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That’s a little extreme even for Republicans but it really isn’t that far off from the common cry for “hardening soft targets” which basically means turning our entire society into armed camps with all public places under guard, doors locked and people with weapons and body armor, civilian and government alike, as if we are all supposed to live as if we are in a war zone ready to shoot at the first sign of danger.

— Heather Digby Parton in For the Love of Guns

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  1. “An average 6th grader can look at those facts and determine that while we all have mental illness in our societies the reason only America is awash is gun violence is because we are awash in guns. No other country is suicidal enough to allow this.”

    Yet an average sixth grader should be able to understand that some people will do bad things, and laws won’t stop them.

    The article is heavy on fantasy and short on reality. So let’s cut to the chase: what solution does Parton recommend?

    “The poison that’s killing us is gun culture. These fetishists are prescribing a dystopian future, all so they can own the lethal weapons that are perpetuating the violence from which they then claim they need to defend.”

    Blaming law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals and the tools that they illegally use.

    That’s not a solution.

    • Prescribing a dystopian future?

      Oh, okay. The future dystopia is because I shoot 3 gun.

      Has nothing at all to do with a borderless nation awash in opioids, the normalization of drug use, celebrating the sterilization of children the killing of the unborn or euthanizing the elderly, nothing at all to do with dismissing logic, reason, math, literature, engineering as all racists pursuits while using the force of government to destroy livelihoods over a bad cold or a medical apparatus that is rewarded for medicating and punished for treating the most vulnerable among us. Hell, mere months ago it was concluded that chemical imbalances necessitating copious amounts of anti-depressants is complete bunk and we all just ignored it to continue dumping drugs down the throats of anyone who will swallow.

      Yeah, my guns are bringing about the dystopia. My bad. Everything else is A-O-K. Sorry, I forgot OK is also racist.

    • Most sixth graders I know can point out what doors need to be locked to prevent entry and that having windows low to the ground = entry points. Frankly I would listen to the kids who would be effected by safety measures before this person.

    • “Blaming law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals and the tools that they illegally use.

      That’s not a solution.”

      In the mind (?) of a Leftist, it is.

      It reminds me of the 1930s, when it was real popular to blame a certain group of individuals for all of the problems in a European nation. If only they could get get rid of them, everything would be better.

      Their leaders dreamed of an impossible dream, a “Final Solution”, of sorts (*cough*), to make everything better.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they want to tattoo the outline of a Beretta 92 on all of our foreheads, so they can see us coming and flee in imaginary terror.

      They are that delusional… 🙁

    • The poison that’s killing us is the left wing refusal to do anything about crime, their insistence in turning everything into a race or gender-identity thing so they can continue to exploit these people for votes, and their insistence on control of rights. These fetishists are prescribing a dystopian future, all so they can remain in power and/or have their way in bringing about a complete tyranny in which those they don’t like are subjected to lethal violence from the very government that claims its for the greater good.

  2. And Democrats want those “soft zones” to stay potential “massacare zones.”

    If it saves just one life……

  3. In a former society that has collapsed, as far as our society did, every place is a war zone. Until we have a society with a respected social contract she can expect life to be nasty, brutish and short. She lives in a world where rape occurs on the floor of subway stations, children are sold for drugs, and the police do not respond to all unattended deaths.

  4. “The man who shot his neighbors was a drinking man with a hot temper and a penchant for guns.” and an illegal alien who’d been deported multiple times, thus a prohibited person who could have been disarmed and either jailed or deported (again) under existing laws, had they been enforced.

    • “and an illegal alien who’d been deported multiple times, thus a prohibited person who could have been disarmed and either jailed or deported (again) under existing laws, had they been enforced.”

      Shame on you for proposing something that would have made this illegal alien all butt hurt… you racist…plus you didn’t include the proper pro-nouns so double shame on you.


  5. “There is simply no doubt that states with looser gun laws have higher rates of gun violence.” -yet NH, with lax laws, is perennially at or close to the too of the list of safest states for violent crime.

