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I hope you checked “female” on the Form 1.


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  1. What ‘brace’ are you talking about?

    Last I heard, a naked buffer tube doesn’t count as a ‘shoulderable device”… 🙂

      • “It will, once the BATFE rewrites the regulation.”

        Unfortunately, likely true… 🙁

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  2. Never had a brace on mine.. (But I do have an extra adjustable stock or two laying around wink-wink nudge-nudge..)

    • MAXX,

      Having fired both, I can say that, in my experience, a pistol brace is a poor substitute for an adjustable stock. Not that I would ever do that, of course, it being “illegal” and all that.

      The ATF can’t die soon enough.

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  3. Only have one lower that has had a pistol upper on it, yanked the brace and gonna put a round tube on it. If SCOTUS gets around to putting the ATF back in their place, I may revisit the issue then.

    • “If SCOTUS gets around to putting the ATF back in their place, I may revisit the issue then.”

      That only works as long as they never control all three branches.

      Remember what Obama did in his first term with the ‘health’ act?

      We couldn’t stop it. If that ever happens again, they can ram every nightmare gun control regulation down our throats, and we will be forced to kill it in the courts, taking likely years to accomplish… 🙁

  4. Don’t they should be illegal. Still scratching my head why anyone wants one. I’ve had it explained, I understand the argument. I’ll take a shoulder stock and a barrel long enough to take advantage of a little bit of the ballistics of the cartridge. Without not completely deafening me. Maybe. I don’t have time for ear pods in the moment.

    • “I don’t have time for ear pods in the moment.”

      That’s the point. A 9-11″ barrel plus a suppressor is the same size as a typical 16″ AR. You don’t need a longer barrel for self-defense ranges. I wouldn’t want to use a shorter barrel without a suppressor unless it’s a pistol caliber. I imagine an 8″+ PCC wouldn’t be as loud as a handgun.

    • Gadsden,

      Don’t know about you, but for my abode (quite small – comfortable for me and my dog, and that’s all I need), home defense could require a fair amount of “moving around corners” and clearing rooms. My Sub2000 isn’t ideal for that; a full-length AR-15 pretty much means “sit and wait for the guy to come to you”. A “braced pistol” is much more practical for any other defense strategy in my house.

    • Imagine simping for the ATF saying a device that goes on the stock of the rifle should be illegal simply because of the size discrepancies the ATF has with rifle/pistol lengths. You can not like the function of them all you want, it doesn’t change how stupid the law is. Saying they should be illegal is the dumbest thing you have ever admitted publicly on these forums. We all know you are a FUDD but this is next level. This puts you in the category with the people that cut their guns up and turned them in. Your fixation on ballistics is also idiotic and irrelevant. You assume a .300 out of a short barrel won’t reach out and touch you the same way a 5.56 from a 16″ barrel will? lol. One of them you won’t even hear and the only real argument for ballistics is sniping/hunting… none of which are relevant to this stupid fucking law.

      Just stop. Keep this idiotic thought to yourself.

      • I may be wrong ….. but I think Gadsden left out the word “ think” after the word “don’t” in the first sentence.

        Read this way it fits better with tone of rest of his post. Not condemning, just questioning.

        Since I’m more of a portable pistol guy – I never got into AR pistols either.

        I always said they’ll be legal until they aren’t. This congress needs to stop letting agencies make laws.

  5. AR pistols have ballistics equivalent to a .357 magnum. I’ll stick with the 16″ barrel.

    • Are you saying. 357 mag is ineffective? A 60gr projectile out of just a 7.5″ barrel has the energy of 9mm at 100 yards. Doesn’t sound like a lot but, would you rather deliver that energy with a pistol or a “rifle” at that distance?

      • It’s an uninformed boomer argument. People who make that argument might get out to a range once a year. Imagine simping for the ATF because of length of a barrel and classification of a shouldering device. It’s the same type of people that buy CA approved things like 10 round mags and “fin” grips.

  6. Geez, I don’t have a dog I’m this hunt, but why is it so hard to swap the barrel out. You can get a cheap one for under $100, or a really good one for under $300. Add in a gas tube for less than $20 and pitch the rubber dong of a brace for any of a hundred actual stocks. If you really need a shorter barrel, get a 14.7 and weld on a muzzle device. Then put the pistol barrel in the back of the safe for later, when clearer heads prevail or we’ve gone WROL. These things are Lego’s for adults.

