.

  3. If you’ve never found live ammo, spent brass, or even the odd magazine in the washer/dryer, you don’t shoot much.

    • I don’t shoot “much” but I’ve had the errant shell casing in a pants cuff. Odd magazine? That’s just lazy🙄

      • pants cuff. you be stylin’ nappy.
        the laundry person just places them on my dresser.

    • A few live 22 and some occasional brass, yes. If you’re finding magazines, you are probably the kind of person that has to buy a new phone every few months because you washed it.

      • Had a Motorola Razor flip that went through the wash twice, but kept on working, until they killed 3G

    • Ever since an ink pen did some damage, I do a quick pat down of the pockets before washing.

  4. That’s life. It started out with BBs when I was little, then .22s, and kinda worked it’s way up from there. Mama never minded, she just put whatever she found on the shelf for us to find later. That cycle of life thing? My wife started finding BBs in the laundry about 35 years ago, and it worked up through .50 muzzle loader projectiles, then .22s, etc etc.

  5. Been there, done that, now that I’m a widower I still find it in my own wash.
    Mostly 9mm

  6. Remember when the pocketful of change in the first pic would have bought more than the two primers for the cartridges in the second pic?

    • Boy Scout camp. .22 shorts 2 for a penny. I would have been in hog heaven with that pocket full of change.

  7. Had a 9mm round drop out of my workout bag at the gym one time. Since it was in Seattle no one knew what it was.

  8. It did not say if his wife was upset or not. I got an ear full when my wife found a live “home brew” bazooka rocket in her washing machine. She was wondering what the banging and clanging was about. Luckily the round never made it to that hot drier.
    I later rigged the explosive head to blow out an old stump in my yard.

  9. Hey, TTAG legal corps –

    This popped up on my YouTube feed last night, it has to do with a new California law deliberately designed to intimidate someone thinking of filing a 2A lawsuit against the State of California.

    Could this law be found unconstitutional?

    “BREAKING NEWS: New California Law Thwarts Second Amendment Lawsuits”

  10. My truck is festooned with empty brass. Always wanted to use that word; ‘festooned’…

      • Is your ‘band tuned for da hoedown’ reference supposing that ‘festooned’ means I have mariachi like instruments/players sticking out of my truck everywhere like some highly annoying noisy metallic bush or am I missing it?

  11. Found some perfectly good 9mm rounds in my pocket. Just as I was standing in the TSA line to board an aircraft.

    • I drove my elderly parents to Arizona a few years back, left them their car and was planning to fly back. The jacket that I threw in the car for the trip back was the same one I had on while reloading some 444s for deer season and must have had some loose 4895 find it’s way into a pocket.
      SkyHarbor Airport DOES have sniffers, and I definitely DID miss my flight.

  12. Oh, had the valleys in the grey matter working on that meme.
    It was ElaineD if the neurons folded the right pages.
    Unsatisfactory subliminalaility disturbs me.
    10-04 on 375Raptor
    click worked

    • Elaine sure pissed off lots of folks in her day… 🙂

  13. What is that rifle cartridge in the picture? Looks too fat to be 224 Valkyrie. 22 PPC and 223 WSSM are both to stubby. I’m stumped.

    • Yah got me , but I’m sure I’d have felt them pokey bassatards in my pocket.
      6mm Pildale and Pallasimo

    • “What is that rifle cartridge in the picture?”

      Whatever it was, it *screamed* “Throat Erosion”, and a barrel life in the hundreds of rounds…

  14. As a teen, I worked for several months servicing dryers in a laundromat. Was in the early 80s. Routinely, I collected 5-6 .22LR bullets each time I cleaned the lint containers under the machines. I never imagined there would be a time when getting .22LR would be a challenge. During the Obama administration, it was.

  15. The meme pic.. the problem in the right pic hand can frequently contribute to the hand in the left pic being empty.

  16. Don’t worry, a C-B-D-C will fix the former while your “credit score” fixes the latter.

    And soon after that you won’t need to worry about owning a washer. But hey, you’ll be happy.

    • My hopes are pinned on possum finally fixing his centrifugaltor but he spends all his time posting here. Now who would do such a thing?

  17. You guys don’t deliberately fill your pockets up with brass to wet tumble in the washer before throwing your jeans in?

  18. It is even more problematic to get frisked by a cop that finds ammo in your pockets. that lady cop freaked out when she noticed a .50BMG round in my dash bin. she insisted on frisking me. she fainted when she thought she found a 40 mm Bofors round hidden in my pants.

  19. I might find an occasional coin in the washing machine, but NEVER loose ammunition. I do not put THAT in my pockets. I always carry ammunition in either magazines or speed strips.

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