  6. The non firearm homicide rate in the US is higher than the entire homicide rate of many Westen nations.

    Remove every gun in America and you do nothing about the cultural rot.

    • “Remove every gun in America and you do nothing about the cultural rot.”

      Like Britain did, with common kitchen knifes. They actually floated ideas like etching serial numbers on them and registering them. Other ideas like permanently chaining large knives to kitchen counters. (I’m serious on that one).

      That is the depth of the delusion of someone mad with the dream of power over others… 🙁

      • With such power comes the ability to “mobilize” “volunteers” for grand scale projects. Such as a canal from the Great Lakes to Seattle. Using mobilized volunteer labor (slave labor), dug with garden tools or even bare hands, and motivated by their love of the party (more likely the lash, starvation rations, and summary executions).

      • And all the KNIFE bans/regulations/prohibitions/registration threatscame AFTER they effectively disarmed the nation: righteoh, now all you cobbers line up and surrender ALL your guns and ammunition, there’s a good lad.
        The insane thing is this: thei DID exactly that. No guns, so no more gun deaths. FIXED the problem. Or did they? Now there are more dying by way of misuse of edged tools than there WERE with guns. Yeah, that FIXED itnalright. Fixed like one “fixes” a male dog toreduce the puppy population somewhat. He ain’t fixed, he’s now broken cuz some things don’t work any more. Just like societynow “disarmed” of guns but swarming with things that make red juice flow freely.

        • “No guns, so no more gun deaths. FIXED the problem. Or did they? Now there are more dying by way of misuse of edged tools than there WERE with guns.”

          The body count is entirely irrelevant. It is removing fear from the “nice people” who go to “nice” places, and do “nice” things. By avoiding “bad” places, the danger from being killed by a knife is almost zero.

          Those who are all about confiscating guns have no compunction about the number of people who will be killed and injured trying to collect the firearms.

  7. Of course, it isn’t remotely true that “only America” is “awash in gun violence”. It’s just the only such nation also ranked as “highly developed”. There are plenty of countries with strict gun laws where violence is far more prevalent, we just don’t talk about them. We also don’t talk about how gun violence isn’t actually particularly prevalent in certain demographics in America.

    In my opinion, restricting comparisons to “high income countries” is a mistake. Murder is a rare phenomenon associated with profoundly socially dysfunctional individuals, and murder rates, usually measured per 100,000 population, respond very strongly to the presence of even a few such individuals. Measures like median income, on the other hand, are almost impervious to them. Drop a half-dozen homeless, meth-addicted, violent maniacs on Apple’s main campus, and it doesn’t move their median income at all – but you can bet it changes the rate of violent crime! And if you were to suggest, upon seeing that situation, that it showed Apple employees were unworthy of their liberty and the trust shown to them, that they needed to live by stricter rules, people would think you were insane yourself.

  8. “Government and civilian alike”? Is she unaware that the USA has civilian government?

  9. Making a door out of material that is difficult to break through and locking that door doesn’t turn a place into a war zone. As a side gig I’m a general contractor that builds a few houses per year and I make a point of using windows and doors that are rated for use in coastal areas that are subject to extreme weather and I reinforce the frames around the doors and windows with sheet metal inserts while I’m framing the house. You would be lucky to break through one of these windows with a sledgehammer in 10 minutes and the same goes for the doors and if you really wanted into the structure it would be easier to simply break through the walls on the outside. None of my houses are a war zone.

    • Would those windows be using the impact resistant film or just how they come? Either way should be standard for anything protecting kids.

      • I don’t know whether or not they have a security laminate on them but I know that they weigh about five times as much as a regular window or at least it feels that way when you’re trying to install them. I think in testing they fire an 8 ft long 4×4 post out of a Pneumatic cannon at 160 mph and the window or door has to stop that post to get the certification. The only door on the house I don’t get one that is rated for hurricanes is the garage door and that’s just because they’re too difficult to get locally.

        • That’s some heavy — although expensive — glass.

          Did we ever have the discussion that “bullet-proof glass,” isn’t?

