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No, pocket-sized revolvers aren’t good guns for ladies or anyone small of stature. No, not even if they’re pink. A skinny grip can be good, but typically a larger, heavier frame has far less recoil and is easier to shoot. See, for example, the M&P380 Shield EZ. It’s easy to operate and comfortable to shoot.


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        • Jesus. Men, if a woman tries to change who you are at your core, dump her. Same goes for you women who’ve got a man trying to manipulate or change you. Kick ’em to the curb.

          You can want to grow as a person and change yourself and better yourself, and that is commendable, but you have to make that distinction for yourself. It has to come from within.

  1. A j frame is not the gun for beginners. That Shield EZ would likely be a good beginners gun. If you can find ammo for it.

    • The LCR is different. Even though it’s the same size, I refuse to call it a J-frame because its stock trigger is so much better than the ones S&W installs. If you are sensitive to recoil, which would be typical for a beginner of small stature and small hands, buy an LCR in .327 Magnum but don’t shoot that caliber. Instead, load the gun with weaker .32 H&R Magnum or even .32 S&W ammunition until you find a caliber you can shoot comfortably.

      • The LCR is a VERY GOOD general purpose concealed carry weapon. The Shield EZ is almost certainly better for new shooters (and seasoned ones too).

        Still, it is kinda stupid to disrespect the LCR. Purse carry and RIP rounds deserve the disrespect. ๐Ÿ‘

    • Cant agree more, shield ez is perfect for beginners or the elderly who may have a harder time racking the slide.

      Also .380 Underwood ammo extreme penetrator hits just as hard as standard 9mm, making it a great pocket rocket, I got a g42 revision 2 once I discovered them.

        • You can always have the gun cerakoted. Or see if she would like the Performance Center version as it’s rather blinged up

  2. Dan, Please could you not put those people in this location? My wife is forever blathering on about the “royals” I despise the lot of them and the more I hear of and about them the more I despise them. One good thing about the gun media is I never hear a thing about these azzh0les and now you are stinking this place up with them. Bad enough the trolls that hang around here, but this is far worse….

  3. I don’t see how a .32 or .38 cal snubby is a bad choice for female shooters. Especially if it is steel framed. Whatever the frame don’t shoot +p. Wadcutters offer mild recoil. The triggers on the smiths have a slightly heavier pull but are really smooth and break in well. Keep it lubricated and any shooter should be fine.

    • Sight distance and grip size.
      Even if the trigger wasnโ€™t an issue (and it is) the difficulty in putting rounds on target due to the naturally short sight radius and oftentimes stubby grip, is not beneficial to new or beginning shooters.

  4. A revolver is less likely to foul up on other contents should the lady choose to sacrifice her purse and shoot through it.

    • The other day I tried to open an automatic knife I keep in my pocket with that clip on the side. A dime had gotten in the shooter outer hole and jammed it up. I had to take a pair of pliers and pull it out.

  5. There are NO “ladies” in those photos. You need to research “lady” laddy. Haveing a VG (even at birth) does NOT make a “lady”.

  6. While small and light and handy dandy I do not like the Taurus PT738 I bought. The grips are to thin, the rest of its okay.
    I just got it for when I’m out riding my bicycle and happen upon a human with a broken leg.

    • “I just got it for when Iโ€™m out riding my bicycle and happen upon a human with a broken leg.”

      To put them out of their misery and then liberate the contents of their wallet? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • When I bought my glock 19 I tried a S&W. I think it was the compact 2.0 dingus. It was simply too narrow to be comfortable in my hand.

      I wanted it to work. I like S&W. But there just wasn’t enough gun there, wide wise.

  7. My daughter asked for a revolver…..

    So I let her try all my snubs….S&W model 60, 640, 042, and 12 (all 38s), LCRx 38, and LCR 357.

    She was shooting 2 inch group at 15 yards with all of them in about 30 minutes and 50 rounds of Golden Saber +P.

    She chose the LCR 357 as the goldilocks gun… lighter than the steel Smiths….smaller than the model 12….and a concealed hammer..

    Plus she liked the smooth trigger and could make hits much faster as compared to the others.

    So I gave her the LCR and a couple of 5 star loaders. Most anybody can learn to shoot any gun. Blanket statements about what is and isn’t suitable are silly.

    More of the “I don’t shoot it well, so nobody could” mentality.

  8. My wife limp wrists semi autos. Give her .38 special revolver and it is like a nuclear bomb in her hands.

  9. Oprah is:

    FAT – Yet she counsels women on how to live with their excess pounds
    CHILDLESS – Yet she advises women on how to raise children
    SINGLE – Yet she dispenses marriage advise

    I don’t blame her for the gall. I blame the fat, old miserable house-cows who listen to her.

  10. Definitely the S&W EZ is an excellent recommendation. Problem is my wife likes the 1911 style, so looking for something that doesn’t bark too much that fits the bill in something like a 380 (she didn’t like the 9mm recoil – although she shot damn well with it the first time out). She might need a bigger purse…

    • Have her try the Sig 238.
      It is a mini 1911 in .380 caliber.
      I really like it as well as the Sig 938 which is the same gun in 9 mm.
      I have a Crimson Trace grip laser on mine and am very happy with it.
      I am certain a 1911 loving wife would like either as well.

  11. I know plenty of women who shoot large caliber revolvers just fine. I can’t see how even a novice couldn’t learn how to shoot one of these purse revolvers reasonable well at typical combat distance (about 5 feet) with minimal training.

    On body carry is more secure, but is difficult for women who don’t have a badge to calm the constabulary when it is noticed. Purse carry beats the hell out of leaving it at home in your gun safe.

  12. The best gun in the world is the one you have in your hand when you need it. Starting with fundamentals and good technique will do as much or more than worrying about which pistol/revolver to use. That being said I have always found it best to start a novice with a small caliber full size pistol/revolver and as they gain confidence move them up in caliber and down in size. By using this method I have seen new shooters move all the way up to 44 mag although rare to go that big right away.

  13. I would not offer a revolver unless she prefers one, or has no interest in guns.

    I also would not offer a 380 unless she complains about the recoil of a compact 9. Most women handle 9mm handguns just fine. The shield 9 and Glock 43 are not much bigger than most 380 handguns.

    I would start with the following list

    Shield 9 (“no thumb safety” version)
    Glock 43
    Glock 42
    Shield EZ
    Smith 642 Airweight
    Ruger LCR

    Stay the heck away from Ruger LCP (Extractor can can blow out) and ANYTHING made by Keltec (Rumor has it that Ray Charles was once their Senior Quality Inspector.)

    • Maga,
      Those are all solid choices except for the Airweight.
      The recoil of such a light gun is punishing.

  14. When the hell did .32 caliber go outta style, these 38spc snubs can be to much but that caliber change is the difference between packing granny or victim granny. Those I frames and H&R 732’s etc get shot and shoot well.

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