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I think, so far, that Canik has remained entirely unscathed by the internet meme lords. No more!


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      • “Six months prior I misplaced my work and after that I was…”

        Your sorry ass deserved to get fired. You expect anyone to listen to someone proven as incompetent as you for advice on something as important as making a living, feeding your children, and keeping a roof over your head? 😉

        • “I am not that computer smart all I required was a few essential writing aptitudes and web get to to begin.”

          Good thing she got a few essential writing aptitudes and web get!

    • Depends. CSX out of the box comes with a heavy trigger, defeating the whole point of buying an SAO. OTOH, if you don’t mind smithing, it’s really intuitive to make it exceptional.

      • I learned to shoot with a 1911, so the CSX has an appeal. I like the idea of a metal frame that weighs the same as a plastic fantastic. I’m not familiar with using a tabbed trigger, though. And I don’t see the need for a bilateral thumb safety.

        The Equalizer is supposedly easier to rack and has a grip safety like a 1911. No tabbed trigger, either. Not sure how the pull weight would compare between the two guns.

        The intent is a carry weapon; I don’t plan on modifying the gun except perhaps the sights – I don’t care for 3-dots but I have black paint.

        • I don’t like ambi safeties either, but it’s low-profile enough to stay out of my way. The tabbed trigger is barely noticeable, and the squeeze is now great (not “best match 1911” great, but nobody carries a best match 1911 anyway). If you don’t intend to work on the trigger I don’t think I’d recommend it, though.

          I have no Equalizer experience to offer an informed opinion, other than my categorical dislike for grip safeties (“ND-prevention devices” that are either deactivated whenever you hold the pistol – i.e. when NDs happen – or are stiff / awkward enough to fail to deactivate sometimes).

        • Ah, an owner! Thanks for your info.

          I need to get my mitts on a couple of models that I’m considering — I want to try the CSX and Equalizer. The Kel Tec P15 looks interesting, with the grip safety and magazine disconnect safety that can be “switched off” but possibly complicates the mechanism.

          (Yes, I said “Kel Tec” — so “flame on!”)

        • My pleasure, and no Kel-Tec flames from me. Quite the contrary, I’m one of the idjits who paid “early adopter” prices (more than once), though I don’t have a P15. I think tweaked versions of some of their offerings would be damn near ideal, but unfortunately they aren’t that amenable to tweaking. The only other thing I dislike about them is their insistence on making everything out of airsoft-tier clamshell halves with hundreds of fasteners.

  1. I bought a Canik TP9 a few years ago. It has never experienced an FTFeed, FTFire, FTEject, it just keeps rolling along. I believe that I paid $399 for the gun and three magazines. Checking their site shows that the same firearm is now available for $430. Well worth the $$. I purchased 2k rounds of Geco 124gr FMJ at the same time for $7.50 / box of 50. I miss those awful days of economic stability under President Trump.

    • Oh, man, I really, really miss 2019…

      I don’t think he can win though. He hit a hole-in-one miracle in 2016, and it’s not replicable.

      • Exactly.

        He was *perfect* for the time, and we got the ‘Bruen’ SCotUS decision thanks to his SCotUS picks.

        Huge win, there.

        However –

        I have a bad feeling we won’t be winning 2024 for one reason –

        Even if Trump isn’t the Republican party candidate, enough stupid people will write his name in that they will win that election.

        Honestly, I kinda hope he has a stroke in his sleep, but even then, enough morons will write him in, handing the election to the Leftist Scum ™ fascists… 🙁

        • geoff…you hope he has a stroke? Leftist scum applaud you…Take a bow you politically inept a-hole…and now gfy.

        • I wouldn’t hope bad health to anyone, but there is a point where they should retire. POTUS is a 24 hr, 4 year commitment, that is too much for most healthy young men. I get the fact that you wish the dream, but new blood with Trump’s legacy might be a better choice.

      • If you keep going negative and if you do not vote then kiss democRat butt for another 4 years.

        If POTUS DJT gets the nomination he has my vote for the 3rd time. No pasty mouth BS, no negatives, no ifs ands or butts.

        • It also depends on how many ballots (not “votes”) each candidate receives in the general. There’s a firewall of at least four states that will be difficult, if not impossible, for any (R) nominee to penetrate.

        • “that will be difficult, if not impossible, for any (R) nominee to penetrate”

          Funny, that’s what Melania said…

      • Given how the entire world order reacted to his win and still react to his win I’m pretty sure his election was the only legitimate election in my lifetime. Somehow the status quo machine dropped the ball and they won’t let it happen again.

  2. Aren’t Caniks knockoff CZs? From what I can tell, the CZs might actually cost less than the copies.

    I think this meme is a whoosh for me.

    • The TP9/SFX is one nice shooting 9MM. I like a lot more that I want to since I am a .40S&W fan. I does shoot great though and loves everything I feed it from JHP’s to full lead reloads. All work great.

  3. Never handled the Canik firearms. And my Walthers are all pre 1970. Love my Wehrmacht P-38. My wife likes my PPK.
    I miss the days when you could find decent guns at reasonable prices at gunshows. As well as cheap bulk ammunition.

  4. Private Bonespurs wouldn’t know the business end of a gun from the butt. He is a coward and a bully. Want to see someone walk up and punch him in the face. He’d go down like a wet noodle.

    • Feel free.

      And with biden in charge we will all be crying for relief. You’ll beg Trump to come back in another year.


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