          In banking, we learned it was “bullet-resistant” (BR) glass.

        • no name,

          What’s the first Rule of Engineering? If you can’t make it work, get a bigger hammer. Hell, even tanks are not “bulletproof” – a 120mm depleted uranium anti-armor round tends to do a rather neat job of punching holes in them.

          “Bulletproof vests” (even the Level IVA variety), won’t stop a .338 Lapua Magnum (and don’t even try it with a .50BMG AP round!).

          NOTHING is “bulletproof” . . . you just aren’t using a big enough bullet. No beef with ballistic protection – it’s better than nothing. But any idiot that thinks he’s safe because he’s wearing a Level IVA bulletproof vest with the latest and greatest ceramic plates? Yeah, he’s a moron.

          Also, talk to anybody who’s ever been shot while wearing a “bulletproof vest”. They may not die, but they sure as hell didn’t enjoy the experience. Major bruises are almost guaranteed; broken ribs are common. (I talked to one cop who’d been shot in the chest, with a HANDGUN, and suffered a fractured sternum.)

          Like I said, they are “better than nothing”. The best option is to avoid getting shot.

        • Lamp not for nothing but lv 4 does typically stop 338 lapula from penetrating, but yes in that case excessive and potentially lethal backface deformation is a problem. Typical plates will fail to 50 bmg but we have had 50 bmg rated plates since the 90’s for infantry use (60-70’s for air crew) they are just stupidly heavy and were never really used outside of northern Ireland (that we immediately know about). As to the fractured sternum from pistol round that would suggest soft concealable vest taking a round beyond what it is rated for like a 2A or 2 taking a 357 magnum or similar. For the extreme version a level 3a vest was able to stop a 45-70 round but ultimately killed the officer and that is to my knowledge the only case of a vest stopping a round and killing its wearer. As to bruises yes absolutely but broken ribs are “typically” unlikely unless again threats exceed the protection rating (for the military a lot of API 7.62 in x39 and 54 initially was a problem for early revision SAPI and ESAPI)………..except with the lightweight UHMWPE plates which do seem to transfer a bit more energy than other options which oddly can make kevelar/fiberglass a better option for ceramic backers at the mid to lower price point……………I miss being able to buy/sell/test here in NY

        • As to bruises yes

          I find bruised and maybe even broken to be way more appealing than dead… How many times will you run into a shooter using a .338 Lapua or dragging a .50 BMG into a school or a mall… If I’m carrying that kind of firepower, I’m on top of a hill or a building with a scope that’s going to make a human head look like a beach ball, NO body armor can protect from that…

        • Max about the best we can do for civilian purchase for head protection ranges from 7.62×39 (excluding API) to 7.62x51Nato and only lead core. For law enforcement/mil purchase only M855 and the various 7.62×39 ap becomes an option but the weight quickly becomes excessive and alternate designs are being looked into where the weight would be carried on your shoulders.

        • the best we can do for civilian purchase for head protection

          Safe, MY point is IF I want you dead, you will be dead…

        • I understand you max just keep an eye on what develops vs what is available to you as it can change the equation over time I never thought I would see rifle resistant helmets under 1k in my lifetime but here we are.

      • “Would those windows be using the impact resistant film or just how they come?”

        The windows of the schools I went to as a kid had a slightly green-ish tint to them, and had a wire mesh of about one square inch laminated inside, kinda like this :

        You could easily modify that with a highly-resilient Lexan plastic core with the wire mesh embedded inside. Bullets would go through it, but the combination of Lexan and the wire mesh would maintain the integrity, so murderous thugs are kept out…

        • Realistically that would be the best bet as actual bullet resistant glass is thick heavy expensive and often not rifle resistant to begin with. If the windows (and glass portions of doors) prevent physical entry that is a great start. Now ballistic fiberglass panels in the walls of key strategic areas can be used for most conceivable ballistic threats to protect those on the other side. But even that may be excessive if the locked doors and broken but impassable windows keeps the asshole out.

