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  1. And, we have Nashville Trans mass-murderer manifesto *Breaking News*…

    “FBI Denies Request For Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto, Writings”

    “Despite multiple requests for the release of Nashville Christian school shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto and writings surrounding her March 27 attack that left three 9-year-olds and three adults dead, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation denied a request from The Epoch Times for those documents.”

    “The reason the FBI cited in a letter to an Epoch Times reporter based in Tennessee is that U.S. Code exempts from disclosure “records or information compiled for law enforcement records or information… could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings…”

    Those “enforcement proceedings” were not cited in the letter. It is unclear what the enforcement proceedings could be in reference to, as the main suspect, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, died at the scene of the attack.”

    “Enforcement proceedings”? Both the trans mass-murderer and her victims have been dead for weeks now.

    Must be something juicy in there for them to dig in their heels so hard on a simple FOIA request, me thinks… 🙂

    • Deserves its own article. The local police have also declined to produce the manifesto due to “litigation pending.” What this really means is that they are refusing to release the information after they were sued for their refusal to release the information.Or, “we are saying ‘no’ because you sued use for saying ‘no.’ ” The logic is “impeccable.” Yeah, there must be something juicy in there. Or maybe they fear that its release may trigger copy cats. Who knows. The FBI excuse is entirely lame, but they don’t care because there is nothing short of a lawsuit that will get them to spill.

      • “Yeah, there must be something juicy in there. Or maybe they fear that its release may trigger copy cats.”

        That jibes with an earlier report that what’s in there was so bad, they considered it “astronomically dangerous” to release :

        “Audrey Hale manifesto a ‘blueprint on total destruction’ say pols, who claim FBI is stalling its release”

        “Nashville shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto is a “blueprint on total destruction” which the FBI are stalling releasing, according to local politicians, who describe its contents as “astronomically dangerous””

        • Also from the NYP article linked above :

          “Johnston said “parts” of Hale’s writings would eventually come out, but added she feels “the vast, overwhelming majority of it,” presented too much of a danger to the public.”

        • Was the perp reading lil’d’s manifesto?

          Or did the manifesto contain references to plutonium, deuterium, and tritium for “total destruction”.

        • Darkman, how hard is it to copy-and-paste the rantings of antifa members on Discord and Reddit?

        • TTAG, what is so bad about my previous post? There is NO political discussion or any profanity. WordPress needs some serious configuration of it’s bad word list. The default one is a real nanny state.

          Is the words d!sc0rd or R3dd!t ?

        • “Southern Cross
          May 10, 2023 At 19:59
          Was the perp reading lil’d’s manifesto?

          Or did the manifesto contain references to plutonium, deuterium, and tritium for “total destruction”.”

          Every cloud has a silver lining. Except the for the mushroom shaped ones…

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      • “Who knows.”

        I do. It doesn’t fit their narrative. If it fits their narrative, you’ll hear about motives, or at least you’ll hear them speculate about motives, inside of 24 hours from the incident. This is why we have conspiracy theories. They hide the truth unless they gain power from releasing it. The feds are always anonymously leaking tidbits to the media when it serves their agenda. Those are really stealthy press releases, disguised as leaks, designed to manipulate us.

    • It can be assumed with certainty that the contents, when shown the light of day, will tear down any validity the leftards have with their Transhumanist- Maoist agenda. It will lay bare the horrors to the psyche that produced those results that day. It wasn’t just a manifesto, it was one diary after another, a documented decline of self that ended in suicide by cop.

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  2. From the comments, it seems that I’m not the only one who didn’t get the joke.

    • You’re not alone, the S.I. optic condom and the Somali pirate meme doesn’t seem to work. If the captain was the Trijicon and the pirate was a ultra cheap knock off, maybe. Will one of the cool kids please splain, lol.

  3. It shows the existence of militant trans movement in our country and they want them to be a protected species.

    • “It shows the existence of militant trans movement…”


      I *suspect* (but in no way do I know) that it may be along the lines of a ‘call to arms’ of frustrated and angry trans people. And boy-o, do they ever have a lot to be angry about. As in, being talked into taking hormones and surgery, leaving them permanently maimed and-or sterile for life.

