Williams: America Has So Many Gun Owners Because Many Are Afraid to Die

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The misinformed believe what better way to exhibit strength than to walk around with the most threatening weapons available as a metaphor for their manhood.

Such thinking has always been dangerous however when coupled with the movement of fascist nationalist ideology currently sweeping large swaths of America today must serve as a warning sign that if this movement is allowed to continue unabated eventually everyone becomes fodder for the hunting game whether they be elderly people in church, concert goers on a warm summer evening, people picking up groceries on their way home for work, college students, high school students or elementary-aged kids in red states or blue state, no matter race, creed or color. No one will be safe and many will seek refuge not unlike those we turn away from our borders today.

I know people own weapons for different reasons and although such possession runs contrary to my personal and spiritual beliefs I do not judge others who chose them. What I question however is the “wild west” mentality displayed by too many gun owners.

The nonprofit Gun Violence Archive that tracks gun-related deaths and injuries in near time reported 23,282 gun deaths and 20,188 gun related injuries in the U.S. as of July 11, 2022 and the numbers continue rising year over year.

Gun laws are important and do help mitigate gun violence to a point but until something can be done to pull this nation from the brink of fascism, gun laws alone will not be enough. I hate to sound cliché but sometimes when reason does not work clichés are all we are left with. We must continue looking for ways to build bridges, to talk with those who fear and/or despise us because of how we worship, our race, our ethnicity, our sexuality, our age, our profession, and the list goes on.

Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” And for those who don’t subscribe to this theory because they believe in the power of their weapons I would refer you to another exalted purveyor of non violence, the man who inspired King, Mahatma Gandhi who once wrote, “The strength to kill is not essential for self-defense; one ought to have the strength to die.” It is quite obvious these purveyors of hate are cowards in this regard.

— Stephanie Williams in Nobody Safe in a Nation Obsessed With Guns 

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  1. This woman is completely and totally insane. Basically she is suggesting that people just need to shut up and die quietly rather than defend themselves or others, what a complete imbecile.

    • Just another race baiter… Notice how she conveniently skips suicides and the fact that most homicides are from inner city gangbangers and career criminals that have been moving through the revolving doors of the (in)justice system!

      • RE: stephanie williams “The misinformed believe what better way to exhibit strength than to walk around with the most threatening weapons available as a metaphor for their manhood.”

        Let’s cut the chase backdoor Gun Control stephanie williams…

        1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

        2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

        3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

        • Excuse me, Liberals, but…

          Fascist. You keep using that word.
          I do not think you actually know what that word means.

          Or who the real fascist are today.

    • I wouldn’t say that she’s insane. I would say that she’s probably living a good life on the Democrat plantation, answering ‘Yes, Massuh’ and ‘Yes, Mistress’ whenever the masters crack their whips.

      • I clicked on the article.

        Then, I noticed another article on that website :

        “Deterring Civil War, a Progressive Imperative

        While all Progressives agree with Walter’s preferences and many work energetically to achieve those outcomes, our country’s trendline is problematic.”

        “he second primary task to avoid civil war is addressing the sense of hopelessness felt by those left behind. Toward the end, Walter writes, “The Federal government should renew its commitment to providing for the most vulnerable citizens. We must undo fifty years of declining social services, invest in social safety nets and human capital across social and religious lines, and prioritize high-quality early education, universal health care, and a higher minimum wage.””

        Yeah, to avoid civil war, they must double-down on more Leftism.

        This is what we have to work with… 🙁

    • “Basically she is suggesting that people just need to shut up and die quietly rather than defend themselves or others, what a complete imbecile.”

      Well, isn’t that what the primarily black victims are doing in da ‘hood every night and day? In those nice, democrat-ruled metro areas?

      I’d think, in the least, she’d want those people to have some sort of defense against the drive by gangstas and thugs. She likely believes it’s far better to continue to let these career crooks maintain their livelihood since there is little else they’re able to do.

      To quote TLC, one of whom (T) was a student in a school where I once taught:
      “So, he goes out and he makes his money the best way he know how,
      Another body laying cold in the gutter.” (Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls”)
      Got that right, girl…

    • I’m sorry…all I could hear when those gums of hers were flapping was ” blah blah blah , repackaged Freudian Projection And Over Compensation With Anti White Racism and Fascist Bogeymen stew”… Word salad.

