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Look, first of all, 20? You gotta pump those numbers up, man. Those are rookie numbers.

Second…there’s pretty much nothing about this meme that I like haha. You’re welcome. Can’t win ’em all.

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  1. (writes smarmy joke blurring the lines between guns, porn, and just wanting to touch one…

    …thinks better of it, deletes…)

  2. all anyone needs is seven. more than that and you’re just dabbling.

    met a guy who said he had 350 guns. I asked him why, he only had two hands. he just smirked. found out later he was his synagogue’s armorer.

  3. So like, the ATF denied all current form 1 suppressor applications and is seemingly rewriting the rules on solvent traps, but we get memes and not in depth reporting on this issue? I actually miss RF some times.

  4. Hands a buffer tube to her, “Help me be normal!” Grins slyly at the combination while thinking the outside of a buffer tube isn’t normally lubricated.

      • I might be giving some ammo away here real soon, what with our idiot manchilds door to door confiscations next month. Hoping to hand out at least a few magfulls while I have the chance. ‘Tis better to give than receive, so I hear. Interesting times…


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