Schlichter: The Left Is Working to Criminalize Normal People and Normalize Criminals

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There’s a war going on against our sacred right to self-defense, and we need to defend that right, ruthlessly and vigorously against the communists who want us living in fear. And they do want us living in fear – sheep are easier to shear than sheepdogs. If you look what happened in New York City, where some mutant bum decided to threaten a bunch of people on a subway car, and then some heroes subdued him, and then he vapor-locked, and then the usual cast of liars and race-pimps screeched, you can see what they are doing – not merely trying to disarm us but trying to make us fear to defend ourselves at all.

They want you terrified and impotent in the face of their unofficial militia, the criminals. The right to keep and bear arms means nothing if you are going to get jammed up whenever you have to use hot lead to stop the latest trans shooter, or junkie with a knife, or carjacker, or schizo hobo, or whatever. Which is the idea.

So, it is the guys defending the citizens on the train who are being treated as criminals and the terminated criminal who is being treated as a hero. The message is clear – accept that you must accept abuse. Understand that this moral inversion is all a lie – the stiff was a scumbag who was a fugitive for attacking a 67-year-old woman; they just want to exploit his justified death.

This is happening all over the country in the blue cities thanks to the Soros prosecutor conspiracy – and if you don’t like me criticizing Soros, shove it. Time to stop this madness, at least where we can at the moment. Time to clearly side with the normals over the criminals who the ruling caste is using as tyrannical catspaws.

Their wicked plan is perfectly obvious – to criminalize normal people and normalize criminals. Thieves, bums, losers, junkies, whores, and other trash – they are the heroes in this morally bankrupt morality play, and we normals are the villains.

The first step to fighting back is to see the truth, and the truth is right there. You just have to be hard enough to accept it and to not allow them to leverage your empathy or compassion into tolerating having to be afraid as some sort of price you owe for the crime of not being a lowlife. They want us, quiet, complacent, and obedient. They want a society where we live in fear.

Not them, though – this subway vermin did not invade the Met Gala last week. Hell, he would never get anywhere near the princes and princesses and princexxs strutting around in their zillion dollar gowns. Rubbing shoulders with social detritus is for you little people forced to ride public transportation – just wait until we ban your cars and trucks and you have no escape! The costs of the bourgeoisie’s moral posturing is to be paid by you and me, and not by the preeners.

The hell with that. No one wants you disarmed so you can protect yourself more. They want you to be vulnerable. The hell with that. Buy guns and ammunition. Right now, it is open season for normal people. I say we make it open season on criminals. 

– Kurt Schlichter in We Must Defend Self-Defense

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  1. Normalizing criminal behavior has been a very large part of the craziness taking place over the last few years.

    • I am 73 yrs. old and have seen several demonrat administrations in the District of Criminals. Each and everyone of them were soft on criminals, tough on law abiding citizens, and anti self defense. These are marxist tendencies and have gotten worse over the years. Our entire government is controlled by Marxists. I only know one way that works to remove them.

      • Even though I wasn’t a teen until the 80s I’ve seen the “Pr0gressive way” since I was in junior school. If a bully hit you, YOU were in trouble for provoking them. The bully was acting out because of (insert psychobabble bull$h!t here).

        The elites concern for criminals over citizens. Criminals were stealing to provide what society wouldn’t. And we as members of this society need to be punished and accept our losses. Isn’t that is what insurance is for?

        But the last 5-10 years have really dialed up the craziness. But the chardonnay-s0cialists and Moet-m@rx!sts will insulated from the insanity they unleash by wealth and influence.

  2. Expect to see a Charles Taylor styled army of drugged kids in costumes running wild through the U.S. practicing cannibalism within our lifetime.

    I see absolutely no checks or proposed checks in place to prevent this from occurring. In fact anyone proposing prevention is shot down for their counter-revolutionary ideas.

    • Theoretically speaking, the solution may turn out to be “shoot and scoot.” Adapt the tactics of the criminal.

      Theoretically, you could buy a weapon from a private seller. Dress to conceal your identity from cameras or facial recognition. Defend yourself, but make certain that your attacker is DRT. Leave the area and do your best to not be seen or identified. Ditch your weapon in an unrecoverable location.

      You won’t get a fair shake in our “legal system” anyway. Theoretically speaking, of course.

      Most murders in large cities are unsolved. What’s a few more to add to the total?

      Theoretically speaking, of course.

