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Ahha! This explains the dearth of tactical gear under the tree this year.


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  1. Instead of coal to warm the hearts of the naughty, this year Santa considers a more direct approach.

  2. Don’t blame Santa. He has to fly into BLM and Antifa country. He needs to dress so he blends in. Those are the people who have bought out all the tactical gear all year long, so they could fight with the police.

  3. Guess Santa heard me mention how much I like reindeer steaks. Didn’t get within a couple miles of the homestead. So, no tactiCOOL gear for me. Not that I actually need or want much of that kind of stuff. I seriously doubt I will ever need full combat kit in my lifetime again. And a kevlar brain bucket gets heavy after a few hours. Already have all the night vision gear I need for hog/gator hunting. Never much liked the SKS. Already have an AK. Camo gear is not exactly something I need out here. Who would I be trying to impress? The horses?
    Now, if Santa really wants to give me something I could use, besides some venison, a couple bags of hard anthracite coal would be nice. Burns cleaner and cokes up better in the forge.

    • Thought I’d be smart an wear camo herding cows once, bad idea, for some reason it spooked em. Maybe they just wasn’t used to it?

      • Your camo’s too good. All they saw was a shifting in the image, like the alien in those Predator flicks. Phew, lucky they didn’t panic and stomp you into the dust.

    • old – hopefully none of us deplorables will ever ‘need’ any of the stuff you mention BUT it would be good to have some ‘extra’ anyway, just in case.
      The only reindeer I recall eating was in the form of sausage, mighty tasty as I recall……………….

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