    • THat is exactly NOT what she is saying. How do you explainn thatvthen USA has THE highest incidences of iLLEGAL DEATHS in the civilised world and the greatest by far is by gun crime are not nthi ose 22,000 deaths at the hands of firearm users as cancern for you? THse are not figures drw awn from the bloody ether or works of fiction, these figures DWARF those of the deaths in the USA Armed Service and are on a par with those in Ukraine which is engaged in a full-out flucking war using missiles, bombs, shot and shell. Surely it must be a concern that vthe ILLEGAL DEATH RATE per.capita is ten and more times that of the European average.

      What is it about American men that sees masculinity associated with firearms?

      Is it some kind of sexual inferiority or sexual substitute?

      Is it some kind of religious substitute?

      Or is it just wanting the opportunity to kill somebody? Seem’s the last is only too near the truth.

      The fact is that only a very very small proportion of American gun owners in their entire life will ever use a firearm in their own defence or that of others. Even then what statistics are available suggest that when an attempt is made to use a firearm in defence of self or others the far greater likelyhood is that it will result in their own death or injury rather than that of the perpetrator.

      • What is it about American men that sees masculinity associated with firearms?
        Who the fuck said ANYTHING about associating firearms with masculinity, THOSE are HER words, and they make YOU sound like a whiney little Bitch…
        FYI the US does not even make the top 10 in homicides worldwide. There are over 400,000 homicides worldwide annually. The US has 4.23% of the world population and only 6% of total homicides globally. Don’t know where you get your numbers, but you will get called on bullshit every time.
        OBTW: Do YOU want to tell the rapidly growing number of FEMALE gun owners how THEY have a need to prove THEIR masculinity with that shiny new pistol they just bought. Crawl back in your can Prince Albert, you don’t have a dog in this hunt and your rhetoric is bullshit

      • Albert L J Hall, it is really very simple, we have judges that don’t do their job and but the bad guys in the jug where they belong. We have a system that has in an effort to protect mentally ill people’s rights, released them on society where they can prey on others. If you think about it, it is really very simple.
        The rest of your diatribe is nonsense when you take this into account.

    • But Ralph, it’s for your own good! (Leftist Scum beliefs)…

  2. Lefties: “hurr-durrr it’s stupid to fear death, embrace it and welcome it”
    Also lefties: “we must shut down the world for 2+ years and grant government absolute power because there’s a cold going around that kills 2% of the morbidly obese octagenarians who catch it.”

  3. MLK was denied his right to self defense by the government, her quote of him shows a lack of understanding (or purposeful misinterpretation) of his words and intent.

    • he did exactly what gandalf suggested.
      knew it was coming. my father’s off the cuff comment i/ r to king’s proximity to jetstream reverberates in my memory. and the west side looks exactly the same as after the riots.

      • “and the west side looks exactly the same as after the riots.”

        You would think they would notice that once a neighborhood dies, it tends to stay dead. But, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. If she has so much conviction she should self immolate in public as a protest against guns. Show us you mean it!

  5. I find it interesting that so many on the left see women that own guns as a metaphor for their manhood. These people are so very confused about what women actually are. Women across this country should be seriously offended by the Democrat Left’s views of them.

    The only “Wild West” aspect of any of this is a direct result of the lawlessness perpetuated by the Democrat left.

    The general population is safer as more people within the population own and carry guns. This gets proven again and again. This is being proven more frequently as time goes on. More people owning and carrying guns does NOT make people less safe, it makes them MORE safe.

    • Been driving through that hellscape? I sold insurance in Douglas Park circa 1990. Bad then but the boo-lits weren’t flying quite as much. I had no weapons either except GOD. This gal is a lunatic…

      • “This gal is a lunatic…”

        Well, Leftist. The same thing.

        You’re supposed to say, “Thank you, ma’am! May I have another?”

        Are you not grateful for her benevolence? 🙁

      • every day, no days off. south to pershing, west to austin with a little state line letter avenues on occasion.
        wildest i’ve seen it ever.
        just went to a funeral on douglas pkwy.

