Femal Judge Davyon Roberts
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Revolving door justice isn’t just a phenomenon in big blue states like New York, Illinois, or California. Law enforcement and the administration of justice in urban areas — even those in solidly red states — generally fall under the purview of Democrats and so-called progressives, many of whom are devoted advocates of “bail reform” and “criminal justice reform.”

In practice, those terms mean lighter sentences and keeping those charged with crimes — many of them violent offenses involving firearms — out of jail pending trial.

Everyone is, of course, innocent until proven guilty. That said, the benefit of the doubt begins to tip against some of those accused when they’re repeatedly arrested and charged with serial violent firearm-related crimes.

Take, for instance, Davyon Roberts of Little Rock, Arkansas. In February he was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting of a 17-year-old. He was released on bail. Roberts, however, couldn’t manage stay out of trouble (or away from gunplay).

According to arkansasonline.com . . .

In July, Roberts and Alvictor Denton, 36, were arrested after an altercation at Lark Place where two men fired shots at one another, according to witnesses. Vehicles and a residence were hit, but no one was injured in the shooting, according to reports.

Roberts and Denton were charged with five counts of committing a terroristic act in the incident, and Roberts was released on a $25,000 bond.

That’s two firearms-related charges and two times he was released on bond. You might think a third serious infraction would be enough to hold Roberts until trial. Bless your heart. That’s just an example of wildly optimistic thinking on your part.

Davyon Roberts, 18, was arrested on Dec. 20 after police in Bryant found him in possession of a conversion device, also known as a Glock switch, which is used to convert a semi-automatic handgun into an automatic weapon, according to reports.

The vehicle Roberts was in when Bryant police pulled it over, a blue Ford Crown Victoria, matched a description of a vehicle connected to a double homicide investigation in Little Rock.

When police searched Roberts, the Glock switch fell out of his pants and police found a .40-caliber Glock Model 23 pistol under the driver’s seat, reports said.

The handgun that police found had a missing rear plate, indicating that someone had, or was intending to modify the gun to make it automatic, according to a special agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Roberts is charged with possession of a machine gun.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s three firearms-related felony charges in eleven months for Mr. Roberts (not to mention whatever charges may result from the investigation into the double murder the evening before his car was stopped on the 20th).

Clearly Davyon Roberts doesn’t have much time for laws governing the legal carriage and use of firearms. There’s also a total disregard for other statutes covering infractions like assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment, and attempted murder. And then there’s his obvious contempt for the provisions of both the National Firearms Act and the Firearms Owner Protection Act.

When these latest charges involving the GLOCK and the full-auto switch came before U.S. Magistrate Judge Edie Ervin, the prosecutor argued — reasonably enough — that Roberts should be held for trial as he represents an obvious danger to the community.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lauren Eldridge argued for Roberts’ detention saying a long string of cases for which Roberts is either currently facing charges or was named in police reports points to a violent pattern of behavior.

“Your honor, there’s no sub-conditions that will reasonably assure the safety of the community from this defendant,” Eldridge said.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Edie Ervin
U.S. Magistrate Judge Edie Ervin (courtesy magnoliareporter.com)

Judge Ervin, however, is apparently one of those half-full people. She was able to look at Davyon Roberts and see beyond the repeated violations, the multiple violent felony charges, and the circumstantial involvement with a double murder.

While the vehicle Roberts was driving matched a description of one connected to the homicide investigation in Little Rock, U.S. Magistrate Judge Edie Ervin said there was no evidence connecting him to the Little Rock shooting on Dec. 19. …

Ervin agreed to release Roberts from detention under certain conditions, requiring electronic monitoring, drug testing and for him to continue to attend high school. …

“I’m giving you one chance, and if there is any mess up at all I will not hesitate to revoke your bond,” Ervin told Roberts.

While Judge Ervin impressively graduated first in her law class at the University of Arkansas, math doesn’t seem to be one of her core competencies. Davyon Roberts had already been given two prior chances prior to coming before her in connection with this latest incident.

The indulgence you just handed him makes a total of three chances, Your Honor.

