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A sad day, indeed. From 9mmSMG on Instagram.


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  1. Can’t relate. Not sure if it’s just dumb luck, but at my current LGS/FFL, I have always gotten fast results, no BS. Even when they were overwhelmed during the panic-buying. (Or maybe they just like me 😃)

  2. Pablo hasn’t worried about background checks ever since Obama / Holder granted him Executive immunity in purchasing firearms in the USA.

  3. In Oregon during the lockdown the State Police were really slow with background checks and the backlog could be up to two weeks. I found that if I entered my info exactly as on my driver license I did not have to wait and walked out with my gun in about 30 minutes max.

    Some other places I went to said I had to use my middle name as on my birth certificate. So I did and low and behold I was entered into the que and had to wait anywhere from a few hours to almost 2 weeks.

    The place that said use my DL info only was my go to place as I was always instant approved. Oregon just does it a little different.

    • I have noticed a difference in retailers also. One of the main reasons I am using my current FFL. Never a problem, fast and efficient. Even when they are super busy.

  4. That crap is the second reason I got my GWCL. The first is so I can carry to protect myself and my family.

  5. No EXTRA delays for me, but since this is California, I always am delayed by the ten day waiting period. Yeah, it gets old.

    • Never a delay in mebbe 30 background checks the last 10 years. Including hole in the wall pawnshops. Knock on wood…

  6. When I had a real MP5, I would get delayed on other firearm purchases constantly. Once I no longer had possession of the Sub gun, no more delays. It was fun to dump 30 rounds in about 2 seconds, but kind of expensive. Not really worth it, but your mileage will vary.

    • Ya, that is utter BS. Own several NFA F/A items and never once I been delayed. The only hold up for my last one , was they couldn’t find the actual manufacturer in the PA state police system despite me telling them it been out of business since ’86.

  7. Here in PA, the longest I have had to wait was about 10 minutes. Even on Black Friday. The line at the cash register was 40 minutes.

    • Never had a delay in PA or DE but my first purchase in NY had a 45 minute wait after my wife sailed through in about 5 minutes. I would complain but it just gives her something to tease me about on range trips.

    • You are lucky. I am in PA and my last 3 checks have ranged from an two to four hours. Two of those were on weekday mornings.

    • They’re an unconstitutional assumption of your guilt by government, whereupon you must go through government’s choice of hurdles to prove your innocence before being allowed to exercise your right that preceded the government.

      Go figure.

      • …and Haz will do whatever it takes to right this injustice, provided ‘whatever it takes’ is limited to banging away impotently on his keyboard from the comfort of his fortified home.

        • Fortified Homes are good….especially ones with moats, alligators, and German Sheppards with machine guns patrolling.

          Serious ‘No Solicitations’ sign is serious. lol

        • “…‘whatever it takes’ is limited to banging away impotently on his keyboard…”

          The only thing you’re ‘banging away on’ is your hand on your utter embarrassment of a ‘manhood’.

          Loser! 🙂

          (Because if you had a woman, you would be to busy to harass the good people of TTAG…)

        • Reminds me need to put fortifying home on the honeydo list. Haz is doing well in presenting worthwhile endeavors.

        • Manse, how did you train your German Sheppards to use the machine guns? Asking for a friend.

      • Hazy, you think there should be no background checks whatsoever?

        You would be OK with those mentally unfit having direct, unfettered access to firearms from retailers?

        You would not have restricted firearms purchases by either the Sandy Hook shooter or the Parkland shooter?

        Even after most of the comments on this ‘delay’ story say they have never been delayed more than 10 to 30 minutes for a retail gun purchase?
        Even that is too much for you?


        • There was a time we didn’t have background checks. Anyone could order a true machine gun thru the mail. Yet we didn’t have the crime we are seeing now.

          Background checks operate on the assumption you are guilty until proven innocent. This turns around the well established idea your are innocent until proven guilty.

          My son was delayed 3 weeks on two occasions. He has the Illinois FOID card, and concealed carry. Both of which the State runs daily checks on. I have only been delayed in receiving my FOID initially while I held a Top Secret Clearance. I called the State Police to inquire why my application was originally denied and was told it was a mistake and to resubmit. I had to pay twice.

          It is hyperbole to suggest being against a background check equates to giving unfettered access to the unfit or criminal minded. To be against something that contrary to what we believe that innocent until proven guilty is the rule of a free society is not being for what you suggest.

          Consider we don’t have background checks at car dealerships to preclude habitual drunk drivers from purchasing a motor vehicle or even having to produce an actual license to show your eligible to drive.

