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From Brownells . . .

Brownells Super Barrel V is here, giving Brownells customers their chance to win 14,000 rounds of Winchester 5.56 ammo – a retail value of more than $7,000.

Starting Wednesday, February 8, contestants can enter several different ways at the Brownells Super Barrel page for their chance to win the enormous barrel full of 55 grain FMJ ammunition.

By itself, the ammo weighs as much as 484 12-ounce cans of America’s favorite macro brew, or the equivalent of more than 500 bags of tortilla chips.

A range day with family and friends and this much 5.56 ammo would be way more fun than the biggest tailgate party in pro football history.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm February 15. Then one lucky winner will be chosen to receive the enormous barrel full Winchester ammunition.

For more information, and a chance to win, visit the Brownells Super Barrel page.

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    • That’s what you hire the neighbors kid to do, load a bunch of mags for you. I paid some neighborhood kids to load 300 30 round mags for me. Paid them a total of $15.00 each, three kids.

  1. I hate to point out the obvious here but here goes. If you divided that 14K rounds up to say (5) winners that’s 2800 fabtastic rounds each!!!!!! Not as dramatic as a barrel full but with the stoopid cost of ammo these days, with (5) you actually stand a ghost of a chance at winning! and get to have some Range-fun without costing you your first born.

    I would be extremely happy winning 2800 rounds, Hell, I would be thrilled! @ winning anything Gunm-wize these days. In my off time I enter gunm, ammo, optics whatever contests and I have won to date NADA! All these companies seem to WIN my e-mail address, Text info etc…. they then stuff my inbox w/ all sorts of crap (and possibly sell my info to others also). Classic Firearms seems to do that quite well…. Who the heck needs a $14,000 Barrett rifle anyway?( I know, I know NOBODY needs a…blah, blah, blah) Then I have to pay taxes on it? Who of us PoTG’s can afford .50 cal. ammo then anyway??? No me. No thanks, HARD PASS CF. Compared to some gunners I have a small useful …um…. collection. Truth be told (1) or (2) of each….a Shotty, Ar’s, 9mm’s, a .40, .357 I am grateful it doesn’t all fit into (1) range bag like when I started out. But even working (PT) now and on Disability I can’t afford to go to the over crowded/often unsafe local range more than a couple of times a year. That really sucks. Plus having a “stash” of ammo for “Whatever” may come down the pike is sometimes laughable. I rely on “battle packs for each caliber just so (200 rounds each caliber Just in case) and I wouldn’t have to throw the gunm @ somebody as they are kickin’ in a door. This (for me) is an expensive….habit. I just love shooting! No doubt about it my ONLY habit. The most fun I have is research what to buy next. Pouring over articles, going to gun shows, meeting my brother addicts at the range brings me such joy. My greatest joy these days was meeting a gentlemen who has a small, safe(er) business/range teaching newbies, returning requalifying PoTG’s , kids, wife’s etc he couldn’t handle it all by himself and I got the shot @ “helping out”… Brothers, I would ask Santa to give me no more gifts for the rest of my life if this arrangement works out for the both of us. He can’t afford to pay me in CASH, but possibly going shooting whenever I wanted is like Heaven on Earth. I had to supress a smirk when one student tried to put her mag in the incorrect way (boolits facing her palm). I’ve been there/done that (seems like 100years ago…but I remember getting YELLED AT! by”Professional RO’s” to the point of not wanting to go back…EVER! The new frend was so over-joyed how we dealt with the students problems. And she was gratefull she wasn’t bitch-slapped. What would be the point? Would it make me grow a bigger pair dumping on somebody who Just wants to protect herself and her children? THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! Train ’em up! as we used to say in the old days. And look at the perks I may now enjoy. Not getting shot by an idiot in the next stall taking ‘selfies’ of himself w/ his finger on the trigger of his new toy to post on the net?… Life is looking a little brighter.

    If only I could find a way to win some…ONE of these contests….

    • “If only I could find a way to win some…ONE of these contests….”

      Get the job of running the ‘contest’ for those companies…

  2. I’m like the rest of y’all. I have never won anything, and after years of trying, I really don’t expect to. Nonetheless, I’ll probably through a few electrons their way (just in case I get lucky).

  3. That’s just a month of good training ammo.
    But, if you were dedicated, at the EoM you would have a decent skill set.

    And a lot of empty brass to clean and reload.

  4. Entering anything online is just asking to have your email spammed with “subscriptions” regardless of who it’s from.

    • This and the fact that Brownells never seems to have what I want in stock.
      The fact that I get so much spam, it’s about a spam a minute is because of stuff like this.
      After the Covid nonsense I’m lucky if Numrich has what I need.
      What I don’t need is more spam on an Email address that’s more then 25 years old.

  5. I remember seeing barrels like this on a pallet from Natchez Shooters almost a decade ago now, for probably half that price, and of course didn’t buy one. ‘Round about 2021 I was kicking myself every time I thought about it.

  6. 14 years. but I haven’t bothered to practice from the strong shoulder for many years now. No matter how much I practice from the strong side, I dont get any faster at getting the hits. So my rifle practice is all done from the weak side shoulder and much of it is done with airsoft and .177 lead pellet guns.

  7. 14,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo would last me about a month.

    I do at least 500 rounds in a long range session. I have been known to stop by the range every day for a month at times and spend a few hours, after a long day lab session month. So in one of those months firing 500 rounds each visit 14,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo would last me 28 days.

    • oh but I do have time. it doesn’t take long to fire 500 rounds. plus I mostly work from home now at my own pace and only go to the lab when it’s needed.

    • Exactly.

      I tried to enter one of their ammo barrel giveaways a few years ago. Facebook was required to do so. Pass!

      My sons and I used to go to their main location HQ/store whenever we were in IA, not after that.

  8. have a buddy, retired parole officer in a big eastern city… he purchased 450,000 rounds before the Marxist takeover… dunno if he still has ’em or not but i do know that six safes are packed to the gills at the casa


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