        • My brother lived on 10239 Avenue J in the 90’s. Pastor of a church. Odd area a lot of folks unaware of when you say “Eastside”. Used to range allover Chiraq selling & later as an antique dealer. Too old to fight but not to shoot…

  6. Yup, let’s all become “sheeple” and hope the thugs she doesn’t believe exist don’t notice us and rape, rob and kill us! Don’t worry, be happy!!

  7. Americans who demand our govt abide by enumerated constitutional rights are a movement of “fascist nationalist ideology”? ~ and of course she’s gotta throw in the ol “manhood” metaphor.
    Then to top of this “lady’s” creed of insanity she goes on and uses “gun violence archive” as if it is in any way a valid source.
    Circle the square this battleaxe knows nothing.

  8. Preparedness is the exact opposite of fear.

    I once found myself in a situation analogous to the author’s: out on a motorcycle at night when it started pouring rain, and then ice mixed with the rain. The very last thing I would ever have thought is “Look at those poor scared people in 4WD SUVs.”

  9. She also ignored the fact that MLK was a gun nut, and Gandhi was a known racist, sexist, and likely pedophile.

  10. Embrace the wave of ” fascist, nationalist ideology currently sweeping large swaths of America today. “. Ahhh, yes, drink in the calming waters, let them caress you to your finality. Resistance is futile.
    Ummm, I vote no.
    And I back up my vote with my weapon of choice.

    • Patton comes to mind.

      Something about not winning a confrontation by dying for your own cause, but making the other “poor b@stard” die for his…

      • Haz, I think the quote was: “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country”.

        • Correct, but I tweaked it to be more appropriate for Rick’s comment, since he was referring to his family and not his country. 😉

  11. The American people at large are not fascists, but those who claim such probably are. Those truly worried about fascism should embrace gun rights. Otherwise they’re nothing but talking heads without the benefit of a brain inside.

  12. Why give any credence to someone who’s only accomplishment is to string more than five words together on a piece of paper that someone else thought and said? People who live with the notion that your value to society is based on your gender or amount of melanin in your skin write similar nonsense. She is wrong, there are only two types on people in the world, good people and bad people. She is not only a bad person, but also an insane one because she views self preservation as a negative trait. There is no creature on earth that doesn’t value self preservation !

  13. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us, “We must learn to live together

    Martin Luther King also carried a 38 Special, kept a house full of guns and had round the clock armed security. He even applied for a CC permit but of course he was denied because “racism”.

    The strength to kill is not essential for self-defense; one ought to have the strength to die.” Just because Gandhi said it does not make it necessarily profound, the “strength” to die is a weakness, a man should have the “strength to live but also be WILLING to die (fighting) for his beliefs, just quietly offering your throat to your assassin only proves that you prefer dying to fighting for your life.

    Did not take her long to get to “racism” and I’m missing something in regard to her reference to fascists, are ALL gun owners’ fascists now? Does that include all of the POC who own and “legally” carry firearms? Hey lady, the 60s just called and they want their ideology back.

    • I was thinking of the phrase People of Color or POC.
      I kinda wish that would go away as I’ve not yet discovered a human that has no color.

      • black is all colors and rare in nature, brown is just three or more. white is the absence of color, maybe johnny and edgar qualified.
        a nation of pinks, dear friends.
        praise bob.

        • Requires all colors to be lit up on a TV also, black is only as black as native background screen that can be seen with TV off. Spin a color wheel fast enough with a drill and you’ll see white, not black.

        • max, that’s akin to the “bluing” my mom ads to her whites. tromp d’loeil as it were. not ultra pure.
          buck an ear, you’ve ventured into light spectrum, horse of a different color.

        • All whites are not created equally, even a white base can be made “whiter” with the addition of white pigment.

      • That is true, although there ARE albino people around the planet. If you don’t care for the term POC which is a “common use” terminology when referring to “other than Caucasian” then by all means do continue to write out “black people” or Hispanic people, Asian people or whatever floats your boat. My apologies if I have offended the Marsupial however, I will continue to use that term as a matter of convenience.

      • I’m a POC.

        I’m a light shade of brown.
        A very light shade.
        You could say beige.
        Or off-white.
        Okay, I’m pretty white.
        Like, super white.
        But I have some freckles. Does that count?