          You can mitigate having certain people from purchasing firearms. Those who are a danger to society should not be in society freely. Otherwise we assume minimal risk for freedom. We know regardless of the level of authoritarianism there will always be those who commit crime. We have the choice, accept the risk of freedom or accept complete control of all of our daily lives and still have the same issues.

        • “You would be OK with those mentally unfit having direct, unfettered access to firearms from retailers?”

          What we have here is another false dichotomy straw man argument from one known to engage in drive-by posting.

        • the sandy hook shooter got his gun from the mom

          The parkland shooter had obvious issues and if you want to blame someone blame his family the people around him… Guns don’t kill people they are inanimate objects…

          You try to sound so smart but everyone of your posts are filled fallacy’s and lies…

        • @Miner,

          I was going to write a reply, but FormerParatrooper beat me to it, and actually wordcrafted a superior statement that needs no addendum.

        • Miner49er:
          See my post below. You see I didnt need a background check. Yes strawman purchases do work, so much for a back ground check, huh.

        • @ FormerParatrooper

          A very elegant and direct posting. I believe it is better than anything I could have said. I however would have added emphasis to the point of Freedom comes with RISK and I would have added FREEDOM IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN FREE, IT IS PAID FOR WITH BLOOD OF PATRIOTS

        • I see all the verbiage, but it’s very simple.

          No background check before purchase, any psychotic, psychopathic, or sociopathic person could buy firearm for what ever illegal purpose they desired. No restrictions, no prohibition, anyone could purchase regardless of their criminal or mental illness background.

          That means that Hazy is A-OK with individuals as mentally ill as the Parkland shooter or the Sandy Hook shooter walking into a retailer and purchasing a firearm.

          Good times!

        • “the sandy hook shooter got his gun from the mom”

          Irrelevant, with no background checks Adam Lanza would not have needed kill his mother to obtain a gun, he could’ve just bought it at the local LGS without any questions whatsoever.

          “The parkland shooter had obvious issues and if you want to blame someone blame his family the people around him… “

          Irrelevant, with no background checks he could buy a gun from any retailer.
          No problem, he can just lie and there is no background check to verify.

          No background checks means anybody can buy a gun, including sociopaths, Psychopaths, psychotic individuals, and other fun people.

          And y’all thinks that’s what freedom means…

        • Former paratrooper says:

          “There was a time we didn’t have background checks. Anyone could order a true machine gun thru the mail. Yet we didn’t have the crime we are seeing now.“

          You know, I don’t think you’re lying intentionally, I think you really believe that crime is higher now than it has ever been.

          “Both the FBI and BJS data show dramatic declines in U.S. violent and property crime rates since the early 1990s, when crime spiked across much of the nation.

          US violent and property crime rates have plunged since 1990s, regardless of data source
          Using the FBI data, the violent crime rate fell 49% between 1993 and 2019, with large decreases in the rates of robbery (-68%), murder/non-negligent manslaughter (-47%) and aggravated assault (-43%). (It’s not possible to calculate the change in the rape rate during this period because the FBI revised its definition of the offense in 2013.) Meanwhile, the property crime rate fell 55%, with big declines in the rates of burglary (-69%), motor vehicle theft (-64%) and larceny/theft (-49%).

          Using the BJS statistics, the declines in the violent and property crime rates are even steeper than those reported by the FBI. Per BJS, the overall violent crime rate fell 74% between 1993 and 2019, while the property crime rate fell 71%.“

        • “It is hyperbole to suggest being against a background check equates to giving unfettered access to the unfit or criminal minded.“

          As all the kids say,Wut?

          Having no “background check” is the very definition of “giving unfettered access to the unfit or criminal minded”

          Are you serious, you do realize that having no background check would allow Adam Lanza to go in and purchase a gun, with his only qualification being the cash in hand?

          To be in favor of no background checks means that one would be in favor of allowing any individual to purchase a firearm, regardless of their past criminal behavior or mental state.

          Yes, I understand your bargain.

          Allowing any psychopath or psychotic individual to own weapons is the price we must pay so that you won’t be inconvenienced for a few weeks in a delay on the background check, got it.

  8. Funny…we were thinking the same about you, Hail. How you look confused about the direction of your meaningless life when your mom unlocks the basement door for your lunchtime and 30-min walk in the sunshine. Everyone needs Vitamin D.

    • Don’t feed trolls. Though this one seems to be obsessed with servicing truckers. Reasons why I don’t stop at truck stops this guy is probably hanging out in the bathroom there. Wonder if his probation officer knows he’s posting on the internet again?