    • The check is buying yourself a defensive weapon, finding out about the Make My Day or Castle Domain laws in your area, and what the law says about defending yourself out on the street and then apply that knowledge when an issue arises. and defend yourself when it does. Better you on trial for killing them then, them on trial or not for killing you. Never hesitate to defend yourself with appropriate force to stop the threat. You don’t have to take any nonsense from anyone if you really do not want to.

    • “Expect to see a Charles Taylor styled army of drugged kids in costumes running wild through the U.S. practicing cannibalism within our lifetime.”

      What a rich internal fantasy life you must have.

      • Says the guy that can delude himself into believing poll taxes and permits to exercise a civil right are not fascist ideas.

      • Whats to imagine?

        This has already happened in other parts of the world. The summer of chaz got us a quarter or a third of the way there. All the media, political class and billionaires loved it and wanted more of it.

        I suppose as long as the drug of choice remains opioids we’re more likely to see meandering hordes rather than rampaging ones. Maybe we’ll luck out and PCP and meth won’t be popular again.

    • Yes. Read the entire article. He makes some important points, and not just about self-defense. He’s somewhat conveying what I’ve been saying for awhile now. Red states are the answer. If used property, they can add a level of protection against the leftist insanity. Slightly off topic, but strengthening red states is also the answer to ultimately retaking the country. The focus has to be on locking down red states and flipping purple states one by one. That doesn’t happen without purging Rinos at the state level. They’re holding us back. See PA, WI, AZ, GA, etc. Flipping CA is a pipe dream, and a waste of time. A few relocated Cali right wingers could easily flip Arizona and Nevada.

      We can’t be afraid to wield power (sorry libertarians). The hands off approach hasn’t worked. It has made the situation much worse. Now we’re playing catch up. Ron DeSantis is a good example of how to properly wield government power.

  3. I think that if I had a weakness, that prevented me breathing as soon as someone puts something resembling a chokehold on me, I would avoid any situation in which someone might want to put a chokehold on me. Some other line of work might be safer. I mean, seriously, if you dig ditches for a living, your shovel isn’t going to choke you out. If you drive truck for a living, your truck isn’t going to choke you – well – if you keep the exhaust system working. Taking orders at McDonalds doesn’t usually result in choking.

    Robbing people seems like a very hazardous trade.

    I wonder what the insurance companies charge robbers for life and health insurance?

    • ” …prevented me breathing as soon as someone puts something resembling a chokehold on me …”

      That’s not what happened; not picking on you as you likely agree that the narrative doesn’t match reality.

      “Robbing people seems like a very hazardous trade. I wonder what the insurance companies charge robbers for life and health insurance?”

      Not surprisingly, they’re uninsurable. But they certainly cost insurance companies (their policyholders, actually) millions of dollars each year paying for damages and thefts, and injuries to victims.

      IMO, criminals should be finding their profession growing more hazardous — it just doesn’t work that way here any more.

      • “IMO, criminals should be finding their profession growing more hazardous —…”

        As it should.

        Violent crime will plummet when thugs decide that line of ‘work’ will get them killed.

        As the Clint Eastwood movie line went – “Ever get the feeling you fucked with the wrong person? That’s me.” 🙂

    • I do get the impression someone is trying to reduce workplace risks and hazards for criminals.

  4. Remember the left views gun owners as sub-human. Eventually the Socialist will run out of prison space and people willing to lock up their family and friends, and people in power will come up with a “final solution” to their gun problem, the same one the German government came up with in 1938. Look how well that turned out. Never ever give up any guns.

    • The “final solution” is one lil’d and minor have fantasies about. Lil’d likes the hands on approach. Minor would prefer a more industrial method for efficiency.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! The root cause? Self-made men, fighting for equal opportunity, signed off on the absolute factual falsehood “all men are created equal” to impress proto-s0ci@list French intellectuals. They kept that nonsense out of the Constitution, but later people who were not “hard enough to . . . to not allow them to leverage your empathy or compassion” chose nice over principles, facts, reason, and practical effectiveness.

    Here’s the rub: they don’t want real equality. If everyone is equal then all choices are equal. It then follows that anyone who doesn’t accept evil choices as equal, has violated the only absolute “principle” that exists for these people; i.e. that anti-evil people are sinners against equality and are evil / inferior. Everyone who is not a victim-parasite is a victimizer. The only way one could possibly have done better than his “equals” is to take what’s theirs; noticing the rather-obvious impossibility of “taking” from people who have never done, produced (or in many cases even attempted) anything is another sin against equality.

    • Equity and equality are not the same thing.

      The 1917-1991 “experiment” in Russia proved that all you do is make 99.9% equally poor which stifles economic growth.

