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Perfect in every way, you should probably buy at least three from Brownells tonight.

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  1. Ehh. I have shot glocks before but I still don’t get the fanaticism for them. They’re OK enough, but that’s about as far as I’d take it. I liked the trigger on my old Taurus 24/7 .45 than my buddies glock 21.

      • Well the 24/7 had a safety issue too. There was reports about it not being entirely drop safe. It’s the reason I eventually sold it off in favor of a different .45. And yes, I did tell the new owner about the reports of that issue.

        • … I still have and occasionally still carry mine. I dropped/ threw it against a plywood floor and walls in one of my sheds with a chambered primed case and a lead bar in the magazine behind another one. Thirty some impacts later without it firing told me that this was another nearly non-existent “problem”.

      • Standard Glock trigger pull is 6.3#. The G17 (loaded) weighs 2#. Do whatever it takes to not exceed 4.3# when re-holstering.

    • The 10mm versions are fun and the 17 was a great all around option and for the most part still is.

    • Dude below has it right :

      “They aren’t anything great, but they work.”

      It’s a gun you can buy without having to know a damn thing about guns, and it will work.

      Put 100 rounds through it at the range, and you can rely on it going *bang* when you want it to.

      It’s a Toyota Corolla of handguns. Are there better? Yeah, but so what? It works.

      It’s a solid choice for a non gun person…

      • Saw someone take his Glock out of his holster, hold his arm out level to his shoulder, and drop his Glock from shoulder height to the floor. His point is that if you aren’t willing to do that with your carry piece, you have the wrong weapon. He was right; I would never do that to my Sig.
        Just keep dirt out of your mags, and your Glock should run and take a beating without worry over every nick or scuff.

        • Some FD/Fire equipment salesmen used to do that with $10000 thermal imagers. Is still stupid/moronic. Take care of your tools (and don’t be a moron).

        • “His point is that if you aren’t willing to do that with your carry piece, you have the wrong weapon.”

          Then all of my weapons are wrong. I’d never do that to any of them — even a beater.

      • Geoff,


        A Glock isn’t necessarily a great weapon . . . but if you pull the trigger, it goes “bang”. Not my favorite gun, but . . . you pull the trigger and it goes bang. Idiots like dadian the demented can rant about “lack of an exterior, manual safety” – no sit, Sherlock. Perhaps you should learn to keep your f***in’ booger hook off the bang switch, eh?

        I am NOT a Glock fanbois – their triggers are for shit, and I would prefer a manual safety – that’s a “me” thing. Don’t like Glocks? Don’t buy one.

        Problem solved.

        • I own models 17 and 20 and never carried chambered without a plug behind the trigger. Plugs can be purchased or make your own using the inside the rim bulbous portion of a tire valve stem and a bench grinder.

          The Glock dingus trigger safety problem is not a finger pulling the trigger, the problem is a foreign object pulling the trigger while the firearm is in motion or the firearm is stationary and an in motion foreign object pulls the trigger. I.E. Shoving a chambered Glock inside jeans and the corner of the buttom flap engages the trigger and presto instant gender change.

          The one edge the 17 has over my Sar9s is the abundance of parts and accessories for Glock. The Sar9s stamped Miami are the best and respond well to the usual Glock tweaks with the exception the Sar9 chassis guide rails can be jig adjusted to tighten the slide; only if you know the procedure and you don’t because I am the developer. Also replacing the Sar9 trigger pin with a stainless pin helps. Glock striker spring cups/keepers will work in the Sar9. The one Glock I wanted was the 17 competition but Sar has a long barrel model and because of more bang for the buck, manual safety, etc. I’m a Sar9 Baby.

        • Debbie,

          Different strokes, for different folks, and everyone’s choice of a personal carry is an individual choice. I prefer a pistol with a manual safety that is easily accessible with my strong hand thumb (1911 or my old M9). I have carried a Glock, but when I did, I made sure the holster completely covered the trigger. The only thing I want in that trigger guard is my trigger finger.

          Not a big fan of the “trigger safety” configuration, but if someone can’t handle one safely, (like dacian the demented) that is a “them” problem. I own three “trigger safety” pistols, and have carried two of them extensively, and have never had an AD. Just not a fan of the design. Plus, if I have to pull my carry pistol, I want the “pull and present” motion to be as simple as possible – removing a trigger block just sounds awkward, to me.

          On the other hand, whatever works for you, I endorse . . . for you. Personal defense is, gee, what’s the word? Oh, yeah . . . personal. My favorite carry gun of all time was my old M9 (one of the originals, with the manual safety). Hard to conceal (even for a large guy), but . . . loved that gun!

