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That’s some serious willpower.


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    • 4 of the same model on one purchase?

      That might raise an alarm about a potential straw purchaser.

  1. Neither one. But that’s just me. I need a .357 lever gun to go with my Ruger revolver. But I don’t want to go near an lgs because I’ve been known to impulse buy.

      • I wanted to wait until I had a chance to handle the new Ruger/Marlin. The last lever gun I had was an old school Marlin .30-30. That was a good gun.

      • No threaded barrel for that Rossi?

        Yeah, I know, you all in Cali can’t play with the really fun toys quite yet… 🙁

  2. I’ve bought multiple firearms more than once. Maybe that’s why I’m divorced. I like the firearms better than her. They don’t nag.

    • Lucky you I’ve got ones that nag me all the time
      “you never the me out, I’m always stuck at home”. I just close the safe and walk away

      • You should treat them right. Then they’ll treat you right.

        Just to be clear, I am talking about the guns.

      • Tired, my son is always happy to take them out for a stretch. With my ammunition.

        • Don’t remind me. Now my son has me reloading .308s so he can get good enough to hunt.

    • When ever my girlfiend starts complaining I whip out my Gock.
      Then she grabs her hatchet.

        • Is she Lorena Bobbit’s sister?

          *wince* 🙁

          I think he got an offer to star in a porno (after reattachment) for something like 500 thou, even that kind of money wouldn’t be worth it for me…

        • The poor guy will be the butt of jokes all his life, 500 thou of pity money for allowing them to tape what comes natural could sure help.

  3. As for me I’ve got one more gunm purchase on mind and then I’m done buying gunms.
    Well maybe two more.

    • I’m good for a couple of years, but there is still a list, and there’s more than two gunms on it. Gotta pay off a couple of other toys first.

    • John D. Rockefeller was once asked . . . “How much money is enough?” His reply . . . “Just a little more!” The same applies to guns, beans & bullets.

  4. I have a couple duplicates in the collection. Might have to part with a couple to make room in the safe. But, I don’t really need or want any more handguns. Now I can think of a few long arms I would like. Perhaps a nice 45LC lever gun to match up with the Colt SAA. Perhaps a new pump shotty with a shorter tactical length barrel. Or perhaps an AR in .50 Beowulf. A nice new hog buster.

  5. Gotta get things lined up for a NODs and PEQ purchase. After that, I’m done for awhile. Of course I said the same thing last year after I bought my plates, carrier, and ballistic helmet. “After the gas mask, I’m good.” Live and learn.

  6. Yeah, when you reach the point where your better half rolls her eyes when you explain all the bells, whistles and Why I gotta’s, you know you’re real close to marriage counseling.
    The “I bought it for you to be safe” ploy isn’t working anymore. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I ‘guess’ it depends on whether you can somehow justify the purchase, and whether you have a few pennies left after the most recent ammo purchase 😉

  8. I am a small-time collector. You have to have a supportive wife or it’s not good. It’s good at our house.

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