      The trannies targeting the cisgendered (straight, normal folks) might well lead to the straight folks hunting them down.

      *That* I could see as a reason to keep it tightly under wrapped. Exposing the big lie would be devastating to those who are all-in on that bullshit…

      • “The trannies targeting the cisgendered (straight, normal folks) might well lead to the straight folks hunting them down.”


        “might well lead to the straight folks hunting them down.”

        Some would say that has been happening for decades:

        “In 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that 20.8% of hate crimes reported to police in 2013 were founded on sexual orientation. Sixty-one percent of those attacks were against gay men.”

        Montana Man Convicted of Federal Hate Crimes and Firearms Charges for Shooting Intended to Rid Community of the Lesbian and Gay Members

        “A federal jury convicted a Montana man of hate and firearms crimes for firing an AK-style assault rifle at the residence of a woman, who identified as lesbian, and was home at the time.“

        “Louisiana Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Kidnapping and Attempting to Murder a Gay Man as Part of Hate Crime Scheme Targeting Users of a Dating App for Gay Men

        Chance Seneca, 21, of Lafayette, Louisiana, was sentenced today to 45 years in federal prison for kidnapping and attempting to murder a gay man as part of a months-long scheme to kidnap and murder gay men.”

        “Crimes motivated by a bias toward gender identity – against transgender and non-binary individuals – have generally risen since 2013, when the FBI first began recording them. At least 11 transgender people have been fatally shot or killed by other violent means in 2019, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Recent media reports suggest that crimes against black transgender women, in particular, have spiked this year.“

        • “Really?
          ‘might well lead to the straight folks hunting them down.’
          Some would say that has been happening for decades”

          Liar49er, back to your tactic of dishonest postings lacking citation?

          “Some” would say — without evidence of such. Your inference is that all crimes against non-straights are committed by straights, but we know that’s false.

          Report says at least 32 transgender people were killed in the U.S. in 2022

          “The data does not encompass those who died by suicide, which has also been documented at significantly higher rates among LGBTQ people than in the general population.

          “The report found that 15 trans people have been killed by police or while incarcerated in jails, prisons or ICE detention centers since 2013, including two this year.

          “Other victims were killed by a person they knew. Since 2013, nearly one-fifth of those whose killer is known were killed by an intimate partner.”

          “Fewer deaths have been reported than at the time of the publication of last year’s report — 47. In 2021, the Human Rights Campaign recorded its highest total of fatal violence against trans and gender-nonconforming people, with 57 deaths by the year’s end.”

          The number of deaths have been steadily declining since 2019.

          “This year saw unprecedented amounts of negative rhetoric and stigma aimed by anti-equality political leaders and public figures at transgender and nonbinary people, as well as their families, loved ones and even their medical providers,” Goldberg said. “You can’t separate that from the horrific, ongoing violence against transgender people.”

          And that, ladies and germs, is why the Nashville transgender murderer’s manifesto will not be released to the public. The narrative must be protected — at the cost of the truth.

        • Considering that so-called hate crimes is an invented term to single out a particular class of victim that a straight white male may target, then it’s not in the least unusual that a large percentage of “hate crimes” are against gays or ethnic minorities – in fact, that number should be close to 100%, since hate crimes can only be made against those classes!

        • Claims that transgender are being targeted already then doesn’t cite a single example.

    • Ed, I just got all moderated for my lengthily reply to your comment.

      I 1 hundred percent agree with your assessment, and where it will lead.

      Somewhere real, real *bad* for them.

      What we really need is a federal gov leaker…

      • We have a federal government leaker, it’s a president and it leaks all the time. In one interview our Great Ilusterious Benevolent Most Wise and All Powerful: President Joseph Robinett Biden said loudly over the chopper,,,” I had my ass wiped.”
        Leak on Mr President, Leak on.