        • Geoff,

          Not only tends to remain intact, but slows the bullet down considerably. Short of an full inch-thick plate of solid neutronium (a little hard to source, and if you could then presumably the shooter could source neutronium bullets, so . . . what did you really accomplish?), there ain’t no such thing a “bulletproof” – just use a bigger bullet.

        • And the material used to laminate the glass to make it resistant to bullets is also affected by ultraviolet radiation and has to be replaced every few years to maintain the protective qualities.

    • Or politicians! I’m glad my granddaughters are home schooled🙄 Public schools are hell holes…

  10. We’re already a war zone. That’s why people are buying guns by the truckload. Who destroyed the country and brought eternal conflict?? The left.

    • 400 million guns is the symptom…not the cause…for that the left needs to take a long look in the mirror…..

  11. Gun free zones are putting more people in danger. This needs to stop.

    What this article refers to is the left ridiculous fear of guns in general.

  12. Don’t be fooled. These commies don’t give a f* about the victims of gun violence. They want to push their twisted, perverted, and corrupt vision of civilization on all of us and call it “democracy.” Anyone who disagrees with their disgusting goals is considered meat at the bottom of a trench.

    They hate us and want us dead. Never, ever forget that.

  13. I’m forced to agree. Evolution and adaptation are the most powerful forces in the world. Harden all the schools and a potential killer will change tactics, perhaps targeting public events at a distance as the Las Vegas shooter did.

    The only way this ends is if society stops wasting time, energy and resources on useless gun control and turns to an examination of root causes.

    Only by understanding and addressing the societal forces creating these killers will progress ever be made.

    But that doesn’t help Democrats disarm the law-abiding. So don’t hold your breath.

    • “…and turns to an examination of root causes. Only by understanding and addressing the societal forces creating these killers …”

      What’s the root cause of a teenager shooting up a school? How do you address this?

      • “…and turns to an examination of root causes. Only by understanding and addressing the societal forces creating these killers …”

        Mental illness… there ya go, understood.

        “societal forces” my butt. this is why the mental illness aspect is not being addressed, because we have idiots like this fool who has to ‘examine’ “societal forces” trying to put the blame on society instead of where it belongs on mental illness because heaven forbid we make a mentally ill killer feel butt hurt by doing something about their mental illness before they kill.

        • But we’ll still have shootings — many of these mentally-ill fly under the radar until they suddenly explode in a fury of violence.

          I doubt that we’ll ever completely put an end to that.

        • We will never get rid of all of it, but the Left will continue to sell the lie of “Never Again”… 🙁

        • 1950 to date

          1. 73% of mass shooters had a known history of childhood trauma

          2. 85% of mass shooters showed signs of a crisis in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting

          3. 92% of mass shooters were suicidal prior to the shooting or committed suicide during the shooting.

          4. 93% of mass shooters communicated their plans ahead of time to someone else.

          5. 86% of mass shooters showed a high degree of planning before the shooting

          6. 94% of mass shooters showed an interest in previous mass shootings and studied them or knew about them and wanted to emulate them in some manner, due to media coverage and anti-gun groups and pro-gun-control activists highlighting them.

          All have shown signs of mental illness.

          In the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management. (Lankford, A., & Cowan, R. G. (2020)) ( )

          … Cowan writes of their research they “…closely analyzed public mass shooters who attacked in the United States from 1966 to 2019 and found that correlates of mental illness were approximately equally common among perpetrators, whether they had been coded as mentally ill or not.”

          Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass shooters, summed it up for the issue for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community basically has no treatment.

      • what was the “root cause” of the Las Vegas shooter?

        He was either (1) a fucking “nutjob” or (B) a “SUICIDAL nutjob” looking for a grand finale… (see 2 through 5 for sure)…

  14. maybe if the left wing idiots would stop creating ‘Gun Free Zones’ and let law abiding people be armed, then the mass shooter (which includes school shooters) predator would not be able to have ‘government’ guaranteed defenseless prey in “Gun Free Zones’ which is why over 90% of mass shootings take place in ‘Gun Free Zones’

  15. Harding soft zones. Well dang it there it is again.
    For the last 2 months I’ve really had a fixation of taking a shower with Joe Biden and his daughter. Then this article of Harding soft ZONES pops up.
    Ohhhhh whoe’st me,the world is cruel

    • possum,

      EWWWWW!!! possum, if your fantasies are that sick, keep them to yourself!!!!!