        • Yes. Glock triggers ARE sh*t. The linkage and disconnector are stamped metal – with all the rough edges. I have no idea why Glock doesn’t smooth them down and call them “Match Grade”. It would be a marketing breakthrough.

          “25 cent trigger job” on YouToob will show you all the places that need some smoothing.

          After eliminating the Grunge from the trigger linkage, my G17 performs the Elishja Dicken (Indiana Mall Hero) Drill – 8/10 at 40 yards. (6/10 is passing.)

      • Geoff………

        I would say my G17 is more like my Subaru Forrester: reliable and durable, I run the Forrester through the car wash and the Glock through the dishwasher.

        • Big E,

          Well, mostly. But when I was visiting my son in Denver for a month, I began (snottily) referring to them as “Denver Fords”. Half the damn cars on the road are Subarus. Doesn’t help; Denver drivers suck so bad it isn’t funny. Only place in the US that I’ve ever encountered worse drivers was Boston (NY doesn’t count; they’re all @$$holes, anyway, and most of them don’t drive very often).

      • Geoff, you are correct. Glocks work. They also seldom break. They are more accurate than they ought to be. Once you master the trigger. Out of town tonight. Got to pick up a revolver tomorrow. I’m carrying a Glock 43 w/spare mag and other accoutrements. There is also a Galco butt pack 10-12. It has a Glock 19X w/accoutrements. I didn’t bring a rifle. If I need one Mike has a few H&KS. Glocks are good pistols. They just have no personality.

    • That’s funny
      I had a Taurus 24/7 45 on layaway at a LGS back in 2012. ILL annoy & the national Dims were pushing bans & 10 round mags after Newtown. Thanks in part to the NRA they lost but I convinced the Indiana shop to refund my $. Now the bastards in Indiana won’t sell gats to Illinois residents🙄 Oh I dislike Glock grip angle…

  2. I learned to shoot handguns using a Glock. The first handgun I bought was NOT a Glock. I own or have owned five semiauto handguns. Not one was a Glock. ‘Nuf said.

    • I will say that living in Florida in the summer heat and humidity, I could keep a Glock in my pocket and not worry about it corroding into junk. Even if I spent time out on the salt water, which I do on occasion.

      I can’t say that about the Beretta 21A ‘Covert’ I own. I noticed the grip screws getting rusty on it, in under a year’s time… 🙁

    • Mark,

      I believe I’ve been pretty clear about this, on this site – the best gun for YOU, is the one YOU feel most comfortable with. Grip size, grip angle, recoil, accuracy, and about a million other things, factor in. I don’t judge anyone else’s choice of a a firearm. Hopefully, you’ve picked something that you’ve tried, and it “works for you”.

      GREAT!! Major kudos! Doesn’t mean your choice works for anyone else.

      I own two Glocks. Do I think they are the best handguns out there? Not even close. But they are reliable (dacian, you’re an incompetent fool, and perhaps you should learn to actually use a handgun, instead of running your ignorant mouth).

      If I won the PowerBall lottery, and had a couple million bucks to spend on my favorite toys – Glocks probably wouldn’t be on my list.

      If you’re on a budget, and need a gun that will go bang when you want it to? Yeah, a Glock is not a bad option.

  3. 1911 Government………perfection


    Colt Python……………..perfection

    Take your pick and shut up about what someone else picks.

    • Haz,

      There is no “perfect gun”. Sorry, that’s just objective truth. What works for me may totally suck for you.

      Like you, I love the 1911 platform. Do I think it’s perfect? Hell, no!! But it works for me.

      I also have a couple of “Wonder Nines”m and a couple of 9mm “carry” pistols.

      There ARE no “perfect” firearms – so pick the best compromise for you.

    • The instructions that came with my Glock Gen 3 said not to use reloads or lead ball ammo. Apparently there is something about lead in the barrel and with at least some kinds of reloads for it to be a problem that Glock warns against. I have yet to try any reloads in my G3 21 or G5 19, since I mostly shoot mil surp in those calibers… “Bought it cheap and stacked it deep”… I buy the hot JHP’s for defensive loads in those calibers, so the issue has yet to arise for me.

      • BHP Man –

        Re: Glock instructions. It’s the lawyers. They fear that which they cannot control.

        My Glocks get nothing but reloads. Busted the warranty in the first week. There are reports of leading in polygonal-rifled barrels. I have never seen that problem, but I tend to over-clean and only use JHP/FMJ.