      • Geoff, they should be careful of what they want because they get more than they counted on. The silent majority will be quiet until the tipping point.

        • Sure there is.
          If you only count the make-believe lady prostitutes who are then murdered by their, mostly minority, Johns upon discovering the prostitutes extra anatomical bits.

          Toss in “silence and violence” and “words are violence” thought processes these mentally divergent clowns all have then we can conclude there are bands of WASPy neo-nazis roaming the streets chasing transies into dead-end alleyways and setting them on fire.

          Sure, they’re only a dozen of them in any given town, maybe, but we all know hundreds are murdered everyday. Heads mounted on spikes along Main Street, U.S.A..

      • Dr. Michael Laidlaw an Endocrinologist from California explains the devastating effects that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical modifications can have on children’s developing bodies.

      • How Many Mass Shootings Have Been Carried Out by Transgender People? >


        Its probably a lot more transgender mass shooters than that known by the shooters own self declaration or social activity.

        Its generally thought that most mass shootings have been conducted by cisgender males (or cisgender females, and there have been some of these) but its actually a matter of interpretation and language used as to if the shooter was cisgender or transgender and no one ever asks. You will notice that of the ‘trans’ mass-shooters identified as trans they were only identified that way because they had in some way self-declared and it was a known thing because of that self-declaration.

        Basically, for example, if the shooter looks like a man and is a biological male the media and police and others never ask if they are really transgender and its assumed the shooter is cisgender male and the media and left-wing and liberals go wild with the ‘male mass-shooter’ narrative.

        However, a lot of transgender people are not ‘out’ and don’t self declare and will continue to portray the gender/sex role that’s its assumed they should have by their family or friends or social circle. So there is a good possibility that a lot of mass-shooters (which includes school shooters) that have been traditionally assumed to be cisgender were really transgender and its just not known because they have not self-declared in some manner.

        1950 to date (including the Nashville shooting since that’s coming up here in comments)

        1. 73% of mass shooters had a known history of childhood trauma

        2. 85% of mass shooters showed signs of a crisis in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting

        3. 92% of mass shooters were suicidal prior to the shooting or committed suicide during the shooting.

        4. 93% of mass shooters communicated their plans ahead of time to someone else.

        5. 86% of mass shooters showed a high degree of planning before the shooting

        6. 94% of mass shooters showed an interest in previous mass shootings and studied them or knew about them and wanted to emulate them in some manner, due to media coverage and anti-gun groups and pro-gun-control activists highlighting them.

        All have shown signs of mental illness.

        In the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management. (Lankford, A., & Cowan, R. G. (2020)) ( )

        … Cowan writes of their research they “…closely analyzed public mass shooters who attacked in the United States from 1966 to 2019 and found that correlates of mental illness were approximately equally common among perpetrators, whether they had been coded as mentally ill or not.”

        Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass shooters, summed it up for the issue for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community basically has no treatment.

        In parallel studies, and hinted at in others, a large majority of mass shooters examined had indicators of gender identity issues indicating they were suppressing a transgender identity.)

        • “mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined”

          It’s called evil. They’re trying to explain it away by calling it mental illness.

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    if they weren’t American, it would be cheap Chinese crap. They are the “Glock store” of the entire firearms gucci world.

  6. Doesn’t CA have red-flag laws?
    Why didn’t someone report this woman as a clear danger to herself and others?
    Why didn’t the sheriff come to her home and remove any and all deadly weapons from her possession?
    How did she get her hands on such a dangerous device while she was clearly and demonstrably mentally ill?
    Why aren’t we subjecting drivers to psychological testing and stringent training on an annual basis before we allow them behind the wheel of a 3,500-lb deadly weapon?

    Do we run a daily total of mass murders or mass killings committed with other weapons besides guns?

    Nurse charged with killing six in 130 mph LA horror smash has ‘psychotic episodes’

    • Do we run a daily total of mass murders or mass killings committed with other weapons besides guns?

      It doesn’t fit the narrative.

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