    • Not every firearm with a brace is a traditional AR. My LWRC SMG45 was bought legally. There is no replacement barrel. There is also no reason to go with a longer barrel in 45acp. What little gained in velocity would be immediately negated by the loss in mobility. Had to trade what was essentially a new gun because of the stupid rule.

      • Hmm, that’s a good looking piece of kit. I’d might have been temped to take the free SBR route there, a really tough call. But I get wanting to stay out of a registry… I’m sorry for your loss.
        Here in PRoNJ, that type of gat has been forbidden for years, a pistol with a mag outside the grip and a shrouded barrel are forbidden. Think Tech9. Could you have just removed the brace and had a big 45?

  7. I’m Asexual, seems I cant keep from fcking myself.
    Get a speeding ticket, I start pulling up stop signs.
    Get caught pulling up stop signs, I run over them with a D7.
    Get caught stealing Caterpillars I start killing Moths
    Get caught for killing Moths I sit in jail reading The Mothman Diaries.
    It’s a vicious cycle

  8. I get the concept of a brace on an AR pistol. Don’t feel the need to have one. Disagree with the change in regulation. Current owners bought them as fully legal kit. Now it’s illegal to own etc.
    BATFE needs to either go back under treasury and simply collect taxes. Or be disbanded and their duties folded into either the Marshal’s service or the FBI.
    AND, on that note, the FBI needs to go back to actually investigating real federal crime and assisting locals with forensic sciences. The politics and corruption needs to be rooted out and the bad actors need to face real consequences.
    Yeah, I know it’s not likely to happen, but I can hope and dream can’t I?

  9. I’m for registering and breaking the system (malicious compliance). Tens of millions of applications would take decades to process and consume multiple years of BATFE budget. It is good evidence to eliminate them from NFA.

    • The problem there is that there is a clock on it. If your registration is not processed in time then you are in illegal possession of an NFA item, and YOU Sent ATF the proof.

  10. I was ready making an SBR when the ruling came out. So I happily took my free tax stamp. Now where are my flowers and chocolates?

  11. Son in PK: Dad you’ve got to quit leaving the doors open so your cats can run in and out as they please, your going to be asleep some night and get jacked, promise me you’ll close your door.”
    Me: Cats like to run around at night, I get tired, they like to get back in the house when the sun comes up and people start stirring around. I ain’t taking the cats freedom away cause I’m scared of somebody sneaking in and fcking me up. Quit worrying.

    The Right To Wear Shoes Shall Not Be Infringed.
    ,,,,,,,,,,,, as long as they are not high tops
    Designed for running
    Designed for mountain climbing
    Designed for boxing or any form of combat.
    Do not have a shoelace’s over 28 inches long
    Do not have shoe tread over 24mm deep
    Are not made of leather
    Are not made with animal based glue
    Are not made of cotton
    Are not made of polyester
    Can not pocess the descriptive term “combat boot”.
    Can not be black
    Can not be blue
    or of Rainbow patterns
    Have no zipper or metallic devices used to secure footwear.
    Has a heel less then 1cm in length
    Fully encloses the toes.
    Does not have pointed toe( all shoes must be of rounded toe design with a flex factor of 3)
    All shoes must be purchased from a government authorized dealership and all necessary paper work must be filled out and documented prior to asking for permission to be cleared by a government agency.
    If you are approved you will be allowed to take pocession of the shoes.
    To pocess the shoes they must be insured and you must prove to a state authorized entity that you are capable of the safe and efficient use of s shoe. Where upon the state authorized entity may or my not issue you your license to own the shoes.
    If denied you must turn yourself in to local authorities for proper punishment procedures.
    Now that you’ve gotten your shoes remember.
    Pocessing shoes has limitations:
    You are only allowed to wear shoes in designated areas, approved to be the proper footwear at the time by local authorities.
    Failure to follow the guidelines could result in and possibly up to imprisonment for life, $600trillionbrazilion, death or all of the above.

    • …. and on that note, it’s probably the reason they crossed out “The Right to Bare Feet Shall Not be….

  12. Massad Ayoob – Can Training Be Used Against You In Court? Critical Mas EP 61.

    • Anything you say Can And Will Be Used AGAINST YOU.
      So, I’ve had extensive training in the use of firearmns and I am a certified Super Safer Gumn Guy will be used against you.
      What keeps people from convictions? $$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$.
      ,,,,,,I’d really like to take a shower with Joe Biden and his daughter. That’d be just awsome.

  13. Apparently the approvals coming from the brace rule have the caveat that they’re legit as long as the rule stands. So if the rule falls are those you got approval now in possession of an illegal SBR?

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