    • Yeah she is quick to judge gun owners as misinformed, trying to compensate for manhood (a common leftist smeer), guns are bad, gun control is good because she says so, fascism is spreading and apparently these fascists are walking around hunting the, um, good people like her? Any stats to back that up, either an uptick in concealed carry fascists hunting the people they don’t like?

      I don’t think the school/church/grocery store shootings could necessarily be traced directly to fascism, whatever that even is now that it’s just a blanket term for whatever they left doesn’t like, it’s not like these shooters are in the fascist society on Facebook and marching around Rome with a bundle of sticks.

      Meanwhile after judging everything she declares she doesn’t judge why someone might own a gun even though she already did, and people should stop fearing people like her and come together for a conversation. It would never work, she is too prejudiced to really learn or listen to those who don’t agree with her.

      • Half the new gun owners I know look a lot more like her than me. Apparently fascism is more inclusive than we were led to believe.

        • “…fascists are walking around hunting…”
          equating that to self defense is ridiculous.

        • Individualism is a terrifying concept to some and it manifests in odd ways, often in trying to set limits on others. Social media addiction is the warning sign I start with.

    • MLK proved that If you are loud enough the CIA/FBI will silence you at 250 yards with a soft point… Then they will give you the feds a day off years later by naming a tax payer paid holiday after you….And of course the parades…

      • 24and7 Give it a rest. Other than your “conspiracy theory” there is not a shred of evidence that the FBI had anything to do with MLK’s assassination.

        • its good to see such a “water carrier” for the feds….mighty funny the kennedys got it too…except the most useless one…

        • I lived in Memphis for awhile in the mid 70s and the consensus there was that Jessie Jackson set him up to be martyred, Ray was a drunk and a petty thief but was caught at London Heathrow airport with a pocketful of cash. Someone who knew King would be on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel at 6PM (or could suggest to him that he should be there) that evening had to be involved. I believe Jackson was involved possibly working with a government agency, but I don’t think it was in the governments best interest to see King assassinated. Jackson was the only one who immediately looked to and pointed at the place where the shot was fired from everyone else was ducking waiting for another shot.

        • 24and7 Again, you resort to that age ole tactic of attacking the messenger? Can you show me one single shred of evidence that the FBI assassinated MLK? JUST ONE!
          Believe me I am no fan to the FBI. I had three encounters with the FBI and found them to be incompetent to handle anything but a writing contest.

  14. “What I question however is the “wild west” mentality displayed by too many gun owners.”
    But then she never explains what she means by this so-called “wild west” mentality.
    Does it mean being prepared? Being prepared is a good thing.

    • Would love to have wild west era crime stats, wouldn’t need to carry most of the time.

      • The west was a peaceful yet climatically cruel place, and the problems only manifested after dipshits decided to invent towns, which were mainly necessary for shipping centers. Along with towns came townspeople, town councils, town police, etc., etc.
        Everyone should have adopted a Josey Wales lifestyle and remained happy in relative isolationism.

        • Along with towns came townspeople, town councils, town police,

          Bars, prostitutes, gambling drunkenness, corruption.. You know, all the things that make life worth living.

        • PB_fan59,
          I agree completely. Population density is a (the?) causal factor in just about every problem. I never appreciated that fully until I moved away from home.

          Ironically, in the “Wild West” where I now live, while the overall population density is a small fraction of my northeastern birth state’s, it isn’t the paradise it could be because governments own nearly all the land here. Even more ironic is the proportion of outdoorsmen who see that as a “benefit”.

        • First the silver run out, then the whiskey run out, then the beer, it’s good to see a high roller nowadays.

  15. Just goes to show that she doesn’t know any gun owners except through her own lens of fearing/despising us for not acquiescing to her point of view (and projecting that it is we who fear/despise her when we don’t particularly care about her and others who believe as she does).

    The mask slips a little at the end with her Ghandi quote suggesting it’s “courageous” to meet deadly force without resistance and die. That is of course the end goal of her tribe – be defenseless before state and private actors, comrades! Doesn’t matter how many innocents suffer death, great bodily harm or assault in the process – and to suggest that any should be able to effectively defend themselves is “fascism” of course!

