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Gun bunnies are people, too.


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    • Well sometimes you have to use what you got, like a jar of hot vaseline and a Hillary Clinton Limited Edition Swimsuit Calander.

    • trying not to sound crude, but errr… buxom women have a problem with body armor because they are buxom and female. Its why the military had to create a body armor just for females.

      So for the civilian side, readily available common body armor us guys might look at for use is mostly not used by buxom women and women purchase less of it for their personal use because it does not really fit the female form. But although there are body armors for women in the civilian side commercial market its still not entirely suitable for ‘largely’ buxom women say over a 36 cup size although its better than the regular stuff us guys would look at for use.

      There are a lot of differences between male and female body armor, a lot of people don’t know that. The most obvious difference is the variations in how its cut and stitched for bust cups. The plate carrier and the plate’s shape and size must also be adjusted to fit the female ballistic shape (yes, the human body both male and female have a ‘ballistic shape’). There is even a change in manufacturing process and design needed to produce suitable body armor for women, in areas such as thermal forming and radial offset pleating and advanced draping. Female body armor is basically a whole different thing, and even measuring for females is different where for males its six standard measurements but for females its nine standard measurements.

      There is commercially available female body armor in the civilian market that is reasonably priced.

      • Oh, by the way, there are places that will create ‘custom’ body armor for ‘very’ buxom women that’s made just to fit their form. Its very expensive for a custom design female body armor like this, but there are body armor companies that already make body armor which are suitable for buxom women.

        Most body armor manufacturers offer the same ballistic packages for men and women, with custom sizing for each person. More measurements and a different pattern are required to create a woman’s body armor, but the same basic package is offered in male and female versions.

        Can supply ‘suitably’ sized body armor for women, geared for women: > markets just for women

        These are just a few. But my wife wants the ladies to know that body armor made and measured and fitted just for the female form is far superior for women than the standard off the shelf thing the men buy or is commonly available. So if you are a woman and going to buy body armor, where ever you get it from you should ask them about body armor designed just for women.

        • Was just about to ask, thank you! My wife has been looking for something in the 2-3a range for a while and the companies we have on contract up here are less than helpful outside of typical law enforcement build.

        • @SAFEupstateFML

          Model No.FEM PST IIIA 1.1

          My wife uses the savvy concealable level IIIA armor (the model Model No.FEM PST IIIA 1.1) when she goes on location. Was a little pricey at $980.00 when we got it (I think it costs more now around $1,200.00), but after trying a few different body armors she liked this one the best and says it fits like a glove and is worth every penny. Had it for a while now. There are lower cost options among different brands, and there are different types and styles ranging from tactical to plate carriers to concealable in all levels of protection.

        • Oh, also, in case you are interested in the savvy, its actually a brand name owned by Second Chance Armor, Inc. They actually no longer make the savvy as it was originally sold under the separate entity called ‘Savvy Armor’.

          The savvy armor was introduced in late 2007 but my wife got hers in 2018 and its still in good shape. Savvy as a separate entity is no longer in business but you can still find the armor for women at >

  1. I’ve played enough video games to know that the bunny cut is the best protective armor on the planet, especially when paired with the matching thong groin armor. Not even a 50BMG could penetrate it.

    • you can not un-see stuff you do see.

      Look, face it folks, for some of you body armor may not be your best look and some people are walking comedy shows when they get all gussied up in body armor. If you get body armor and are one of these types don’t count on winning admiration while people are laughing so hard. So don’t buy body armor for the fashion, get it for the function purpose and make sure it fits properly.


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