      • “Equity and equality are not the same thing.”

        Depends, don’t you think?

        If you make 99% poor, you have both equality and equity: “everyone” is poor, and have the equity of being, and remaining, poor.

      • Absolutely right. For 99% of its history, “equity” (from Latin aequitas, justice) meant “a level playing field” (what the US Founders actually wanted – not the farce that everyone is the same and deserves to be treated the same). Only recently has it been twisted to mean redistributionism to favored victim groups.

  6. Just another false flag psyop to divide the people and cause strife..A made for media drama…all the commie blm rats enjoy the cheese..

  7. The Libertarians are also part of this normalizing of crime. Yes that’s right I said it.
    The three L’s support the government to subsidize drug users. To enable their activities. Both legal and illegal.

    And yes I know a lot of libertarians walked away from the LP when its leadership came out in support of gun control. But most libertarians today support government tax $$$ enabling drug use. And not arresting drug addicts when they rob, steal, break into and/or vandalize private property. In order to pay for their drug use.

    • I think a good libertarian/democrat/republican compromise on drugs and drug related crime would be taxpayer funded opium dens. Somewhere out of town. Bring in food and drugs and permit family to visit if they wish but don’t let the den residents have transportation away.

      If somebody wants to get clean they’re enrolled into a program like witness protection. New identity, new home, new job. If you blow it you go back to the den and never get another shot.

      Once a day send the trash truck out to collect the bodies. Healthcare won’t be an issue because they won’t live very long. It’s not forced because I guarantee 99% of the junkies out there will jump at the chance to opt-in to free drugs and food and not care one bit about being able to leave to see their families because the drugs are always more important than anything else.

      Most people get what they want. No asylums, free room, board and drugs for the addicts, help if they want it, once the addicts are off the street a lot of crime will go away and I’m sure in the long run this would be way less expensive than the constant maintenance we’re paying now for the cops and ER’s and hobo camp disbursement and all that crap.

      Plus a field trip to the den for the school kids might help them to make better choices. Busses should totally be taking students on a Kensington Ave tour so they can see how cool drugs are.

    • I don’t know about most libertarians (as distinguished from members of the Libertarian Party) but here are my ideas about the drugs:
      (1) The was is over and drugs won.
      (2) Forget prohibition. Spend the money on treatment for those who want to get off drugs.
      (3) Save your sympathy for addicts who got hooked while being treated for legitimate pain. No sympathy for recreational users who get hooked.
      (4) Let pharmaceutical companies manufacture and market drugs under license. Punish failure to maintain purity and advertised dosage. Don’t leave room for unlicensed drugs by overtaxing licensed ones.
      (5) Drugs are no excuse for crime. Convict and sentence a drug addled criminal just like a sober one. No sympathy for drugged up criminals shot by their victims.
      (6) Continue to treat overdoses as medical emergencies but don’t cry about the ones that can’t be saved.

      • That’s a pipe dream.
        (1) Of course they will be overtaxed.
        (2) If powerful recreational drugs are OTC, then how could the FDA (who works for Big Pharma) justify ANY medication being prescription only?
        (3) There will ALWAYS be a black market for recreational drugs.

  8. Al Sharpton recently gave a speech about this self-defense incident. He said we can’t let this (defending yourself or others from the crazies) become a precedent.

  9. Put a Gun in the hands of the deceased criminal and it would be all about the Gun. The moronic Blame the Gun thinking has been allowed to set the pace and must it be ended. Gun or no gun, bat or no bat, knife or no knife, vehicle or no vehicle, It’s The damned Criminals Stupid.

  10. The cop haters are irrational and illogical people.The old saying nature abhors a vacuum is still true.
    You Want the cops to stand down fine. You got that what you wanted. Now. Crime is through the roof and the people who also hate the cops in your group. They Also don’t want you to defend yourself when you are attack.

    And they might even arrest you if you try to defend yourself, and put you in prison for the rest of your life.
    But you still hate cops don’t you?

    But I and people like me can take care of this ourselves. Just repeal the laws that prevent us from killing criminals dead on site. That way we won’t need cops.

    The same people who Hate the cops so D@mm much, will never call for the repeal of these laws that protect criminals from righteous violence.

    • The big change was when policing became p0litical. So much for the doctrine of the separation of powers.

      Nothing good happens when those who enforce the law are ordered to not enforce the law by those who make the law.

      • Like those Border Patrol agents that are now travel agents? We’re all gonna be LE when the 1.5 million gotways turn out to be turroristas or merderers. I can’t wait to be deputized a DHS agent.