  16. She writes that she “does not judge those who choose” guns. But isn’t that the point of her article? She decries the “Wild West mentality displayed by too many gun owners.” How many is too many? What is an acceptable number?

  17. 1st of all; holy run on word salad sentence batman! That 2nd paragraph is abysmal.

    2nd, your idols were a communist sympathizing womanizing hypocrite (King), and an anti black racist who molested his niece (Gandhi).

  18. As a black woman, she should know that she is among the most preyed upon demographic for violent criminals who use other than guns to inflict their violence.

    More than 70% of the black unarmed victims of all violent crime types are seriously injured or killed by violent criminals using hands or knife/blade (including domestic and sexual violence which is rampant in the black demographic), more than 80% of firearms armed black victims are not injured or killed because they employed defensive gun use.

    More than 40% of Black women will experience domestic (DV) or intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime. Black women make up 8% of the population but on average account for 22% of those murdered due to DV/IPV. Black women are almost three times as likely to experience death as a result of DV/IPV than White women. Overall an estimated 1.3 million American women experience DV/IPV each year. Women make up 85% of the victims of DV/IPV. Despite this, most cases are never reported to the police and most women victims of this are victimized by people they know and in the black communities DV/IPV is still treated as a “family secret”.

    As a black woman, she is a fool for not being armed with a firearm and prepared to use it.

  19. hoping for a chingchong dingbat variant.
    for no open carry locales, exactly what “strength” is being exhibited by concealment?
    “No one will be safe…”
    no one ever was.
    “’…wild west’” mentality…”
    staph, sweetie, let’s take a ride. we’ve got a wild west side mentality that will dampen your depends.
    als, it is the strength to defend yourself that is essential to self defense. dying trying is no one’s intention.

    • MLK at one point attempted to get a carry permit and was denied. He had firearms in his home. He had armed people with him.

      Ghandi was a racist and pedophile.

  20. Lord, make me fast and accurate.
    Let my aim be true and my hand faster
    than those who wish to harm me and mine.
    Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”.
    and Lord, if today is truly the day you are to call me home,
    Let me die in a pile of spent brass.

    • I’ve always been partial to the Valhalla idea. The scum you kill in this life will be your slaves in the next life. Yeah, that pile of brass sounds good, if you subscribe to the Norse religions.

      The downside is, you’ll be overseeing a scum slave population in the next life. Oh well, There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

      • I’m familiar with Valhalla, but not with that viewpoint.

        What you described (treating people killed in battle as “scum” and slaves) is not only the opposite of everything I’ve read about Valhalla (being killed in battle is regarded as the highest good, as well as the prerequisite for entry), but would also leave no one there who isn’t someone else’s slave.

        P.S. Why is this awaiting moderation?

  21. She is the racist. I know as many black and Spanish gun owners as white ones. I just don’t know that many Asians or I would know Asian gun owners.The one Samoan I know is a gun owner. I guess they are white suprematists too? I am not afraid to die, I have already faced the reaper more than once. Jesus still has something for me to do. Fortune cookie.45lc hope you know imitation is most sincere flattery.

  22. :checks stats: yep most purchases are still being done by women up here and with increasing diversity. So garbage article in the first paragraph.

  23. Tell me, Ms Williams, how do you “learn to live together” when someone is trying to rob you of your hard earned money?

    • To Mz Williams, give EVERYTHING to the criminal and hope they don’t kill you afterwards.

      And you better have more for their next collection.

  24. JESUS basically said in the Bible that you will protect yourself from evil doers “IF you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” LUKE 22…God will rarely save anyone…that is up to you…

  25. It is a constant annoyance to me that people who feel the need to analyze and “diagnose” gun owners feel that they can do so without, obviously, ever having spoken to one. This, combined with their apparent lack of the ability to do math (so, 23,000 gun deaths so far this year? That means that roughly 329,977,000 people have not died from a gunshot wound this year – 99.993% of us.) bores the hell out of me.

