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That deer-in-kevlar joke was hilarious last night at Uncle Joe’s SOTU address, eh? It fell flat on its face the first 143 times President Biden told it over the last few years and, sure, it intentionally obfuscates the reason our Second Amendment exists in the first place, but boy that 144th delivery cracked me up but good.


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  1. “It fell flat on its face the first 143 times President Biden told it over the last few years and, sure, it intentionally obfuscates the reason our Second Amendment exists in the first place, but boy that 144th delivery cracked me up but good.”

    144 times, eh? Well, that is just gross.

    • No, no, jwm. That’s the pic his mom took when she tossed an apple down the basement stairs as his nightly “nite nite” treat before bedtime. The pic was only a necessary “proof of life” snap for home school registration purposes.

      • Actually, on second thought, that would imply he was in the basement involuntarily, which isn’t the case.

        Scratch that.

        That’s just a pic the neighbor’s deer cam snapped when Lil D picked up an apple meant to lure raccoons.

        …because possums are too smart for that.

        • “Anybody seen the marsupial around lately?”

          Not in maybe a week, perhaps Gadsen can give him a ring and find out…

  2. Someone watched slow Joe??? What was Pelosi doing gesticulating in the background? Meds kicking in? And where does Bidumb get the idea there are millions of hunters using AR’s to plug Bambi???

    • The classic false premise that the FFs created the 2nd A to protect hunting.

      This stuff plays well to the ignorant sheeple.

    • Yeah, I watched, even got all the way through without puking! Nancy looked genuinely deranged, way beyond just the lunatic hand movements. And when is someone going to ask Bidumb why Bambi would care how many BBs are left in the mag after he is dead?

  3. The guy at the gun shop told me to purchase a better deer-hunting rifle. One that will give me more back for my buck.

  4. You may have heard on the news about a southern Californian man who was put under 72 hour psychiatric observation when it was found that he owned 100 guns and allegedly had 100,000 rounds of ammo stored in his home. (No, it wasn’t Haz).

    The dimwit tv reporter said this guy has a quarter million machine gun bullets. The newspaper headline referred to it as a “massive weapons cache.”

    By southern California standards someone owning 100,000 rounds of ammo would be called “mentally unstable.” Just imagine if he lived somewhere else.

    In Arizona and New Mexico he’d be “an avid gun collector”

    In Arkansas and Oklahoma, he’s “a novice gun collector”

    In Utah he’s “moderately well prepared” but they’d probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of food stored.

    In Montana he’s the “neighborhood ‘go to’ guy”

    In Idaho he’d be called “a likely gubernatorial candidate”

    In Wyoming, he’s “an eligible bachelor”

    In Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, he would be called “a deer hunting buddy ”

    And in Alabama, he’s just “Bubba” who’s short on ammo.

    • Lifesavior….

      Thank you for making laugh at the end of stressful day.
      A real life savior indeed.
      Have a blessed life.

    • Hmm. Seems like I’m getting a reputation. Imma gonna hafta tighten up my OPSEC here. Loose lips, sinking ships, and all that… 😐

    • …they’d probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of food stored….

      Love their book! Foxfire too! and you’re right, gotta have a years worth.

    • And in Florida, just another ‘Florida Man’… πŸ™‚

    • As someone who lives down here in south Alabama, you must have been peeking in my gun room. Although many of my guns are antiques and collectables. As for how much ammo I have, well, not as much as I would like, but more than I need right this moment.
      100 guns would be what Bubba over in the double wide has. But, only because his cousin/wife won’t let him spend more money on stuff he doesn’t need unless he gets her a new pick up and boat first. And she’ll back that up with the cast iron fry pan if needs be.

    • “By southern California standards … “? Southern California doesn’t have any standards.

  5. Does anyone know *why* TTAG now has a button on the Email line called “Generate New Alias”?

    • My screen doesn’t show any such button. I wonder if what you’re seeing is from TTAG, or your browser config…

    • Prob so they can put even more commenters under “you are awaiting moderation, resistance is futile”. Let Freedom ring… and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

    • It’s because we want you to take your commentary elsewhere. Now buzz off, and take Haz with you πŸ–•πŸ€‘!

  6. If a gang of deer ever try to invade my home, I’m going to go out on the balcony with my double-barreled shotgun and shoot through the door. ‘Cause slow Joe says so.

    • Speaking of deer, got nailed in the drivers side doors night before last. Deer was at warp speed too. Put claim in and started hitting body shops yesterday. Minimum 5 weeks out to start on it. Probably just south of 5k to fix.
      Forget the shotgun and get a M249 SAW!

      • Sheesh, you mean a deer hit YOU? I had a dog ram my door once, never heard of a deer doing that. Guessing that was not a Texas deer, they’re not big enough to do that kind of damage.

        • My old 4runner seemed to be a magnet for suicidal animals. I had a number of furry and feathered critters bash into from different angles while I was in the boonies. Only one did I run over. The rest did the kamikazi thing.

      • 40yrs of riding the PNW from central BC down to Mexico; I’ve had deer hit me twice, once at speed. I haven’t run into one yet, technically, but so many close calls that I was sure that was how I would die, or maybe by moose (now I think it’s more likely I’ll be shot down in my driveway next month with an AR15 while trying to keep my own AR15… ahhh, democracy). Same with my friends, deer, dogs, ducks, crows, a turkey (that was an interesting one) and even a bear. It just ain’t safe out there! The biggest problem though was being chased by so many cougars (Paradise, Ca deserves special mention).

  7. No one was laughing when President Trump banned bumpstocks either. All politicians are the enemy of the 2nd.

    • At the Federal Level yes, but Not all. We have the right ones in office here. That why Votes Matter.

      • Don’t kid yourself, they are only playing one side of the coin while it is in their political interests. They’re just more accomplished actors than our idiot manchild in Ottawa. Which ain’t too difficult. Being a professional grifter is a prerequisite.

  8. Seriously, somebody should make a kevlar vest for deer…. I’m sure the anti hunting crowd would buy them and put them on as many deer as they could. Sure would make a comical video or two.

    • Wrap the deer in kevlar so the anti’s can still push for their arbitrary capacity restrictions because overnight they’ll all go along with “capacity has nothing to do with armor penetration.”

    • 1013, your post made me recall years back when there was a great hoohaw about two seals being released after being all cleaned up after an oil spill, a project costing thousands, and immediately after release both were eaten by a killer whale in full view of the TV camera. Just hilarious!

      • I’m sure the killer whale was grateful to the humans for rinsing his food properly before delivering it to him!
        “I’ll take my seals to-go. Please rinse off the oil first, thanks!”


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