The next time you see someone wringing their hands about the uptick in violence over the last two years and decrying the number of guns Americans have purchased in response to defunded police departments, permissive prosecutors, and, uh, bail reform, keep the case of Davyon Roberts in mind. He is exactly the reason so many individuals have decided to take responsibility for their own protection and that of their loved ones.

As for Judge Ervin, here’s hoping Roberts’ next violation doesn’t result in dead bodies. That might be difficult to live with given all of the flaming red flags she willfully disregarded in letting him go this time. Again.


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      • Whenever I see the word “teen” in a crime headline, I automatically assume. “Youth” is another red flag.

        I’m never wrong.

      • Anyone ignorant enough to call themselves the truth about black and white tells me you are a bigoted pos who belongs in a jail cell with the repeat offender.

        • Denying the obvious in a frenzied need to be politically correct is just as racist, of course.
          Wave your giant Virtue-Signaling Flag elsewhere.
          The facts are these: The current spike in violent crime is not being fomented by Italian pizza chefs, Swiss chocolate-and-clock-makers, Jewish rabbis, elderly Canadian grandmothers, Peruvian loup-garoux, Amish plowmen, Scots lairds, Huns, Visigoths, Vandals, French Huguenots, Branch Davidians, Vikings, Imperial Stormtroopers, or pretty much anyone else outside of a select demographic.

          Point out the ravening hordes of midwestern farm-country Caucasian females doing buggy-bys with shotguns on rival 4H members, and I’ll alter my views to suit that revelation.

          Otherwise. . .

        • Well said John in AK. Reality is what it is. WHY certain names, cultures, and demographics are associated with crime is a subject of debate, but the association itself is not in dispute – save by the willfully blind.

          Many on the left want to blame a “lack of equity”, but there are more poor people in the world than rich, and the majority of those poor people are not criminals. Most of the poor lead lives of quiet desperation, struggling to survive and never turn to crime. I personally chalk it up to culture. What your culture tells you to do with your circumstances and how to treat others is what tilts the odds for or against becoming a criminal, and if you do turn to criminality, what kind of criminal you’ll be.

          Some cultures are just utter sh17.

        • @ Debbie W.> If it Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck, Then it Probably is a Duck. I know you’ve heard this quote throughout your lifetime like everyone else has! A person doesn’t have to be a bigot, or a racist to make the “afore call 👀” by commenter “The Truth About Black And White”…..and I do have BLACK friends, not just acquaintance’s who profoundly (having or showing great knowledge or understanding) will make this same exact call!

        • Hey, French Huguenots! Them’s my peeps!

          Got kicked out of France, then immigrated from Holland and eventually fetched up in the wild, empty middle of the American west where, due to a severe lack of drive-by shooting opportunities, they decided instead to build things and plant the seeds of civilization and prosperity for everyone in the future to enjoy.

          Yeah, I know…they were horribly problematic people, and it’s their fault Dayshon keeps getting caught riding dirty.

      • Judge should be personally held responsible criminally and monetarily if…I mean…when… this idiot extends his rap sheet…

    • According to jailrecords.info

      12/21/2021 by admin
      Jail record for ROBERTS, DAVYON LASHUN in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Information about this arrest can be found below.
      Race: Black or African American
      Sex: Male
      Booking date: 12/20/2021
      Warrant: FAILURE TO COMPLY warrant 60ci-21-4688; Arrest Date 12/20/2021;

  1. I’ve never been in trouble with the law but if this country ever outlawed Guns, I’d become an Outlaw The unrelenting crime in this country is beyond comprehension. They just constantly let criminals out to do more mayhem

      • I’m sorry, but after working 25 years in the court system in at least California, it is not a justice system. It is a court system designed to provide maximum job opportunities for lawyers.

  2. 3 felonies in 11 months? And ya’ll can’t see this is clearly a case where intervention by state mental health care and attention is needed? You gotta be owtta yer mind to not see mental illness as the root cause here. If mental health officials had intervened, there is no doubt the perp would get the help he needs, instead of being put on the street among the heartless population at large.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ police.