    • Now let me tell you how I really feel. I do not believe that the people who hate cops, and the people who want to leg@lize drugs, they ARE NOT the friends of law-abiding people.
      Yes I am very angry.

  11. “Criminals” are core constituents of the socialist-democrat party. Their well-being is of critical importance in comparison to yours.

  12. 20 Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    and clever in their own sight.

    It’s been quite a while since I read the Bible and I don’t know any of the scriptures by heart.

    • Isaiah 5 there
      is some of the best stuff in the entire book
      i like how the words “woe to”
      are what some of the translators used for the original Hebrew term which means
      “destruction awaits”

      • Yep, I was trying to reply to Ross. My error.

        The version that I quoted was the first one that came up on a search — the New International Version. When I was raised in the Episcopal Church we were still using the KJV.

  13. “Commie” is an obsolete term. Communism died a horrible death in the hands of its leaders. In the modern world corporate billionaires bought out the left and converted it openly to fascism. You can make the argument that ‘conservatives’ are now the left, at least left of dead center, and the folks calling themselves the left now are far right fascists.

    Their tactics and manner of uniform says much more about them than their false manifestos.

    • “Conservative” is the obsolete (absurdly imprecise) term. Broad-brushing everyone who likes either the present or some part of the past is inherently ambiguous, because the past and present are gigantic. It allows ridiculous misrepresentation, like when the MSM called Soviet hardliners “the right” for clinging to their hard-left system during the fall of the USSR. Also, it conflates US conservatism (support for the values of the American Revolution) with European conservatism (opposition to the values of the [very different] French Revolution). To me political positions fall naturally into three categories:

      1. Positive choices should [be allowed to] produce positive outcomes, and negative choices produce negative outcomes. This (the position of the Founders and the US “right”) used to be called “classical liberalism” or “Whiggism”, but is simply justice.

      2. Some people should continue to enjoy more positive outcomes because their ancestors once made positive choices, even if they themselves no longer do. This is close to traditional European conservatism.

      3. People who make negative choices (or fail to make / persist in positive choices) deserve equal outcomes (or at least insulation from the consequences of their choices) by taxing and overregulating positive choices. This is the left position from the Reign of Terror, the Soviet Revolution, and remains unchanged for 2023 Democrats.

  14. Mr. Marine Tough Guy choked the guy to death. Can’t take it that far. First Degree Manslaughter.

    Schlichter was not allowed to serve in combat for a reason. Always in the rear with the gear.

      • Grand Jury disagrees with you. Penny’s getting pinched for manslaughter as early as tomorrow. That FIFTEEN MINUTES of choking the guy is going to be played in front of a criminal jury, and he’s getting convicted.

        • Just one Man with no name on the jury and he walks.

          Remember Rittenhouse?

        • from Twitter:

          Crime in NYC
          Video originally posted to on May 1 showing Jordan Neely being held in a chokehold for close to four minutes. [My note: Fascistbook has deleted the video]

          Not 15 minutes.

          The video does not show how the incident began.

          Once he stopped struggling, he was released.

          If you witness a scene like this, with a small group subduing a person while others are gathered around watching, without protest, you know that the person being subdued was endangering passengers. That’s why something like this happens. It’s the only reason why something like this happens.

        • (Note: I haven’t seen the video)

          It doesn’t matter if it was 4 minutes or 15 minutes long if he let go once the threatening vagrant stopped struggling. If I have you in a choke, you’re going to sleep in 15 seconds. The fact that he wasn’t asleep proves this guy wasn’t trying to kill him. He wasn’t even trying to choke him unconscious.

      • Yep, and it was Bragg who decided to charge him, and not a grand jury. This Eastwood wannabe sure does feel entitled to execute people who annoy him.

        • red wolf,

          That is literally one of the stupidest things I’ve seen on this forum, and I argue with MajorLiar and dacian the demented all the time.

          In the first instance, you WEREN’T THERE, and you have no f***ing idea how the whole thing went down, but you’re such an accomplished armchair analyst that you know his motives and his thought processes? You are a clown.

          In the second place, you flat out LIED about him being indicted by a grand jury AND the degree of the crime he was charged with (you did come back and correct your lie, but AFTER you’d already made it). He was indicted by Alvin Bragg, who is as obviously political a DA as has ever existed. That incompetent clown wouldn’t know justice if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.