  26. In my lines of work, I have unfortunately been a witness to people dying in numerous sorts of ways…THEY WERE ALL HORRIFIED IN THEIR FINAL MOMENTS…THEY ALL HAD REGRETS…Dont ever listen to someone say they are not scared off dying…ITS A B.S. STATEMENT FOR ANYONE TO MAKE…

    • Dont ever listen to someone say they are not scared off dying…ITS A B.S. STATEMENT FOR ANYONE TO MAKE…

      I have no fear of death, I’m not going pull into the path of a speeding Semi of put a loaded gun to my head and pull the trigger (common sense) NOT because I’m AFRAID to die but because I prefer living. I know how I will face death because I’ve been there done that and the next time, I’ll face it just as I have before. My conscience is clear, and I have no regrets. So don’t try to put ALL men into the same little box, if you want to go out like a whimpering puppy that’s your business but I like my way better.

      • A FINE EXAMPLE OF A LONG B.S. STATEMENT….I have seen very tough grizzled, battle hardened and ruthless people begging me and paramedics to save them, until their last whimper…At one point, I said similar things as you….Pray for a quick death, is all I can tell you…YOU WILL TRY VERY HARD TO HOLD ON, IF THERE IS LIFE IN YOU…

        • Your statement is based on ignorance fueled by your limited contact with the world in general. Until you have met me and understand my circumstances, lifestyle and history you really should refrain from judging me with whatever knowledge you think you possess. I’ve been dead, I don’t fear the experience because I know there is nothing to fear, dead is dead. Don’t try to project your fears and insecurities on people you know absolutely nothing about. I’ve seen men die (by my hand and by others) and I’ve seen men willingly put themselves in positions where the only possible outcome was death (some made it some didn’t). You know jack about what goes though the minds of ALL men.

        • MADDMAX is a joke…Ive been in some places You can’t imagine…not just a retired LE…you sound like a real poser to me…I will call your bluff anytime… been there lived through that…100% unimpressed or intimidated…

        • So, you’ve proven yourself to be just another Miner/dacian/Albert level TROLL (no not a compliment), don’t give a flying fuck what you think. Your conjecture is nothing more than a projection of your own sad pathetic loser life. I know where I’ve been and apparently, you’ve had a lot of experience as a poser so carry on clown. And thanks for playing.

  27. As usual, Democrats and progressives are projecting. They don’t trust themselves with a gun, so nobody can be trusted.

    Hey Democrats!! If you stop coddling CRIMINALS and DEGENERATES, things will get a whole lot better, within a couple years. Feel like you’re being stalked? Pick your place, allow the stalker to catch up with you, and blow him away. No more need to fear. Be slow in calling 911. I don’t mean three days later, just give the perp about 15 minutes to bleed out. Somewhat like the cops did in Uvalde, except, it’s the perp we want to die.

  28. Well well well, what have we here? A brain dead race-baiting grifter who isn’t a big city politician.

  29. So love of country is now somehow automatically fascist? How the hell have we allowed things to get to this point? Even as a product of the Sixties I was taught love of country through elementary and high school and wasn’t exposed to leftist “education” until college and easily rejected it. Are brains today more susceptible to indoctrination than they were before? I just find it amazing that drivel like this “scholar” spews is taken as legitimate.

  30. I remember a guy telling me about when a woman berated him for using his gun as a mental penis booster or something. He showed her his 2” barreled snubby and said “you sure about that?”

  31. This article deserves a “Chef’s Kiss” award of unintentional parody.

    Seriously, you could not write an article that better captures the essence of a fringe activist.

    You’ve got the head-up-the-bum sense of superiority (“The misinformed believe…”), you’ve got the democracy is in peril talking point, you’ve got the open borders talking point, you’ve got the vulnerable groups most affected talking point. You even have a quasi-Fudd I’m actually the sensible one here moment with the whole “I don’t judge others about guns” even though the entire piece is judging gun owners.

    She should go work for The Babylon Bee.

  32. The Deacons for Self-Defense and Justice carried guns at protest marches in the late 1950s and early 1960’s. So this woman’s parents could later give birth to her. Instead of the “White citizens council” having her parents just “disappear”. Like so many unarmed civil rights workers did. Only later to be found shot or stabbed to death.

    I wonder just how much the white Liberals are paying her??? Just like they paid off many in the civil rights leadership, to stop supporting black folks 2A gun civil rights.

    • Thinking didn’t MLK pack a revolver too? And he was as much a true pacifist as anyone in history.