  16. All I had to do was click the link, see the banner, and I knew that the article was going to be a waste of my time to read. Still, I slogged through it. Yes, it was a waste of my time to read.

  17. ‘Hardening Soft Zones’ ….. probably the name of Miner49er and dacian’s favorite gay male porn movie.

    • .40 cal,

      “‘Hardening Soft Zones’ ….. probably the name of Miner49er and dacian’s favorite gay male porn movie.”

      Objection, counselor, assuming facts not in evidence. You are assuming they even have any zones capable of hardening.

      And their favorite porn movies are their homemade sex tapes. They certainly can’t have any more intellectual pursuits; neither has the cerebral capacity.

      • Dacian may have heard the ten second soundbite of K@rl M@rx’s theory but without the historical examples of its implementation.

        He’s a rev0lutionary for a rev0lution that never happened.

        • Southern,

          You are more generous than am I. dacian is an ahistorical moron (who probably never read a history book other than Howard Zinn and his ilk – if he even read those). I’m willing to bet he’s never actually read “Das Kapital”, and he CERTAINLY hasn’t the foggiest idea of actual economics. Hell, he’s so stupid, he probably think Keynes actually advocated for deficit spending as a general policy (he didn’t).

          He is, like MajorLiar, a quintessential “liberal” – “I’ts not that our liberal friends are ignorant; it’s just that they ‘know’ so much that isn’t so.”

  18. So, she wants all of America to look like San Fran, LA, NYC, Seattle where drugs and criminals rule the streets, the PD have their hand tied behind their backs by soft on crime laws, and soft on crime DAs and law abiding citizens live in fear 24/7.

    • of course she does…its ‘progressive’ towards her desired dystopian tyranny future.

    • Pittsburgh has a black mayor, a gay soon to be police chief, and has just nominated a Soros-backed DA…homeless people all over the downtown, black kids shooting up the place, businesses leaving….guess they just want to follow the model and be like everyone else….

  19. Doors that only open from the inside, double entry at the main entrance w/metal detector, one armed security officer and a few strategically placed well trained armed teaches and other employees, video monitors, bullet proof glass, how hard can it be? Fire the first dumbass teacher caught propping a self closing door open and the rest will soon figure it out… Does not need to look like a WARZONE or a prison…

    as if we are all supposed to live as if we are in a war zone ready to shoot at the first sign of danger.

    ready to shoot? It’s a good way to stay alive…

    • but..but…but…IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE!….the real root cause of the problem…this sort of thing doesn’t happen inside well-protected urban schools that acknowledge the reality……

  20. I went to schools taught by the Teacher’s union so “me tan’t read”..BTW a properly concealed weapon is out of sight but not out of my mind…

    • if you “tan’t read” it’s your own damn fault…you can’t teach someone who is unwilling to learn…and thinking some teachers don’t carry guns is hopelessly naive…..

  21. “means turning our entire society into armed camps with all public places under guard, doors locked and people with weapons and body armor”

    This is EXACTLY how the rich live. The rest of us are expected to be vulnerable and unprotected so our betters can feel safe.

  22. Did you notice she conveniently only mentioned as far back as to not have to deal with Nashville; how’d that one fit in to her malinformed polemic?

    • She chose the three “high-profile” shootings that occurred within one week and, despite acknowledging that each shooter may have had a differing reason, she blamed all of them on angry men with guns.

      “The Atlanta shooter was diagnosed with mental illness and was reportedly angry … The man who shot his neighbors was a drinking man with a hot temper and a penchant for guns. We don’t know for sure what motivated the mall shooter …” (but he must have been an Hispanic white supremacist, who are all angry and have guns)

  23. When you dislike reality, embrace the fantasy. The world is often a nasty place. Ignoring that gets good people killed.