    • LOL… I own all three and none are “perfection”, altho I used to think so once… As you say, there is no “perfection” in a firearm tho some are darn close FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE… and it only took me half a lifetime and a truckload of firearms to figure this out! ;<)

      • BHP Man,

        Same. Some I’ve loved using, others I was just OK with; still never met one I”d call “perfect”. But I’ve also found that individual differences make a huge difference in the outcome. While I love the 1911 platform, the M9 just somehow fits my hand, and has a better grip angle (for me) than any other gun I’ve used. An M9 in .45acp, with a double-stack magazine? That might approach perfect.

  4. They aren’t anything great, but they work. Glock isn’t constantly reinventing the wheel. Glock guys can have multiple calibers and sizes with the same feel. I’ll probably pick up a used 19 some day just because they’re so ubiquitous. I’ll always be able to find parts and accessories for it. No I won’t write it in all caps.

    • The only semi auto handgun I have now is a G19. The rest are revolvers. I do not have the g19 because it is the be all and end all of handguns. It works good enough for its purpose. Straight from the box. No extras really are needed.

        • That is a valid point. I don’t want to spend big bucks on a gun that really isn’t any better than a Glock and then have it tossed into an evidence locker.

        • Jethro,

          OOOHH, yeah!

          I had my Beretta M9 stolen from my house. They then took it off of a gangbanger in the Pico district of LA. The LA county sheriff “offered” me the opportunity to get it back . . if I answered a bunch of intrusive questions, that were none of their damn business.

          I miss that gun.

        • I subscribe to this method.

          Keep the nice ones in the safe, low cost but reliable are all I’m willing to lose to the evidence locker. They’re going to take them, one way or the other regardless of who is in the right, or wrong. Took an strongly worded intervention by my attorney last time to keep them from outright destroying that one, which they are quite prone to doing here.

  5. Had a Glock. Horrible ergonomics, terrible trigger, surprisingly decent accuracy.

    Sold it and bought another 1911

    • odd thing with my ’17…couldn’t group well until I switched grips…then the improvement was remarkable

  6. Have owned o bunch of different pistols over the years including four or five Glocks. They are decent enough pistols and like most modern guns they are quite reliable, but beyond that nothing special.

  7. Nope, tried them, hated the grip angle and the way the balance shifts as the mag empties.

  8. I like my Sig M18. I’ve had 5 Glocks and I’ve never been able to get one that fits my hand well. The closest was a Glock 20 that was nicely modded with a reduced grip, I liked it..but a buddy liked it more and I got $100 more than I had in it.

  9. “National Police Association Joins Others In Suing For Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto”

    “The National Police Association (NPA) has joined the groups suing the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County for all records related to the March 27 shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville.

    “We have asked for any manifestos, emails, and any communications related to the case,” Betsy Brantner Smith, spokesperson for the National Police Association, told The Epoch Times.

    Tennessee resident Clata Renee Brewer working with the NPA, filed the lawsuit on May 5. Theirs is at least the second lawsuit filed over the shooting.”

    • ^^ This ^^ is the reason given for not releasing the manifesto:

      “We can’t release it because we’re being sued to release it, and we have to see how that suit turns out before we can release it.”

      The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department will not release records and documents relating to the Nashville school shooter due to “pending litigation.” — Washington Examiner

      • no name,

        Well, as a recovering lawyer, they are not wrong – disclosing that would highlight their incompetence/malfeasance. On the other hand, when it finally comes out, they’re going to look like even bigger fools.

        Ya puts down your money, and ya takes your chances.

        As the knight said, “You chose poorly.” They will regret this decision, but I suspect they are being “pressured” from the Feebs. We all know what the manifesto says; they just don’t want to confirm it – it would make them look like the @$$holes that they are

        Nashville PD, how does Merrick Garland’s dick taste?.

        • And if they do release it, it may be so heavily redacted as to be useless. The derp state always seems to get its way.

  10. Replace “Glock” with “Toyota Corolla” and “shoot” with “drive” and you’ll see how stupid this actually is.

  11. I have 2 glocks, 2 Rugers, and an M&P. All enjoyable to shoot. All go bang all the time. All eat everything I feed them. My EDC is the M&P 9c, but only because of its size, not that I think it is better than my G17. Maybe I don’t know enough about guns to prefer one of mine over the other. Ignorance is bliss…I guess.

    • If they work, hit what you aim at, and you can afford to feed them then you are doing better than many.

  12. Though I prefer revolvers, and own a dozen of them, I own three Gen 4 Glocks, a 21, a 31, and a 32. The .357 Sig rocks. Trigger jobs and night sights on all of them. Sometimes I even carry the 32.

  13. Wife and I took some private pistol training. Used the instructors own Glock 48 and 19. They functioned perfectly the first lesson because they were still stock. Before the second lesson he did some ‘upgrades’. Trigger, sights and red dot. Trigger sucked. Several light strikes and even some trigger pulls that didn’t release the striker at all. He claimed the pistols worked perfect for him.