    • theres nothing but doubt that the “perp” would “get the help he/ it needs….
      because we all know how easy it is to get a GANG BANGER to get the help he/ it needs….

    • Where’s any federal charges? I guess the ATF is too busy sending warning letters to those who purchased parts for silencers to bother with what is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    • Not “three felonies in 11 months” — three felony charges with the first nearly a year ago, and he has yet to be tried for any of those charges.

      By the way, as much as I disagree with the magistrate’s decision I do have to agree with her statement that there is no evidence tying this repeat criminal to the double murder. There are dozens of Blue Ford Crown Vics in and around Little Rock. Simply being a car that matches the make model and color of a very common vehicle is not proof of anything.

      One fact that this screed leaves out is that the first two cases are still pending in the state court system while the case complained about here is in the federal court system. There is no mention of any state action on the most recent incident, suggesting that the state chose to ignore violations of state law and referred the evidence to the US Attorney for federal prosecution.

      • Good observations. The only weak link is out on bail on the federal charge. Safety of the community used to be one consideration for granting bail or OR. Apparently at least in Arkansas that is no longer or perhaps never was a consideration for release.

    • Yes, he does need a mental health eval by professionals.
      And clearly he needs involuntary commitment until he can be evaluated and assessed regarding his danger to society.

  3. And I am sure that this is NOT the only person that has been given mutiple get-out-of-jail cards like this.
    Only when they kill someone do they think about giving out serious jailtime.
    I’d like to see if this kid actually manages to stay out of trouble for any length of time.
    Hope they are actually monitoring him…and verifying that the monitor is actually attached to him (on random days at random times).

    • Judge Ervin, ” and for him to continue to attend high school. …”

      The judge needs a mental health evaluation!

      • Just the kind of kid you want in your math class. A kid who remains out of felony custody as long as he shows up in your class. Yessiree, Bob. I want to be a high school teacher in Little Rock. Why is it eleven months after his first arrest he has still not gone to trial? It’s not that complicated a case. I don’t know what the time limit is for trial in AR but in CA it is 60 days. There is no reason why a simple shooting case should take 60 days to get to trial. Of course, if the DA doesn’t give a a tinker’s dam, then the longer he waits to bring the matter to trial the more likely it is that the witness will have given up and doesn’t bother to appear any more and the DA can move to have the charges dismissed so Dayvon can continue his criminal career until maybe he murders a federal magistrate?

  4. Well it’s not like he showed up at a school board meeting to protest the teaching of critical racism theorism. He was probably planning on going to college and if O’Bama had a son he’d probably look like Davyon.

      • Oh whoe’st me.
        Not my beloved theBiden, say it ain’t so.
        Maybe God was sending me a message when it rained and my mud statue of theBiden melted and turned into what looks like a pile of sht.

    • She wasn’t nominated by any president. She was voted to an 8 year by the Federal district judges in her district in the Spring of 2021.

      The odd thing is magistrate judges are not allowed to hear felony cases.

    • Because we’re middle class, and have something to lose? Because many of us are white, and would be rigorously pursued, prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and given harsh sentences on conviction, a foregone conclusion in most cases? Because we’re most likely male, and deserving of absolutely no consideration or mercy whatsoever because we are the most dangerous things on the planet, worse than the Wuhan Red Death and all its little mutant Deaths?

      That’s why.

      • Prisons would be better though if they were filled with the middle class white guys with something to lose.
        Filling the jails full of murderers , drug dealers and rapist gives the DOC a bad reputation.

        • True, true; The bad thing about prisons is that they tend to have some rather unpleasant people in them–and many are prisoners. I’d much rather to go a prison housing guys who possessed a malfunctioning AR, or mispackaged frozen lobster tails, or illegally imported guitar-making wood from a country where it was legal, or even a guy who defrauded a bunch of gullible, greedy people out of millions because he may be a rat bastidge but isn’t going to shank me.

