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Have a great weekend, y’all!


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  1. Ohhh ohhhh if I dont get some shelter.
    My, I’m going to fade away.
    What a shame this great country has come down to sanctuaries for an amendment
    of the Bill of Rights.
    It’s not communism

  2. My “have a great weekend” was on Tuesday when I test fired my brother’s unfired 1974 Remington 25-06 BDL, Vortex Scope, Weaver see thru rings to utilize the barrel mounted iron sights. First round tested structural integrity and the following three rounds of Hornady Whitetail 117 gn grouped 5/8″ @ 75yds. from a bench and a tool bag. When I return it and he pays me for setting it up he can zero it in at his lease to his liking. I was expecting more felt recoil with its solid buttplate but not so bad, perhaps the wood stock helped. Very nice rifle and if I were a hunter I would want one, since I am not I have a scarce never for sale, trade or rent 25-06 Sendero black fluted barrel with a tactical Leupold 3.5-10. That concluded my weekday weekend in the great outdoors…Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Deb, now back to your evening happy hour that musta’ started real early this morning

      • It’s always five-o-clock somewhere.

        And it’s Friday! That used to mean more when I was working.

    • “When I return it and he pays me for setting it up he can zero it in at his lease to his liking.”

      You charge your own family members?


      I must have a weird family, we help each other out… 🙁

      • The “payment” for favors among my boys is a six-pack.

        “Thanks for the help; now drink!”

  3. If the antis were to respond in a reasonable fashion to logical inconsistencies, well, then, this “debate” would have ended years ago.

    • Reason and logic comes down to which side’s you believe is correct. Like Common Sense. All are a matter of what you believe to be the right choice. The Constitution and bill of Rights, Not withstanding.

  4. I have several of these undocumented firearms. Including several veterans of foreign wars. All well cared for with comfortable lodgings and kept clean and well fed. Just cooked up a batch of fresh ammo just for several of them today. Was raining and I spent a pleasant couple hours at the loading bench.

  5. I will neither confirm nor deny that any firearms that may or may not be in my possession are ‘undocumented’ but if any such do exist they were all obtained legally and were simply looking for a good home where they will be properly fed and given a safe place to reside.

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