    • used to be when people got angry they kicked their dog….not shoot somebody….denigrate religion all you want…but it was a restraining factor….and taught you the difference between right and wrong…good and evil……

  24. US Progs – stop with the “War Zone” nonsense. As always, you have not a freaking clue.

    Heather is, one more, hyperventilating prog chik. Ignore her and ANYTHING from “Solon”. WHY would TTAG link to “Solon”? Nothing could be more irrelevant. OR just trolling for cliks?

    • teacher’s in Israel often supervise recess while carrying Galils…now THAT is a “war zone”!

      • now THAT is a “war zone”!

        Any place where you are likely to be killed at any moment by some crazed idiot with a vest full of explosives or a fucking rocket landing on your house IS a war zone…

  25. Look, I grew up going to schools that were mostly rural-suburban – one story, classrooms all opening to the outside, large windows, no bulletproof glass or metal detectors anywhere. Would I like my kids to have that? Sure (and for more of their years, they did). Would I rather have them safe? Oh, HELL YEAH!.

    The media whores have sensationalized every mass killing (or at least the ones that advanced their agenda – notice how fast they memory-holed the Tennessee religious school shooting???), and that just breeds more sick, drugged-up, disaffected kids to decide that they can “be famous” by killing a bunch of other people in public. And we don’t institutionalize the known sick people. And if we do, we let them out either without bail, awaiting trial, and/or give them slap-on-the-wrist sentences (thank you, George Soros, you evil, Nazi-collaborating sonofabitch). As long as we do that, we’ll get crazy and/or drugged-up criminals.

    Until we fix societal rot, our effed up “justice” system, and stop publicizing insane criminals? I’m OK with schools that “look like prisons”. Don’t want schools that “look like prisons”???? Fix that other s***, and get back to me.

    • …at least get rid of the glass doors and make sure the damned thing is locked!

  26. I went to a school building built in the 1920’s-1930’s under the WPA. Narrow windows in steel doors with pushbars on the inside. Windows in the classrooms had wire mesh embedded in the glass. Fire escape doors could only be opened from inside. Solid thick doors on the classrooms that could be locked from inside. Main entrance through a double door entry that could also be used as a containment/airlock type entrance. Solid concrete block with brick facade walls.
    With a few minor upgrades such as video monitoring of grounds and entrances, remote lock and intercom for main entrance, and a few CCW armed personnel on sight would possibly prevent a shooting situation.
    What’s interesting is the fact most of the students were familiar with firearms by the age of 10 and the majority of them had their own or access to firearms by 16. Had anyone bothered to check, dependent on season, there would be enough firearms in vehicles in the student parking lot to outfit a company of Marines. We had all the same issues and problems then as teens have today. Main difference we didn’t have social media or cell phones.
    What we did have was a healthy respect for the staff, teachers, parents, police and to some extent, each other. And, if a teacher used some form of physical punishment, IE a smack across the back of the head or a rap on the knuckles with the yardstick, no one got overly upset or sued the school.
    Of course the teachers also kept their private lives, private. Being rural/farm kids, we knew how sex worked and had likely been around when livestock had given birth. We knew the effects of gunfire on a body from hunting etc.
    Sorry folks, but the idiocy of disarming the more or less law abiding or declaring gun free zones, etc. along with the rest of the disarmament wet dreams will have no effect on crime, nor prevent spree killers or murderers from committing their crimes. Having people who can and will respond to emergencies or attacks by being armed may.

    • Those days are gone, old man.
      The first day I took my son to school I told the teacher she had my permission to swat him on the ass if he started misbehaving. ” Oh I cant do that.” She said.
      DARE, yes the program that they teach your children to testify against their parents with.
      Fidel Castro approved.