  14. As much as I prefer a pistol with an external safety for a carry gun, a Glock in a Box with a few 33 round magazines is great for a backup gun in a vehicle or house.

    Also fun to shoot in a practical pistol match.

  15. I suppose we like what we are more familiar with.
    Glocks just never did blind point that well for me and I do not like the trigger, I do not like the triggers on a DA SA either though. Years of shooting single actions the triggers on those other gunms I am not as good with.
    One thing I do not like about any plasticframepistol is I do not believe they will have the longevity that a steel fr as me pistol has, I’m not talking 50 years I’m talking 150- 200 year longevity. I may be wrong however I believe it’s going to be hard to find a 75 year old plastic frame firearmn in the future.
    Plastic frame firearmns remind me of a disposable razor. Not somthing you leave the great grand kids if they decide to quit making gunms.
    Wood is good,plastics fantastic but steel is real.

  16. Glocks are great guns ….. everything you need and nothing you don’t.

    Not a lot of character – that’s ok.

  17. I am ambivalent to Glocks personally. I can see the convenience in them, but honestly would rather have an SD9 or SD40 overall.

    I’m trying to 3D print a for a gen 4 G22 slide currently, and the slight generational changes of it have made it a real bastard child that I’m trying to sort out still. It’s quite obnoxious honestly, and I’ve likely made a mis-step. May have to end up either committing to a gen 5 barrel or a gen 3 slide spring assembly or both.

  18. For those keeping score for the Illinois unconstitutional ban > Game changing submission to SCOTUS. US Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett asked for further briefing in the National Association of Gun Rights/Bevis v. City of Naperville case and a powerful brief was submitted by prominent Supreme Court advocates Paul Clement and Erin Murphy on behalf of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

  19. I like em. I shoot them very well.

    I only own 1. I’d never buy another…

    …because I’ll never need to. Just saying…

  20. Glocks are indeed reliable and durable pistols at an affordable price point. The fanboys only become stupid about it when they take that to mean Glocks are the ONLY pistols to “go bang every time” and take a lot of abuse and/or neglect.

    By the way, the other competitors are not “Glock ripoffs”. All of them are VP-70 ripoffs. H&K had a polymer-framed striker pistol in the market over a decade earlier.

  21. I highly recommend getting a Glock approved manual safety installed on your G19. I had it done to mine and no its not cheap to have it done but what is your life worth? Of course there is nothing you can do to change the unsafe take down design of this weapon.

    The Glock 19 proved popular because it was concealable, had the same trigger pull for every shot, was light in weight and originally was cheaper than many many all steel guns.

    The down side is that despite popular belief “the Glock has a weak ignition system” which is easily proven if you are a handloader and conduct your own tests. Seating a high primer with no bullet or gunpowder and then attempting to fire that primer will result in a misfire. So what does all this prove? If you are, unlike most gun owners, and are mechanically inclined you realize that under extreme circumstances, such as the weapon being frozen, extremely dirty or even over lubed and very cold the ignition system on a Glock would fail you. And I forgot to mention high primed factory ammo, and yes this does occasionally happen.

    The Glock, like many striker fired handguns, has an open striker channel (unlike most hammer fired guns that have an enclosed firing pin track) which lets in dirt and debris which can cause misfires. This is made even worse in the Glock because of the big hole in the bottom of the grip which is a direct and open path to the exposed striker channel.

    And of course anyone with a mediocre of commons sense knows that without a manual safety any snag of the trigger will fire the gun off and if you or some one else is in the way they get shot.

    Glock has never been known to be an extremely accurate handgun which is both good and bad. The Glocks sloppy chamber results in very reliable feeding and the ability to function when the chamber is dirty along with the correspondingly lousy accuracy. Any competition shooter will attest to the fact that a tight chamber promotes much better accuracy but lousy reliability. I have several Walther’s with super tight chambers, one a P88 and a P99 and both will outshoot any Glock with ease but their reliability sucks big time. Handloads must be up to spec with no pressure ring near the base of the resized case and chambers must be spotlessly clean,

    Another Gun writer bullshitting myth is that if you use lead bullets in a Glock you will suddenly have an atomic explosion and you will immediately disappear in a red puff of mist.

    The Glock with its polygonal rifling leads actually less than conventional rifling does but does not tolerate as much of it so clean your damn gun after shooting lead out of it even if you only shoot half a box of ammo. I have been shooting Glocks since the 80’s and have pored thousands and thousands of lead bullets through them and have yet to have had any atomic explosions with them. BE WARNED, that the Glock ignition system can and will fire out of battery so any sloppy handloads even with jacked bullets can cause an atomic explosion and is even way more likely with sloppy lead bullet handloads with lead smear do to improper crimping.

