You Can Buy This Original Artwork for only $50,000 and We’ll Keep Your Identity Confidential

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1943 Union Switch and Signal M1911A1 with ammunition
1943 Union Switch and Signal M1911A1 with ammunition (image by Jeremy S., color manipulation by TTAG)

Amateur art seems to be big business these days. Hell, the president’s son has struck a deal with a New York art gallery to sell his paintings for between $75,000 and $500,000 a pop.

You know the fruit of Hunter’s creativity must be impressive because, while he has no formal training, as he told, he “has been making art since he was a child.”

Hunter Biden
Courtesy the artist

Hunter’s gallery “plans to host a private viewing for Biden in Los Angeles this fall, followed by an exhibition in New York.” And just to keep everything on the up-and-up while maintaining the highest ethical standards, the gallery will be withholding the names of the buyers of Hunter’s scrawls objets d’art.

We here at TTAG are always looking for a good opportunity and hell, we’ve been putting Crayon to newsprint for longer than Hunter’s been alive. So, seeing has how a firearms law-breaking junkie can snag a lucrative deal that will probably pull in a few million for him, we figured we’d get on that gravy train test the market’s appetite for 21st century ballistic pictorialism.

The piece on offer is a noteworthy rendering of a classic 1943 vintage Union Switch and Signal M1911A1 pistol. It’s been carefully and thoughtfully manipulated in an early Warholian style to produce a striking image that evokes a contrasting balance of power between masculine and feminine energies in an homage to one of the great industrial designers of the twentieth century.

The medium is electrons arranged in a JPEG file on a thumb drive. At the buyer’s request, TTAG will be happy to have the image printed as a gallery wrap at a size of up to 3′ x 3′ and delivered anywhere in the continental United States.

Price = $50,000 (no questions asked)

Serious inquiries only to [email protected]


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  1. How nicely he does that, keeping inside the lines, and putting the right color on each number.

  2. $50,000 doll hairs is pretty steep…how ’bout half a case of 5.56 and 3 boxes of 9mm…

      • Man, that’s no crap… OSB and regular stud 2×4 and 2×6 are out of sight, and that’s the Menard’s crap you have to sort through 4000 boards to find a straight one.

        • The bubble has burst on lumber futures, down like 40 percent in the past week.

          Meaning, it’s now only 3X what it used to be…

  3. “sell his paintings for between $75,000 and $500,000 a pop”

    bribes and payoffs, laundered through a confidential “art” sale.

  4. Re. the vintage US&S M1911A1 art, don’t know if i’m serious until I see it. Kinda like the ATF, we’ll know it when we see it…….

  5. I wish I’d kept up with my artwork as a kid…ironically thought I couldn’t make a living with it!😕

  6. You can buy a Rembrandt for $150,000… A Renoir for under $20,000… You can score lithographs by Michaelangelo for under five grand AND all of this stuff will be worth AT LEAST what you paid for it tomorrow…. Hunters crap is also probably a good investment (IF you need prefferential access to the POTUS) otherwise it is worthless paint splatters on canvass that will probably end up in the incinerator or the dump…. Crap like this is unheard of (why do think they’re called “starving artists”) but like Hunter boy said, “the Biden name probably made a lot of things possible that otherwise would not happen”. Only in America can a Crackhead, Navy reject, lying scumbag son of a U.S. President become a prominant artist overnight…

    • Hey- maybe we’re all looking at this in the wrong light…

      Artwork always seems to rise in value after the artist assumes room temperature. Perhaps the Commie Harris woke tribe have plans for AF One to crash somewhere with joey and Hunter onboard. It certainly wouldn’t be tough today to find some woke Air Farce officers to help plan such an event- hell, blame it on Trump and/or his supporters. I’d assume she’d want one custom made just for her should she usurp- errr, ascend to the position to replace Joey. Hunter’s demise would add value to the woke art collectors.

      “Only in America can a Crackhead, Navy reject, lying scumbag son of a U.S. President become a prominant artist overnight…” BTW- are you talking about the Bidens or the Bushs? Just sayin’

  7. seeing has how a firearms law-breaking junkie can snag a lucrative deal that will probably pull in a few million for him,

    Don’t forget the “Big Guy’s” cut…

      • Or how many will be bought as “investments” by the Giffords Foundation?

        It would depend on how desperate they are to get “their man” the top job at F-Troop.

  8. the gallery will be withholding the names of the buyers

    The anonymity angle actually has precedence as many multi-million dollar sales of rare artworks are done anonymously for security reasons… I’m sure the buyers of this crap are also concerned with security…

    • Enough of a potential issue that the former head of ethics in the White House, who served under several presidents, warned the Bidens this is not a good idea because it could be seen as corruption and influence peddling.

      • it could be seen as corruption and influence peddling.