          We get your opinion – you don’t think the guy’s reaction was proportional – and it may not have been, and I have no problem with a jury making that decision, ultimately (although, query whether it is possible for him to get an “impartial jury” in NY).

          What the hell is your problem with Marines, anyway?

          We know where the “red” comes from in your handle; but what’s the whole “wolf” thing? Fantasize, much?

        • My, how your tune has changed:

          “Mr. Marine Tough Guy choked the guy to death. Can’t take it that far. First Degree Manslaughter. … Grand Jury disagrees with you. … That FIFTEEN MINUTES of choking the guy is going to be played in front of a criminal jury, and he’s getting convicted.”

          Talk about remarks that haven’t aged well. Ever find that video of the “FIFTEEN MINUTES of choking the guy?”

        • To Lamp guy– I meant this “man with no name” clown when I said “Eastwood wannabe”, not Penny. The rest of your comment is of course moot.

        • Then why didn’t you direct your comment to me?

          “This Eastwood wannabe sure does feel entitled to execute people who annoy him.”

          That’s not what happened in the Penny case — and you damn well know it. But you’ve already been caught lying, so your credibility is gone.

          “The rest of your comment is of course moot.”

          ALL of yours is moot.

  15. the term
    for when the government
    allows the guilty to go free
    and punishes the innocent
    is “anarcho terror”
    it is now the bedrock
    of the modern day
    “blue city/blue state governance model”

  16. You have every right to defend yourself, your family, your friends and even people you do not know if they are in serious danger. No one has to take anything from these punks or even the leftist federal government gestapo we have now. If they are violating your constitutional rights fight back and hold them accountable.

  17. tell us again about the armed service records of b. cliton, butt-rack grobama, sniffer joe bi-dumb, & vietnam-blumenthal. with the gear, in the rear?

  18. “Those who are kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind.”
    – Talmud, D. Prager

  19. If a country invades your country its better to give it to them then to go to war and commit terrible acts of violence just to save your life style, percieved well being, and the future of your offspring.

    • “If a country invades your country its better to give it to them then to go to war and commit terrible acts of violence just to save your life style, percieved well being, and the future of your offspring.”

      Have been reading for a year, that the observation above also applies to Ukraine. The Ukrainian govt should all be charged with being war criminals; resisting invasion has cost many, many more lives than would have happened if Ukraine simply submitted to invasion. After WW2, one would think the Ukrainians would know better.

      • Russia went from having the world’s 2nd strongest Army in the world to having the 2nd strongest Army in Ukraine.

        • “Russia went from having the world’s 2nd strongest Army in the world to having the 2nd strongest Army in Ukraine.”

          Like it. Nicely done. Nicely done.

          (it’s mine now)

        • That’s why I was laughing at the people talking about stopping Russia before they took over other countries in Europe. They bought into the war machine propaganda.

        • MSM: “LOL at Putin stopped immediately by a third-rate power!”

          Also MSM: “If we don’t send all our money to Ukraine, Putin will take over the world!”

  20. sam’s: let the obidens have your woman, car, dwelling, $$$, & more – but don’t resist

  21. “sam’s: let the obidens have your woman, car, dwelling, $$$, & more – but don’t resist”

    ‘Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.’

    • Sam, I have another quote for you. ” Better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.”

      • “Sam, I have another quote for you. ” Better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.” ”

        You should know better; you’ve been around here for several years. Skim reading will fail you. When you look to be outraged, you will always be successful (ask the Left).


        To extend the game, “Better to live on one’s feet, than to die on one’s knees”.
        – Treacherous old man, to Nately
        Catch 22, Joseph Heller

  22. Given the American concept of capital J “Justice” and the 5A right to Life, Liberty, and Property…

    Let’s make sure our definition of “crime” doesn’t include offending Karens. Gun controllers and drug warriors are the same kind of trash that needs to see an exit.

  23. My thoughts on narcotics use are simple enough. Anyone of age can ingest whatever they choose. You want to commit suicide on the instalment plan, your life and death. Commit robbery, theft, murder assault, etc. to support that habit, do the crime and do the time.
    Come out to my homestead with intent to rob, murder, steal, whatever, please stop at the gate and get right with God. And let him know you are about to meet Him.
    Same thing when I’m out and about minding my own business, taking the grands to the park, my wife out for dinner, etc. F*** around and find out. The only person I would be a danger to is the person or persons who show themselves to be a danger to me and mine, or to those around me. Tough guy beating up his wife or girlfriend wouldn’t be the first fool I’ve stopped from doing so. while I’m not the man I was years ago, I’m likely more than most younger men can handle. Years of hard work and years of experience will win over youth and stupidity every time.