    And by the way accuracy is just as good with lead bullets as it is with other handguns that do not have polygonal rifling.

    And if a lead bullet is made properly its every bit as damn accurate as an expensive jacketed bullet. The key is bullet size. If the bullet is undersize you get leading and lousy accuracy. The cause of leading does not come so much from the base of the bullet melting but from and undersize bullet letting gas escape around the circumference of the bullet body.

    It always make me laugh when Glock-o-philes see no danger in handling or carrying a loaded Glock with no manual safety but are terrified of carrying a 1911 cocked and locked. It shows what mechanically inclined morons they really are.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Regret to inform you that a “safety” on any gun is “a mechanical device prone to failure.” The only real safety on any firearm is the person holding the firearm. But being an “expert” I am surprised you don’t know that.

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        I am surprised to know that an idiot like you is not aware that there are more accidents with striker fired guns that have no manual safety than all other types of pistols, that is why many police departments dropped the Glock and went to heavy double action pull only autos. But then again what would you know about firearms (sarcasm)

        Try again Jethro you once again made a complete fool of yourself.

        • The only reliable safety is the one between the shooter’s ears.

          So yeah, a smoothbrain like you DEFINTELY needs a mechanical safety installed.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Where do you get your “information” (should read propaganda) from? “United Against Gun Violence”?
          Here is an article which kinda puts a damper on your assertion (unsupported I might add). The most prevalent firearm in law enforcement is the GLOCK either the GLOCK 17, 19 or 22.
          What you know about any kind of firearm is on the negative side.
          The fool is you, DUNDERHEAD. Seems you still can’t answer the question I have posed repeatedly? What is the firing sequence of a cartridge?
          Iron Cat is 100% correct. The only real safety on any firearm is in between the ears of the shooter. I guess that would leave you out, DUNDERHEAD.

    • The safety problem is that there ISN’T one. No problem unless something catches the trigger inadvertently. Which does happen apparently and often enuff for people to make an issue about it.
      I own and carry several Glocks, mainly because of price and general popularity and availability. If I was to do it again (at my age I won’t) I would go for the Springfield with the grip safety. Some don’t like the grip safety, but after many decades of the 1911A1 grip safety, it isnt an issue with me..

    • The guy preaching gun control and on the dole is claiming to have a custom Glock?

      dacian, you are an idiot.

      • Admitting to owning the type of gun he is willing to “liquidate” a third of population for possessing.

  22. I still carry My Gen 2 Glock 19 that I bought new about 30 years ago and it has never given me a problem. Nothing currently available tempts me to replace it though if I had to pick one it would be the Gen 5 Glock 19.

    People always are saying “there are better guns” but then they don’t list one. Also “better” for what and who? Nothing wrong with personal preferences though. IMHO Glocks are still a top tier choice in their category of mass produced striker fired, poly frame combat style pistols. The fact that numerous elite agencies (FBI/Special Forces/Secret Service and such) use them is very telling and such agencies are not looking for lowest price like police departments do.

    I personally don’t have a problem with the trigger on Glocks for their role. Most of the competition has gone to light triggers because that’s what “influencers” have convinced the vast majority of shooters is best but I don’t take that view for a self defense/CCW weapon. I am fine with an around 6LB trigger pull.

    • Well said, sir. I would submit that the much less popular Springfield Armory xdm is a “better” weapon than the Glock on account of the grip safety.
      The “Keep your boogerhook off the bangswitch” crowd is not only disgusting but unmindful of the fact that it isn’t only fingers which can come into contact with the trigger. Glocks have been known to discharge while being placed into the holster, for starters. Sh*t happens.. even to good people.

  23. I read most of the comments here ( and there are a lot ) and I’m glad no one seemed to really trash Glocks as they do on other sites. I own about ten different mfgs firearms including a few Glocks. I like them. they are sturdy, easy to break down and clean and most importantly out of the six I own not one has ever failed in any way. Not a fan boy either but I do like them. A well functioning tool.

    • Same here. The Toyota Corolla/Honda Civic comparison isn’t necessarily a putdown. There are plenty of other options out there that can do as good or better a job, and look a lot nicer doing it, but they’re still very reliable, highly customizable and affordable guns.

  24. Glocks are ok. They are about as basic as it gets. Triggers, grip angle and sights could all stand to be improved in my opinion. I don’t think they are to much better than a high point except for balance. But that’s just what it is, an opinion….and we all know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one and they usually stink.

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