        And they care BECAUSE??? Man you’re talking about the Bidens… Squeaky clean, Father Knows Best clean, Mike Brady clean… Too smart?, too protected to have ANY scandal stick to them… Hunter, a drug addict, child molesting, low life that literally screwed his dead brothers wife and then “screwed” her while making babies with a stripper, lying on Federal forms and selling access to the VP to Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Mexicans and all over Central and South America… Then documents all this dumb shit on a laptop that he drops off for repairs and forgets about… Jail? fuk no the asshole gets rewarded with millions in phoney “ART” (?) deals which is an open door to acess to the fukking President while said President takes a 50% cut of the proceeds from the phoney deals.. Meanwhile the buyers are anonymous which means the details of the deals (like how much money changed hands) will remain undisclosed and the scumbag will never pay a dime in taxes… While Braindead Biden drools his way through some phoney “press” conferences hoping he doesn’t screw up too bad and has to do nappy time without his pudding cup and Momma (“call ME Dr.”) Jill is laughing her ass off all the way to the bank…

        • And how many DNC National Committee have secured white house jobs for members of their family.

          Some pigs are more equal than others.

  9. Jokes aside, get an NFT verification on the original image and you might actually get that $50k some day. Especially since it was used in this article.

    The original “overly attached girlfriend” meme brought in $482,000. Pepe the frog went for over a million. Just saying.

  10. When someone in the Biden family ‘makes art’ – it is the handlers/family code word for letting everyone know that ‘Gropin Joe’ needs his diaper changed. They saw no reason to change the wording when the drug addicted whore chaser Hunter (Joe Biden often states that he’s proud of his son – why doesn’t anyone ever ask Joe what exactly for…? ) produces some shit too…

  11. Why doesn’t Hunter just go full-tilt boogie and setup a non-profit, collect funds for various causes and take a cut off the top. The Biden Foundation is a great name and could rake in millions in bribes. Did I say bribes, I meant to say donations. Well, at least we don’t have Hunter Beer, at least not yet.

    • Hunter Hits – small colored packages with your drugs of choice. Legal in most states now. Only 25K per dose.

    • Did I say bribes, I meant to say donations

      Worked for the Arkansas Mafia, until it didn’t….

      • Not if the CCP has anything to do with it. theBidens cut is probably Mr President Joe theBiden.

    • “Why doesn’t Hunter just go full-tilt boogie and setup a non-profit, collect funds for various causes and take a cut off the top”

      You mean like Donald Trump, and his Trump foundation?

      Well, President Trump stealing donations intended for wounded soldiers and spending them on paintings of himself and his legal bills didn’t turn out very well for them, the Trump family had to pay millions in restitution and were barred from having a nonprofit corporation in the state of New York.

  12. I like this piece, and would be happy to hang a large format print of it on my wall. For serious. You wouldn’t even have to keep my identity secret.

    The only catch is you’d have to lop three zeroes off the price before I could afford it.

  13. Hunter’s artwork looks like “Pigeom Scheiße On Paper (Scheiße is German for S**t).”

    This is clear cut Influence Peddling and Graft.

    What did anyone suspect would happen, when an incompetent Senile Senator with a long history of corruption managed to be installed in the Oval Office by blatant voter Fraud and Election Malfeasance?

  14. I must be completely out-of-touch these days.
    Van Gough couldn’t sell anything ’til he was dead.
    Isn’t that still a requirement? … Aren’t you supposed to be dead before you can get “big bucks” for your artwork?

  15. I’m sure that the ‘artwork’ also includes an invitation (coupon?) to the White House for a ‘chat’ with the President on certain favors that he can grant. Much like the Clinton Foundation scam where ‘donors’ could pay-to-play. How do you think all those politician got rich while in office?

  16. You’re missing the big gravy train: make that image a NFT (non fungible token), have Banksy put his name to it…

  17. Trish Duggan is a versatile individual, excelling as an artist, entrepreneur, and dedicated philanthropist. Born into a military family in Arlington, Virginia, she developed a love for art, surfing, and philanthropy early in life. Trish is a key figure in the studio glass art movement and has sponsored the creation of the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, aiming to uplift and inspire through Trish Duggan American artist the medium of glass art. A globe-trotter, Trish has a deep appreciation for different cultures and is involved in philanthropic initiatives globally. A mother of eight, including six adopted children, her philanthropy focuses on developing leadership skills and promoting education. Trish is a passionate advocate for human rights, serving as an Ambassador to Youth for Human Rights International, promoting the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  18. Trish Duggan is a multifaceted individual, excelling as an artist, entrepreneur, mother of eight, philanthropist, and human rights advocate. Born into a military family in Arlington, Virginia, her early exposure to art in Guam ignited a lifelong passion. Mentored by Mr. Nakamura, she explored various art forms, including woodblock printmaking, leading her to study in Japan. Inspired by Japanese culture and her love for glass art, Trish sponsored a glass kimono exhibition at Imagine Museum in 2019. Her artistic journey includes printmaking, Trish Duggan art collections stained glass, and contemporary glass art, with a focus on large installations. In 2015, she delved into glass art, creating thousands of pieces and founding Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, in 2018. Trish is driven by a quest for self-improvement and a commitment to doing good in the world, as reflected in her involvement with the Museum for Peace in Costa Rica and plans for an International Museum showcasing modern glass art sculptures globally.

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