    • My question is how do you pronounce “Davyon”? Davy-on? Dav-yon? D’avyon??? Dipchit? But old conservative white guys are the problem…🙄

    • Everyone should own inexpensive machine guns. Which is exactly what a Full Auto Glock switch is providing for the poor and middle class. But the rich don’t want the ordinary citizen to have machine guns. Which is why we still have a $200 tax stamp For the purchase of a machine gun.

  5. As for Judge Ervin, here’s hoping Roberts’ next violation doesn’t result in dead bodies…
    unless it is his….After all, it seems he is really asking for it.

  6. I would guess she’s banging the dude in question….how else could anyone get away with a NFA item violation after 2 felonies.

  7. ONLY three felony raps?
    Hmm..underage in possession, concealed on the street, or ain a car he’s driving, under age. no Mother May I Card, then the Fed rap for the “macine gun” (not that I really think that SHOULD e an offense but as lont as it is this guy NEEDS to dance to that tune.

    As to the judge, SHE hould be taken off the case and serously sanctioined.

  8. These are the animals that need to be put down pronto.
    Don’t care about the age.
    Even in baseball you only get 3 strikes.
    & the reason for no photo is because of age & melatonin.
    The name itself gives away the perps identity.
    Ebonic’s people…

  9. Of course no one on T Tag asks the question: Where in the hell do 18 year olds get pistols when you have to be 21 to buy a new one?

    Answer: They buy them second hand most of the time (not stolen) and that is because we have no laws vetting the sale of second hand guns.. Yes I know some hoods do buy weapons that are stolen but studies show the majority of the guns used in crime were legal at one time and then sold and resold second hand or they were home made ghost guns which is now the latest rage because its so easy to order one no questions asked. If this is not insanity what would be?????

    Most criminals that I have spoken to down through the years simply let it be known among their acquaintances that they needed a heater and in hours they had their choice of so many second hand guns they often had to think about it awhile as to which one to choose from.

    Many decades ago I was in a bar one night and casually mentioned I was looking for a hand gun. I had 3 rather rough looking dudes all at once slam 3 pistols on the bar table and then the bar maid also offered me another gun as well. Tell me criminals do not buy second hand guns whenever they want them.

    How strange that in the 21st Century with the entire industrialized world having sane gun laws Capitalvania is still trying to live in the 18th century.

    • “…and in hours they had their choice of so many second hand guns…” I find it interesting that you have personal knowledge from your criminal associates that these are second-hand purchased firearms and NOT stolen…I call B.S. Most criminals that I have spoken to down through the years were proud to inform me that either they or their associates had stolen the firearms they were in possession of when arrested.

      “rather rough looking dudes” your mind is living in a dystopic fantasy world.

      You have zero credibility.

      • People like you whose post was complete speculation about me are the ones that have no credibility. Making stuff up about people or insinuating falsehoods about them give you zero credibility.

        • The Mobile County Sherriff’s dept. has kept a record on the firearms they confiscate when they arrest people on Felony charges. 97% of the firearms they recovered were stolen. Including a local police officers personal shot gun stolen when his home was burglarized while he was at work.
          The information is available on the Depts. web site.
          Don’t remeber who published the poll, but the claim is most of those in prison purchased stolen guns or had relitives or friends who could pass the background check buy the gun for them.
          Either way, whether second hand or stolen, anyone who chooses to commit a crime will find a way to arm themselves. Do you honestly believe any law or restriction or outright ban will change that? Murder has been illegal for quite some time, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from killing.

      • Probably going off one of the more recent vice/salon/other studies that were saying few crime guns are actually stolen but leaving out many straw purchases are reported stolen and sold/given to the criminals. It has been a nightmare sorting through probable straw purchases and actual stolen firearms and I would not give any numbers from the last 10 years better than +-20% probability for NY. Happy I don’t have to deal with that collection. But he does have a point that stolen firearms are down from the 1995 reported percentage of 60. With that said overwhelming majority of crime guns are still obtained illegally and enforcement of current laws is lagging far behind occurrence.