  24. yeah, okay, but killing someone require pretty good justification

    someone being crazy ain’t it. Maybe don’t hitch your horse to every *alleged* self defense claim out there. They aren’t all good.

  25. Have you ever been to a COMMUNIST Bcountry? I bloody well doubt it. If there is one thing that a COMMUNIST country is not-it is not bloody LIBERAL in any way shape or form. Th mere fact that Americans are allowed to wander the elfin streets is carrying bloody semi-autos and handguns of no conceivable use and the move is to allow mevery bi uggerto wander arouind like CLINT ERASTWOOD in some second rate mythical Western [and most of what you think you KNOW know about the ‘Old West’ is MYTH ] if LIBERAL beyond the ken of most of the CIVILISE WORLD.
    Do you thing that North Korea or the Soviet Union or the WARSAW PACT NATIONS allowed citizens to wonder around with fuckin FIREARMS? You must be delusional.
    Most Americans have no bloody idea of what COMMIE [by which I take to mean COMMUNISM] or LIBERAL,or LEFT [in the political sense or SOCIALISM means.
    The very nreal truth of the matter is that, Americans especially the nearly 90% that do not even have a PASSPORT really do need to actually educate themselves in how the rest of the world lives and the only way to do that is to GO TO WHERE the REST of the WORLD llies.
    The AVERAGE citizen of the UK is probably the most travelled of any AVERAGE citizen in the worlds and by the age of 21 over 90% of us will have a PASSPORT.
    I at the age 0f 84 would consider myslerf in the travelling stakes as no more than average for my age and I’ve travelled to and stayed/holidayed in the following countries,:-

    I have NEVER even seen a FIREARM in the hands of a civilian in any of them, apart from the odd SHOTGUN in MALTA and in ITALY. I have never been threatened with any kind of weapon or robbed [apart from the usual TAXI DRIVER on the make] No Police Officer has ever indicated that a ‘Small Gratuity would be appreciated’
    At least TWELVE of those countries have what may loosely be described as a LEFT[ish] SOCIALIST Orientated government in that SOCIAL PROGRAMMES for the benefit of all are implemented in them. So I DO KNOW of which I write.

    • “…I’ve travelled to and stayed/holidayed in the following countries …”

      I could drive from one end of Florida to the other, never leaving the state, and cover more ground than you did visiting all of the countries you listed.

      Small places create small minds — and yours appears as a BB rolling down a four-lane interstate.

    • Albie,
      For once you’re [unintentionally] correct! Real liberals are what Americans would call “right-libertarians”, believers in the right to produce and achieve based on merit, while enjoying the fruits of one’s own labors. European parties generally have the decency to choose their titles honestly, whether they are liberals, s0ci@lists, or c0mmun!sts.

    • Shorter Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Ponce:



      I’ve traveled to and in over 30 countries, you lying, fake-Brit @$$clown, including the Soviet Union when it was still the Soviet Union, and Colombia when the Socialists were in charge (the first time), and China. Go eat a bag of dicks, you lying fake.

    • Commie countries don’t allow their citizens to walk around armed? And you never saw armed citizens in all those european countries you were bragging about?

      europe must be commie by alberts reckoning.

    • Albert L J Hall, No, I have never been to a Communist country and would not want to. I enjoy the freedom of the USA.
      You would not fit in well here. And your interpretation of “liberal” is way off. The original “Liberals” were America’s Founding Fathers.

  26. The latest stats show that 65% of the American people believe the x marine who killed the homeless man should be charged with a crime. He has now been charged with Second Degree Manslaughter and could face years in prison. In my opinion that is where he belongs but it will be a tough fight because the far right believe black lives “do not matter” and white supremacists think that white x-marines are to be glorified especially when they kill blacks.

    You do not execute people just because they may say something you do not like.

    • “The latest stats show that 65% of the American people believe the x marine who killed the homeless man should be charged with a crime.”

      In the US, we don’t conduct trials by polling. Not surprisingly, you didn’t cite the poll.

      “You do not execute people just because they may say something you do not like.”

      That’s not what happened, asshole.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Horse Pucky! He did not “kill a homeless man”; that’s Leftist propaganda. He was restraining a thug with an arrest record of over 40 arrests many of them felonies. This “homeless man” was harassing and threatening commuters on a subway in NYC. While being restrained, he continued to resist and make more threats. Those are the facts. Facts that you Lefties want to hide. If he had not resisted, and calmed himself, he would be alive today.

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