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“Never trust quotes on the internet.” — Abraham Lincoln


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  1. Q: what is the difference between Alec Baldwin’s gun handling skills and his submarine driving skills ?
    A: None, they are both pretend skills he PLAYS in movies which don’t carry over to real life.

      • Might wanna put some Preparation H on that butthurt, pal. It’s making you cranky and unfunny – typical Leftist.

  2. Good one😉 MeanwhileAlec “killer” Baldwin claims the “accident” was a one in a trillion event. The hilarious Hilaria was not amused. The gal who pretended to be Spanish for years…FREE KYLE!

  3. I think they should have a new category for the Oscars: Most injuries with a single bullet from a prop gun on a movie set.

    That way Alec Baldwin could finally get an Oscar he actually deserved.

  4. never trust an actor.

    (in sunday school learned that the greek word “hypocrite” means “actor”.)

      • And these days, all actors seem to be politicians.

        Perhaps the two are inextricably linked.

        As for me, I always take my political and policy advice from unqualified actors and athletes. They are obviously brilliant policy analysts.

  5. Obviously no one on the movie set has ever taken a basic firearms class. First rule: treat every firearm as if it is loaded. So, that said. If you just watched someone clear a firearm and handed it to you, begs the question; would you put it to your head and pull the trigger? yea, I didn’ think so. And that is why proper firearm handling is that you always check the firearm no matter who hands it to you. Simple. Why is this so difficult to understand? Because they are liberal piecies of crap.

    • “Obviously no one on the movie set has ever taken a basic firearms class.”

      They don’t need a class, they know everything there is to know about guns, and that is that they’re far too dangerous for anyone but the police and military to handle.

      You know, the police. The out-of-control group of racists that murder thousands of innocent blacks daily, and just walk away, scot-free. Only they and the baby-killing military should have them…

      • Just remember that you would also be a miserable asshole if, like Geoff, you’d never known a woman in the biblical sense.

        • Your butt-hurt is just so *precious*!

          Unlike you, last weekend, I spent a pleasant afternoon with a woman I didn’t have to pay for.

          Suck on it long and hard, little boy… 🙂

  6. The film industry is claiming there is a special protocol for handling firearms on a movie set and because of this, they can dispense with the universal gun safety handling and rules used everywhere else. Well this is because those universal rules establish responsibility and provide for accountability. And nobody in the film industry really wants that. Especially when it comes to guns or just about anything else for that manner. Cooper’s rules establish responsibility for anybody who touches a firearm. The film industries protocol is designed to allow everybody to point fingers at everybody else in case of an accident. Which is EXACTLY what they are doing now. How is that Hollywood gun protocol working out?

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