    • No one these days or even 40 years ago would offer up a handgun for sale to someone just because he asked. They would vet him first. Back when I was young and dumb I asked and just about got my ass kicked, they suspected me of trying to set them up.
      That is about as stupid as an obvious clean and sober individual(that no one knows) trying to buy an oz of heroin.
      Anyone who take them up on that is looking at a felony, for a favor.

    • I do not believe your story dacian.
      To associate with, and have the trust of, ” rough looking charcters” you must be or appear to be one yourself.
      From most of your comments I have surmised you have no real street credibility whatsoever.
      That is my assumption however and I may he wrong.

      • How else do antifa members get their guns? It is a bit hard to pass the NICS check when they have convictions for child abuse, aggravated assault, or recreational narcotics so normal retail channels are ruled out.

        (sarc) Aren’t they fine upstanding people?

    • You are suffering dementia, please seek help. None of your ramblings make any sense and most of us are dumber for having read the above.. BTW you aren’t our installed president using a fictitious name are you?

      • quote————installed president—-quote

        That statement really says it all in regards to your level of education.

      • If you were not marooned in the little town of Podunk Junction U.S. of Hay and had some world travel under your belt you would find out how difficult it is to buy a gun in the civilized natation’s of Europe and the Far East. Yes vetting second hand guns does work very well as history has already proven it decades ago.

        • Back when I was in the Army, part of my duties were to work with both German military and civilian police counter terrorism units. While this was a couple decades ago, there was a real problem with full on military weapons being smuggled in from Eastern Europe.
          Was back for a vist about a month ago. Saw some of the people I worked with back then. While they are, like me, retired, they do have their contacts in their old units, etc. You would be shocked at how easily illegal firearms are to obtain in much of Western Europe. Same with Japan. What is reffered to as Black Market Alley in Okinawa is awash in illegal firearms.
          Yes, it is true that guns are highly regulated in both Germany and Japan, and few average middle class or poor people have firearms, those who choose to commit crimes and wish to arm themselves can do so with just as much ease as any street punk here in the US can.

    • Do you realize you just kind of proved the point that gun laws don’t work or are not enforced? And you think “more gun laws” would help, how exactly?

      I noticed you conveniently left out the fact that the gun laws currently in place were ignored, not once, not twice but three times in this case. But you choose to use an argument babbling on about second hand guns. Are you implying that, because the gun was bought second hand (I’m guessing stolen) means the perpetrator is any less culpable?

      Bottom line, we don’t enforce the gun laws now, but you think we would with more laws? You’re either extremely naive at best or disingenuous.

      • Youv’e gotta remember, dacian said he likes to point out the fact to the Australians that they cannot pocess the same types of firegunms we have here in America , and thinks its funny because they cant have what he can have.

        • At least we still have something. We’ve learned to use what we have to it’s potential.

          Back in ye olde days the service rifle clubs would compete against the military several times per year. And they would get beaten soundly with only elite units getting anyone in the higher scores.

          Then we lost the self-loading firearms and the military thought they were going to show the civilians who can shoot. With our 50-100 year old relics, we beat the military even worse than we did previously.

          Then the military withdrew from all civilian target shooting competition.

          One key fact to remember. Most of the military practiced a few times per year at most. We practiced nearly every weekend.

        • to Possum

          Actually I don’t. I was merely needling our Aussie nut case that seems to think he knows anything and everything about Americans or American gun laws or lack of them.

        • Hey grinning idiot. I might not know as much as the site owners do but I do know more about US gun laws than most average Americans do. It is called reading. But your kind prefer to burn books.

          America has been spreading cultural influence through movies and television for at least 70-100 years. If you left your basement you would be surprised how American culture has spread throughout the world.

        • Also grinning idiot, you have proved you are into sadomasochism, necrophilia, and bestiality (among other antifa tolerated perversions). But for others you are just flogging a dead horse.

      • to John

        Falsehood. I have seen many people go to jail for breaking gun laws. But the only really effective gun laws are at the Federal Level not the State level.

        The Far Right like to exaggerate when someone is not prosecuted while ignoring all the people who are prosecuted for breaking gun laws.