    • “Funny…we were thinking the same about you, Hail.”

      Haz, I have a feeling he *really* didn’t like being compared to the Parkland murderer… 😉

  9. Well I’ve been denied.
    Walked back to the car and the guy who brought me said, ” Thought you was buying a gunm.” I said “I did too, heres an extra twenty if you can pass that background check”. He did.

  10. I’ve had a 4473 check come back delayed 3 times in my life. Each time it was because of a common name. The longest was the next day and the shortest was a couple of hours. Each time was when I purchased a firearm in Kansas City, Kansas being a citizen from Iowa. So yes it happens and was a pain. Don’t travel to KC much anymore except for a Chiefs game and background checks in Iowa are Moot as long as you have a Firearms permit. Even with Constitutional Carry in Iowa it pays to have a Permit just to not have to deal with a 4473 check. It may not be perfect as far as 2A Rights go, but it’s a Hell of a lot better than is was 10 years ago when We were a May Issue State. We also now have two 2A Sanctuary Counties with more to follow. Just remember hard work and Votes Matter. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  11. I’ve never been delayed. It usually takes me longer to fill out the 4473 than it does to get approved. I only owned 9 firearms, though (before the boating accident), so the law of averages probably hasn’t caught up with me yet.

  12. Never been delayed. Never give my social security number either. Never had a problem.

    However, in a Cabela’s around ten years back:

    I have witnessed a customer be declined. So, he takes out a different driver license from another state, asks the clerk to try that one instead. Clerk says can’t do that, and why do you have driver licenses from two states? As in don’t you live here?

    Guy says he lives in both states, But the second license is California and he can’t buy the handgun across state lines like that anyhow, the clerk tells him.

    The guy says he’ll call his cousin to come and buy it for him, asks for it to be put on lay-a-way or something. Or a security deposit he says, how about that, until his cousin can come in?

    Clerk says no, that would be illegal.

    Guy is kind of upset. Says he’s been looking for this exact gun, he’s got the money and he drove a long way to pick it up. Why’s it illegal?

    By this time the line is backed up and there’s a crowd paying attention to this act. I’m the next in line and I tell him it’s real simple. What he is asking for is called a Straw Man buy. That’s a $250,000 fine and ten years in Federal prison. Also, the store clerk loses his job and can also be charged with the crime because everything you told him means he knows it.

    Guy just looks around flustered. Says he can’t believe he drove up from San Diego to get screwed like this.

    Me, I was outta’ there with my $69 on clearance sale vintage JC Stephens single shot .22 bolt action kids gun in no time. You know, for teach kids to shoot.

    Still laughing at the idiot as I left 🙂

    Oh, and what do you wanna bet there was never any law enforcement follow-up on that guy? NICS refusal, discovery of false ID, attempted straw buyer?

    Not a thing. He gets to walk out and try again someplace else.

  13. I have experienced “delays” 3 times.
    1. Buying a new hunting rifle at Cabela’s in PA. I had to wait 3 days, and make a second 400 mile round-trip to drive there to pick it up.
    2. In VA, I purchased an ANTIQUE rifle [which should never have needed a check because the manufacture date exempted it.] Additionally, it was an item I wanted to use when discussing gun history/development, and there is NO AMMO readily available to use. The delay was about 6 hours there.
    3. In PA, I purchased a rifle at a gun show. It took 1 1/2 DAYS before I was allowed to pick it up.
    = I have concealed carry permits in PA, FL, MD, and COLO; I am certified by the Md State Police to teach and certify people who need permits to purchase [MdHQL], and Wear and Carry permit applications, and I am an NRA Training Counselor, and am also teaching Md. Hunter Education/Safety.
    YOU WOULD THINK THAT AN “INSTANT” BACKGROUND CHECK WOULD REALLY BE INSTANT, especially since I have been teaching marksmanship and safety now for 52 YEARS!
    =I guess this all falls under the Democrat Party “redefining” efforts. … “Infrastructure” , “Instant” , etc.

  14. Miner’s logic is hilarious. 1. We need the background checks to keep guns out of the hands of psychopaths. 2. Evidence cited: parkland and sandy hook shooters were psychopaths who shot a whole bunch of innocents.

    Of course if background checks served the purpose Miner claims, the cited evidence would not exist.

    Ultimately, background checks suffer from the same flawed thinking as red flag laws. They assume that we can tell who’s really a threat to public safety (hint:we can’t) and that even if we could do that the best way to protect the public is to let the psychopaths roam free but try to keep weapons out of their hands.

    Good luck with that.


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