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Should do the trick!


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  1. If Dr. Sowell was 20 – 25 years younger he would be an excellent choice for a high Cabinet post or President. He and Friedman make too much sense in their economic theories…he explains how the world works so simply that even a Dimocrat should be able to understand…in spite of the fact that Democrats demonstrate daily their ability to double-down on stupid.

    • Like Larry Elder, he’d be the “black face of white supremacy”.
      But I agree – he’s a national treasure.

      • Black face of white what? You mean that he disagrees with your democratic socialist / woke agenda? When does the Stalinist purge begin?

    • Thomas Sowell, like Milton Friedman, is a gift from God. Both have a gift for laying out basic economic principles in a manner that (yes, Old Guy!) even an idiot Dimocrat OUGHT to be able to understand. I believe their failure to do so is another example of intentional ignorance – they don’t WANT to know the truth, because it harshes their mellow. F*** ’em. Even though I think J.M. Keynes was PROFOUNDLY wrong about how the economy works – he actually never asserted the positions the Left attributes to him. If you can’t even cite your OWN economic philosophers properly, or understand what they actually said . . . that sounds like a “you” problem, to me.

      The Left lies about Keynes, they lie about Marx (who was a liar and a hypocrite, himself), they lie about Stalin (Duranty, I’m looking at YOUR lying @$$!!!), they lie about Mao, they lie about Castro, they even lie about Pol Pot, minimizing his savagery. One thing you can take to the bank (at least until it collapses) – if you hear anything from the Left? It’s a lie.

  2. Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo – SCOTUS agreed to hear the case finally- not a gun case but deals with the chevron doctrine that federal agencies use to bypass congress and essentially create law by rule and regulation making like the EPA, ATF, and other government regulatory agencies have been doing for years. SCOTUS needs to do away with this, and a good chance they will.

      • You’re not kidding.

        The effects will be broad and deep in reining in the ‘Deep State’… 🙂

        • But, that would mean Congress would hsve to do its job. No time for that with the partying and running for office.


    • Whole bunch of legal mumbo and not a beep about abolishing Gun Control like its sidekick Slavery.

        • whisperer,

          Debbie doesn’t “slowly creep” toward anything – she aggressively and obnoxiously goes to her ONE gig. Yes, Debbie, you repetitive idiot, we all know the history of gun control. Pick another dead horse to beat, or STFU.

        • Debbie is a low IQ twat that has difficulty with logical thinking.

          Closed-minded people only confirm pre-existing beliefs. They cannot learn new things and are satisfied with where they are intellectually. They avoid exposing themselves to new ideas.

          Low intelligence people mostly see learning as a waste of time. They don’t even have the intelligence to see how learning can benefit them. They stop learning.

          Low-intelligence people avoid thinking when they can they repeat the same thing over and over.

        • Cato, no matter how long you beg, Deborah has zero interest in sleeping with you.

          (Or me, for that matter… 😉 )

        • Haz,

          Debbie saw a forest, once. She walked into a tree. She hasn’t been the same, since. Don’t blame her mental difficulties on her, that damn tree scrambled what few brains she had.

      • They are never going to abolish gunm control and humans are slaves to the dollar.
        40acres and a mule.

        • 40 acres and a mule would be a downgrade for my black neighbor. Dollar wage slaves will exist as long as there is a need for portable wealth. Coinage or folding money is much easier to carry than lugging around a sack of grain or other commodities. Easier to store as well. Rats don’t eat gold or silver. They will happily eat or foul grain or produce if they can get at it. The only thing that wants to eat at my, or your dollars are Politicians and Marxists.

    • Yeah, I saw that one earlier in the day myself. This could do a great deal in limiting bureaucratic overreach across the board, especially when applied to the ATF.

    • Because modern adherents think the earlier “experiments” were not done correctly and they will do it better next time.

      But they will follow the familiar path anyway.

      I think 100+ million dead is definitely, a failed experiment. Unless your aim to depopulate areas.

      • Southern,

        My least favorite Leftist/fascist trope: “But that wasn’t “real” communism/socialism; let us try again, and THIS time, we’ll do it right!”

        Yeah, blow it our your @$$, fascist s***birds – I’ve never heard the saying “the four hundred millionth time is the charm!”, but apparently, that’s what Leftist/fascist idiots believe.

  3. Actually, almost any of the …”For Dummies” books would work as well for this, as they all think of themselves as frickin Rocket Scientists.

        • Yes, serious. The photo shows the inside of the front cover, not the outside. The outside front cover design is pasted on the inside of the cover — it’s purposely made that way for the photo.

          But if you open a real book, you can’t see the outside of the front cover. (Unless it’s a treatise on the artwork of Escher.)

          I’m not a barber; splitting hairs is just a hobby. 🙂

  4. S0viet economics proved that central planning is bad enough but if the input values are incorrect through fraud, theft, and wastage, the results will be less than optimal.

    That 3% of arable land used by the farmers for their own produce often rivaled the output of the collective farms.

  5. A King James bible in a zippered leather case is equally-effective, as well.

    Well-used is even better… 🙂

  6. How to hide your gunms from Socialists:
    Shoot socialist
    Tie string to gunm and grenade
    Hide grenade

    • possum,

      That’s why I use the Leftist/fascist formulation – equally accurate, not subject to moderation.

  7. Anything written by a conservative Black man would be safe. Or the writings of the founders, actual history, Mathematics, any version of the Christian Bible, Or even the coffee table books sold by leftists. They buy them to virtue signal and display not actually read.

    • “Anything written by a conservative Black man would be safe.”

      Any of the biographies on Clarence Thomas would be *perfect*… 🙂

  8. Perfectly hidden from all burglars and your one friend who thinks socialism is a viable economic system…


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