        • What was a falsehood? 3 times this animal was charged with crimes involving firearms, and he’s free roaming the streets. God forbid he, or others being freed in similar circumstances throughout the country, hurt you or your family member. You may have different thoughts then, no?

          Lefties want to defund the police, let criminals bond out (or no bond in some cases) and then want to make it more difficult for the law abiding citizens to purchase a firearm to protect themselves from these scum. Of course those lefty politicians live in gated communities with security guards with……..you guessed…it firearms protecting them.

          By the way, if you think everyone who supports 2A is “far right” you sir, are sadly mistaken.

    • “If this is not insanity what would be?????”

      That’s gotta be a rhetorical question. Your insanity is on display in your every post.

    • We know how the majority of handguns are passed to prohibited persons. Straw purchases by family or girlfriends. Plenty of studies show this.

      Ghost guns are legal, they have been since the concept of firearms were devised. Firearm manufacturers make legal firearms. What makes them illegal is transfers to prohibited persons or acquired by theft.

      Background checks like you support will not stop any illegal transfer or theft. It is just another law that will be ignored for people like the individual in this story. And the prosecution of such laws will be ignored as well.

      “People like you whose post was complete speculation about me are the ones that have no credibility. Making stuff up about people or insinuating falsehoods about them give you zero credibility.”

      You do this constantly. Are you saying you have no credibility?

      • To wannabe Paratrooper

        No, you are saying you are completely ignorant of the success of Foreign gun laws in all of the industrialized countries as they vet all gun purchases. Try and by a gun some time in Europe or Asia and see how difficult it is. You will not find many second hand guns on the street in civilized industrialized countries. I base my posts on history something you are sadly deficient in that is very obvious.

        I might add try and walk into a pub or bar in a European country and announce you want to buy a gun quick. It not only will not happen but you would be very quickly turned into the police and be on your way to free room and board for years. Doubt my word, try it some time. Only in the insane world of Capitalvania can you buy second hand guns 10 seconds after walking out of prison

        • First 3 words show zero credibility according to your published standards. It follows the rest of your tired diatribe is the same.

        • Little d
          European gun laws do not mean anything. This is the USA we have the 2nd. Ammendment they dont.

        • European and Asian gun laws mean nothing. This is the USA We have the 2nd. Ammendment they don’t.

        • And yet muslims easily get all kinds of full auto cold war goodies anywhere in Europe for less than any european gets any firearm legally. Smuggling works gun control doesn’t or are we ignoring the Bataclan (amongst other) incidents?

    • “Where in the hell do 18 year olds get pistols when you have to be 21 to buy a new one? ”
      That is not the correct question(?).
      The immediate question is, did he do the crime?
      Gun acquisition questions will come later.
      The left is more interested in the gun acquisition than the crime(s) committed and the victims.

      Note: The quality of the accused character is the problem and not the instrument used.

    • dacian, the dummy, There you go again. First do criminals come to your “ivory tower” to tell you this nonsense?
      Teens are getting guns on the BLACK MARKET or stealing them. They are not getting them in gun stores or from legal gun owners.
      Those three guys who “slammed three guns on the counter”? They were criminals like you selling guns illegally. And you were committing a crime in your attempt to buy a gun as you allege. How did the “Universal Background Check” work? Somehow I am more than sure that you are lying like a rug. Your story has more holes in it than sponges.
      One of these days, you will develop some degree of intelligence. I don’t think it will happen in my life time but I do live in hope even if it is a high rent district.

    • BS! Over 80% of the guns recovered in crimes were stolen. That’s well established FACT and has been for 50 years.
      The other <20% are divided into straw purchases, family, and secondary sales. In the states where private sales have to go through an FFL Holder, it has made no discernable difference in the crime statistics.

    • As usual your information is incorrect. Most guns used in crime have been used in crime before and were stolen, many times from law enforcement sources or from armed forces selling stolen weapons. What army base was it that had so many weapons unaccounted for that they just wrote them all off because it was too many to try to trace? All having private sales tracked by state authorities has done is to increase the price of used guns for law abiding citizens. Criminals, surprisingly enough don’t bother with silly rules about reporting gun sales. Whodda thunk?