  33. Williams: “Don’t confuse me with facts. It hurts my feelings. Fish are friends, not food.”

  34. Read an article that said the Human Brain has shrunk by 5 to 10% in the last 200 years. About the time some idiots came up with the beginnings of the Communist/Marxist philosophy.
    Cause and effect perhaps?
    While I can’t answer for anyone else, I for 1 do not fear death. To paraphrase Twain,” Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” I’ve come close to death several times over the course of my life. So, no I do not fear death. But, I’m in no hurry to meet it.
    Of course, there is the silly manhood smear. Guess women who own firearms are suffering from penis envy.
    Then comes the “Wild West” bullcrap. Never mind you stood a better chance of death in the old west from illness, or accident, or starvation/dehydration, than from firearms. Much of the wild west is nothing but Hollywood hype.
    The other thing about the wild west was you had many younger men, large amounts of alcohol, and little education. A situation that is problematic today. Young males are not renowned for their intelligent decision making when alcohol or drugs are involved. Toss in firearms and you get what we see in many cities today.
    Lastly is the insistence on only government agents be armed. Has that ever worked out for the populace anywhere at any time in history? How many times have we seen authoritarian government murder millions of their own, as well as inflict more horror through warfare? Just in the last century.

  35. “I know people own weapons for different reasons and although such possession runs contrary to my personal and spiritual beliefs I do not judge others who chose them. What I question however is the “wild west” mentality displayed by too many gun owners.”

    She speaks foolishness and merely substitutes “question” for “judge”. Make no mistake, she is definitely judging POTG and it is clearly illustrated in this paragraph.

    As far as Gandhi’s quote, “one ought to have the strength to die.” It is a given that all will die, but in the mean time that same strength should be devoted to living which includes the protection of self and others.

    Stephanie Williams does not have any thoughts of her own and relies on the muses of others.

  36. If you have a pew or a stabby boi, and you try to pew me or poke me, I think it’s fair that I can defend myself. That’s aligned nicely with my personal and spiritual beliefs.

  37. Grace Stevens continues to demonstrate she has no understanding of firearm issues whatsoever. Two thirds of firearm deaths are by suicide and if she wants real stats go to the
    FBI website. There is nothing to substantiate her opinions on the issues she pursues. I am a gun owner, and I don’t know anyone who has a wild west attitude, and I am 76 years old and have been around firearms for over 50 years. One should have some real-life experience before spouting off about issues they are obviously very ignorant about. The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens and lets take a look at the real causes of increased violence with firearms and otherwise. How about defund the police, open borders, lack of judicial enforcement of the laws, and DA’s who won’t prosecute serious criminal behavior to mention just a few. On top of that lets review the videos of Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Waters and other Democrats supporting and justifying violent behavior during the 2020 riots and other occasions. So please GRACE spare us the opinions of someone totally ignorant of the topic they address or at least give both sides of the story

    • Grace Stevens is a pro-gun TTAG columnist who posted an article clearly attributed to an outside writer – just as Dan and other TTAG folks sometimes do.

    • So many times Grace is attacked for not what she wrote, but what others have wrote.

      The attention to detail is nonexistent for some.

      Do better dprato.

    • “Two thirds of firearm deaths are by suicide …”

      Over 60 % of those are later determined to be accidents or homicides (staged to look like suicides).

  38. Scooter that reminds me of her comment, “although such possession runs contrary to my personal and spiritual beliefs”
    There are people who are overly concerned about people who have tattoos. I don’t wonder why others don’t have tattoos, so why should others wonder why I have tattoos. (Yosemite Sam on my right arm would send them into shock, not to mention the Tasmanian Devil on my left arm.)
    The same analogy goes for gun ownership. I don’t wonder why others don’t own guns and it’s really none of their business as to why I do own guns.
    Relative to “spiritual beliefs”, there is no Biblical text taken in context that justifies her personal beliefs.

  39. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. This is how the collectivists ( on both sides of the aisle) recruit more useful idiots. Her argument contradicts itself in the premise. No value judgements but goes on to use adjectives that negatively describe your opponents. If dying is so noble, then why wear a seatbelt or take a mandatory vaccine for decreasingly lethal virus?

