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Uh, sure.


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    • Six months prior I misplaced my work and after that I was blessed sufficient to falter upon a extraordinary site which truly spared me. I begun working for them online and in a brief time after I’ve begun averaging 15k a month… The finest thing was that cause I am not that computer smart all I required was a few essential writing aptitudes and web get to to begin.
      ) AND Great Luckiness

    • I wouldn’t know about tactical or feels, why? Because I’ve not downloaded the app to tell me how I’m supposed to feel or be tactical.
      I think the How Do You Feel app is on Google’s Play Store, the same place you download the app to get rid of popups from Google Play store.
      How do I feel? I feel real, really pissed because I cant do a damned thing anymore unless I’ve downloaded a fckin app.
      Applications may apply

      • Yep, took my car to the dealership yesterday for the oil change they owed me and they sent a link to my phone for me to download their service app. Like hell!

        • Rusty – coulda been worse – my dealer screwed up the dash display AND changed the radio station ;-(

    • My generation is into aggressive grips and gets triggered by grip safeties……..or was the generation that started the #nonsense. Yeah don’t know of on this one been ok with 1911/Glock/Beretta/SIG so long as it fit the hand and cycled when needed.

  1. The owner can also virtue signal their anti-gun bona fides by purchasing from a gun company that supported regulations on the common citizens and companies in Illinois. It’s perfect gun for them.

  2. Mystified. I do not understand this meme at all.

    Not a criticism. I am just not that plugged in to modern society to catch these subtleties.

    • Just people busting on Springfield and millenials for features other guns have had for well over 100 years or that people have added to their guns for probably just as long. What was the generation or 2 before the boomers? What is the term for John Moses Browning’s generation? That’s who invented grip safeties and aggressive stipling.

      NB: I do not support or condone Springfields self serving legislative actions. The two Springfield guns I own were bought by a friend before that happened and I bought them from him. Still thinking about selling them and putting the money towards Glocks or milsurps. But functionally neither one has had any problems or malfunctions for either me or my friend.

      • God, I hate the generational naming thing, but it is old. Here’s a list back to the start of the US because the stupidity of naming generations because reasons goes back to before 1600 in the Anglosphere.

        1761-1791 Compromise
        1792-1821 Transcendental
        1822-1842 Gilded
        1843-1859 Progressive
        1860-1882 Missionary
        1883-1900 Lost
        1901-1927 Greatest/G.I.
        1928-1945 Silent
        1946-1964 Boomer
        1965-1980 X
        1981-1996 Millennial
        1997-2012 Z
        2013-2025 Alpha

        Born in 1855, JMB was “Progressive”, five prior to the Boomers. Weird how people born at just the right time to fight the revolution were called “compromise”, huh?

  3. This 9mm Rifle Is Fun, Practical, High Quality & Affordable – Springfield Saint Victor 9mm PCC. (my note: I just got one of these, well actually its on loan right now but I might get to keep it for nothing and if not then I’ll be able to get it 50% off).

    • I’m too paranoid.

      For the time being, they are divorced and not near each other… 🙁


        “In her prior order granting the preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Jane J. Boyle wrote, ‘The Court grants in part the Motion and issues a preliminary injunction as to Plaintiffs in this case only,’ leaving a question as to whether the injunction applied to members of SAF. Late yesterday, SAF filed a motion to clarify the scope of the injunction. Today, Judge Boyle clarified the prior order with a new order and in a docket entry which stated, ‘The Court confirms that its Preliminary Injunction Order applies to both the Second Amendment Foundation, Inc. and its members.’ “

  4. Meme had to of been made by a boomer that can’t differentiate. The youngest millennials are nearly thirty with the oldest ones being over forty. The people the meme is targeting are all things that are derivative of Gen Z. There were no “Safe spaces” or even such a concept when most millennials went to university. They are also the generation of South Park. The generation that inventing memes and trolling, making the triggered claim also laughable.

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