  10. If this kid commits another crime before trial, the judge and prosecutor should be charged as an accessory.

  11. Wow, the judge put this nasty thug back into school? That will show him!

    What is this worthless id10t going to say when he carjacking someone in the parking lot, rapes some girl in the bathroom, or shoots the lunch lady? Oops? Sorry?

    And that id10t in the White House can’t seem to understand why people keep buying guns and the ammo makers are struggling to keep up with demand.

  12. I’m firmly a law-and-order-type of guy. But really, some miscreants just need to be taken out of the gene pool.

    • A HUGE part of ‘law-and-order’ IS taking miscreants (is that a new euphemism for ‘teen’, or does it take the place of ‘youth’? It’s not in my Newspeak Media Thesaurus yet) out of the gene pool.

  13. Amazing: an automatic 40 caliber pistol
    Funny: judge’s admonition/order for D to “stay in school.” For the sake of the learning process and the safety of the students, don’t do that, please.

  14. Being in possession of a handgun with a full auto switch should never be against the law. It is immoral and wrong in the United States for anyone to be charged with simply possessing a machine gun.

    Being in possession of a handgun with a full auto switch should never be against the law. Tax or no tax paid. It is immoral and wrong in the United States for anyone to be charged with simply possessing a machine gun. However if you murder someone with a machine gun as a police officer did several years ago, then you should be arrested and charged with murder. However the fact that you used a machine gun shouldn’t matter. Police officers have murdered people all the time. Using many different kinds of weapons. And gotten away with it.

    This is just what limousine left-wing liberal judges do. It’s why our court system and Society are so messed up.

    • You are right Chris T, it shouldn’t be illegal to own or possess a machine gun, but it IS. Therefore, it should have been treated as the serious crime that it is by the judge.

      • I have observed the sexually liberated and the pot heads celebrate. When liberal police chiefs and DA’s refuse to enforce laws they didn’t like.

        I look forward to police who refuse to enforce laws I don’t like.
        Like the VA sheriffs who have said they would not enforce future gun laws in that state.

  15. What President nominated this judge to the Federal bench? This is why it is so important for Republican Senators to pay attention to who these judicial nominees are and their political leanings. Remember Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court? Thank God that didn’t happen.

  16. Someone who is a suspect in a violent crime, and then is either released or bonds out, then commits another violent crime, should not be allowed to bond out again until their cases are adjudicated. Secondly, anyone in posession of a NFA weapon without a permit should also not be allowed to bond out.
    My personal view is the whole NFA and following acts should be repealed, but, any criminal misuse of firearms of any kind should be dealt with harshly. No that does not mean minor issues like carring without a permit, or walking into a bar with a gun in your belt. What that does mean, is, if you commit a felony crime with a firearm, you get to spend at least 5 years more time in prison. Commit a violent crime like Rape, capitol/1st degree murder, arson or sexually molest a child under 15, you either go away for good, or face the death penalty. Armed robbery, car jacking, hijacking of commercial vehicles like trucks, planes etc. or other violent crimes where a gun is used, gets you an automatic 20 years. No parole, probation, or plea deals. Such crime prove beyond doubt you can’t live by the basic rules of civil society.
    Lesser crimes should get lesser sentences, but plea deals should not be allowed. And you do every day of the sentence.
    Now, the flip side of that would be when your sentence is complete, you are square with the world. You have paid the penalty for you crimes and should have your civil rights restored and be allowed to at least try to become a somewhat productive citizen. And lets drop the felony charges for what used to be considered minor offenses. Petty theft of less than $200. Minor posession of small amounts of pot, Possession of a pipe or bong, an old fashioned fist fight/mutual combat/bar fight, bad checks totalling less that $200. At least so long as you don’t have multiple charges over a few years time. Take those back down to misdemeanor charges and use short time in county or fines for such crimes.
    Yes, be tough on real crimes and soft on minor issues of people just being stupid. Have the punishment actually fit the crime.

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