  40. Since I’m not a dood, I have first dibs in telling her she’s a dummy. I own guns to protect myself and my family. I don’t care if gunmen shoot down waves of liberals. Less is better. If I ever find myself in a situation where I have to defend myself and my family I want the most dangerous, deadliest weapon with lots of ammo. I’m not going to find myself squeezing off 10 rounds and saying ‘goodbye world’. I am going to shoot until all threats are gone. Home invasions are no longer the lone prowler with a bag of breakin tools, now it’s gangs of 5-7 young guys breaking into a house, holding people hostage, taking the jewelry, raping all the women in the house and leaving everyone beaten in the basement. I’m stunned at how crime is slowly creeping up on my leafy tree lined quiet little street in Massachusetts. Just a few streets away a home invasion occurred last weekend. They still haven’t caught the criminals oh and the criminals? They tried to burn the house down with the people still inside when they left. It was a neighbor who saw the fire and saved everyone. F the brain dead left. These people are world class idiots.

  41. No bimbot, I don’t want to get put in the hospital because your hood rat kids think they have a right to everything I own.

  42. @24+7 and Ms. Williams too:
    First off, Mr. 24, I applaud your choice of endeavors. Me, I don’t have the guts for medicine. BUT you assume you understand Death when you have been but a mere observer of the process. A Voyeur.
    You need to SEE your own death happening. In process, and no stopping it.
    A Done Deal. The Wraith turning away from you and hollering “NEXT!”
    You are today’s poster child of Purveyors Of Misrepresented Events. You’ve seen or heard about it, now you are on a lecture tour. Sorry, but OTHER PEOPLE’s reactions to a major event IN NO WAY define mine.
    EXAMPLE: Watching a flat black metal object tumble end over end, directly over your head. It looks just like a nun buoy, but small. You understand that in two more seconds something big and final is gonna happen. It lands where it was thrown from. It is directly overhead, and you threw it. You and the grunts huddling on top of the bunker just shrug and say “Oh, Well”.
    Nobody is scared, not even a little.
    It’s a WP grenade.
    My assumption is that neither you, nor the victims/patients you tried to rescue had enjoyed any life ending experiences before. Nor settled their accounts with God. Necessary steps.
    My point is that there is nothing to fear. It makes zero sense to be afraid when you are relaxing in Life’s Last Hot Tub. There is no fear there, just another interesting episode or vignette. I’m really interested…I watch.
    Come have a cup of coffee with me. I don’t hate you, but the complete and utter misconception of us gun owners is the NORM, and that upsets me.
    And Misconceptions like these seem to give “The Misinformed” the right not just to hate others, but to violently strip away their God-given rights.

    NO, you can’t.

  43. “The strength to kill is not essential for self-defense; *one ought to have the strength to die.*”
    Further proof as to what Democrats believe and will act on when the time comes? I think so.
    Because she isn’t talking about her being the one dying.

  44. Ms. Williams needs to practice on engaging her brain before shifting her mouth into gear.
    That is all. Carry On.

  45. Stephanie Williams is executive editor of the IE Voice and Black Voice News. A longtime champion for civil rights and justice in all its forms, she is also an advocate for government transparency and committed to ferreting out and exposing government corruption. Stephanie has received awards for her investigative reporting and for her weekly column, Keeping it Real. Contact Stephanie with tips, comments. or concerns at.

    [email protected].

  46. Nobody is safe in a country obsessed with liberalism. Most of us don’t realize how far to the left this country has slipped towards a nanny state.

    Fascism is a form of totalitarianism, therefore it is a leftist political philosophy and is mostly experienced in blue states, which as far more government control.

    The red states need to get redder. That is to say, eliminate illegal bureaucracy, eliminate illegal “laws”, eliminate rules and regulations and require the legislature to do its job. There is only so many hours in a day, so do legitimate government functions, cut taxes and go home.

  47. Wanted to comment, but Fox News (at 17:30 PST Wednesday 20JUL22) is being JAMMED (Again, Again).
    We’re talking about COWARDICE HERE, as they were relating to the actual cowardly murder of a Police Officer. You leftist liberals are so cowardly that you are scared to death of people being told the truth.
    I’ve seen cowardly behavior over and over. I can smell your cowardice from here.

    You do everything because you are afraid. I’m embarrassed for you…

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