  27. I don’t really see what the problem is. Civilization is collapsing anyway. All the better if there’s more places with barriers, hardened doors, razor wire, sand bags, everyone is armed and armored. It’s actually safer that way. If I could afford it my residence would be heavily militarized compound. We don’t live in era of niceties and calm polite behavior. We live in era of ever greater crime, decay, violence and destruction. We stand at the precipice of a new dark age.

  28. “Mass shootings” don’t happen at inner city schools. Wonder why? Is it OK for schools with predominately POC students to be “hardened”, but not “white” schools?

    • Sam,

      Depends on your definition of “mass shooting”. When I was living in LA (geographically adjacent to Compton, inglewood, Wilmington, Harbor City, etc.), gang shootings in and around schools in those areas happened all the time . . . they just weren’t reported as “mass shootings”, they were “gang shootings”. Which is not inaccurate, but . . . like MajorLiar, you can lie by omission.

      Many of the “inner city” schools (a joke – there is no “city” in Compton) did have metal detectors. They either weren’t effective, or the kids had figured out how to get around them. Stabbings and shootings weren’t quite a daily occurrence, but damn close.

  29. I will tell you what will END school shootings, but first I’dlike to replay a few of them we all know bout, but change the ONE DETAIL that is critical, and see the different outcome.

    Sandy Hook. Perp uses rifle to shoot out main entry door locks, thus gaining access, now unrestricted. Walks up main hallway to the admin desk, where two ladies are there. Takes rifle and kills both, They turns and walks up ine of the hallways, enters first classroom, randomly shoots, repeats in oterh classrooms. OK mow, back up.
    Perp is approaching admin desk where the two ladies have heard his gunfire, have their own concealed handguns upon their persons, and swhen perp comes into view, they fire and drop him. One dead perp, no dead staff or students, minor note in the evening news.
    Virginia Tech, mad shooter at random shooing whoever he feels lie shooting. NO one is armed, many die.

    back up. Since the state and school recognise the impotance of an armed society, students are allowed to carry concealed upon their persons, and staaff are also randomly armed and trained. Random gins are produced from waistbands, purses, lockers, etc and mad killer is killed with minimal body count.

    Uvalde Armed and useless scool guard WATCHES as armed perp walks across school yard and into an unlocked side door, does NOTHING. Perp enters building, selects classroo with two teachers, opens fire and kills most of the childran after he’s killed both teachers.
    Back up. Armed SRO has brains and balls, accosts armed intruder and stops jim whatever it takes. OH so I’m dreaming a hireliing will actually DO that for which he is hired.
    So let us follow the perp after hes gained entry and is now entering the double classroom. Both teachers are armed and trained, both present, one or both fire, perp drops and is disarmed. No children hurt.

    Stoneman Douglas the SRO sitting at his desk top floor corner office facing car park, sees the known perp who has a restraining order prohibiting him entering the school property, carrying a Cabelsa AR style rifle case that appears to have some signficant weight inside it. SRO does nothing. Perp enters and starts shooting, beginning at the top floor. the body count rises.

    Backup.SRO has some intergity, blows the whistle and lcoks down the campus, calling law enfrocement about the armed prohibited intruder. They roll, and get there as he starts whootng. BUT several of the armed teachers/staff move toward the known location of this perp and neutralise him before e fires on any student.

    Benefits: it can be done with NO cost to government/people. Life on cmpus goes on, no militery or prison style lockdowns, checkpoints, etc, the place is not secured like a prison. Life goes on as normal, But when trouble shows up ,ultiple armed, skilled, trained individuals “magically appear” out of thin air, presenting their weapns, using their training to repel and/or neutralise the threat, keeping everyone safe but the putative killer.
    Think I am dreaming? Go and learn about the excellent programme in Ohio, FASTER Saves Lives. It was devloped as a response to Sandy Hook, and in all the years its been in ppace there has not been ONE gun-related incident in any school district where this programme is in use. Cost to budgets? ZEEEEROE. Nada nothing

    • one of several states that have had similar programs in place for awhile now…without issues

  30. Now the Leftists want to call “gun free zones” “soft zones? Oh the Left is soft alright. Soft in the head.

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